Feb 15 2014

A slightly odd Aensland Sisters Dance YoutTube…

There is a lot of of these dance videos on YouTube. I really don’t mind them, some have really neat avatars of Morrigan and or Lilith Aensland in them as well. It’s the music that gets to me however. I know that hyperactive music is a given in a lot of them… Not sure that this one works really…

And if you can’t see this on the Tale, click here:


As always, a screenshot from the video as well…

Aensland Sisters Dance

I really do like their eyes, but the pole dancing is… Odd? It’s probably just me, but I have problems with either of Morrigan or Lilith acting like this. Still it isn’t really the creator of this video’s doing as it is probably preset anyway…

Still, as much as I like the avatars, the dancing just seems wrong…




  1. avatar

    Your Majesty is operating on the assumption that this is about seduction. Pole dancing–and, in some people’s minds, succubi–is about cheap porn, not seduction. The frenetic music goes with that.

  2. avatar

    I’ll just say that I can do much better with pole dancing with classical music by far…

    But then I have taste and style so…


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