A Review of Session Four: Temptation by John Dylena

Session Four: Temptation by John Dylena

Session Four: Temptation by John Dylena

Today I am continuing my review of the series The Succubus’ Sub, by John Dylena. You can find the review of the first book in the series here on the Tale. The second book was reviewed here on the Tale as well and the third can be found here.

This review will be of the fourth work in the series, which deals with a very important thing. The question of trust is something that is, truly, the most important thing in a relationship. That trust can and will be tested in ways that really can never be expected or prepared for.

But what happens when one feels they must hide something from the other. What happens if that decision can lead towards something that could mean not just disappointment in the other, but something worse?

What happens when one cannot find it within themselves to admit they were tempted by another and express that to their Mistress?

The story is of:

Brett is exhausted. His body is sore, tired, and he is barely able to make it through the day. He needed a night off and his succubus mistress was kind enough to give him one.

But things are only getting worse for Brett as Heather, his incredibly attractive boss, has suddenly set her sights on him and won’t stop until he is hers.

Brett discovers in this part of his story one of the rules that are true of a D/s relationship. A submissive can, and should, express to their Domme when they simply cannot physically take more than they have. But he also discovers a more important rule. To outright lie to your Domme is not, ever, a good thing. You can think you are protecting them, you can believe that in hiding something from them you are doing the right thing. It really is never that way. It harms the trust in the relationship, it puts questions into each one’s thoughts about the other and, most of all, it makes one question their choice… On both sides.

The catalyst for all of this comes to Heather, Brett’s boss, who turned out to be something that I didn’t quite expect her to be. It was clear in the previous work that she had an idea about Brett, what had happened to him, and seeing that made Brett more interesting to her. That continues on in this work and how Heather acts and attempts to sway Brett to her is a mix of her own desires of not having and knowing what Brett is.

Brett is tempted, teased, and then backed into a corner from which he finds only one piece of comfort. Myserra, his Mistress. When the moment comes, when Heather’s actions play out and the aftermath arrives, the truth that Brett learns about his relationship with Myserra is one that I don’t think Brett really has a complete understanding of.

That truth revealed I think speaks volumes about Myserra herself. To make the choice she did in how she wanted to have a relationship with Brett is telling for her being a Succubus. She actually gives Brett a very precious gift and when he understands it, I think that Brett gains a better understanding of what he means to her and she to him. That the choices he made where his and that it mattered what he felt and believed.

Really that is the thing that seems to be lost in many of D/s stories. That choice matters. That the submissive in the relationship has actually a lot of power and in that can come either good or bad… It depends on them.

The attempt by Heather was well done and did make a lot of sense for who she is, but it was how Brett and Myserra dealt with her that just fit right. That moment of understanding, of acceptance between them was perfect. Where that all leads to I think will make for some soul searching on both of their parts.

Where the story goes with Heather now intimately involved with Myserra and Brett is something to ponder. I’m not going to spoil who and what Heather is, but I wonder about the consequences of everyone’s actions. There seems to be a lot unspoken about everyone in this series and it is that question that I look forward to seeing revealed…

Well written, the characters have their own voices and how things are described and put together is, as the author always does, is a hallmark of their writing and one that I truly enjoy. As always I would have liked a bit more story, a few more pages of Myserra explaining to Brett about what his actions could have meant would I think been nice to see.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

An unexpected turn of events, and where the story goes from here will be interesting. The questions are still there and they keep my interest peaked…




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    • James on February 9, 2014 at 2:29 pm

    This is true in any relationship: both parties matter, and each makes the other more complete, and poor choices can diminish them both. That is no different for succubi.

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    • Pocong on February 9, 2014 at 7:27 pm

    I’m so glad that this series was successful. Warm and loving femdom relationships are too few and far between in fiction. Emphasizing the trust between Domme and sub is also a nice touch. It makes you feel good and doubles the hotness of their scenes together, at least in my opinion.

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    • TeraS on April 22, 2014 at 2:07 pm



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