A Review of The Demoniac Method by Mr. Potestas

The Demoniac Method by Mr. Potestas

The Demoniac Method by Mr. Potestas

I find it interesting when science fiction and fantasy get mixed together. The method of how that is managed is key of  course, but while it can start the story, what follows still has to be driven by the characters, the situation, and, eventually, a purpose to the story itself.

That question of the purpose of the story can be the most important thing really whether it be simply to make the erotic moments in the story arrive or something more complicated…

The story is of:

In the near future, a miracle drug was created by accident. It’s transformative properties are capable of the most wild of physical changes, which are fully reversible. The expensive, heavily regulated drug is most popular with actors. Thus, it is nicknamed The Method.

Lucy tells her husband that she has a job playing the role of a Succubus in a television series… and she really needs to get into the role. She takes a drug which promises to make sure she really does get into the role and… she does. Completely.

As a result of taking the drug, she begins to transform, both mentally and physically into a Succubus, horns, tail, red skin and all. Along with that comes a touch of mind control over her husband and some rather interesting sexual needs as the story goes along. The transformation is really well done and I thought it was one of the better such things I have read for some time. While Lucy’s transformation is hinted at and isn’t really focused on, the mind control ability that she begins to possess is very evident as the story goes on.

The thing is, that as Lucy’s transformation progresses, she really becomes focused on one thing and one thing only to the exclusion of anything else. While that makes for some heat, I felt that it took away from what I think could have been a series of moments as she slowly slips towards being a Succubus. We really see her transformation from the view of her husband and not from within Lucy herself and that, to me, was a missed opportunity within the story that I think would have been interesting to see.

Nonetheless, this is a nicely hot flash as a whole with a little touch of a world and background that I thought would have been interesting to see fleshed out a bit more. When the story comes to a close the ending left a lot on the table I felt overall. The hint of where Lucy might go in her life and what might happen from this point forward are interesting possibilities which aren’t touched on save in passing.

Lucy isn’t an actual Succubus in that she takes the souls of others, but she does have a strong need for sex from others and that possesses her wholly, mind, body, and all else she is. But within that I have to think that she is more than just thinking about sex all of the time and I felt like that was a missing point in the story that could have been explored.

Overall, I think that this work could stand to be quite a lot longer and delve into the changes that Lucy goes through more, how she meets the people she does and how she controls them, and where things go from being an actress playing a Succubus to being a Succubus.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

A cute little hot flash, but it is fleeting for me character-wise. I would have liked to see more of the transformation from Lucy’s point of view than we do honestly and perhaps a little less emphasis on the sex over the story itself…




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    • James on February 4, 2014 at 11:10 am

    Ah, but if there was less sex, what sort of a flash would it be?

    We have to admit that eight pages is not enough to do any real character development, certainly not if one is also going to have a story line. But the concept of transformation into a succubus–or, better yet, a succubi–from the point of view of the one being transformed could make for quite a story.

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    • Pocong on February 4, 2014 at 1:20 pm

    The name of this story is actually pretty clever! In old myths a “demoniac” is someone who has gained supernatural abilities through possession by a demon. Fitting for a story about someone trying to improve their acting through unnatural means.

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    • TeraS on February 4, 2014 at 3:54 pm

    I think so my heart very much…


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    • TeraS on February 4, 2014 at 3:55 pm

    I was not aware of that connection Pocong… Thank you!


  1. Glad you took a peak at this! 3.5/5 🙂 While the story’s design came out exactly as I wanted, it was indeed seen from an outside observer. So, yes, there is much that could still be explored thematically. She wasn’t going to be a true demon, so no real corruption in the traditional sense. I have no current story ideas to further explore Method at the moment. Still, it opened to door for me on still nuanced but more traditional Succubi. I have two blog stories in the works that do indeed focus on the woman becoming or became a Succubus. They are tentatively titled “A New Friend” and “Interview With a Demoniac Succubus”
    Again, thanks for reading!

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    • TeraS on April 22, 2014 at 3:10 pm




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