A Review of Succubus by Stephen Chadwick

Succubus by Stephen Chadwick

Succubus by Stephen Chadwick

It is, really, a fairly common thing when Succubi, or creatures like them are portrayed in their more horrific forms. That aspect of them is one of the things that they are known for and, as such, will always appear.

The question that I almost always have when a story turns in that direction is, does it add anything to the story or is it horror for the sake of horror?

Some writers can manage that well, I know one personally, but many cannot do so…

  • Title: Succubus
  • Author: Stephen Chadwick
  • Publishing Date: January 7, 2013
  • Length: 15 Pages
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It is the story of:

A short story about a disillusioned man whose life is changed forever when he encounters a ravishing beauty. His curiosity quickly becomes addiction – an effect she seems to have all men. A series of erotic encounters only fuels his obsessive need to discover her secret.

I think that I am of two minds about this work. On the one hand there is, really, quite a lot of horror in it and that’s a bit of a problem for me. See, I understand the reason for it being there, why it is and how it comes to pass… but I just found it muted the rest of the story. By that I mean what happens to the man in the story, as he is ensnared and falls to his fate, was a bit too much for me.

The other part of that problem is the Succubus herself, what she is, what she does, and the result of her taking him. I just found the descriptions hard to read through and… it really just made the entire work a battle for me to finish, which it didn’t need to be.

The other part, the control, the changes in being, the way things were drawn towards their conclusion… That was interesting to me and was a draw. If that had led to an open ended conclusion, I would be okay with it. The issue comes with the reveal at the end of the story, what it means and, in the end, what she really is.

She’s not really all that much of a Succubus in my thoughts as she is sort of a trap… A very persistent and deadly one at that. The question that kept coming into my thoughts was, is she a Succubus? The answer I kept returning with was: Sort of? Kind of? As the story went on that became more and more the issue and when the horror aspects appeared… I just lost my way in the work.

When the ending came, I did get why it was how it was. But to be honest I didn’t care for it very much even if the scene did match with some aspects of the myths of what a Succubus is. I’m fairly clear in my thoughts that this is less a work of erotica and more a work of horror. There is bit of both that intermix of course, but in the end, for me, the horror was too much.

I’m giving this work two and a half out of five pitchforks.

Some will like the themes, some will enjoy the path taken and what transpires… I just found myself not liking the work for the same reasons. Horror is, but it does not have to always horror…




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    • Pocong on February 16, 2014 at 2:05 pm

    The “Horrorotica” genre in general really weirds me out. I’m not judging the people who are into it but it feels like these are two genres who’s themes don’t really mix. It’s mixing peanut butter and mustard or doing a smooth jazz remix of ACDC’s Ride The Lighting, you know? Two things that taste great but don’t taste great together.

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    • James on February 16, 2014 at 4:42 pm

    I believe it comes, oddly enough, from the Puritans–as do so many of our more twisted and unhealthy bits of repressed morality. Sex is bad (because we don’t want anybdy to think it is fun), and, therefore, sex will get you killed, and, therefore, sex leads to horrors . . . and, oddly enough, horror is more socially acceptable, since nobody is thinking about sex while being disemboweled.

    Of course, sex can be misused for bad things, but ths doesn’t make sex bad.

    And yes, sexuality is a big part of what makes succubi succubi (but by no means the biggest part), but Your Majesty knows how I feel about the notion that this makes succubi necessarily evil.

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    • TeraS on April 22, 2014 at 2:18 pm

    I do.. Very much so…


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