Can the Lost Girl get any love at all?

I’ve come to a conclusion about Lost Girl and it is this. What happens is that the writers arrive at the office one morning, have their frappachinomochaweinos and after chatting for most of the day, sit down at the story table and look over to see just how many episodes are left in the season. Then comes the spitting out of their delicious beverages and sheer panic sets in as they realize they have two episodes left in the season.

They then rush over to the plot board and see so many plots left open there that they all know there is no possible way to close the season well. So they don’t. Instead they write an episode which confuses things more, makes more plots form, and really goes nowhere but to make viewers stare at the screen and ask “Is that it? Really?”

I feel like this episode is a prime example of that. Kenzi wants revenge? No. Bo needs answers? No. Relationships need to get fixed? Nope. Mysteries of the season need to be wrapping up? No possible way. No, what we are going to do is wreck Kenzi’s relationship with Bo, drive her off balance, add all kind of stories and tales to confuse the issue and then we’ll top it off by adding Massimo as a new bad guy to layer on top of the other ones. That will work!

I have news for you. It will not. This will be yet another season that ends with more questions and dangling plots than the season before and it really needs to stop. It won’t, I know that, but it needs to.

I am… unhappy. The main reason for this is quite obvious for anyone that has seen this week’s episode of Lost Girl. Writers, being of course the way they are this season, took it upon themselves to kill off Hale just at the moment where, of course, Kenzi was going to marry him. Why is it exactly that we cannot see Kenzi have a moment of happiness in her life? To be happy? Is that so much to ask for her?

It bothers me more that the way Hale was written out, at least for the moment as there might be an out for him to return, so I won’t declare him gone quite yet, was so… cheap. I don’t need a heroic departure or anything amazing, but I would like, if nothing else, that Kenzi be able to tell him she loved him and say yes to marrying him. What happened in this episode, after all that Kenzi and Hale have been through is just simply a waste. It should not have been. Let them at least wear engagement rings, or declare that they are going to marry to their friends and family. But this? This was just… sad.

The twelfth episode of the fourth season, also episode sixty of the Lost Girl TV series was this week. Bo ties the knot in more ways than one and Kenzi cannot stick a knife into Massimo and tell him he’s done. Lauren gets a good licking by The Morrigan and does her one back. Tamsin reads a lot, Trick worries a lot, Dyson growls a lot and Vex gets into a sticky wicket. And in the end, really nothing goes anywhere but downhill for them all…

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This is the twelfth review of the fourth season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo finds that when you go looking for answers, you’ll find that…


It Begins with an Origin


The episode opens at Hale’s burial ceremony where Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) is speaking to the assembly. Dyson eulogizes Hale by talking about his relationship with Hale noting that: “I never said goodbye to Hale. It was always see you later. Talk to ya. Or nothing at all. Just that look between old friends that says: ‘We’ll be together soon.'” Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) is then seen clutching Hale’s ring which she wears and staring off into space. Dyson continues: “He was a man of complexities. A traditionalist with a modern style. An old soul with the optimism of one just born.” It is then shown that Kenzi is sitting off by herself in the front row of the mourners, two other mourners between her and where Bo (Anna Silk) and Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) are across the aisle sitting together on the other front row. Dyson continues on about Hale noting: “Hale Santiago of Clan Zamora forged his own path. He became a cop. And he liked being called a cop. He befriended without judgement or expectation.” Dyson then looks towards Kenzi adding: “And he loved without bounds.” Dyson then looks over his shoulder to where a gate leads to Hale’s family crypt stands and explains: “And as Hale’s closest clan members sit with his body in silent mourning. So we begin the day of silence. For we pay reverence to our dear, and departed Siren.” The scene freezes on Kenzi as she blinks away tears and then a wider shot of the site of the ceremony, now completely deserted save for Kenzi and Bo who goes over to talk to Kenzi. Kenzi does not look at Bo as she says: “I think I might scream.” Bo tells Kenzi that whatever she needs, Bo will be there for her. Kenzi tells Bo: “I needed him alive.” Bo tells Kenzi it will get better, but Kenzi sighs and then walks away from Bo, Bo running to catch up to her. Kenzi stops to pick up Hale’s hat and clutch it to her chest, Bo saying to her: “I promise. Maybe not for a long long time, but I will be there for you.” As Bo finishes speaking, a figure approaches them from the bushes, appearing to be a knight in armour and drawing a sword. Bo in turn, pulls out her small knife and points it towards the approaching knight. The knight removes her helmet and states: “I am yours” before dropping to one knee in submission to Bo. The knight explains that she is from the Order of Raina as she then pledges her fealty to Bo, calling her Queen. Kenzi rolls her eyes and exclaims: “Of course.” and then walks away, Bo calling after her, but Kenzi does not respond or turn to look at Bo. Bo then looks back at the knight who asks: “Where do we begin my liege?”

After the opening credits, Bo is at the Dal Riata and is questioning the knight about why she has come to see Bo. The knight comments that she “arrived just in time for I was attacked on my way here.” Tamsin asks the knight who she was attacked by and is told that it was “someone that did not want me to deliver my message.” Bo sees Dyson sitting with Kenzi on the other side of the room, but does not go there as the knight explains that Bo is in danger and that she is “here to protect you, and to fight at your side” as she offers Bo a glove of armour. Tamsin takes the glove and examines it commenting: “I haven’t seen one of these since the battlefield. It’s been a long time.” Bo tells the knight that she doesn’t know her and that she does not understand what the knight is talking about either. Bo insists that she is not this knight’s queen and that she should leave. The knight stresses that Bo is in “mortal danger” and Tamsin turns on the knight, explaining that they just returned from a funeral, but the knight insists “there will be more funerals if you do not heed my message.” The knight then continues: “It was foretold that with the death of the Una Mens the Priapus would rise. It is you who he seeks.” The knight then offers Bo a small book which Tamsin takes from her and begins to read: “He shall rise and seek her out. The Succubus. The One.” Tamsin then asks what “he” wants. The knight explains that she does not know because she is “not privy” to the information. But she stresses that the prophecy of the “slaying of the Una Mens also creates the power of the Origin Seed.” Bo’s attention then turns to Kenzi who storms away from Dyson. Bo stands and begins to follow Kenzi, but the knight warns Bo there is “very little time” but Bo will have none of this, telling the knight that: “I don’t give a shit about prophecy or seeds or Priapuses. This is my family. And they need me.” before she runs after Kenzi. Bo sits with Kenzi and Kenzi tells Bo that they “have to get him. He has to die.” Bo is taken aback by Kenzi’s words, but tells Kenzi: “He will pay. I promise.” Kenzi then smiles, slightly, before looking downwards and Dyson is shown in the background looking concerned before nodding once.

Massimo (Tim Rozen) is then shown in his lair mixing a potion and muttering to himself. Bo, Dyson and Kenzi then enter and approach him, Massimo commenting: “Well well well… Look what the puss dragged in. Looking for something?” Kenzi in a disgusted tone remarks as she looks at the knife that Massimo used: “Still has Hale’s blood. So when I slit your throat think of it as a gift from us both.” Massimo scoffs: “You didn’t really come here just to kill me did you?” Dyson answers: “Why else?” Massimo then tells them all: “You know, for supernatural creatures and all that you guys don’t know shit about what’s going on in your own lives.” As Massimo speaks, Kenzi is breaking things in the room as she searches for something. He then asks Bo if she knows anything about Rainer dying soon and when pressed for details by Dyson he continues: “When the Wanderer rises another curse shall befall him in seven days he will expire unless the curse is broken. It’s in your history.” Kenzi grabs Massimo and demands to know where the Twig of Zamora is, but Massimo tells Kenzi: “Oh god you are so annoying. I did Hale a solid when I drove that sword through him. Can you imagine the disappointment that he would have eventually felt? Knowing that he was forever married to your pathetic, weak, human, ass?” Kenzi cries out in anger, but Dyson intervenes and demands to know what Massimo knows about Rainer. Massimo taunts Dyson: “A little of this and a little of that.” Dyson growls and throws Massimo against a wall, demanding again for him to speak. Massimo whispers something to Dyson which Bo and Kenzi cannot hear which is: “You will watch friends die and do nothing about it.” and then laughs insanely. Dyson then turns to Bo and Kenzi and tells them they cannot kill Massimo yet. Kenzi is outraged and Bo demands to know what Massimo told Dyson but all Dyson says is that they need to take Massimo to Trick and then leaves with him. Kenzi screams at Dyson not to do so, but Dyson tells her: “Kenzi, don’t you think I don’t want to tear his heart out and eat it in front of him? I do! But there are larger things at stake here than revenge. Dyson then leaves with Massimo and Kenzi turns to Bo, begging her to help. Bo promises that Massimo will suffer and that Dyson will make sure of it. Kenzi points a finger at Bo and angrily answers: “No. You promised me. You promise me that he would die.” Bo tries to justify what Dyson did, saying that if he has information that can help them, they have to keep Massimo alive. Kenzi then taps the sword she threatened Massimo with on Bo’s chest and rants: “First you betrayed me. Now Dyson betrays me.” Bo tells Kenzi that Dyson loves her, but Kenzi will hear none of this and then turns and leaves Bo, she calling out after Kenzi that they have to trust Dyson.

Elsewhere, Lauren (Zoie Palmer) is in the Dark Fae Archives looking through various books in search of information on Rainer, commenting to herself: “Rainer, Wanderer, asshole, whatever your name is, you have got to be here somewhere. History keeps a record of everyone and everything.” She turns a page and then notices that her hands are wet from the ink on the page and looks at them in confusion. She turns one more page and then watches as text begins to appear on it. She reads from the page: “Behold the demon beast. Evil pure. Fang teeth. Horned. Him they call Rainer.” Tapping a flashlight on the page Lauren exclaims: “Gotcha!” She then continues to read aloud: “A thousand years shall be ended. He shall be unbound.” Lauren looks away and tells herself: “Okay, don’t freak out. Don’t freak out.” Continuing she reads: “To wreak torment beyond comparison and betray the Fae.” Lauren exclaims: “I knew it!” Lauren then hears The Morrigan (Emmanuelle Vaugier) speaking to someone and commenting: “You think just because the Una Mens went tits up that thing will just fall into place? No. We need to intervene.” Lauren looks from her position towards where The Morrigan is standing and can only see her speaking to someone, but not who it is. The Morrigan continues: “Bo and this Wanderer freak, they took out the Una Mens. Probably the heir of Zamora too. It’s only a matter of time before they come after me and after you. Everything would be easier if the Succubus was dead.” Lauren hears all of this and then turns away, gathers the books she has found and disappears before she is discovered. Meanwhile, the person that The Morrigan was speaking to is revealed to be Trick (Richard Howland) who refuses to allow her to kill Bo. The Morrigan smirks: “You and your obsession with family. I warned you about her from the start.” Trick warns her that he “missed Hale’s day of silence for this. So let’s make this worth my while.” The Morrigan replies: “Ah yes the Siren. Bit if a stick in the mud wasn’t he?” Trick answers: “He was a better leader than either of us will ever be.” The Morrigan then starts to walk away and comments: “Speaking of Rainer, shall we figure out what to do with him?” Trick follows and tells her that they have to put their differences aside for the moment and The Morrigan agrees, but moans: “But that’s no fun.”

Bo has returned to her home where she finds Tamsin still reading the book the knight offered to Bo and Rainer (Kyle Schmid) present. Bo starts to explain to Rainer that Massimo said he was dying but that she believes that “someone has the answer.” As Bo speaks these words, the knight enters the room and Rainer rises from his chair, a look of recognition in his eyes, and calls out to the knight “Rosette!” as he rushes to her. Rosette (Casey Hudeck) greet him as her King and Rainer calls her his best lieutenant and claims that she “spent every moment trying to get us off that train.” Rosette tells Rainer that she failed him and Bo tells her that she could help them now. Bo asks about the prophecies that Rosette keeps speaking of and if there is anything in them about Rainer dying. Rosette answers: “The impossible. The alliance between you both would have assured that the Earthly curse was lifted.” Bo asks what curse and Tamsin reads from the book: “If The Wanderer is rescued and the first curse should fail, he shall be cursed again. To suffer and perish in seven days of being on this Earth.” Tamsin looks at Bo: “Crap. He’s been here six days.” Bo considers this: “So if the first curse was broken a failsafe was built in by the person that cursed him. Trick.” Tamsin continues: “And only by the blood of your enemies can the curse be broken.” Bo notes that Trick’s blood is part of her and sighs: “What is it with my family and blood?” Rosette tells Bo they can break the curse, but Bo counters that in doing so they would find the Priapus. Rainer comments: “The one that has been manipulating me.” Bo replies: “The one who’s ass I am going to kick when I find him. But how?” Rosette suggests that they need something that “both you and Rainer shared.” Rainer adds: “A symbol. A clue.” Bo thinks about this a moment and then replies: “There is one thing.”

After a commercial break, we return to see Bo, Rainer and Rosette gathered around the Wanderer card and Bo sighs in exasperation: “So to keep Rainer from dying in the next 24 hours and find the Priapus who we think is screwing with all of our lives We need to officially form an allegiance and our only clue is this tarot card.” Rainer tells Bo that the purpose of a tarot card is to guide so there might be a message within the card. Bo agrees, remembering that the card was revealed to be a ticket when Kenzi touched it and it burned. Bo does so, but nothing happens. In frustration she lights the card with a match and then blows the fire out. The letters MMXV appear on the card and Rainer comments “2015” while Bo replies that it was a time, 8:15. Rainer suggests that it could be something different, perhaps a code. Lauren then enters the room and calls out: “It could be cartography coordinates.” Lauren then looks at Bo and tells her that they need to talk.

Bo is then shown looking at the book that Lauren found. She looks at a picture of what appears to be some kind of devil and is captioned “The Wanderer.” Bo cannot believe what she is looking at and tells Lauren: “Obviously his isn’t the guy in my kitchen.” Bo then turns on Lauren and exclaims: “This book doesn’t even look real! Is the ink still wet?” Lauren tells Bo that the ink being wet confused her as well, but she explains: “There was no memory of Rainer. When his memory returned, history’s memory of him returned as well. And it’s not pretty.” Lauren then reads from the text: “The warrior shall escape the curse. The Valkyrie shall be reborn. The blood of Zamoran shall be spilled. Any of this sound familiar?” When Bo says nothing, Lauren continues: “The women of the horse shall rise, I have no idea what that means. Between the warrior and the Queen one of the two shall die.” When Lauren tells Bo she has no idea who the Queen is, Bo answers: “Yeah. They think it’s me.” Lauren looks at Bo and exclaims: “Holy shit Bo, then it’s coming true you see? We have to get you out of here!” Bo then turns on Lauren and asks her “Why are you doing this?” Lauren tells Bo: “Something is coming for you. The Morrigan…” Bo yells at Lauren: “To get back at me?” Lauren tells Bo: I stayed with the Dark for you.” Bo is shocked by this as Lauren continues: “I isolated myself for you. This was all for you. Everything that I do is for you.” Bo angrily asks what Lauren’s plan is or to tell her the truth. Lauren yells at Bo that she had to make Bo believe it if she was going to be able to make The Morrigan believe her as well.” Bo tells Lauren that she cannot listen to what Lauren has to say because “there is too much going on. Kenzi is hurting so badly and where were you?” Lauren cannot answer before Bo continues: “Playing around in the Dark archives, digging up shit on the man somehow intertwined with my destiny.” Lauren sighs: “So that’s it? You choose him?” Bo claims “it is not like that. I chose you. And you broke my heart.” Before they can continue, Rainer enters and tells Bo: “Whenever you’re ready Bo, I figured something out.” After Rainer leaves, neither Lauren or Bo say anything before Lauren turns away and walks out of the room leaving Bo alone.

The scene switches to The Morrigan who arrives home to find Lauren waiting for her in bed and greets her with: “Lauren. Make yourself at my home.” Lauren tells her that they are “celebrating” and The Morrigan asks if Lauren has “discovered a new spore.” Lauren then explains that she wishes to join the Dark “officially.” The Morrigan comments that “changes of heart do not happen without a reason” and Lauren explains: “I’m a human in a Fae world. Something that has been difficult to reconcile over the years. Something that has made me feel weak and small and you’ve given me strength. Confidence.” The Morrigan scoffs: “Oh you are not falling in love with me are you?” Lauren does not answer that question but continues: “You know the Light kept me in prison. They made me wear a dog collar disguised as a necklace. The Dark gave me respect, freedom, trusted me with their research.” The Morrigan sits on the edge of the bed and tells Lauren she could: “Sell diapers to a Sumo.” Lauren claims: “I’ve felt more like myself than I have in years.” Lauren then asks The Morrigan to claim her which then brings The Morrigan to ask Lauren what “all of this is really about.” Lauren explains that she has no where else to go and adds: “I’m not asking you to be my girlfriend. But I might want some of the benefits.” The Morrigan shakes her head slightly: “I’ve never understood you humans. But you are fun to play with.” The Morrigan then kisses Lauren deeply as the scene ends.

After a commercial break, Bo, Rainer and Rosette arrive at a building that appears to be a “spiritual centre” who’s address is 2015. Upon entering the building a large mural is seen with a horse inscribed upon it. Bo looks at it and comments: “The women of the horses.” A woman enters and welcomes them, introducing herself as Sister Epona (Eve Harlow) and asks: “What is it you seek children?” Rosette rushes towards Epona and then claims that she was attacked by her. Bo tells Rosette to “stand down” and then uses her powers to persuade Epona to talk. Epona comments that Bo is “more beautiful than I expected” and when Bo asks about the image of the horse she is told “The horse? The great and all powerful. With domain over life and death. Only the mighty one will denote the worthy from the fallen. But if you find it…” Bo asks what she is talking about, but Epona continues: “Your blood will destroy him it must be protected.” When Bo asks who, Epona says: “Succubus you.” Bo is confused and presses for more information which Epona responds: “The Daughter’s intensions are unclear.” Bo asks: “The Priapus…” and Epona answers: “Your father.”

Kenzi is seen at the Dal Riata looking at a photograph of herself and Hale, tracing her hand over it before flipping it over as Vex (Paul Amos) enters and asks: “So. What shall we do then darling? My vote? We get rip roaring drunk and settling into a stack of, oh I don’t know, something Rachel McAdams-ey.” Kenzi tells Vex that she didn’t call him for “cuddles” and she wants to get revenge. Vex pours himself a drink and replies: “Oh absolutely! Revenge is my middle name. Well second middle actually after Chauncey it’s a family thing, don’t judge.” Kenzi stands up and tells Vex: “I’m talking blood spilled, guts, pain on top of payback.” Vex takes a drink and then tells Kenzi: “Stop. You’re giving me a stiffy. Alright, tell Uncle Vex who’s the unfortunately sop that is going to meet his untimely end.” Kenzi tells Vex that it is Massimo which makes Vex laugh slightly and ask: “What? That low level T-bag human druid? How in the world did he manage to kill Hale?” Kenzi tells Vex that Massimo had the Twig of Zamora and when Vex asks “What stupid idiot gave that to him” Kenzi pauses and then whispers “Me.” Vex asks Kenzi if she has any idea what she is dealing with and then asks if she knows where Massimo is. Kenzi tells Vex that Massimo is in Trick’s lair and that Vex is “the only one that can help me. So come on.” Kenzi then starts to march off towards Trick’s lair carrying the sword that Massimo used to kill Hale, but Vex cries out: “Listen! You’re putting me in a real fix here you understand? Honesty isn’t my strong suit you know that love. I’m not a good Fae. Screw or be screwed!” Kenzi becomes angry that Vex is “having a crisis of conscience” and tells him that she needs: “The real you. Killer, crooked cocky dirty to the death Vex.” Vex says nothing for a moment, then agrees but with the condition that he be the one to deal with Massimo, promising that he will: “Instagram you every gratuitous bloody tick in Kelvin cause it is my favourite filter.” Kenzi tells Vex that she knows he is trying to protect her, but “that insect killed my almost-husband, he took my happiness and my future so this one is mine.” Vex is taken aback by the venom in Kenzi’s words and quietly says “Alight” as Kenzi leaves to find Massimo.

Meanwhile, Bo, Rainer and Rosette are back and Bo’s home trying to figure out what Bo is not supposed gain access to and what it has to do with Bo’s father. Bo then tells Rainer that in her Dawning she saw a horse. Bo explains that she saw it in the room where her father held Bo as a baby. Bo also tells Rainer that in the past year she had been haunted by visions of a carousel as well. Rainer tells Bo that what she has told of are clues and that her father wants to meet Bo but Bo comments: “Well he never has before.” Bo then admits: “I’ve been waiting to meet him my whole life and now I’m terrified.” When Rainer tells Bo that terrible things have been said about her father, Rosette agrees adding: “For a reason. So I have heard.” Bo tells Rainer: “If he is evil, then a part of me must be evil.” Rainer scoffs and notes how the history books have told him to be “Malevolent and depraved, a beast.” Bo replies: “History rarely likes the ugly.” Rosette then interrupts to explain that according to the known prophecies Bo’s alliance with Rainer will release her father from his prison. Bo is surprised to know her father is imprisoned and ask why that is and who did so, but Rosette only shakes her head no. Bo muses over joining with Rainer but then her father will be released and the danger of that is not known.

Vex and Kenzi have found Massimo in Trick’s lair where he is imprisoned, Vex opens the cage Massimo is being held in and throws him out onto the floor where Kenzi is waiting with the sword in her hands. Kenzi tells Massimo: “It must have been horrifying to know what kind of an ugly monster you would be if you survived that fire.” Massimo tells Kenzi what it felt like when he was immersed within the furnace that he had jumped into when Bo had confronted him and then tells Kenzi: “But I prevailed thanks to your boyfriend.” Kenzi whispers: “My fiancé.” Massimo taunts Kenzi: “Even better.” Kenzi again demands to know where the Twig of Zamora is, but Massimo refuses to tell, again taunting “Can’t say.” Kenzi slices the sword against Massimo’s neck making him bleed. She then tells him: “You’ll understand the irony of that when I cut out your pretty little tongue.” Massimo then calls out to Vex who uses his power to disarm Kenzi. Vex explains: “I’m sorry love but this hot mess is mine.” Kenzi is shocked that Vex owns Massimo and screams: “This psychopath killed our Hale!” Vex screams: “I know! But his mom abandoned him and I gave my Blood Oath that I would take him in! I mean he used to curl up at my feet them stab them with forks but like a fine mold he grows on ya.” Vex then confronts Massimo: “I bought you your own shop full of herbal Druidic shite but you’re still nothing but agro you little muppet.” Kenzi finds a iron stand and rushes towards Massimo crying: “I am so sick of you Fae and your Blood Oath bullshit!” Vex again stops Kenzi from attacking, throwing her backwards onto one of Trick’s chairs. Massimo then picks up a candle and tells Kenzi: “So you want to feel what burning flesh feels like?” But Vex uses his power to stop Massimo from touching Kenzi and forces him backwards warning: “Let me deal. I do everything else for you. So just get out before I change my mind.” Massimo stumbles away and then leaves up a flight of stairs while Kenzi grabs the iron stand again to go after Massimo but Vex wraps his arms around her and stops her saying: “Sorry Kenz. But we all got our burdens to bear.” Vex then pushes Kenzi away and runs after Massimo leaving Kenzi alone, her revenge not taken as she wished.

Elsewhere, The Morrigan and Lauren are in bed together, The Morrigan crying out in pleasure as Lauren is somewhere under the sheets. Lauren then crawls out to lay beside her after they share a laugh The Morrigan licks her lips and comments: “Ew. Salt. So much salt.” Lauren kisses her on the forehead and tells The Morrigan she is sweating and “Good sex will do that.” Lauren gets out of the bed as The Morrigan replies: “No. Not to me. Never me.” She then sits up and seems to be dizzy or unwell, telling Lauren that she “feels so weird.” Lauren smirks: “Because Evony you have been transformed. Welcome to my world. You’re one hundred percent human.”

After another commercial break, The Morrigan raises her hand towards Lauren in an attempt to use her powers which does not work. Lauren comments: “Are you trying to melt me? That’s adorable.” The Morrigan asks how Lauren did this and Lauren answers: “I used your own DNA to create the serum that transformed you.” When The Morrigan asks what serum Lauren answers: “Ow. Forgotten already? It was only twenty minutes ago that you were down there.” It takes a moment for The Morrigan to realize what Lauren means and she can only answer: “Oh. Oh.” Lauren then gloats: “You know books will be written about this. I’ll write the first one of course. It’ll be called the Lewis solution for difficult Fae.” The Morrigan then begins to panic, telling Lauren that something is on her nose and demanding that Lauren get it off her nose. Lauren answers: “You have an itch. Humans do that.” The Morrigan then tells Lauren: “Bo has a soft spot for humans. Her distrust just falls away as do her panties. She’ll grow to like me. See that we have so much in common. For example, both of us will obviously screw anything.” Lauren slaps The Morrigan in anger causing her to bleed. At first Lauren says sorry, but then admits that she isn’t sorry at all. Lauren then takes a sample of the blood that is running from The Morrigan’s nose and places it into a tester which is attached to an iPhone. She then muses as he looks at the sample being diaplted on the screen: “You know, an experiment of this magnitude can be very risky for you. Your system could accept the sudden and all encompassing changes very well.” The Morrigan asks “Or?” and Lauren replies: “Or it could all wear off. You’ll be dead within the hour.” As Lauren walks away, consumed with looking at the display on her phone, The Morrigan moves to pull her purse close to her.

Bo meets with Dyson at the Dal Riata and tells him that she does not know what to do about everything that is happening to her. Dyson tells Bo that what is happening is “your call.” When Bo touches Dyson’s hand he looks down, but does not otherwise respond. Bo then asks if they did the right thing with Massimo, adding that Kenzi is “hurting so badly and we let her down.” Tamsin then appears from behind the bar having found “Trick’s good stuff” and then tells Bo and Dyson: “Okay, let’s drink.” Tamsin looks at something that Dyson is holding and asks if he is going to open it. Dyson explains that what he holds is the Zamoran family code, but he has no idea why Hale gave it to him. Bo reads the code which says: “Complexity, Courage, Strength and Beauty. Mindful always of your duty to ties of blood and those who love. The gentle hands, the wings of a dove. Ready thyself on guard be keen.” Bo comments that it isn’t much of a poem, but Dyson tells Bo that it inspired Hale when he was a child. Bo then lays the paper with the code on it down as the last line of the verse changes to: “Ready thyself on guard be keen to reunite with me the Queen.” Tamsin comments: “Well, there’s your rhyme.” Bo sighs: “Zamora poetry. Rainer remembered. History rewriting itself. What’s next?” Bo then picks up another sheet of paper and realizes she knows the crest that is shown there, it being that of the Knights of Raina and that it “means loyalty to their Queen.” Tamsin looks at the crest and states: “Not just their Queen. The Queen.” Tamsin explains that when she was collecting souls she had to memorize every crest there ever was. She then explains: “See this crown that hovers over the coat of arms? And the bee? The Queen Bee… Literally.” Bo is shocked and realizes that the Knights believe that she is that Queen, but Tamsin corrects Bo explaining: “Oh Bo, it’s so much more than that. The Queen doesn’t just mean The Queen.” Dyson seems shocked and tells Bo: “It means you are the One.”

Elsewhere, Vex is with Massimo, Massimo packing and Vex intending that they leave for safer places. However, Massimo refuses to leave saying that he will not “Until it’s over.” Vex yells at Massimo that he killed Hale and then continues “No wonder your mommy didn’t want you.” Massimo then hugs Vex tightly. Vex then remembers when Massimo came into his life and how Vex tried to “raise you right. Feed you right. Teach you everything I know. But it wasn’t good enough for you was it? Every little psycho needs their mommy. Except now, I’m all you’ve got left.” Vex asks Massimo to leave with him for England and Massimo agrees. However, before they can leave, Massimo’s phone rings and he looks to see who is calling. Vex repeatedly asks Massimo not to answer the phone call, telling Massimo that “it will only end badly” but he does so, turning his back on Vex.

The Morrigan is then seen still in her bedroom getting dressed as Massimo enters. She yells: “What took you so long?” She then belittles what he looks like before calling him to her and kissing him. After the kiss, Massimo comments: “It’s true. The doctor has turned you. I can hear your heart beating. You and I, we’re the same. Both human. This upsets The Morrigan and she pushes him away exclaiming: “Gross!” Massimo explains that they have to hurry because he sent Lauren a false text pretending to be Bo. The Morrigan agrees and also mentions that she is “itchy everywhere and I might be getting my period for the first time.” She then turns to the bag Massimo brought with him, expecting to find “a miracle cure” in it. She pulls item after item out of the bag commenting: “Shitty ass Rosemary? Some blonde’s extension. Bad Barbie Rutan furniture?” The last being the small container which holds the Origin Seed which she throws across the room. Massimo rushes over and returns with it and tries to explain that “I found something very powerful and this is going to make everything better.” When he asks The Morrigan to trust him, she rants: “How can I trust an albatross so utterly fantastic at failing? Being home a cute university pal. Fail. Bring me the head of the Succubus. Fail. Fix my eye. I still see spots! Always such a disappointing monster.” Massimo asks her not to call him that, but she continues: “I always knew you were a monster on the inside. But now you look like a monster on the outside too.” Massimo then screams: “Stop it mother!” as Lauren returns and is confused by The Morrigan and Massimo calling her mother.

The scene moves to a ceremony being performed by the Women of the Horse as Bo, Rainer and Rosette arrive. Rainer asks if Bo recognizes anything, but Bo answers: “I was secretly hoping that whatever this thing was I wasn’t supposed to find would be easy to spot.” Rainer tells Bo there are too many there to fight at one time. One of the assembly sees Bo and the others and calls out”Intruders” which then has Epona approach them. Bo taunts Epona: “You really don’t like me very much do you horse whisperer?” Epona tells Bo: “If it comes it will bring death and destruction” but when Bo asks what she is talking about, Epona adds: “Do not play games Betrayer of all. You are interfering with destiny.” Bo replies: “No. I am finally facing it.” Bo then notices that Epona keeps looking at one particular model of a horse and goes over to it. Epona then moves to attack Bo, but Rosette moves to strike back. While the pair battle, Bo and Rainer look at the horse and try to figure out what its secret is. Bo then pauses and speaks the last line of the code of Zamora: “Ready thyself on guard be keen to reunite with me the Queen.” Bo then opens a hidden panel under a saddle which the horse holds and removes from within a hand fasting band. Rosette then kills Epona, her last words being: “The hand fasting. It cannot be.” Bo says in disbelief: “The hand fasting? Oh no no no. Been there and done that with a Loki in a cheesy Niagara hotel.” Bo then asks: “Tell me if I am getting this wrong but… Are we supposed to get married?”

After yet another commercial break, Kenzi is seen looking at the picture of Hale she had been looking at before in the episode. She then rips the photograph so that Hale is removed from it and then crumples up the image of Hale. She then pulls a book towards her as Bo enters. Bo tells Kenzi she is glad she is there, but Kenzi replies: “How you’ve been? Showing your new lady knight the sights?” Bo confronts Kenzi telling her: “You can try to push me away Kenzi, but it’s not going to work. I love you.” Kenzi slams the book she was reading in front of Bo and says: “It’s really interesting stuff. One with eyes both brown and blue. One who shifts, a Valkyrie too. One with blood that rules the world. One who sings his life unfurled. A warrior to be her guide. A healer always by her side.” Kenzi then rants: “The Professor and Mary Ann. Everyone is here except except the weak human girl.” Bo tries to tell Kenzi that she is part of all of them but Kenzi answers: “Unclaim me Bo.” Bo tries to have Kenzi understand that she is grieving and that she doesn’t mean what she is saying, but again, Kenzi refuses to listen, telling Bo: “No I know I don’t want to be here anymore.” Rosette then interrupts calling out for Bo. When Bo tries to have her leave, Rosette tells Bo there isn’t much time left for him. Kenzi tells Bo to just “do this one thing for me.” Bo refuse again to do so saying that she cannot let go of Kenzi. Kenzi rants: “This is not about you! Unclaim me.” A long moment passes between them and then Bo says: “Fine. I unclaim you.” Kenzi then turns away from Bo and storms off as Rosette again calls for Bo to come with her. Bo then writes something on a piece of paper and hands it to Rosette telling her: “I’m sorry, tell Rainer that is the best I can do.” As Kenzi then passes by on her way out, Bo calls out: “Kenzi we are not done!” Kenzi yells back: “Yeah. We’re done.”

Elsewhere, Massimo is seen ranting with Lauren nearby in chains. He tells of all of the things that he has done for “her” and asks what it would take for her to love him, referring to The Morrigan. Massimo then tells Lauren that he will get everything and be everything that The Morrigan wants and that Lauren will help him to do so. Lauren refuses, but Massimo insists: “We’re going to make a great team, but you of course are going to have to die.” Lauren tells Massimo she “will not help a madman” and he threatens Lauren again before telling her: “When you see what I am about to do, it’s… You’re a scientist. You are really really going to dig this.” Massimo then picks up the container which holds the Origin Seed and then makes a show of eating the seed as Lauren begs him not to, ranting that doing so will give him the combined power of the Una Mens. Massimo laughs but then the Seed begins to do something to him and he falls to the ground screaming in pain as Lauren looks on in horror.

Returning from commercial again Bo, Rainer and Rosette have assembled elsewhere. Rosette lights a bonfire as Rainer asks if Bo is alright. Bo tells him: “Everything is changing around me. I can’t stop that. But I can control this. So I will bind with you to save your life and face my father on my own terms.” Rainer asks Bo if she is sure and Bo answers: “Just to be clear. This isn’t about love. This is about what is right for my family.” Rainer replies: “Bo, it is our destiny to fight for the good of the Fae. To unite will be to join in a mutual quest. And for the record, I do love you.” Bo hands the hand binding strap to Rosette who performs the ceremony. When Rosette finishes speaking Bo asks: “Is that it?” Rainer replies: “Well you just did save my life.” Then Rosette begins to laugh evilly and pronounces: “The prophecy has been written. She will rise with the Wanderer as her soldier and together they will release the Lord of Darkness!” Bo is confused and taken aback by this and Rosette continues: “The Dark Lord rises from Hel. He will be here any minute. Bo asks: “Hell-Hell?” But Rainer clarifies: “No the mirror of Valhala. H-e-l.” Rainer confronts Rosette in her betrayal of him, but she insists that “he will protect me. He promised me everything. Everlasting life. Power of my own. He will be here. The prophecy said he would come!” Bo asks: “So where is he then?” Rosette then screams in pain and surprise as she is pulled towards the bonfire she lit earlier, then steps into the flames and is consumed by them. As Bo and Rainer watch, the marks they each carry on their chests begin to glow a bright white light and they gasp in pain and shock as this occurs. Bo asks: “Oh God Rainer… What have we done?” They look at each other, but neither says anything more.

The final scene of the episode begins with a temple somewhere beginning to tremble and shake as the power within starts to break the door open. The door finally cannot contain the force trying to open it and it shatters. the last image being of a glow from the now open door as the episode ends.


Fade to black…

It would be nice to have a single title for this episode. First we had “It Begins” and then it appears on the Showcase site as “Origin” and that isn’t how things should be done. It’s more confusing when the episode on iTunes uses the wrong title as well. Someone needs to get on that and fix it.

The one thing that I took from this episode is the ongoing theme with Kenzi in that as much as Bo and her friends tell her they love her, they do not come to help or see her point of view. They give all kinds of reasons and excuses for not doing the right thing and it is getting old. Was it unexpected that Kenzi would want to leave? To have Bo release her? No it wasn’t and to be honest I wasn’t surprised when it did. I was surprised at how short the scene was, how little empathy Bo had and how much venom Kenzi had in her.

As for Bo’s arc with Rainer that took up so much of this episode… What exactly was gained by it? For all of the telling of prophecy and so on there wasn’t really story in what they did. They were following a step by step plan which was clearly the wrong thing to do from the beginning. A knight appears and tells of what will come and no one thinks to check on her story? Lauren appears with a book and no one thinks to read it? Trick isn’t asked what not to do? Really?

Then comes Massimo and really he just makes me want to change the channel when he’s on. Nutty fruitcake I have had quite enough of. I expect to see Kenzi put a knife through him, allow the Twig to bring him back, and then kill him again. Over and over. If that happens then it will be the end of the Kenzi we know for certain, not that she has vanished for the most part already. That, more than anything else in the series, is sad.

So Lauren has figured out how to make a Fae human. Why do I have this scene in my mind where she and Bo get together and Bo becomes human? What will she do with this new weapon she has and what happens to The Morrigan now that she’s human?

Of course Bo and Rainer have released the “big bad” of the season. Couldn’t this have been done sooner? Couldn’t we have had at least more of an arc like The Garuda? What was the point of a big bad that appears in a single episode? This just doesn’t get anywhere with me.

The overriding theme in this episode was people reciting “what is foretold” over and over. That isn’t plot, that’s painting by numbers. And really the shock and surprise when Bo and Rainer were betrayed?

What about the reveal that Bo is “The One?” Someone must have been watching the Matrix when that idea came up. As for Bo being Queen? I called that as a possibility at the beginning of the series. But a Succubus Queen is not who Boffy is. So we’ll never see what Bo could really be for all of the manipulation that is going on around her.

And that’s bothersome because she knows she is being manipulated and just goes on with whatever is happening. When she got involved with Rainer was that the moment her mind went down the toilet? I expected more from Bo this episode. I expected her to give a damn about Kenzi, to find a plan to fight back, and to actually use her mind and not her knifes.

But right from the beginning she’s all action and no thought. That should not be. She’s better than that and I miss seeing that Bo a lot.

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo… Ignore your friends, break a relationship that matters because “”you just have to” and, of course, do something that you didn’t think through. I’d say love is blind, but in this case Bo is honestly. Wasn’t thrilled with her at all, the lack of any consideration is not like her at all and that was disappointing.

Dyson…Toss Massimo against a wall and then vanish for the rest of the episode. Thrilling.

Kenzi… Devastating how much pain and hurt was expressed in this episode. More so that all of her friends, every single one, wouldn’t do anything to help ease the pain. Then being betrayed by Vex as well? This was so wrong on so many levels. There was such a simple end to all of Kenzi’s pain and I hope she’s the one to end Massimo when the time comes.

Trick. In the library with The Morrigan. That’s all.

Lauren. She gave a new meaning to Femme Fatale this episode. Bo’s cutting off ties to her wasn’t right and in the end that will have consequences. It’s never good when the voice of reason is ignored like it was this time.

The Morrigan. Why oh why can’t she be a real villain for once? Be what you should be for once and not this thing that you are. But now you are human, so let’s see what you really are other than a scared little whiny girl…

Tamsin: Well… She can read. Was there anything else she did this episode?

Rainer: And I didn’t care at all. Just about as mindless as Bo was this week.

Vex. Seriously? Vex you have, for the first time, disappointed me. And I thought you never would.

Massimo. Just kill him already please? We all know he’s going to die so just get it over with now.

Rosette. It’s bad when the only thing I can clearly remember is that form fitting breast plate she was wearing. Oh and burning in fire, that was memorable too. Beyond that she was irritating.

Sister Epona. Not at all memorable.

So what, if anything, good can be said about anyone in this episode? Really it boils down to who was more able to take advantage of someone else. That’s kind of hard to pin down exactly. Truly the story was better than the characters and that’s hard to swallow.


My Review of Origin / It Begins

Keeping my interest – 4 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 1 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 4 Pitchforks

Storyline – 4 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 4 Pitchforks

Mythos – 5 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 3.7 Pitchforks out of 5


The thing about this episode keeping my interest wasn’t so much in that it was much watch television as it was a matter of trying to keep up with all of the stories that were being told. There was so many tales and hints being thrown around that trying to keep them all straight needed my full attention on the episode. That bothers me because, honestly, Kenzi’s arc, what she faced and what happened to her was many times more interesting than the plot with Rosette and Rainer and as well it really irritated me when they kept interrupting Bo and Kenzi.

Why was that necessary? Only one reason really, to keep things moving, and put Bo off her “game” so that she didn’t know what to do. Also, it felt like a lot of the important moments of the episode happened off screen and we were not privy to information that matters I think for the season finale. It seems like there are other plans brewing and they will come to pass, being good or bad who can really say?

It was a reasonably strong episode for what happened with Kenzi, Lauren, The Morrigan and the background reveal about Vex. As for Bo’s arc, if we removed a lot of stagnate moments where really nothing happened, there might have been more time for some better moments. But, of course, everything is having to be crushed into the last two episodes that should have been touched on more over the rest of the season but wasn’t.

Bo was not a Succubus this episode. She was lost, she was running around in circles, she was misdirected, she was sent on a quest that wasn’t what it appeared to be. In short it was another Boffy episode. It seems like Succubus Bo won’t be appearing again any time soon and that, for me, will not be appreciated.

There seemed to be a lot of sets being reused this episode, though The Morrigan’s place was very nice. Overall the episode was filmed very dark, which matches the theme and mood of it. I still like the props, costuming and so on. The form fitting armour of Rosette was quite unique and it does make me ponder something… Past that, how they have changed Kenzi’s look really reinforces her change in personality and it made it a lot more shocking and hard to see unfold. I’ll give one other fashion note. I actually liked the outfit Bo wore for most of the episode and I liked the ponytail. Actually made her look good and it’s been a while since that’s been forefront in an episode.

Story wise, the Kenzi plot hit the hardest for me. The questions about Lauren taking The Morrigan down several pegs also interests me, but will we see it go further? Will The Morrigan come back? Lots of questions there. Massimo I honestly have had enough of and I just want to see Kenzi kill him and be done with it. Bo, Rainer and Bo’s father came to a head this episode, but there is the scent of red herrings in the air and that bothered me throughout the episode. If they end that arc in the finale it will feel like I was cheated for all of the buildup.

Kenzi had the most character development this episode. Lauren had some as well, but it was more of a “Oh I can try this experiment and have sex too!” theme which didn’t sit right with me. Bo and Rainer learned a little, but far too late, and really in the end what they actually learned isn’t exactly clear. Plots abound but where will they go?

The mythos of the series expanded a lot this time with the Women of the Horse, Rosette, the many many prophecies and so on. It was good to see, and it added a lot to the episode but at times it felt like an info dump and it could have been done a little better. Nonetheless, it was really good to see that much history and background appearing.

But, and this is the thing, there is a single episode left and the pay off for a season that wasn’t as good as the ones before has to be something impressive. I hope it is.


Next Week: Dark Horse

Bo is forced to make the toughest decision of her life to stop evil from bringing destruction on her world.

Why is it that with Kenzi walking out that I have the worst feeling that she is going to wind up on an altar somewhere with Massimo holding a knife to her throat? How Bo’s father and Rainer fit into that I’m not sure but it really seems like things are going this way.

I know that the finale will be stuffed with things going on and that really will bother me more than anything else. I’ll think about all of the wasted episodes this season and wonder about how much better it could have been.

Will we see the last of The Morrigan? What happens to all of Bo’s friends? Do we see “Evil Bo” at last in the series or not? Honestly there are so many questions to be answered in a single episode that they just won’t be.

That brings the question of just what was the point of this season? Was there a point to it? I really don’t think there was. It felt like ideas were being tossed at the wall to see what would stick and when they finished it was abstract art. Lost Girl was, as a whole, really lost this year and I think most of that was Anna Silk not being available until a lot of the production was finished which I think made things more difficult.

The most tragic thing I felt has been the way the characters we have come to know and care about have been torn into little pieces, relationships broken and in the end all that’s left is a mess that cannot be cleaned up. That doesn’t seem so much like storytelling as it is playing on the expectations of the audience. That doesn’t make for good television. The ratings in the US for the series as of this moment seem to indicate that as well. And that worries me.

But nonetheless I’ll be watching, probably throwing popcorn a lot and wondering when, if ever, we will see a hint of Bo being a Succubus again. I really do miss that. I also miss the interplay between the main characters, good story arcs and, most of all, some sort of direction to the season.

Will there be a fifth season? I hope so.

I hope so.




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    • avatar
    • James on February 14, 2014 at 11:32 am

    And in other news, farmers are working around the clock to try to reverse the worldwide shortage of throwing popcorn sometime in the next six to nine months.

    I am not sure I hope that this mess will come back. I’m sorry, but they seem to have lost the point. Of course, when they can write crap and still get a B- (3.7 out of 5), why bother making an effort; they get paid for ratings, not art.

    I am more convinced than ever that Kenzi is the actual Lost Girl, and Bo (who could never be queen of any succubi) is a distraction so they can do soft porn.

    • avatar
    • James on February 14, 2014 at 11:32 am

    And in other news, farmers are working around the clock to try to reverse the worldwide shortage of throwing popcorn sometime in the next six to nine months.

    I am not sure I hope that this mess will come back. I’m sorry, but they seem to have lost the point. Of course, when they can write crap and still get a B- (3.7 out of 5), why bother making an effort; they get paid for ratings, not art.

    I am more convinced than ever that Kenzi is the actual Lost Girl, and Bo (who could never be queen of any succubi) is a distraction so they can do soft porn.

    • avatar
    • TeraS on April 22, 2014 at 2:16 pm

    Kenzi is the Queen of the Succubi on Lost Girl. Mark my words…


    • avatar
    • Shubham on December 4, 2014 at 12:39 pm

    Brace yourself: I’m going to diergase with one thing you wrote. It has nothing to do with whether Tasmin is or isn’t hot, or sassy, or likable, or interesting, or a better match for Bo than Lauren. What I wondered about was your characterization of all four women as “strong.” Many adjectives come to mind when I think about Kenzie — funny, impish, adorable, provocative, fiercely loyal, street-smart, spunky, among others. But strong doesn’t really pop to mind. There’s actually something dependent and child-like about her. And damaged. You sense there’s a boatload of fear and unresolved conflict behind all those cute quips. She’s hiding out, avoiding something, not particularly self-aware. She’s everybody’s kid sister, mostly lovable, sometimes impossible. Everybody is fond of Kenzi and wants to protect her, but do you really see anyone leaning on her? And then there’s Tamsin. Would I want her by my side in a bar brawl? Absolutely. Can you rely on her for sassy comeback lines and putdowns? She’s the best. Was she willing to stand up to the Morrigan? Toe-to-toe (though I have a theory about why the Morrigan seems to tolerate insolence and defiance from Tamsin and nobody else — it has to do with the fact that what the Valkyrie are in Norse legend, the Mortrigan is in Celtic lore…you might even say they’re related). But strong? I’d say she has a tough-girl veneer but it seems so obviously defensive and the hurt and sadness and loneliness are not far behind. She’s a cypher. I see the bravado but I’m nit sure there’s strength of character behind it.I guess it depends on how you understand the word strong.

    • avatar
    • TeraS on January 26, 2015 at 12:54 am

    By strong, what I mean more than anything else, are their character, what they hold to be important to them, and what they are capable of. To me that is their strength…

    Not all strength is by force, it comes in other ways as well…

    But yes, I see your points and I do agree with them as well…


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