Jan 19 2014

A Review of Sensational Possession by Arne Mellor

Sensational Possession by Arne Mellor

Sensational Possession by Arne Mellor

Succubi are not always the core characters of a story. Sometimes they are minor or passing ones that make an impression, in one way or the other, on the main character and then fade into the background.

While that happens because of story, many times I wonder what might have been the story if they had been more involved in a story than they are…

  • Title: Sensational Possession
  • Author: Arne Mellor
  • Length: 26 Pages
  • ASIN: B00DRFLE82
  • Publishing Date: July 2, 2013
  • This work at Amazon.com


The work tells of:

This is what happens when an ancient book holding otherworldly secrets to carnal sensations, falls into the hands of a young anthropology professor:

Kathleen wakes to find herself in some sort of a cell, bound and in the company of an impossibly beautiful woman, complete with batlike wings, tail and horns.

Then there’s succubi, demons and the Prince of Lust, all about to unleash Kathleen’s darkest passions and her ultimate sexual fantasy…

Kathleen comes into possession of an item with some very unique powers. Her curiosity and a bit of luck, find her being transported to another world where demons rule and she is at their mercy. And the very first being she meets is a Succubus…

The Succubus of the story, Geetha, is very much the image one might expect of a Succubus, horns, wings and all. She is very dominant and uses that dominance on Kathleen to full effect. It is a rather short scene as Geetha is a minor character in the work, she does appear once more, but there isn’t much told about her in the story overall.

One part of the story did interest me and that was the so-called tonic of the Succubi which Geetha made Kathleen consume soon after they met. I found myself wondering what else it might do outside of the story and otherwise. But while it allowed some lovely erotic moments, the idea was fleeting… I would have liked to see more of it.

As for the rest of the story, it is rather violent and has a lot of BDSM in it which personally isn’t one of my favorite themes especially when it turns violent in nature which the story does here.

The writing is solid however, with well defined characters, setting and the erotic moments are hot in their own way should you enjoy BDSM.There is also a nice undercurrent of this being the first work in an ongoing series.

I did read the next work, but there was no Succubi to be seen in it and as such I will not be reviewing that work here. I had hoped that the tonic of the Succubi might appear in this work, but it did not… But I had the feeling that it had much to do with what happens in that work.

Still, there is every chance of Geetha reappearing at some point and I will watch the series to see if that happens. She interests me, red hair and all… I wonder why?

Three out of five pitchforks.

Lots of promise, not enough Succubus moments for my taste and a bit too much BDSM for my tastes, but your opinion may vary…



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