The Lost Girl really should know better than to ignore her friends

I really should learn by now not to tempt the writers of Lost Girl. I wondered if I could be any more disappointed than I was last week and… I am. Honestly the telegraphing of what happened at the end of this week’s episode was amazing to see. I had wondered what the point of the Una Mens was all season and it came down to them being cannon fodder for Bo and Rainer, aka The Wanderer. Again it was an example of all kinds of build up and tension which was killed off… literally… in two seconds of screen time.

As well, it really wasn’t explained just how Rainer and Bo “got together and fell in love” during the flashbacks either. There has to be some mind control or something going on that we didn’t see when the past was revealed. It also was really cheap that Bo “doesn’t want to see” her friends anymore as well. It was all convenient set up to the grand event of the Una Mens getting killed off and the next, hopefully more interesting, threat to emerge… But I really doubt it.

Why is it that the writers keep moving the ball as the season as progressed, coming up with, by my count, eight different threats of various levels and not tried to actually make a real plot of The Wanderer arc? Have they forgotten that the viewers have a lot of interest in the series and actually stay with the series over the entire season?

I hate to say this, I really do, but as far as I am concerned this season is the weakest of all so far and it really didn’t need to be. Will we have season five? I hope so… If for no other reason than to close all of the dangling plot lines and end the series on what I hope is a positive, intelligent note. I hope so…

The tenth episode of the fourth season, also episode fifty-eight of the Lost Girl TV series was this week. Kenzi, Lauren and Dyson go swimming and someone loses their legs… and their lunch. Bo remembers a lousy dinner date on a train that she should have walked away from, but wound up in bed with. Trick makes an appearance to ask Bo not to do something, but she already did and afterwards she needed a shower to wash away the blood if not the guilt…

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This is the tenth review of the fourth season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo learns that her past, and her present can cause…




The episode opens with a series of flashbacks to earlier episodes which include: Bo (Anna Silk) meeting Rainer, The Wanderer (Kyle Schmid) last episode on the Death Train and asking if he was The Wanderer. Trick (Richard Howland) exclaiming that he knows who The Wanderer is and Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) in the midst of her flashback saying that Rainer’s soul was hers. Bo is also shown telling her friends that “Not knowing is driving me crazy.” Leviathan’s prophesy that someone Bo loves will be dead soon is then shown before Bo and Rainer are shown clutching each other and then, the final moment of the previous episode is shown with Bo declaring Rainer has her “destiny.”

The first scene of the episode is Bo leaning over her bathroom sink, the conversations that happened after Bo made her announcement to her friends that Rainer was her “destiny” running through her mind. We hear, in order: Lauren saying: “Did you just say destiny?” followed by Trick telling Rainer: “If you have something to settle, settle it with me, not my Granddaughter.” Bo’s voice is then heard shouting: “Did you not hear what I just said?” Kenzi then says: “He’s brainwashed you.” Bo then says in frustration: “Can you please trust me? Any of you?” Lauren asks: “What’s going on”, then Dyson says: “I’ll take care of this.” and his growl is heard clearly. Dyson’s voice is heard: “Bo, get back!” Bo says: “No, all of you get back!” followed by Lauren calling out Trick’s name. Then Bo raises her face to the mirror, showing it covered in blood and that she has been injured while Rainer walks up to Bo, he too covered in blood and tells her: “It had to be done. They didn’t give us a choice” in a calm voice. Rainer then walks away leaving Bo still looking into her mirror and thinking about what she has done.

The scene then switches to an indoor swimming pool where a woman is talking on her cellphone as she paces beside it. She speaks about the amount of work she has been putting into the release of a new product for a company, slowly losing her cool and threatens the person on the phone if things are not done her way and when they seem to agree she ends the call and then enters the swimming pool. As she begins to swim, something follows her underneath the water which cannot be seen, but leaves ripples in the water as it chases after her. Before she can exit the pool on the far side, her body is pulled repeatedly back into the water but she manages to pull herself from whatever had hold of her and sits on the edge of the pool to find that her legs have been ripped from her body and she screams.

After the opening credits, Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) and Lauren (Zoie Palmer) are seen at Dyson’s home talking about what has happened with Bo since she returned with Rainer. Dyson is angry at himself for allowing Bo to return to the Death Train by herself, saying that he should have protected her. Lauren tells Dyson: “She doesn’t want our protection Dyson, she doesn’t even want to see us.” Dyson tells Lauren that Bo isn’t “thinking straight” and Lauren comments that it might be a possession or a spell, but she would need to examine Bo to know what exactly is going on. Dyson then decides to find Bo and bring her in, but Lauren reminds Dyson again that Bo “locked us out” and in anger Dyson shatters a beer bottle he was holding as Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) enters carrying a tray of coffee and comments: “Annnnnd we’re breaking things. Giant coffees! Come and get them! Lauren wonders “who could possibly need that much caffeine” and Kenzi replies: “Us. We. We’re taking a case.” Lauren asks what Kenzi is talking about and Kenzi explains that a woman lost her legs swimming in her company pool. Lauren asks the company name, Kenzi replies “Alaria Tech Biometrics. Like, I Robot shit.” Lauren explains to Kenzi that “Bo is our only case at the moment Kenz” but Kenzi answers: “Yeah, but Bo’s made it quite clear that she wants us off her case. So she said she would talk to us tomorrow when she’s ready. Tamsin’s resting, recovering so I packed a weekend bag. We’re going to give Bo some elbow room.” Lauren asks how they can trust Rainer and Kenzi tells Lauren that they don’t and that she is not happy about what has happened with Bo as she: “Has a new guy come along, drops her friends, classic suckage. We gotta trust our girl. Respect Bo’s decision.” As Kenzi finishes, the woman that lost her legs enters the room in a wheelchair and thanks Lauren, Dyson and Kenzi for helping her. Kenzi offers the coffee to Lauren and Dyson, adding: “Grab a coffee, don’t be shy” and they do.

Elsewhere, Bo is at home sitting and thinking as Rainer enters the room wearing only a towel wrapped around his waist. He asks Bo if she is alright and Bo replies: “I need to understand. What if this was a mistake? I want to trust you.” Rainer replies: “I never imagined I would be on this physical plane again.” Bo talks about having to go back “willingly” to the train to free Rainer and she notes that she did, also becoming Dark Fae for him as well, calling it “impossible” but is unsure about whatever they have just done in the here and now. Rainer tells Bo it was “Just as necessary” and then continues: “Kenzi, Dyson, Lauren and Trick… I’m sorry…” Bo interrupts: “Just need time. And so do I.” Rainer suggests that Bo said when she remembered she would talk to them, but Bo replies that the time isn’t right to do so, explaining: The memories are back, the feelings, but now that we’re here in the real world. Together in my world. I need to understand. Really understand.” Rainer then offers Bo his hand, which she does and the scene ends with the camera focusing on a group of candles which fades into Bo’s arrival on the Death Train.

The flashbacks to the Train begin with Bo opening a door as she enters the train with the Wanderer song playing in the background. Bo looks at someone there and calls out: “You have harassed my friends. Stalked and kidnapped me. And you just blew up my favourite pub.” Bo then pulls a knife and points it at Rainer, adding: “So let’s get to it Wanderer.” Rainer turns around to look at Bo and then sighs: “Be still my heart. Another brunette.” He then kicks a nearby record player as he adds: “I’m so sick of this song.” Bo asks who he is and is ignored as Rainer stops the record player and looks for another piece of music to play. As he does so, Bo rants about her arriving “via black smoke” and that she wants an explanation. Rainer replies: “Well sweetheart you’ve got two choices. You can stay and I can pretend to court you before I get bored with you and send you on your way. Two, you can get off at the next stop where you will forget everything.” Rainer then places another record on the player and starts the record player again. Bo stops the player and tells him: “There’s option three. You tell me why you kidnapped me.” Rainer explains: “I don’t know why you are here. Seriously I don’t. Next question.” Bo asks: “Why go through all of this trouble just to send me away?” Rainer answers: “If you wanted some epic battle, some battle of wits, some… sweeping romance you’re on the wrong train. Nothing to see here, move it along.” There is a long pause and then Rainer calls out: “Handmaiden” and the maid (Linzee Barclay) seen in previous episodes on the train appears. Rainer calls out to her: “Take ah…” and snaps his fingers at Bo who answers “Bo. My name is Bo.” Rainer continues: “Take Bo to her chambers. She’ll be getting off at the next stop if she knows what’s good for her.” He then ignores Bo and the handmaiden, instead having a drink.

Back with Lauren, Dyson and Kenzi, Lauren offers a glass of water to the woman (later named as Diana (Karen Cliche)), who refuses. Dyson comments that the woman’s “scent is faint, but you are Fae.” She claims to be an orphaned Pixie, raised by humans, calling it random and now having her legs taken is “inconvenient.” Lauren comments: “That’s one way to put it.” Dyson suggests that where the crime happened would suggest that it was an “inside job” and asks about what the company the woman works for does. She tells Dyson: “I’m handed a product and I market it. How it’s actually made is a mystery.” She then suggests that someone named Darren Claire would be someone to investigate as he is the head of her company’s product development, claiming he has secrets. She thanks them all again for their help and Kenzi replies that she appreciates the woman’s “Tahiti sunset manicure” and noting that she is “a Tahiti sunrise girl myself.” Kenzi then asks how they will get into the company and find out what happened. The woman explains that she has created two temporary positions in the company. Dyson suggests that he and Kenzi go undercover as he has been training Kenzi as a Shadow Thief. Kenzi comments: “Check your panties” and then pulls a pair from her pocket asking if anyone is missing some. Lauren grabs them from Kenzi and tells her that she “has to stop doing that” before walking away with them. Dyson looks at Lauren and tells her: “I did not teach her to do that.” The woman suggests that Kenzi will “fit in” the mailroom, which makes Kenzi comment: “Offended. Moving on.” The woman then turns to Dyson and tells him that he will be an efficiency consultant. She also warns that the building has a heat sensor security system and that if either of them get “flustered or nervous” that security will know. She gives them a means to monitor themselves however which should help them to “blend in.”

The scene then switches to inside the company were Dyson is seen pushing a mail cart through the office, every woman in the office looking at him as he passes them by, and Kenzi is seen in an office wearing a flame red power suit. Kenzi comments: “Can you believe that Diana got our roles wrong?” Dyson comments “shocking” and Kenzi moans “What? I never get to wear a suit!” Dyson then tosses a package at Kenzi and comments: “Here’s your mail working girl” before moving on through the office. Dyson winces and asks, seemingly to no one “What’s that noise?” Lauren is then seen washing out a garbage bin at Dyson’s place and explains: “Sorry! I was just eliminating some potentially harmful bacteria. You know e coli, salmonella, that kind of thing.” Lauren asks what they see and Kenzi’s answer is: “We’re in a yogurt commercial” as she opens the mail that Dyson gave her. Dyson asks how the heat monitor is working and Kenzi replies: “Looks like I’m the hottest one around. I like this gadget.” as she does so, a security guard walks past her door and looks in before continuing on. Dyson warns Kenzi to be calm otherwise security will be alerted before telling Kenzi that he is going to Darren Claire’s office to deliver his mail. Dyson is stopped before he can enter the office by Darren’s assistant Tad (Matthew Lemche) who demands the mail that Dyson is attempting to deliver. Dyson drops the mail and as he picks it off the floor places something on it before handing it to Tad. Tad asks: “Aren’t you a little unkept for a corporate setting?” Dyson replies: “Aren’t you a little nasal to be answering phones?” As Dyson walks away, Kenzi comments: “Ouch Dyson 1, Man Drescher zero.” Dyson asks if the “heat bandage” he put on the mail will work and Lauren tells Dyson that it is. Kenzi attempts to leave her office to follow it, but she looks down the hallway to see the security guard that had been looking at her earlier loitering nearby. Lauren tells Kenzi that she needs to get into the air vents to follow the mail and Kenzi answers that she will use a camera her cousin gave her to distract the guard, but Dyson does not like the idea and instead grabs the guard and pulls him away, knocking him out before continuing on his mail run. Kenzi then tells them: “Okay, I’m getting my vent on, but if this goes Aliens, I am Sigourney Weavering out of there” as she looks at an overhead vent. Another vent is shown in a darkened room opening, Kenzi’s legs dangling out before she drops her shoes to the floor and then follows them a moment later, moaning in pain as she drops to the floor. Lauren asks if Kenzi is alright and she replies: “That was way more graceful than it sounded I swear.” Dyson asks what Kenzi sees and she answers: “Legs. Lots and lots of legs.”

Returning from a commercial break, Kenzi looks around the room she is in which contains several chambers that have legs floating within them. There is a loud thump and Kenzi hides thinking that someone is there with her, but it turns out to be the mail being dropped down a chute and landing in a collection tray. Kenzi walks over to look at the pile of mail and removes one envelope and opens it. She comments that the envelope contains medical bills for Ted, Darren’s assistant in the “six-figure” range. Lauren asks what he is being treated for, but Kenzi cannot pronounce the words and instead sends Lauren a picture. At the same time, Dyson has arrived at the pool where Diana lost her legs and is taking pictures of it as well. Lauren sees an odd plant in one of the pictures and asks Dyson to bring has a sample of it, commenting that it might be aquatic in nature. Dyson replies: “Flowers for my favourite doctor? Coming right up.” Kenzi comments: “Okay… Playful banter between duelling ex’s.” Dyson dips his hand into the pool and tastes the water. He then comments: “This is a salt water pool.” Opening a filter trap, he finds what appears to be a pearl which makes Kenzi call dibs on it, saying that if it isn’t evidence she wants it.

Returning to Bo’s flashbacks on the train, she is seen trying to open a window in the room she is in, but cannot do so. The Handmaiden enters and asks if she is interrupting but before she can continue, Bo attacks her, pressing a knife against the Handmaiden’s throat and demands that she help Bo escape. The Handmaiden explains to Bo that the next stop is not for three days and that if she jumps from the train before then she will “evaporate” and if Bo leaves the train when it is stopped without an elemental to help her she will “get transcendental sickness” and die. When Bo pauses, the Handmaiden asks if she can help Bo “freshen up.” Bo releases her and the Handmaiden places a gown on a nearby bed, telling Bo that it is in her size and she will look “ravishing.” Bo replies that she isn’t “into looking ravishing for someone that kidnapped me” and is told that she shouldn’t “look at it that way” Bo calls Rainer “pathetic” but the Handmaiden insists that Rainer is “a great man” and that Bo should “give him a chance. Give us all a chance. Believe it or not we need you.” She then hands Bo a card inviting her to dinner with The Wanderer and the Handmaiden tells Bo, for the first time, that The Wanderer’s name is Rainer. She also adds as she leaves: “And you do look hungry.”

Returning to Lauren, she is examining the pearl that Dyson found. Dyson asks why Lauren isn’t doing her research at her “new Dark digs” and Lauren replies: “I wanted to be here with you guys close to all of the action.” Lauren then asks: “Has Bo called pool boy?” and is told that she has not. Dyson asks Kenzi if Bo has called her and Kenzi replies that she has not, but they have to have faith in Bo. An employee attempts to get Kenzi’s attention but she waves him off as she listens to what Lauren has found. Lauren declares that the pearl isn’t a pearl, it is in fact a crystallized salt deposit. Dyson looks concerned and asks if Lauren said crystallized salt deposit to which Lauren asks: “Can that sentence be taken for some other sentence?” Dyson curses and then tells Kenzi to get out as fast as she can. Lauren asks what they are facing, asking if it is a flesh eater, Kenzi asking if it is Sharknado, but Dyson answers: “Worse. Mermaids.” Kenzi looks shocked and surprised as she spins around in her chair and gasps: “Mermaids!”

After yet another commercial, Kenzi is seen talking to an employee who she has just fired. The employee (Todd Campbell) is shocked and confused, but Kenzi tossed him out of her office before she returns to talking with Dyson and Lauren, Kenzi being excited over there being mermaids nearby. Dyson attempts to tell Kenzi that mermaids are the “psychopaths of the sea” but Kenzi will not hear any of Dyson’s warnings as she has been infatuated with mermaids since she was a child. Lauren also comments that mermaids are a “rare and fascinating species.” Dyson tries again to explain to Kenzi that they are not like she thinks they are noting that mermaids would: “Blow up your ship on the way to the New World.” Kenzi then asks Dyson if mermaids are so bad, then shouldn’t they free the company of them and Lauren agrees with Kenzi. Dyson grudgingly agrees, but warns them that they must be careful as the mermaids could be anywhere which makes Kenzi smile and squeak happily.

Another of Bo’s flashbacks then is shown where she arrives to have dinner with Rainer where Bo mentions to Rainer that his Handmaiden “likes to play matchmaker” to which he comments: “She’s usually better at it. Other dates bother to dress up like in a fairy tale while you look like you’re about to assassinate me.” Bo tells Rainer that she is not looking for “Happily ever after” and that she “has that at home with my family, my friends. You know, the people you stole me from?” Rainer tells Bo: “Congratulations, but again, I didn’t bring you here.” Rainer then turns his attention to the dinner but when Bo uses his name and asks what he wants, Rainer looks back to Bo and comments: “The Handmaiden told you my name.” When Bo attempt to touch Rainer and use her powers to make him tell her everything, he grabs her hand and forces Bo to her knees. Drawing a knife, Rainer places it at Bo’s throat and warns her: “You think you could come in here and push me around? Act tough? Demand answers?” Bo answers, unafraid: “I keep barking until I get answers.” Rainer tells Bo that she is “not going to change anything” before releasing her. Bo stands and her eyes glow for a moment which draws Rainer’s attention and he stands to face Bo, asking if she is a Succubus. Rainer asks: “Tell me. What do the Dark Fae devour these days?” Bo stands her ground and answers: “I wouldn’t know. I’m unaligned.” Rainer is shocked by this, telling Bo it is impossible but she replies: “Impossible? Like a magical train that travels through other dimensions and kills you when you try to leave it?” Rainer turns away and calls out: “Really wish there was sauce” before returning to the table. Bo asks what kind of Fae Rainer is, wondering if he is some kind of Fae that wipes memories, but Rainer tells Bo that memory is not his power as he shows her The Wanderer card, which is two sided, the same image on both sides. He does not explain, only mentioning, vaguely, a “curse” and “we all have our burdens”, Bo commenting that his is a “pain in my ass.” He asks Bo to “please call me Rainer” and Bo replies: “Whoever you are. I’ll be taking my dinner to go.” Bo then picks up Rainer’s meal and a glass of wine before leaving the dining car and Rainer behind.

Kenzi in the meantime is meeting with Tad for an “efficiency evaluation” and asks if he would like to take a walk with her. This turns out to be an embarrassing moment when it is revealed that Tad has no legs and is working from a wheel chair. Kenzi quickly recovers and she begins to talk to Tad who claims to be the most efficient person at the company and “in the spirit of efficiency, let’s make this quick.” Kenzi asks if Tad’s disability has ever effected his work and after Tad and Kenzi trade some zingers at each other Kenzi asks what happened to him, Tad answering: “You have ten seconds and a violin?” Kenzi settles in with Tad and he tells Kenzi that in college he became sick with peripheral arterial disease and the only choice he had was to amputate or die. The bills were piling up, his parents were out of work but then Darren came into the picture who covered the expenses and gave Tad place to work. Tad tells Kenzi that Darren saved his life and “now it is my mission to protect him” adding that he will make sure that “nothing and no one gets in his way.” Kenzi asks if Darren did anything illegal if Tad would protect him, Tad answering that Darren is “a genius” and “people would love to see him fall” adding that he “protects him from the crazies.” Tad’s phone then buzzes and he leaves for a meeting which leaves Kenzi a chance to search around his desk for clues, finding a “crazies” folder with many letters in it. Kenzi takes the folder as Lauren comments that all of the legs in the room Kenzi found are male and seem to be surgically removed unlike Diana’s legs which were torn away. Lauren asks Kenzi to try to get a sample and Kenzi agrees to do so, going back into the vents.

Another of Bo’s flashbacks occurs, Bo entering a compartment as Rainer plays some music on an organ. Bo greets him with: “By all means, let yourself in. Who needs privacy?” Bo asks Rainer if he can play something more cheerful and Rainer plays the first few notes of the song “The Final Countdown” which makes Bo roll her eyes. She sees a game on a table and comments that Rainer plays the game of Risk, and he replies: “I lost a long time ago.” Bo adds: “Something tells me you aren’t talking about a game.” Rainer then reveals to Bo that his power was to have foresight in battle, the ability to see into the future and see the moves that his enemies were going to make against him and counter them. Rainer claims as well that he “put it to good use trying to end Light and Dark.” Bo asks how Rainer would so this and he explains: “I have seen good people slaughtered in the name of what is supposedly right. Families torn apart forced to choose a side. Fighting against each other instead of with one another. Tyrannical rule was on the rise.” Bo asks who’s rule Rainer is speaking of, but Rainer does not answer this question, becoming angry and explains that he cannot remember why he is trapped on the train, who cursed him and who took his power from him. Bo seems to be overcome by this, calling it torture. Rainer tells Bo: “One can learn to live with or without almost anything.” Bo replies: “That’s not living.” They look at each other as the train conductor calls out: “Last stop same as the last. Next stop same before next.”

Kenzi in the meantime has returned to the room where the legs are stored and is attempting to open one of the containers. Checking her heat scanner she mentions to Dyson and Lauren that someone is approaching, but their heat signature is blue. Dyson tells Kenzi to leave immediately as whoever is coming is a likely a mermaid. As Kenzi begins to leave, a door opens and a man enters who gestures at Kenzi and she falls to the floor, water gushing out of her mouth and in pain. The man comments: “Climbing the corporate ladder is one thing, but crawling through the corporate vent is a dead end.”

After still another commercial, the man stops attacking Kenzi and then as she recovered, he looks at the mail that Kenzi brought with her and comments: “Not only are you stealing my legs, you’re stealing my mail too.” When he asks where Kenzi took the letters, her first reaction is: “Merman? I have to say I’m a little disappointed” but when he threatens Kenzi, she replies “your assistant” meaning that this man is Darren (Brandon Firla). Darren sighs, saying that Tad never gave them to him and shows Kenzi a note which says “I’m coming for you” and he comments “he must have thought she was a stalker.” Kenzi asks who Darren means and he explains that it is his sister. Looking into one of the letters he comments there are at least a dozen pearls there and it means that his sister is going to kill him. Kenzi suggests that Darren might deserve to be killed for stealing Diana’s legs and this seems to shock and confuse Darren. Kenzi asks if it might have been Darren’s sister and he replies: “Pretty sure. But she doesn’t know how to attach them.” Kenzi asks where Darren got his legs and he explains that his first set were from Tad and his “team created a tissue fusion system using stem cells.” Darren tells Kenzi that he isn’t safe and he needs to go to where Diana is. Kenzi asks how she can trust him and he replies: “Did you sign your donor card?” He goes on to explain that he didn’t hurt anyone and all of the legs Kenzi sees were willingly given. Apparently Darren wanted to be part of the world of humans and the only way to do so is by using the method he had created to do so. There is a loud thud from behind Darren where the mail arrives in the room and when both Kenzi and Darren look to see what made the noise they see Diana’s legs, in pieces, falling into a pile there. Darren tells Kenzi: “She’s closer than I thought. I’m dead.” But Kenzi tells him they can still escape. Darren tells Kenzi that his sister can hide in the pool water system and that she will “have to fish her out.” Kenzi replies: “I know the best bait in town.”

The scene shifts to the company pool where Lauren is seen walking towards the pool and preparing to go for a swim. Dyson is nearby and tells Lauren: “Just act natural. Go for a swim.” Lauren tersely tells Dyson: “You go for a swim” before she enters the pool and wades to the middle of it before standing there and waiting. Nothing happens for some time and then Dyson spots a ripple in the water and calls out to Lauren who activates a device underneath the water which forces to the surface a mermaid who thrashes around until Dyson enters the pool and grabs the mermaid by her tail.

Another of Bo’s flashbacks then is shown, Bo entering a compartment of the train while the Conductor calls out “two minute warning! Next station in two minutes!” Bo looks around the compartment and then approaches a glass bell which holds what appears to be a butterfly which does not move. Bo then has a flashback of her childhood where she is shown holding a butterfly in her hands and crying. Bo is then shown with a tear on her cheek before she opens the container and moves to touch the butterfly which suddenly comes to life as Rainer enters the compartment and sees this happen. The butterfly alights on Bo’s finger and as she raises it to her eyes, Rainer asks Bo: “What did you do?” Bo explains: “When I was seven I uh…” but goes no further as Rainer takes Bo’s hand and the butterfly begins to fly on its own around the compartment. Rainer looks into Bo’s eyes and says: “It is… you.” The pair move towards each other as if to kiss, but Rainer tells Bo she will miss her stop and she must leave. Bo is confused, replying: “But this… us…” Rainer then tells Bo to leave while she can but Bo refuses to do so. Rainer yells at Bo to leave, pushing her away and she leaves Rainer, he crying out in pain as Bo does so. Rainer then stares off into space for a moment before Bo returns to him, the two embracing and kissing. Bo asks: “What am I doing?” but they continue to kiss as the scene ends.

Back at the pool, Dyson has dragged the mermaid from the pool and comments: “Didn’t like that underwater frequency did ya?” Lauren approaches the pair and comments that the mermaid is beautiful. The mermaid says “legs” and Dyson tells her “Yes, that’s what they are called.” After calling out “legs” again, Dyson tells the mermaid that Lauren’s legs are hers and not the mermaids. Dyson then comments to Lauren: “God damn mermaids I should end her now. You feel like some sushi?” The mermaid then tells Lauren and Dyson that she needs to walk and needs a pair of legs to do so.” Lauren tells the mermaid that she is “hurting people and it’s wrong.” The mermaid insists that she did not do so and that she needs legs to “get to my brother.” She claims that her brother abandoned her and their family when he “went for his walking” and Lauren explains to Dyson that it is very much like when one of the Amish leaves their community to explore the world and decide if they wish to “live a traditional life or not.” The mermaid tells Lauren that merfolk receive magic legs to walk the earth and she had her time and returned but her brother Darren made “his walking permanent.” After Lauren comments about the method that the mermaid used, she replies: “Do you have any idea how it is to be ignored? To be locked out by someone that you love?” Dyson and Lauren look at each other for a moment as the mermaid sobs a bit before she cries a tear which turns into a pearl salt deposit moments afterwards. She shows the pearl to Lauren and claims that she has been sending them to Darren, the one she just shed being the eighteenth and this meaning that she has suffered enough to take someone’s life. Dyson asks if she would kill her own brother, the mermaid claiming she would not, but she would kill her sister because her sister broke her promise to bring Darren home and she had been waiting for years for this to happen. She then adds: “She lied to me, so I took her human walking sticks” which then tells Dyson and Lauren that Diana is the sister to Darren and the mermaid they are with.

At that moment, Kenzi is with Darren and Diana at Dyson’s place as Darren and Diana talk about what has happened, Diana commenting that she thought that Darren was trying to cut her out of her position, Darren asking “By cutting off your legs?” and she answering: “Isn’t that what mermen do?” Kenzi offers the pair some tuna and hears Darren use sounds similar to that of dolphins. Kenzi gives Diana the tuna and then comments that she is very cold and Kenzi realizes that Diana is not a Pixie, but is a mermaid as Darren takes a knife and holds it to Kenzi’s throat as Diana tells Kenzi: “You are my new bottom half.”

After yet another commercial, Kenzi is seen tied to a table with Darren slowly drawing the knife he threatened her with over Kenzi’s legs and waist. Kenzi asks Diana why she would ask for help when she thought her brother had taken her legs. Diana explains that she thought he was trying to get rid of her, so she hired Kenzi, Lauren and Dyson to “get rid of him.” Kenzi cries out: “God for a species without assholes you sure act like one!” Dyson then barges in and calls out to Darren to “drop the knife” but Darren places the knife to Kenzi’s throat and warns Dyson not to come any closer. Lauren then enters the room with the mermaid they had captured in a wheelchair. Darren greets her as Dominique (Kate Todd) and telling her that she is “screwing everything up.” Dominique demands that her brother and sister return home with her and when Dyson moves to attack Darren, Dyson is attacked in the same way as Kenzi was previously, falling to his knees and spitting out water. Diana tells Dominique she is “so small pond and Darren and I worked hard for our legs!” Dominique tells them they promised her they would return, but they forgot about her. Darren then suggests that Dominique say with them as there is a pair of legs for each of them when they kill Kenzi, Dyson and Lauren. Dominique agrees with this plane and when Dyson moves again to attack Darren, Dominique attacks Dyson. Darren then rushes over to his sisters and proclaims: “The family is back together. We’ll get our legs, blow up Alaria Tech and start over again in Maui. Now is the time for our kind to rise.” As Darren says this, Lauren notices the plant that Dyson brought back from the pool is dying, she having watered it earlier in the episode. Darren tells his sisters there is nothing that can stop them, but Lauren interrupts and says: “Except tap water” which catches the attention of the merfolk. Dominique has enough time to say “Oh shit” before Lauren begins to spray all of them with water from Dyson’s nozzle attachment in his sink.

Another of Bo’s flashbacks shows Bo and Rainer in bed together, Rainer commenting that Bo has missed many opportunities to leave the train, she commenting: “Time is different in this place.” Bo asks: “Are my friends still safe?” and Rainer replies: “Kenzi and Dyson are coming close to finding the compass. When they break it they will remember you, but you will not remember me.” Rainer claims it was “worth it even if I don’t get to see you again. After all it is my curse.” Bo replies: “Screw your curse. Everything’s ready.” Rainer tells Bo that no one has ever come back for him and asks Bo to tell him her plan again. Bo then explains: “All the clues are in place for when I return home. They’ll guide me back to you although I won’t remember. When your crows brought us that singer to perform for us, I told her to come find me.” A flashback of the scene where Bo asked the singer Ianka who told her to come and find her is shown, Ianka telling Bo that she told her to do so. The scene of Bo opening the case addressed to her and finding the container of black smoke, then opening it is next, Bo explaining: “And then there is Huginn. When I open that jar he will guide me back.” Bo then continues: “And if that is not enough, there is one thing that I know for sure that will work.” Bo then offers Rainer a quill pen and a piece of parchment as she explains: “A contract with the Dark. Be my witness.” Rainer refuses saying: “No. Betrays who you are. Everything I’ve fought for.” Bo reasons that: “This is never going to stick. If there is one thing that I know, I would never in a million years align myself. If I go home and find out that I am Dark I will move heaven and earth to figure out how that happened, bringing me back to you.” Rainer says nothing, then Bo continues: “When I return I will destroy this contract, save you from this train, I will get you everything back. Your memory, your power.” Rainer asks: “What if I am a monster? What then?” Bo answers honestly: “Then I’ll kill you myself.” There is the sound of the train suddenly beginning to fall apart and Bo tells Rainer: “For now, all you have to do is keep this train running and stay alive.” Bo then places her hand on Rainer’s shoulder and he does the same to Bo in a mirror of what happened when Bo returned to the train again and she confronted Rainer. What follows next is a series of flashbacks over the past season highlighting Bo’s search for Rainer ending with Bo jumping from the Death Train leaving it for the first time.

The scene then moves to the Una Mens lair, where Bo enters moments later. She greets them, saying that she is glad that they are “all here. Being creepy.” The leader of the Una Mens (Christine Horne) tells Bo that she has broken their laws again, telling Bo: “The Wanderer is not meant for this physical plane. It is his curse.” Bo replies: “Breaking curses is kind of my thing.” Bo then turns to Rainer and says: “Ranier. Now.” Rainer then throws one of his cards at the leader of the Una Mens who stops it easily and then throws it back at Rainer where it strikes him in the shoulder. Rainer then whispers: “I can feel it” which makes Bo smile as Rainer adds: “I can see their attacks. My power of foresight is back Bo and we’re in danger.” The leader of the Una Mens tells Rainer: “This is the reason you were cursed. This is too much power for a rebel.” Bo replies in anger: “Your corrupt council warrants rebellion.” The Una Mens tell Bo: “What you speak is blasphemy. For your crime we will kill your claimed human, the doctor, the wolf, the siren, everyone you love will perish. After you have witnessed their destruction we will kill you.” The servants of the Una Mens are then ordered to capture Bo and and Rainer and then go and find all of Bo’s friends and kill them all. Rainer is then attacked while Bo stands in shock over what the Una Mens have declared to be her, and those she loves, fate. Bo warns the Una Mens: “I don’t want what comes next. You don’t want what comes next.” Bo is told that she cannot defeat the Una Mens and Bo tells Rainer that they are right as the last time she attempted to “Succubused” them it almost killed her. Rainer tells Bo that with his help she can overcome the leader of the Una Mens who Rainer calls “The Keeper.” When Bo asks how, Rainer tells Bo to duck and she does so just in time to miss being decapitated by The Keeper who swings a sword at her. This is followed by Rainer yelling for Bo to “block” and then to “kick” which Bo finds to her shock works. She asks Rainer what is next and he asks Bo if she trusts him, but Bo does not answer as she faces The Keeper.

In the meantime, Kenzi, Lauren and Dyson are moping up the remains of the merfolk who have turned to sea foam after Lauren sprayed them with tap water, Lauren noting that it is unlikely that the the merfolk will survive going through the sewer system. Dyson asks how Lauren knew tap water would kill them and she replies: “I noticed that tap water killed the aquatic plant. Diana refusing to drink a drop, combining with the composition of Dominique’s pearl, the salt water pool… The rest was osmosis.” Dyson comments, with a smile: “Smarty-pants.” Lauren tells Dyson and Kenzi they make “an excellent team” and Kenzi agrees, but also adds: “Bo never called. I’m worried about her. I mean… What are they even doing?” before she walks away in frustration.

After a final commercial break, The Keeper is seen crawling across the floor of the Una Mens’ chamber, attempting to get away from Bo and Rainer who are bloodied, but still standing. As The Keeper continues to move away, it can be seen that the rest of the Una Mens lay dead or dying around her. Bo approaches The Keeper bearing the sword The Keeper had held before and asks: “What’s next?” Rainer replies: “You got this.” The Keeper then calls out: “Succubus. If you do this, if you follow him you will suffer a fate beyond your worst nightmares. A fate even worse than even your own whore of a mother’s! You will be dragged beneath Irkalla damned like the spawn of evil that you are!” Bo whispers: “No more threats. No more councils.” and then she drives the sword through the chest of The Keeper as Rainer watches from close by, Bo’s last word to The Keeper being: “Bitch.”

The scene then shifts back to Bo at her place where Trick (Richard Howland) approaches her. Bo angrily tells Trick to leave, not wanting him to be there. Trick tells Bo that he cannot wait and Bo confronts Trick asking: “How dare you come into my home, into my room?” Trick then tells Bo: “Rainer will ask you to slay the Una Mens. I know they have wronged us. They’re evil. But I’m begging you. Don’t do it.” Bo says nothing, knowing that she has already killed the Una Mens. Trick then continues: “Their power will be amassed into the single remaining seed.” Bo asks what seed Trick is talking about and he explains: “The origin seed. It was stolen from me. In the wrong hands…” Trick does not finish the sentence, but shakes his head. Bo presses Trick to explain, but he only asks Bo to give her word that she will not kill the Una Mens.

The final image of the episode is the Origin Seed as the powers of all of the Una Mens are absorbed by it, a bloody hand reaching for the seed as the episode ends.


Fade to black…

I think, as a whole, this was the worst episode for the season, if not the series for a lot of reasons for me personally. I honestly didn’t see the point of the mermaid plot at all other than to make the relationship between Lauren, Dyson and Kenzi better…. But it was already! So as a whole the entire plot really was a means to explain what they were doing when Bo wasn’t willing to see them. Was this really necessary? Wouldn’t it have been a better idea to, for example, have them meet with Trick and find out what’s going on? Or what about Tamsin? Where is she? She knows a lot about what’s going on and she’s vanished… again! And honestly Kenzi wouldn’t tell Dyson that she was told not to trust Trick? Really? There are so many character and plot holes just in this mess of a storyline that I couldn’t stand watching it no matter the number of Little Mermaid references there were in it.

There is something very wrong about Kenzi not demanding to see Bo, no matter what, and instead deciding that the best thing for everyone was to go and investigate a case instead. It’s more wrong when at the end of the episode Kenzi is upset that they haven’t heard from Bo. This is a major change in Kenzi’s character and her relationship with Bo and it makes no sense at all.

Speaking of a change in character, I’ll get to Boffy in a moment, but first there is the issue of just what exactly went on in those flashbacks that Rainer and Bo shared back on the Death Train. Are we really supposed to accept that Bo went from wanting to kill Rainer to being in love with him? Really? There has to be something wrong with those memories at the least and at the worst there is a huge disconnect that has to be explained and it really wasn’t at all. I do not believe that Bo just simply accepted that Rainer is her “destiny” and considering that Rainer is supposed to know the moves of his enemies before they make them… There’s a big something missing here.

Actually this episode reminded me of the Handmaiden and the Train Conductor and I wonder what happened to them as well. Did they die when Rainer left the train? Are they still stuck there? What was their fate?

Getting back to Rainer himself, I can’t see that all of what he is has been explained by any means. He can see the moves of his enemies… Okay, I’ll accept that. Then how was it that he was defeated by the Blood King in the past? And if he can only see the moves of his enemies is that how Boffy is going to be able to kill him which is what I expect will happen by the end of this season or so it seems for all of the foreshadowing that is going on. It also really appears that Rainer has a hold over Bo and is making he act and do things she normally would not do. This all amounts to a massive mess to clean up at the end of the season and I don’t see it happening…

The death of the Una Mens, in all honesty, was something I have been expecting for some time. They haven’t been a threat really. Yes, they have poked their collective noses in now and again, but other than some off screen “badness” they haven’t turned out to be a threat to Bo or anyone else really. Then, of course, come the hell shoes which seem to have become another plot to the wayside as well. Overall, it just made the Una Mens cannon fodder for a lot of misplaced rage and I didn’t see the point of it. Other than to make, it seems, a new “ultimate” baddie appear who is going to probably run around and try to kill everyone that they can “just because.”

And that, finally, brings me to Boffy this week. If this all turns out that she went and attacked the Una Mens because Rainer was mind controlling her I am going to just really be disappointed. More, I expect that Bo shouldn’t be all Boffy all of the time either. We have seen, many times, that she’s smart and that’s been missing this entire season and it needs to return. Now please.

And remember, she’s a Succubus… Are we ever, ever going to see that again or not? Inquiring minds would like to know.

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo… Anger, blood, rage… Did I mention anger? So out of character to the extreme and when everything came apart at the end of the episode… I didn’t honestly care. More, the complete personality change is so wrong here that I can’t stand it.

Dyson…Mail guy Dyson was cute. But really this shouldn’t have been the point of the episode. It should have been to figure out what is going on with Bo. As that didn’t happen, we were left with action man Dyson and that really didn’t do anything for me.

Kenzi… Liked the red power suit. Not so much the hair. Or the complete forgetting about Bo this episode and then, when all was done, suddenly she remembers again! No. No, this is not Kenzi and that should never have happened. What was Kenzi was her showing off her Shadow Thief skills by grabbing Lauren’s panties. That was Kenzi. Kenzi line of the episode: “Okay, I’m getting my vent on, but if this goes Aliens, I am Sigourney Weavering out of there”

Trick. Drive-by warning Trick. Voice of doom Trick. I told you so Trick. Under utilized Trick for knowing so much about Rainer Trick. Need to get back to the main storyline and see Trick.

Hale. On the most wanted list again.

Lauren. Swim into danger was… interesting. It was not however interesting when she took Bo’s side and said they should leave her alone. She knows something’s wrong. So deal.

Tamsin: On the “have you seen me?” milk carton this week.

Rainer: So he can see into the future. And he seems to have a power over Bo as well. Beyond that he’s so far a one trick (pun intended) pony. He’s still not interesting to me and the “suck Bo into killing the Una Mens” plan was so stereotypically poor.

Una Mens. Cannon fodder with a threat. Lots of threats, no action and really if they all could be taken out that quickly… Why weren’t they at the beginning of the season because they didn’t matter at all. In the aftermath there seems to be a new threat obviously…. I hope this one actually is.

The Three D’s: Diana, Darren and Dominique. Chum. Lots of it and spent most of the episode spraying it all over the scenery. There was a moment were I was expecting a bit more, but then the obviously fake legs falling down a shoot… Which by the way no mermaid should have been able to get to easily, was the point I gave up on them and when Lauren sprayed them with fresh water… That was far too easy an out.

Tad. More interesting by far than just about every other characters on the episode. He had a past, a story, and personality.

Handmaiden. Okay, a little bit more about her was nice, but here’s my question. What happened to her? Did she die when the train came apart? Was she dead already? And one other connected question. If the train had lost souls on it, what happened to them too?

It’s really not a good thing when two minor characters are more interesting than everything else in an episode….


My Review of Waves

Keeping my interest – 3 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 1 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 3 Pitchforks

Storyline – 3 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 2 Pitchforks

Mythos – 3 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 2.5 Pitchforks out of 5


A really average episode that promised something and didn’t quite deliver on it. The entire mermaid plot didn’t hold me at all and that, more than anything else was the problem. At the beginning of the episode it looked as if Bo had done something really bad to her friends and then… after a really long and unneeded side tip, she didn’t. More, it was so long and drawn out to get anything from what happened between Bo and Rainer that it seemed like an afterthought. When those moments came, they were all bunched together in a massive hurry that ended up telling really almost nothing.

No Succubus this week really. Boffy was here again and as such that didn’t interest me at all. I do understand that the series has moved away from the question of Bo being a Succubus, but really did it have to? There is so much that could have been done, and has in the past with Bo’s Succubus nature that has been tossed to the side for having battle scenes and snark. This really isn’t Lost Girl so much as it is Boffy the Fae Killer now.

It was interesting to see more of the train and I will admit that the company, pool and all, was well done. Save for the obviously fake legs getting dropped down the chute. But while that was well done, once again the Una Mens were in darkness, hard to see anything, and that hurt things a lot as a whole.

As I have said, the mermaids did nothing for me, but I will admit that the confrontation with the Una Mens started out well but then just devolved really quickly. The same was true of the Rainer/Bo plot. A ton of snark that didn’t go anywhere and turned into a love fest. It just made no sense at all.

There was only a slight bit of growth in Bo and Rainer but otherwise the rest of the characters seemed to move backwards in a lot of ways. The single bright spot to me was Kenzi showing off her Shadow Thief skills and for the one time in the entire episode I couldn’t stop laughing. Perhaps that was the one thing that this episode was missing the most. The main characters acting together and not in isolation.

The Mermaids were interesting and the means to get rid of them was rather inspired I thought. More of Rainer’s story was good as well so that helped to a degree too. But again for Bo and the others and the universe in general things remained static.

The most telling thing for me is that it was… average. And this from an episode that is coming with only three episodes to go to the end of the season? That’s not a good sign really…


Next Week: End of a Line

Bo narrowly escapes a vengeful Fae’s attack; a visit surprises Kenzi; Bo questions feelings for someone she loves.

And the title of the episode makes me wonder if the writer happens to like Frozen Ghost… For those that don’t know, there is a song they did called End of the Line and since they are a Canadian group… But I digress I know…

So, the vengeful Fae is likely that shaking hand at the end of the last episode reaching for that seed. Which likely means another quick fight and ending of that threat so that Bo can move onto her feelings. I think she should be wondering about Rainer, but why do I have the feeling that she’s going to be agonizing over Lauren or Dyson or both of them? Because this isn’t the next to last episode and there has to be a twist that appears before the season finale of course and doing that early just wouldn’t be right now would it?

As for Kenzi being surprised by a visit… Wouldn’t it be great if it was Nate coming back, if only for a visit or something? But, as I think about it, I expect The Morrigan to poke her head into the episode and demand that Kenzi do her a favor… Because obviously we have start over-complicating the end of the season with more things don’t we?

I really don’t expect a throwaway episode this late in the season and I hope it isn’t one by any means. But the thing is that there is a lot going on that hasn’t been dealt with and that’s a major problem that seems to crop up every year, is ignored and then, for the most part is hand waved aside as the season draws to a close.

And it shouldn’t… Ever. Perhaps this time it won’t.




    • avatar
    • James on January 25, 2014 at 2:02 am

    You asked, near the top, if the writers didn’t know there were viewers who care about this series. Well, since the writers clearly do not care, and the producers don’t care enough to reign in the writers, it may not occur to the writers that anybody else cares.

    See that fin waaaaaaay back behind you? That’s the shark the show jumped. And the succubus is gone, because real succubi are smart enough not to jump sharks.

    *ordering more throwing-grade popcorn*

    • avatar
    • Pocong on February 2, 2014 at 4:37 pm

    Crap. The “Buffyfication” of female protagonists is something that has been bugging me for a long time. Here’s the thing, I love Buffy. I watched all of Buffy, I caught all of Angel, I even gave the shitty B-movie the series was based on a fair shake. Buffy was something special and unique that I hadn’t seen before and that’s what I think a lot of T.V. writers and producers miss. Part of the reason Buffy was so well loved was because it was UNIQUE. It did something no one ever had before and trying to copy it will only make you’re show look like a cheap rip-off.

    I feel really bad about the state of the show right now because I can see what the writers are trying to do. All of the stupid, out of place fight scenes are an attempt to appeal to assholes like me. It’s not gonna work though because fans of action movies and shows are the first ones to notice when a fight is badly choreographed and makes no sense. All of those fight scenes in Buffy and Ong Bak and what have you are relevant and have a point and make sense as actions those characters would take. Having Bo, who is supposed to be a smooth-talking seductress, smash into a room and start beating people down like the fucking Hulk is more than a little jarring.

    It’s okay for her to get into the occasional scuffle. It’s can even see how she’d be good at fighting overall, but it she shouldn’t be getting into one every freaking episode. For a succubus having to resort to combat is a sign that she fucked up. It doesn’t make her look powerful, it makes her look like a moron who can’t even use the most basic parts of her very versatile powers properly.

    Also her relationship with Rainer is really underdeveloped, but everyone already knows that.

    • avatar
    • TeraS on February 4, 2014 at 3:41 pm

    Real Succubi don’t tend to associate with sharks really my heart…


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