Feb 12 2014

It isn’t quite a hot costume, but it is a start…

Hot Sexy Devil Women CostumeSometimes I find a costume that is tempting to me… At least a little it can be. Sometimes it’s the look, many times it is the model they have displaying it that makes it a little more palatable. But then, usually, there is something about it that gives me pause and what I liked about it just vanishes into thin air…

This is called the Hot Sexy Devil Women Costume and it comes with the corset with side zipper and lace up back, the bottoms, tail and horns. All sparkly. It does not include the shoes the model is wearing and it sells for $60 US.

Adding the shoes, which I think I would have to really, would raise the cost to $125 US.

I don’t think much of the tail, or the corset really. The bottoms are cute and the horns match at least so that’s something. As I said, I like the shoes as well, but they are accessories as always of course.

This is another example I feel of a costume that is the sum of its parts in that you need to have all of them in order to manage the look that the costume is going for.

I’m not all that thrilled with this honestly. I have a one piece silver bikini with red trim that I think would work better and those horns would match it well. All I really would need are the shoes, but I could improvise if I needed to.

As an idea, it does have possibilities. The thing is that I can create something that I think at least would look a lot better and be a lot more sexy when I am done with it…

And adding a red wig I think would just about top everything off…

I’ll give this two pitchforks out of five.

It’s a start, but a start alone is not the answer I am looking for…




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    First, let me say that I don’t think anybody . . . not even succubi . . . has body parts made out of the same material as their clothing.

    Second, we are talking about a costume with a good basic concept, but that you could already do better at every step–except the shoes–with stuff you already have at home.

    Third, it can’t be the model who makes you like this, as you could do that better, as well.

    Fourth, this is the seconed costume in two weeks with flat horns; is there an epidemic?

    Put it all together, Your Majesty, and it is two pitchforks for the shoes, which aren’t even part of the costume. I hope you can find them and save $60.00.

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    Of course, the biggest problem with all of these costumes is that they have to live up to the SuccuDress and they never will…


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