Feb 21 2014

A Review of Succubi-Sexuals by Rachel Lace

Succubi-Sexuals by Rachel Lace

Succubi-Sexuals by Rachel Lace

How do you define a Succubus exactly? To me there are certain things that do. Physical ones like horns and a tail at the minimum, personality-wise they have to enjoy sex and sexuality of course. It’s also important that they know who and what they are as well.

The problem for me is when the word Succubus is used and it’s really hard to say that the characters are, in fact, Succubi and not something else. In that sense, using the word once or twice in the story doesn’t really make it true…

The work tells of:

Debbie and Lisa have been friends since grade school. Along the way they’ve become close, very close. This Halloween, Debbie is going to make Lisa her sister, officially. Debbie is a succubi, has been for years. Now she wants to pull her “sister” into the game. It’s not like it’s anything new, Debbie has been making Lisa use her body for pleasure for some time now.

How can I describe this work… I think the best way is just about constant sex in every way possible without stooping for much in the way of story or anything else. The sex itself didn’t thrill me all that much either, it was just a lot of quick moments leading to orgasm and then the aftermath. I will say that the phone sex at the beginning was cute, but that’s about all.

Succubus? Hard to say there was one save for a changing of eyes and a lot of need for sex. If that’s all these Succubi are, and i still don’t believe that they are, then this isn’t really about Succubi as much as having a reason for Debbie to have her brains melted during sex as much as possible.

I figured out that the actual reference to Succubi in this work consisted of about three paragraphs worth of writing. Take that away and you have one over-sexed woman ensnaring her friend in her sex games.

That just doesn’t interest me. Non-stop sex stories are just… bland. It wasn’t fun to read as much as trying to get past one over the top scene after the next one. This wasn’t what I was expecting and in the end, I didn’t really get a Succubus story out of it.

I’m giving this work one out of five pitchforks.

Not at all something that I enjoyed. I like story with my erotica. This really didn’t have that at all.



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