And now the Lost Girl sees what losing her heart really means…

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Let me tell you a story. It’s about a series called Lost Girl that has a problem. That problem is the writers, honestly, cannot manage to deal with a major character dying with any sort of non-cheesiness. What I mean by that is the ridiculous five minute long “Kenzi walking to her doom” scene that happened in the season finale. It took away five minutes in the episode which could have been used to, at the minimum, allow Kenzi and Bo to get in one last moment together before Kenzi sacrificed herself.  Why did that have to happen? To me it suggests that the writers couldn’t figure out what to do with the five minutes that were left over after the rest of this mess was sorted out. Not that it really was, but that’s a rant for a little later in this review.

Why it is that every season the series has to try to ram so much content into a single episode? In this one alone they tried to close up far too many plots, and kill off too many people I think as well. Really what was the point of Rainer if all he was good for was more fodder for Massimo to kill? At least Massimo is dead… finally… But again it wasn’t done in a satisfying way. It left Kenzi with her need to do so herself unfulfilled. That doesn’t sit well with me honestly.

I also have problems with the way that Kenzi suddenly did a complete turn around from the last episode to this one. “I’m done with the Fae!” became “I have to save you all!” in what seemed like a split second. The two moments don’t line up correctly in my mind. Honestly it makes little sense to kill off Kenzi if they don’t have a way to bring her back.

And that’s the next problem. In literally three sentences the entire plot for the next season has been given away. “Don’t let Bo have the Hel shoes! Bo will come for me, Tamsin will take me to Valhalla as I’m dying like a warrior!” As an aside, I can deal with the first one, but the second I have issues with because at no point in time when there was a battle raging around her, did we see Kenzi raise a weapon and fight. All she did was yell at Dyson, look sad, then walk through lots of dead and dying zombies (which is an oxymoron), then walk into a doorway and get killed. I’m not sure that qualifies for Valhalla entry. Not that Rainer really should have either, but that’s a rant for, again, later on here.

The question comes to, was it a good episode? With the way they treated Kenzi’s sacrifice, how really awful that was, it hurt the episode a lot. Hale’s passing was so much more emotionally tolling in comparison and I’m not sure why exactly Kenzi’s couldn’t be more. There was… nothing… in it and that was the really tragic thing. There was more emotion in Bo at Kenzi’s grave than Kenzi’s actual passing. That’s wrong. So so wrong.

There is one other point I will make. I have a heart, he is my light, my wisdom. my hopes and wishes. We know what the other thinks and feels and we know, more than anyone can really know, what the words “my heart” truly mean. While Kenzi is Bo’s heart, and she will be so always, I felt cheated in how so little of that came to be seen in this episode. Having a heart, a true one, is more than what can be explained… and that emotion, sadly, didn’t come to me in this episode… More’s the pity it did not.

The thirteenth episode of the fourth season, also episode sixty-one of the Lost Girl TV series and the fourth season finale was this week. Massimo wants his mommy and Bo gives her to him, along with a poke in the chest. Bo loses yet another lover when Rainer loses his head and Tamsin wants to go to IKEA. Lauren stands there and looks around, then feels sorry for The Morrigan and Kenzi goes into the light while Bo wears sunglasses…

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This is the thirteenth review of the fourth season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo learns that when you go and place a bet, you need to put your money on the…


Dark Horse


The episode opens with a series of flashbacks to earlier episodes which include: Hale’s death at the hands of Massimo followed by his memorial service, Dyson speaking while Kenzi grieved. An image of the Origin Seed with Massimo speaking of its powers and then being seen eating the Seed. Lauren tells The Morrigan that she is 100% human, followed by Bo telling Kenzi that she is part of everyone, but Kenzi demanding that Bo unclaim her. Tamsin is then shown telling Bo that being the Queen means more than Bo knows. Bo examining the book that Lauren found with the image of Rainer as a devil is shown with Lauren telling Bo of the prophecy that either the Queen or the Warrior will die. This is followed by Lauren confronting Bo over her choosing Rainer. Finally, Bo and Rainer are shown after Rosette tricked them into releasing the seals on the prison that holds Bo’s father, the marks on their chests glowing, Rosette telling of the prophecy that has just been fulfilled.

The episode begins with Bo (Anna Silk and Rainer (Kyle Schmid) walking, Rainer attempting to tell Bo that his “intentions were true” but the length of his imprisonment clouded his judgement and he did not see that Rosette had been lying to them. Bo angrily tells Rainer that she “stood in front of my friends and choose you.” Rainer continues that Rosette was his “most loyal General and we loved each other” and is shocked that she was turned against him. Bo reminds Rainer that “he” made Rosette walk into a fire and die. Rainer asks who “he” is and Bo replies: “Someone that even the Blood King fears. My father manipulated all of us.” Rainer then claims: “There is one advantage, one thing your father could never foresee. We share something real. Something good.” As Rainer finishes speaking the mark on Bo’s chest glows and she moans, then doubles over in pain. Bo asks him what is happening and Rainer replies: “Our marks?” Bo answers: “No. His mark.” Rainer then tells Bo that they will fight against whatever is happening, Bo continuing to gasp in pain.

After the opening credits, we return to see Rainer laying Bo on one of the tables in the Dal Raita. Trick () enters in the next moment and demands to know what Rainer has done to Bo, adding: “I knew you were poison.” Rainer angrily tells Trick: “This from the King who separated children from their families and watched as their parents were burned at the stake if they didn’t choose from Light or Dark.” Bo weakly tells them both to stop fighting and then tells Trick is was The Priapus. Trick is shocked to learn that Bo is aware of The Priapus and Bo continues to explain: “We ran into these warrior nuns, lots of white, even more crazy. Trick they worship a horse god, a demon, they think it’s my father.” Rainer adds: “We bound to break your curse. Instead we opened a gateway to Hel.” Trick tells Rainer he never should have left the train, Rainer telling Trick that: “You were the one that put me there in the first place.” Trick angrily reminds Rainer that he “dared to challenge the Blood Laws” but Rainer brushes that off, asking Trick when he would: “Take responsibly for the chaos you have caused?” Trick warns: “You forget who you are talking to” but Rainer tells Trick that he wasn’t scared of the Blood King and he is not scared of Trick in the here and now. Bo begs the two to stop fighting as she knows her father is “close” and then Trick asks how Bo can know this, she tells him: “I can feel him! He’s trying to cross the bridge. He’s trying to bring her out. He needs needs her Trick.” At Trick’s question of who Bo means, she answers: “The Dark Queen. Me.” Taking Trick’s hand, Bo continues: “I’ve always known this. But now I need you to tell me everything you know about my blood.

Elsewhere, Massimo (Tim Rozen) is suffering the effects of consuming the Origin Seed which seems to be causing him great pain as Lauren (Zoie Palmer) watches nearby, shackled and unable to escape. Massimo seems to be deranged as he answers Lauren’s comments with confused answers. When Massimo mentions the Twig of Zamora, Lauren tells him that it’s power is “diminishing now that you have killed Hale, the last Zamoran heir” and then taunts: “Now your only chance of being immortal is someone writing as shitty pop song about you. About a villain that cries about his mommy. That his hair goes prematurely grey.” Massimo tells Lauren: “The only thing awaiting you is this grave.” He then screams in pain: “I swallowed the Origin Seed and now it’s trying to devour me!” Lauren reminds him: “It took a council of six Fae to control the Una Mens power. The human brain can only take so much” but Massimo refuses to listen to Lauren’s warning. He exclaims: “I am the man I am supposed to be. A man that will make my mother proud!” Lauren questions Massimo, not believing that The Morrigan would be proud of what he has done but Massimo goes over all of the things that he brought with him to her when she called and then decides that the thing that The Morrigan really wants is Bo’s head and he tells Lauren that is exactly what he will get.

After a commercial break, Bo, Rainer and Trick are at the Dal Raita as Trick explains to Bo: “I swear, the identify of your father remains shrouded from me.” Rainer comments: “Much like your own guilt” but Bo tells Rainer to stop as they “have no time for petty bickering.” Rainer tells Bo that Trick was responsible for the deaths of thousands, Trick interjecting “many more will die if we do not close the gateway.” Bo demands that Trick speak of her father and Trick reveals: “When the Blood King’s daughter attacked the Dark to avenge her mother’s death the King had to set an example to prove his Blood Laws were infallible. I had no choice but to hand her over to the Dark.” Rainer is shocked and asks Bo:”Aife is your mother?” Bo says nothing, but Trick continues: “I prayed she would be executed. She wasn’t.” Bo comments: “All of those years in the black dungeons. Centuries. They used her.” Trick then reveals: “Aife has my Light blood. The blood of a mage. The blood that drains blood for nourishment or self-survival. But the blood of your father, whoever he may be, allows you to draw life from many victims and more importantly to transfer that life force to someone other than yourself. You’ve inherited the abilities of both your mother and your father.” Bo sighs: “I have hybrid blood” and Trick continues: “Blood that I fear will help your father escape.” Rainer adds: “Not only can your blood lift curses but you can lead armies. Resurrect the fallen as they die on the battlefield. Free the masses!” Trick quietly interjects: “Or enslave them. If she is coursed by the wrong hand.” Bo angrily tells them to “not talk about me like I am not here. Nobody is going to use me for anything. Understand?” Rainer then asks what they will do next, Bo suggesting that they go to the portal and see what is there. Trick warns Bo that her father wants her to be there so that she will help him to escape, and Bo asks where she should go instead, but before Trick can answer, Massimo appears and calls out: “Why no swing by my place? It’s where I’ve got your blond box. Though she’s more of a walking medical kit really.” Bo demands to know what Massimo wants with Lauren, but he does not answer the question, only saying that “all I want is you. Dead at The Morrigan’s feet.”

Elsewhere, Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) is looking through The Morrigan’s bedroom, looking for clues as Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) barges in. He asks what is going on and Kenzi explains: “Her blood is everywhere. She left her cellphone behind and she was obviously looking for something in the Dark archives.” Kenzi then shows Dyson a painting which has an image of Bo within it as well. Dyson asks about Lauren, but Kenzi cannot answer that question. The Morrigan (Emmanuelle Vaugier) then enters and comments: “I goosed her sweet berries. Right where you are sitting.” Kenzi leaps from the bed in disgust: “Ew. Graphic and confusing.” The Morrigan then complains about the temperature swinging wildly from cold to hot for her and she does not understand why. Kenzi asks: “Fae menopause?” Dyson stares at The Morrigan and whispered: “No. She’s human.” Kenzi looks at Dyson for a moment, then punches The Morrigan in the face, making her reel from the hit. Kenzi shakes her hand adding: “God I have been waiting three years to do that.” The Morrigan asks: “What is it about all of the punching? I finally get what ‘not in the face’ means.” Dyson demands to know how she is human, and she explains: “The good doctor and her miracle snatch. Normally I would have her incinerated, but my son took her. And I need Lauren. Alive. She’s the only one that can fix… this.” Kenzi asks who The Morrigan’s son is, wondering if it is Vex, and when she is told it is Massimo, Kenzi moves to attack The Morrigan, but Dyson stops her. The Morrigan explains: “What can I say? Wall Street in the 80s was totally gnarly. A weak moment with a human and I’m birthing an infection who has become more dangerous than a mutating plague.” Dyson insists that he locked Massimo up in Trick’s dungeons, but Kenzi tells Dyson that Vex released him. Dyson demands to know where Massimo would have taken Lauren and The Morrigan tells them that Massimo goes only one place “To lick his wounds when things don’t go his way. To learn to be like us.” Dyson puts the puzzle together and asks what Massimo wants. The Morrigan replies: “What all the boys want darling. Me.”

Back at the Dal Riata, Bo is facing off against Massimo, Rainer by her side. Bo asks Massimo if The Morrigan sent him, but he does not answer. Bo then tells Massimo that she will enjoy tearing him apart in revenge for Massimo killing Hale, but she is “busy dealing with a rising army of the dead. A real bad guy.” Massimo asks: “Do you want this to get real bad? Have you ever heard of a Raijū? A thunder beast? Because I have.” Massimo then creates a blast of energy which he directs towards Bo. It has little effect on her, but both Rainer and Trick are pushed to the floor by its effects. Bo then punches Massimo in the jaw, but has no effect on him. Massimo then throws Bo through a plate glass window before tossing her to the floor. He then taunts Bo before hitting her with a chair which breaks over her body. Trick realizes what is happening, exclaiming: “The Seed.” Massimo then lifts Bo into the air before slamming her to the floor once more. Trick then confronts Massimo: “You stole the Seed from my vault.” Massimo wildly laughs: “And I swallowed it whole. Yum. Yum.” Trick calls out: “I will deal with the Druid” but Rainer holds Trick back. telling him: “No. She needs you. You owe me this at least.” Massimo asks: “Who the hell are you?” Rainer takes a single swing at Massimo and missing, being driven to the floor by Massimo. Rainer looks at Trick and tells him: “Tell the Valkyrie my soul is her’s again.” Rainer tells Bo he’s “Sorry for everything” before Massimo snaps Rainer’s neck and kills him. Bo can only plead “No” before the deed is done. Massimo then screams in pain: “His foresight! It’s too powerful!” and runs from the Dal Riata leaving Bo injured and Rainer dead in his wake. Bo cries in grief as Trick tells her: “He’s gone.”

Returning from commercial, Bo awakes to find herself at home, Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) standing nearby. Bo asks how she got home, Tamsin explaining: “Trick’s stronger than he looks. And he kind of drugged you.” Bo attempts to get up, crying out in pain, while Tamsin tells her that Trick went to the Light Fae library to find a book he thinks might help. When Bo asks about Rainer, Tamsin comments: “You’re pretty beat up. I figure a few broken ribs, busted collarbone.” Bo mourns the loss of Hale and Rainer and how she could not save either of them. Bo also tells Tamsin that Lauren has been taken as well and that Bo feels like she has let everyone down. When Bo admits she doesn’t know what to do, Tamsin replies: “Why don’t you suck it up and get your shit together.” Bo is confused, but Tamsin continues: “Yeah, it sucks to be the leader, it sucks to be the Queen it sucks, sucks, get over it. Oh poor me I’m the Chosen One. Why don’t you act like it for once?” Bo then feeds on Tamsin, and when she is finished comments that Tamsin “tastes different… Happy.” Tamsin replies: “There will be time to mourn later.” Bo tells Tamsin that she is not strong enough to fight Massimo calling him invincible and that he will not die. Tamsin’s answer is: “Well, we’ll have fun trying to make him. Over and over again.” Dyson and Kenzi then rush into the room, Dyson asking if Bo and Tamsin are alright before embracing Bo. Bo ends the embrace with Dyson and looks towards Kenzi, saying: “Hi.” Kenzi whispers: “Hi.” in return.

Kenzi and Tamsin are next seen on the couch together, Tamsin commenting “That was awkward” and Kenzi answering: “Yeah, well, armageddon can be just ask Ben and Liv.” Kenzi then picks up a book and starts turning pages in it while Tamsin tells Kenzi that she needs to forgive Bo because “Life is too short.” Kenzi replies: “Yeah. Remember my boyfriend just died thanks.” Tamsin tells Kenzi that Rainer is also dead, adding: “And that means I have a soul and a second chance to deliver it where I should have in the first place. It could end my exile from Valhalla.” Tamsin looks at the book Kenzi is reading, noting that it was owned by Rosette and Kenzi comments that it is written in Norwegian. She looks at a picture, commenting: “This drawing. Gates closing over flames, people cheering what is this?” Tamsin answers with a smile: “Sale at IKEA?” Kenzi then asks Tamsin to translate part of the text which she does as: “Daughter. Heart.” Kenzi asks: “As in the Daughter’s heart will close the portal?” Tamsin asks if it means that Bo has to “rip her heart out of her chest?” Kenzi looks shocked and asks Tamsin not to tell Bo about what they have discovered until they get Lauren first, Tamsin agreeing to Kenzi’s request. Kenzi then thinks about something as Tamsin leaves before tearing the page she was looking at out of the book and hiding it away.

Dyson is with Bo in her bedroom, where she tells Dyson that Lauren comes first and when Dyson asks about Bo’s father she adds: “Daddy Darko waited thirty years to show up, he can wait another hour. We get Lauren or we get dead.” Dyson agrees: “Whatever it takes.” Bo then she needs Dyson to do something for her, but when Dyson assumes that Bo needs to feed on him, to his surprise Bo reveals that she fed from Tamsin earlier and he looks somewhat disappointed. Bo then shows Dyson the contract she signed with Rainer to make her as Dark Fae, adding that she needs a witness. Bo then rips the contract into pieces, saying as she does: “Rainer is dead. The Una Mens are dead. Everyone is dead except for the guy that should be. And now so are my ties to the Dark.” Dyson tells Bo that he doesn’t think ripping up the contract will work but Bo replies: “No piece of paper is going to tell me who I am.” Dyson asks if Bo is alright, which brings Bo to tell him: “Rainer was my partner. Someone that wanted to end the tyranny between Light and Dark. He was a good man Dyson who made a terrible mistake.” Dyson approaches Bo, commenting that he understands why Hale was “so grounded. Because he had a purpose.” Dyson then reveals to Bo: “All of my life I have been searching for a King. When what I should have been searching for is a Queen.” Dyson then kneels before Bo and swears fealty to her: “My blood is yours. My soul. My body. I swear fealty to you Isabeau. Cause no matter where you come from or what made you, by your side is where I want to be. Forever.” Bo is overwhelmed by Dyson’s words and then the two embrace. Bo laughs: “Kinda thought we were fighting.” Dyson agrees they “kind of were” and then tells Bo that he loves her. Bo replies: “And that is why I need you to serve with me, not for me.” Tamsin then enters the room and tells Bo and Dyson that she and Kenzi have more information on the portal and when Bo hears its name, she tells Dyson: “And it’s at the centre for crazy pony ladies. So what do you say cowboy? Shall we break some fillies?” Dyson smiles and answers: “Giddy-up” the two leaving moments after.

The scene then moves to the temple where the portal has formed. Bo and Dyson arrive, Dyson commenting: “So this is what a portal to the underworld looks like these days” and Bo answering: “Yeah. Kind of hard to miss.” Looking around, Dyson adds: “Horse heads, broken bits of carousels, Daddy’s got a flare for the drama.” As Bo looks around she comments: “Go big or go Hel.” Bo asks what Dyson thinks will come out of the portal, Dyson pausing a moment and then answering: “Shit loads of Remnants.” Bo looks in the direction of the portal as three Remnants shuffle out from it. She then begins to absorb their Chi, Dyson calling out to her not to do so, but is too late to stop her. When Bo finishes feeding, she turns to look at Dyson, her eyes now glowing a bright blue. She then speaks in a transformed voice: “I am your Queen. Whether you swear it or not fool. And my true army cometh.”

After another commercial break, Bo continues to speak: “I was bound by blood. Now we bathe in it. Humans. Fae. All will bow before me.” Dyson calls out to Bo, asking her to “return to me” but Bo continues: “All will break beneath the power of the Per Apice” but then falters and Bo calls out to Dyson to help her. Dyson then kisses Bo and in doing so breaks the spell she was under, Bo commenting: “Oh you need some new moves.” Dyson teases: “Oh really? Works every time.” Bo continues: “Turning me off instead of turning me on?” Bo then turns to look at the Remnants and asks Dyson if he is “ready for a threesome.” Dyson’s answer is: “And you say that I need new material?”

Elsewhere, Trick is pacing in his lair, with The Morrigan nearby. She is slightly drunk and tells Trick to relax or he will: “Wear out your big boy pants.” Trick comments: “You know when you smirk like that it really brings out the lines in your eyes.” The Morrigan walks over to Trick and tells him: “You are as witty as you are powerful.” When she asks why they have never been together, Trick replies: “You never really were my type.” The Morrigan asks: “Because I’m human? A mother?” Trick sighs: “A stone cold bitch” as he walks past her. She replies: “Bitch is just a word used by men who are threatened by the chick in charge. I’m not going to apologize for being smart. Or ambitious.” Trick answers: “Or trying to kill everyone that I love?” She warns Trick that if Bo’s father is who they think she is, they are: “All going to be Bo-becued” and they “might as well have a little fun.” Trick calmly replies: “There’s got to be another way. I’ll resurrect the Terra Cotta army. Dig up the Sharur.” The Morrigan tells Trick there is only one way to close the gates of Hel and “it’s not going to involve a mythical talking mace. Think old man. How do these things usually work?” The Morrigan then recites in French: “Souvent, une petite chose jette la plus longue ombre.” which Trick translates as “Sometimes the smallest thing casts the longest shadow.” As Trick moves away from The Morrigan, she asks if they are “just going to sit here and wait for enslavement? Chaos? Anarchy? Cause we’re also out of booze.” Trick returns with his battle staff and tells her: “Hardly.” The Morrigan then asks: “Oh. What’s that feeling?” Trick comments: “A sense for once that you’re doing the right thing?” The Morrigan stands up and begins to adjust her dress, telling Trick that she has “a wedgie” and “being human sucks. Still, if I’m going to go out, I’m going to go out looking fabulous.” Trick replies: “Trust me. You do.” He then asks her if she is ready to go and she replies: “A mother’s work is never done.” Trick replies as they leave: “Neither is a Grandfather’s.”

Back at the temple, Bo and Dyson have retreated into a nearby hallway, Dyson commenting: “Well that was athletic.” Bo warns Dyson that they only fought three Remnants and she asks: “How many cursed souls have died on the battlefields of history?” Dyson answers: “Millions.” Bo then asks about Dyson’s kiss and he asks: “Should I say sorry?” Bo answers: “For what? Saving me?” When asked if she is alright, Bi tells Dyson: “Yeah. I feel awesome.” The temple then shakes as there is a loud roar which makes both stumble. Bo tells Dyson that her father is “close” and that she “feels so powerful.” Dyson tells Bo that her father is channeling his energy through the portal. But can you control it?” Bo’s answer is: “Well maybe it’s time I got a little out of control.” Dyson tells Bo: “That’s good to hear because she needs you.” Bo smiles and replies: “You’re not going to tell me to save the world instead of the girl?” Dyson tells Bo: “You’ve taught me well. And she’s my friend too.” Bo asks Dyson to hold back the army that her father will be sending through the portal while she goes to save Lauren. She asks him to have Tamsin help to do so and when Dyson asks about Kenzi, Bo replies: “Keep her close. Keep her safe. Can you do all that?” Dyson replies with a smile: “Hold back the armies of Hel? I thought you would never ask my Queen.” Dyson then leaves Bo to return to the portal and defend it against attack.

After Dyson leaves, Bo places the necklace that Lauren was intending to give her long ago on. Tamsin and Kenzi then approach her. Kenzi embraces Bo and then offers her the sword that killed Hale and tells her: “You’re going to be fine.” A long moment passes before Bo takes the sword from Kenzi and then Kenzi walks away, saying nothing to Bo as she does so, Tamsin following her as she leaves Bo.

Elsewhere, Lauren is still in shackles as Massimo tells her that he is The Morrigan’s son and that he was “burred alive for seven days. I can handle Wanderer’s gift.” Lauren is shocked that Massimo has Rainer’s foresight and asks what Massimo did to him. Massimo does not answer but instead screams about all of the pain he is in. He then tells Lauren that he has: “Absorbed all things Fae” and that he knows things that Lauren can only dream about. Lauren tells him: You are a psycho-loser with a brain full of shit that you don’t even know how to use.” Bo enters and calls out: “And it sounds like you might be allergic to Origin Seed. I got your epipen right here. What do you say Druid? A little prick to end a big prick?” Bo then asks Lauren if she is alright, Lauren telling Bo that she should not have come, but Bo’s answer is: “I always do.” Lauren replies: “Thank Goddess.” Massimo taunts them both: “A lover’s lament before you both die.” Bo asks Massimo what he knows about love, but his answer is: “I know mother is obsessed with you.” Bo comments: “And you are obsessed with her. No wonder you are single.” Massimo claims that his mother “wants me to be the best and now I am.” Massimo then tells Bo that with the power of the Una Mens he can defect the attack of any Fae and then he uses the power of a Siren to attack Bo, driving her to her knees in pain.”

Elsewhere, Kenzi is looking at the page she tore from the book and says to herself: “Destiny. Booh-yah.”

Returning to Bo’s fight with Massimo, Lauren begs Massimo to stop attacking Bo and Bo in return tells Massimo to let Lauren go, but he answers: “I like an audience.” He then taunts Bo that her dying breath will be taken while Bo watches him kill Lauren. Bo tells him: “You have a very rich fantasy life.” Massimo then tells Bo that he can see the fight they will have thanks to Rainer’s powers, and taunts Bo that he cannot remember Rainer’s name, before crying out in pain again. Bo asks Lauren if she is alright and Lauren tells Bo that she will be free of her shackles in two minutes. Bo is surprised and Lauren explains that Kenzi’s Shadow Thief training taught her a few things too, adding: “It’s not all panty removal.” Bo laughs: “Your foreplay was always top-notch.” Massimo then interrupts and asks if Bo is ready for “round three” and Lauren tells Bo: “First things first, let’s kill this mother lover.” Bo stands and tells Lauren: “When in doubt, go with the classics” and attempts to take the Chi from Massimo. Bo begins to do so, but faces the same problem she had when she attacked the Una Mens in the past and cannot do so, her attack failing. Massimo again taunts: “You almost had me there. Must have something extra in the slutty tank today.” Bo replies: “Yeah, it’s called the coming apocalypse dick. Now would you just die like a good boy. I can get back to dealing with it.” Massimo replies: “You know, your origins are fascinating Succubus. The power of the Per Apice.” Bo asks what he knows and Massimo replies: “I know that being raised by humans has made you soft. I know the keeper was right to warn you of the shit that is coming your way.” Bo then collapses, seeming to be weak, while Massimo continues to taunt her. The Morrigan then enters and calls to Massimo: “Is that how you felt all these years?” Bo then places a knife to The Morrigan’s throat and she comments: “This is not what Trick and I discussed.” Bo answers: “Collateral damage. Looks like once again only I choose who lives and who dies.” Massimo becomes angry and screams in response.

Back at the temple, Dyson and Tamsin are in battle with the oncoming Remnants, Dyson commenting: “I’ve never seen a Valkyrie in battle before. Very impressive!” The pair continue to fight against the hordes around them and then Trick joins the battle as well who tells Dyson: “Have to stop dwelling in the past and start fixing the future.” Trick asks where Kenzi is and Tamsin tells him that she is safe.

Returning to Massimo, he finishes screaming and then warns Bo to let The Morrigan go or he will kill her and put Bo’s brains over Lauren’s face. The Morrigan rolls her eyes, telling him that his threat was awful which seems to deflate him. Bo comments: “I bet human mommy tastes delicious.” Lauren replies: “Delectable, but don’t take my word for it.” Bo then takes some Chi from The Morrigan, Massimo crying out for Bo not to hurt her. Bo then tells Massimo: “Oh I can taste how she really feels about you. Coward. Pathetic. Mistake.” Massimo screams again and then attempts to take Bo’s Chi from her, but Bo pushes The Morrigan in front of her and Massimo feeds on her instead. She then tells Massimo: “It’s not just sucking Chi that makes me special It’s that I learned how to stop. For ten years I went on a feeding spree and then I found my friends. You think you know love? Use it to save her. Go on. Save her. I could breath the Chi back into her but you don’t have that power no matter how much you care.” Massimo cannot stop and finally takes all of the Chi from The Morrigan and she falls to the ground lifeless. Massimo runs over to The Morrigan and demands that Bo “make it better” but Bo tells Massimo that she needs Chi from someone else to do so: “A life for a life. That is the Fae way.” She then takes hold of Massimo and draws Chi from his body until he collapses. Bo then breathes that Chi into The Morrigan and she gasps to life once more. Bo then retrieves the sword that Kenzi gave her while Lauren reaches for one of Massimo’s pockets. Massimo tells Bo that she cannot harm him as he possesses the Twig of Zamora, but Lauren holds it and then crushes into dust in her hand. Bo tells Massimo she has plans for him and he taunts Bo: “Well daddy’s coming to play and you’re both going to die anyway.” Bo answers: “At least we’ll die a family.” Bo then strikes Massimo once for “laying a finger on Lauren”, once “for Rainer”, once “for Hale” and then she strikes Massimo with the sword through his chest “and that. Is for breaking Kenzi’s heart.” Massimo then falls to the floor dead and then Bo and Lauren embrace.

As Bo and Lauren embrace, the scene changes to the battle at the temple where Kenzi is shown in slow motion walking, untouched by the battle that rages around her. Dyson calls out to her and she stops to face him. Dyson asks what she is doing and she tells him: “I can’t wait any longer. We’re out numbered and you are injured.” When Dyson tells her that they have to keep fighting, Kenzi replies: “We have to close the portal.” When Dyson tells Kenzi they don’t know how, she reveals: “Dyson. I get it now. I do have a part to play.” Dyson does not understand what she is talking about and Trick calls out from nearby: “Destiny. It has a sick sense of fun.” Kenzi tells Dyson the only way to close the portal is with “Bo’s heart. And I’m it.”

Another commercial break and we return to Bo and Lauren, Lauren telling Bo not to worry and asking about Rainer. Bo tells Lauren that she was wrong about him and Lauren replies: “At least I was right about you. Always have been. Since the first moment we met.” Bo tells Lauren that she has always known that Lauren was “extraordinary” and then tells Lauren that “a human doctor who can turn Fae mortal? They’re going to be coming for you.” Lauren smiles: “Yeah? Let them try.” Bo tells Lauren: “You really are Dark.” Lauren corrects Bo: “I’m yours.” Bo then tells Lauren they have to go, but Lauren tells Bo that she will stay with The Morrigan to watch out for her. Bo is surprised, saying: “Shit. You are serious.” Lauren tells Bo: “You saw her. All vulnerable and human and you know I kind of did this to her so…” Bo shakes her head: “Craziest thing of all? I actually get it.” Lauren tells Bo to leave and “destiny is calling” but Bo kisses Lauren one last time before she leaves.

Returning to the battle, Tamsin calls out to Dyson that there are too many attackers. Dyson tells Kenzi: “Bo’s heart is her heart” but Kenzi brushes that off telling him: “It’s never that simple with you Fae. It’s always a metaphor or symbol. Dyson it’s me.” Dyson tells Kenzi that the portal is “concentrated energy” and asks if she knows what will happen. Kenzi tells Dyson: “Bo is the only one that can help us and she needs me to help her.” Dyson refuses to allow Kenzi to sacrifice herself and offers himself instead, but Kenzi explain: “She loves you yes, loves Lauren, but you know that it’s me. I’m her heart. You know that.” She then tells Dyson: “Look, I have a plan. Okay? Rainer had the gift of foresight, he knew this would happen. Had to happen. Now Tamsin has his soul and will take it to Valhalla. That’s where she will take me when this is all over. That’s where I’ll wait.” Dyson does not agree to this plan but Kenzi insists: “If I can go out like this, like a warrior, in battle, maybe I’ll even get to see him again. I will wait for Bo in Valhalla. You know that she’ll never stop looking for me, she will never stop fighting to bring me home.” Trick calls out: “Something big is coming! The Per Apice” Kenzi again tells Dyson: “This is the only way. It is the only way that Bo can save the world.”

Bo is shown running towards the temple and the portal, the mark she bears upon her chest glowing more brightly than ever before and clutching at it. She then removes something from her pocket and looks at it, realizing that it is Hale’s wedding ring for Kenzi and she gasps: “Oh Kenzi no” before continuing on.

Kenzi then smiles at Dyson and continues to walk among the battle in the direction of the portal in slow motion, Dyson watching as she does so. She passes Trick, who also only watches Kenzi pass by and does not stop her either. Dyson is shown calling out to Kenzi once more as Bo arrives to see Kenzi standing by the portal. Pausing at the portal, Kenzi turns to look at Bo, watching as Dyson stops Bo from running to Kenzi’s side. Kenzi smiles one last time at Bo and then steps into the portal, and explosion of light and energy leaving in all directions from it which causes all of the attacking Remnants to fall to the ground, their threat ended.

Tamsin is the first to rush to Kenzi’s side and when she sees that Kenzi has died begins to weep. Bo moves to try to go to Kenzi, but Dyson holds her back and says only: “Valhalla” before letting Bo go. Tamsin then stands, her wings unfurled, before kneeling again beside Kenzi, draping her wings over both of their bodies, Bo crying uncontrollably, and, a moment later, the Tamsin and Kenzi vanishing into thin air leaving Bo, Dyson and Trick to grieve.

After another commercial break, Tamsin is shown laying in front of a pair of gates, they being closed. Dyson rushes to her side and revives her. She tells Dyson that he should not be there and: “Kenzi. She’s gone.” When Dyson tells Tamsin that they will get Kenzi back, she warns him: “No! You can’t let Bo find the second Hel shoe!” Dyson asks why and what Tamsin saw, but she does not answer. Dyson tells her that it will be alright and then helps Tamsin away from the gates which are then revealed to be hidden behind graffiti on a city wall.

Bo is then shown driving her car through a cemetery, then stopping and after picking up some flowers walking through the cemetery. As she walks, a voiceover explains that Rainer was buried at the battlefield of Ancrum Moor, Bo adding that “it seemed only right that he rest with those who fought and died for him.” After Bo walks deeper into the cemetery, she continues: “There has been too much dying already. It’s been hard. I’ve lost so much. But I have to be strong.” Bo then stops at a newly placed grave marker which reads: “MacKenzie, Kenzi, Malikov. 1991-2014. Friend. Warrior. Heart.” And continues: “Now, more than ever.” Bo places the flowers at the foot of the marker and then removes the dark glasses she has been wearing and sets them down on the base of the marker. She places her right hand against the face of the marker and says: “I miss you. But more than that I need you. I need your courage” Bo then looks at the ring that Hale gave to Kenzi which is on a short necklace, wrapping it around her hand as she stands. Bo continues: “But i am done crying. I am done being scared. No one else will die on my watch. Whatever it takes. I will get you back.”

The final scene of the episode and season is Bo standing at Kenzi’s gravestone and looking determined as she warns: “They want me to be afraid? It’s them who should be afraid… Of me.” as the episode ends.


Fade to black…


Overall the one thing I have to give to this episode is that some important questions about Bo were answered… sort of. By that I mean there was finally a good explanation of how Bo’s powers came to be. But the problem is that in doing so the Succubus part of Bo has been kind of pushed into the background of her character even more. It’s less about Bo being a Succubus and instead it’s more about her being a mix of her mother and father’s powers, emphasis on her father’s.

I said a very long time ago that I thought one possible outcome from Bo might be that she is some kind of a Succubus Queen or something similar. Well, that turned out to be more or less true when Bo was told she is “The Queen” and that brings up a plot, for me at least. What happens when Bo goes after Kenzi? If she comes into possession of the Hel shoes, and she will as that’s going to be the focus of next season, I have a request… For a moment, just one, how about Bo gets horns and a tail and actually has a dress that makes her look good. Just for my own gratification… please?

I am not sure about what happened with Kenzi. I feel in a lot of ways that she was disconnected from the series over the last few episodes and there was a really bad plot hole that wasn’t cleared up between this episode and the last one. Kenzi told Bo to “unclaim” her. Bo did so. Kenzi left, and very angrily at that time. So what exactly made her suddenly go and look for Lauren? What caused her to stick around when she made it so clear that she didn’t want to be?

It’s a major problem I have because Kenzi doing so does not fit with how she has been portrayed to this point in the series. I don’t see her turning around her opinion and getting involved just because. There has to be something more than that involved and it was never explained. But that story is never explained. Overall she acted oddly in the episode, and while I can point to Hale’s death doing so, it doesn’t feel right.

Now, the point of the episode, really, is Kenzi being Bo’s heart. Kenzi figuring out that to save the world she has to end her life. But how she goes about figuring that out, coming to the decision that she needs to do so, and, most importantly, how Kenzi is so sure she will be going to Valhalla are questions that are never explored. All of this is skimmed over or in the moments were some sort of answer might be given, we’re treated to long moments of looks, stares, and music in which there is not a word spoken. I was curious and watched the episode again and I took note of all of the pauses. They ate ten minutes of screen time. Ten minutes in which not a thing happened at all.

Then comes that long, slow pan and walk of Kenzi to the gate. Was that really needed? It felt so wrong on so many levels that Kenzi would just be able to walk to the gate, not touched by the battle around her mind you, and close it. I don’t believe that’s possible and I think it will be part of where next season goes from where this one ended.

I also have an issue with the entire “Morrigan turning human” subplot. By the time it was over, I had the distinct impression that The Morrigan agreed to become human to get rid of her son Massimo. All of the signs are there and it does seem to make some sense with what happened. What makes less sense is why was it that Massimo, with Rainer’s power of foresight, could not see what Bo and Lauren would do and stop them from doing so. Again, it makes no sense that he didn’t know.

Overall, I think that this episode could have been a lot better for all of the parts in it that I did not like. The only thing that gave me some hope, and it was fleeting, was Kenzi getting a punch at The Morrigan and at the end of the episode, seeing Bo at Kenzi’s grave where she showed some real emotion at the loss. Perhaps that will continue? I’ll hope so.

How about we start with Bo being less Boffy at last?

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo… Some really interesting reveals… That went absolutely nowhere. Another episode of Boffy and her sword with a dash of running around for spice. The only moment that I really cared about was the final moments of the episode where she mourned Kenzi. Other than that there was no thought, just action and really she’e better than that. Seeing her actually think about how to defeat Massimo was a surprise and it was good to see. But in a lot of ways she was emotionally lacking and was forced into being places where she shouldn’t have been. She should have been with Kenzi a lot more than she was.

Dyson…It was good to see Dyson profess his love for Bo but also be clear that Lauren was his friend. I would like to see the triangle return as it was in the past and I think it can get there again. A few moments when he made me laugh and it was nice to see the Wolf of the past appear again, strengths and all…

Kenzi… Not enough of her. Too detached for a lot of the episode and that bothers me. The worst part was that five minute long “walking to my doom” scene that went on forever. Why? Couldn’t the writers come up with, for example, Bo and Kenzi reconciling their relationship? That would have helped a lot. I know she will return, and the emotional impact of the event was so lessened by how it was handled. Just so very wrong. Kenzi line of the episode: “God I have been waiting three years to do that.” Me too honey… Me too.

Trick. In the lair with The Morrigan. This is starting to feel like deja vu. It was nice to see him in action and working with the others in truth. And the reveal about him, Aife, Bo’s father and so on was done very well… But somehow Trick being “angry” does not work right for me.

Lauren. Pop in, snark, pop out, snark, kiss Bo, vanish into thin air with The Morrigan. She felt wasted in this episode.

The Morrigan. Whine, bitch, gripe, moan, drink into a stupor and whine some more. Rinse and repeat. Really didn’t help my opinion of her and if this is the last time we see her… That’s more the pity.

Tamsin: Nice bit of telegraphing the plot of next season at the end of the episode. Other than that, the moments with Kenzi were nice and I have to say I laughed at the IKEA line a lot. She swings a mean sword too…

Rainer: Snap, crackle, pop, I’m out of the series! And why again was he so important? The entire buildup to this? Honestly this was the most disappointing part of the episode in that the invested time in his appearing would, and should, have been put into Bo’s father for all the good it did.

Massimo. Scream, cry, beg, act tough, get outsmarted and then get killed. I’ll admit to a smile then he did die, but I still feel like Kenzi should have been the one to kill him. I won’t miss him for all of the whining that left with him.

If this episode proved anything to me, it is that a poor story can kill any good acting.


My Review of Dark Horse

Keeping my interest – 3 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 1 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 3 Pitchforks

Storyline – 4 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 5 Pitchforks

Mythos – 5 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 3.5 Pitchforks out of 5


Overall the episode moved very slowly. The buildup wasn’t so much tension as it was boredom watching the characters go through the motions. The only parts that stayed with me afterwards where Kenzi’s last look at Bo, Dyson pledging himself to Bo, and The Morrigan trying to seduce Trick. Oh, and Tamsin talking about IKEA. The rest of the episode is a blur and not an interesting one at that. The pacing was far too slow and all of the long tracking shots where nothing was said just really seemed like the writers couldn’t find a way to do anything else in this episode except to kill Kenzi and they just wanted to get to that point in the episode. It is not a good thing when I can leave the room for five minutes and come back to find that really nothing has happened, no one has moved, and the story hasn’t gone anywhere.

Bo wasn’t much of a Succubus again this episode, she was fighting for all of it and really did nothing else. She didn’t seem to be thinking all that much either, instead going with her emotions that almost took her down the wrong path. I think that next season I will just put this particular rating point on one for the entire season because it really looks like we’ll never see Bo as a Succubus again. And that’s not good because the point of the series was that she was a Succubus trying to find her past and how to live with herself. All of that character development we had seemed to be lost to repetition of plots that didn’t go there. While there was some this episode, her father is still a mystery, Rainer was a red herring, and in the end… I want to see Succubus Bo back.

The temple turned battlefield was well done as was Massimo’s lair. It was also interesting where Valhalla can be found and how it is hidden. Those were all good and well done. It was also, I think, a good place chosen for Kenzi’s resting place. It seemed to fit into the setting well and it looked right for Kenzi herself. I’m not sure she would have wanted her last name on the grave marker though. She didn’t care for her birth family, she cared about her real family. I would have been much happier to see her name be show as that of Bo and Trick truthfully as she was, and is, part of that family more than any other.

The storyline, though it was scattered and uneven, was important. It did reveal some of Bo’s past and that of Trick and others. It also strengthened some relationships well, better than I expected really. The one huge fault in the story lines was in Bo’s father. Nothing told, nothing gained and it went nowhere. That is a huge problem for an episode that ends a season.

In how the main characters, really all of them, were fleshed out in their backgrounds was for me well done. There was a hint of the old snarking between leads and the back and forth quips I have been missing in the series. I thought it was interesting how the relationships all started to go back to the way things were after Rainer died… I still wonder if there is something in that which wasn’t explained this season. The character growth was there, finally, which really had been an on and off thing this season. Overall better characters, better acting.

The series mythos again grew in many ways. There was some mention of things by Trick that when I looked them up was, to me. a nice touch to things. I am somewhat puzzled by the name of Bo’s father however. At some point we’ll have to have a clear understanding of that and who he is as well. Otherwise the adding of several myths was good, but how that all plays out is still to be seen.

It wasn’t awful for a regular episode of the series. It was not however the best season ending one that Lost Girl has had. That really just put paid to the entire Fourth Season really. It was… uninspiring. It shouldn’t have been. Boredom and not caring about what happens does not make for a good ending or cliffhanger. This episode did not show all of what it promised to be.


Next Season: Road Trip

Bo goes on a rampage through the underworld and Valhalla, smashing heads and does her best Boffy imitation while telling her father to take a hike, becoming the Queen of Hel, and learning why certain shoes should never be worn…


Will we see a Season Five? I do hope we do, but if that happens I really want to see the series actually manage a complete season story arc from beginning to end. I do not want to see Kenzi being pushed to the background, I do not want to see anything of Rainer at all. He added nothing to this season and having him return for the next would be a complete waste of time… We’d probably lose five or six episodes because of him and Bo looking at each other and sighing…

I’m expecting to see that Kenzi never made it into Valhalla and she’s trapped in Hel with Bo’s father as part of his plan to make Bo come to him and become the Queen of Hel. And I just had the oddest thought of Kenzi being in that position when Bo gets there… That would be interesting wouldn’t it?

Of course, Bo has to find the Hel shoes first, meaning that will take about four episodes. Another three or so with plots that branch off the main arc and add nothing to it. That will leave six episodes for Bo to confront her father, rescue Kenzi and then try to leave with her. And I have the feeling that somehow that’s going to go wrong in the season finale… just cause.

We are not going to see much of Succubus Bo once again, being that Boffy seems to be who she is now. That also brings up the question of Aife, if she’s going to return or not… A family reunion slash yelling match wouldn’t be fun to watch.

Lauren and The Morrigan… Will that go anywhere? What about Tamsin and Dyson? What’s going to happen when Dyson tells Trick that he no longer follows his lead? Those are interesting plots to move ahead on, but will that happen?

We’ll have to see… I hope we do.

I pondered what I thought of the season as a whole and I can’t honestly give it more than three pitchforks out of five. It just was so scattered and unfocused that I found it a real grind to get through. I can honestly say that I really only enjoyed three of the episodes a lot and that is disappointing.

Compared to the other seasons, this I feel was the weakest of them all. Part of that might be chalked up to Anna Silk not being around for some of the production, but a lot of it has to be put at the stories themselves. There were some really good ideas that weren’t expanded on, and others that just did not hold me in the slightest. This is something that needs to be worked on. Better story lines, better story telling. The cast can handle this, they have the talent, so use it please?

Also, will you please understand that the fan base for the series does have a really good idea of what is going on and you don’t have to do flashbacks at the beginning of every episode? Give them better and the ratings will be better. Remember that Syfy doesn’t own this series. Don’t keep dumbing it down.

We’re better than that and we can prove it.

See you next season… There will be popcorn…




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    • avatar
    • James on February 22, 2014 at 12:20 pm

    The problem is that this season’s writers all seem a bit ADD. First Bo tosses out the people she loves, with whom she has been building relationships for three years, in favor of somebody who showed up out of the blue. None of how that happened is ever explained, though he seems like a big bad . . . and then he is gone, and she is back with Dyson, and reconciling with Kenzi with just a word (“Hi”), and none of that is ever explained. The Una Mens was/were a big bad dispatched in thirty seconds. Massimo was a big bad dispatched in thirty seconds. The Morrigan was the original big bad . . . the Lex Luthor . . . the Master . . . and she is offed as an afterthought. Kenzi is central to who Bo is–her heart, you said–and she is gone without a lot of prep. But then, being a succubus was central to who Bo is, and that has been completely tossed, as well.

    Maybe the problem is actually the producers . . .

    In any event, I hope it doesn’t come back for a fifth season. I would rather see them introduce a series about a succubus . . . or better, a succubi . . . instead.

    • avatar
    • Pocong on February 22, 2014 at 7:01 pm

    This was a pretty disappointing finale to a disappointing season and most of it can be traced back to Rainer. He was such a massive Black Hole Mary-Sue that at this point the only good way to handle his presence is to just move on and never mention him again. All of this time and I still can’t figure out what his character was and what Bo ever saw in the guy beyond a handsome face and a fair to middling ass.

    I think the biggest hole in this episode for me was the Morrigan. Why did Lauren want to save her at the end? I’m not as well versed in the series as any of you guys but from what I’ve read here she seems like a massive, gaping asshole with no redeeming qualities. She’s petty, shallow, cruel, brutal, stupid and most damning of all she’s just plain uninteresting to watch. Every action she’s ever taken on the show has either directly or indirectly made Bo and her friends lives worse so what possible justification can there be for Bo being cool with keeping her safe at the end? Does Bo want her alive to prevent a political power vacuum among the Dark or what? I’m not even trying to be funny, I sincerely want to know what makes her worth keeping around to Bo.

    Sorry this season went from bad to bland. It’s got a strong following so I’m pretty sure it’ll get a Season 5. I know things look like shit now but the writers are sure to get better. Hope springs eternal.

    • avatar
    • Pocong on February 22, 2014 at 11:41 pm

    I’m sorry, but I have one more nit to pick about this season. “The Wanderer” isn’t even a fucking Tarot card. The card they were thinking of is “The Fool” , a card which symbolizes new beginnings. It’s actually a pretty apt name since Rainer’s appearance was the beginning of this season’s downward spiral and he comes across as a doofus.

    • avatar
    • TeraS on April 22, 2014 at 2:23 pm

    It is my hope that they actually make a better season to come… This was just… disappointing…

    *goes off to shovel popcorn away from the TV*


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