Jan 30 2014

Succubi Image of the Week 316

The second of two Succubi works of art by Frans Mensink that I simply adore… I mentioned last week that one of the works spoke to me in a special way, and those that know me will understand exactly what I mean when they see this art…

For one particular Succubi and one particular Angel that is…

Goodandbad2 by Frans Mensink

by Frans Mensink

This work is called Goodandbad2 and is by Frans Mensink. I found this art here on DeviantArt and this artist’s page can be found here, and the artist’s website is here as well…

So much to love here… The Succubus, her horns and tail, no wings, lovely raven hair, perfect smile and clutching a single Angel feather in her hand just… just is perfect. The Angel, her lovely blond hair, her smile, her lovely wings… All she would need is a orange halo and she would be perfect as well…

For this work, while the artist calls it Good and Bad, to me is more like Two Lovers Entwined for it speaks to me of an Angel who loves a certain Succubi Queen and is loved in return…

And, truly, love is everything isn’t it?



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