Whispers by TeraS

Just a short thing for today for various reasons that I shan’t bore all of you with … I have some other stories that I am fiddling with, but honestly none of them are anywhere near being right—or finished, for that matter—so …


By TeraS


We all have them, in one way or another: the little whispers that sneak into our thoughts as we go about our lives. Some are good; they tell of things we should think about, do, consider, and more. Some are not quite so; they tell of what might go wrong, or worse. But all of them, every one, are our own whispers of possibilities that we might, or might not, try someday …

Of course, Tera herself is not immune from them. Usually they are not there, because she is quite busy doing the things that will be done as they shall be done. But when those moments pass, then the voices become a little bit louder, asking if what she did was the right thing, the wrong thing, or if it really mattered in the first place.

Whenever she has a quiet moment, the whispers tend to take advantage of that …

Usually she is sitting on the patio of one of the Realm’s teahouses, a cup of Cherry Zest in her hands, a few biscuits sitting on a plate nearby. Perhaps the hustle and bustle of the Realm has quieted—at least for a moment or three—and the street that she looks out upon silent, the denizens of the Realm off in this shop or that one.

Usually the cute waiter or waitress, one of many that would dearly love to be serving Tera at that moment, had gone inside to freshen up another pot of tea or find a few more of those specific biscuits that they well knew that Tera enjoyed most of all.

Then, usually, as Tera traces a finger idly about the rim of her cup, her thoughts calming and settling for a moment, the first whispers sneak into her thoughts …

“Did I do the right thing?”

“Shouldn’t I have done it better?”

“Could I have done something different?”

Second-guessing is something that happens a lot, you know, when one has a conscience.

She sips her tea, thinks about those questions for a time, and then makes up her mind whether or not the answer was “yes” … or “no” … but, usually, it’s more of a “maybe.” By this point in time, the tea in her cup is finished, and, as she sets the cup down, she is asked if she would like more tea. The answer to that is never a “maybe,” but rather a “please and a thank you.”

The tea time of her whispers continues soon after, this time while a biscuit in her hand is being nibbled on. The whispers taunt her:
“Are you doing the best you can?”

“Is it really everything you want it to be?”

“Can’t you do more?”

As she enjoys the biscuits she loves, she would think about those questions and, again, the answer would never be a “yes” or a “no” … exactly. It was, once again, a “maybe.”

Once the last biscuit is finished, along with the tea, she rests there for a time, thinking, wondering, considering … and throughout all of those moments, the whispers do as they have always done, trying to poke at her thoughts as they always do. Closing her eyes and lacing her fingers together, she is soon seen tapping her lips with two fingers, nodding her head to the left, then the right, as if debating with herself about things. This goes on for some time, the one serving her watching for a sign if she needed something … anything, really.

Finally, Tera stretches out her arms, wiggles her fingers, and her tail shakes itself out a bit. She then looks about and catches the eye of her server, giving a wink and a little wave to call her over. What she asks for seems odd, but, then, she is Tera, and there are some things about her really no one ever really understands.

After she receives what she asked for, Tera places the items on the table just so before standing up, giving her server a warm hug (really, who would refuse a hug from Tera, anyway?), and then asking that everyone please leave the table exactly as it is for one hour before she taps the server on the nose with a single finger and goes on her way.

What she leaves behind is a single cup of tea with a single biscuit beside it.

It seems odd, but her wishes that things be left alone are always accommodated.

And an hour later, when the staff returns to the table to clean things up, the tea is gone and the biscuit is nothing but crumbs.

And as for Tera herself? She has left behind more than an afternoon snack. Her whispers do not return until the next time there is tea and biscuits to ponder over once more …


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    • Legion on January 13, 2014 at 12:58 pm

    Very nice and thoughtful story my Queen. Though don’t we all think those things about doing more? When the answer to that whisper is “I do the very best I can,” I think that is answer enough. But aren’t the whispers important to make sure we Are always doing the best we can?

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    • James on January 13, 2014 at 10:17 pm

    The whispers are always with so many of us, Your Majesty, and they do not always respond to our reason. I am glad tea and biscuits can help allay yours a bit.

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    • TeraS on February 4, 2014 at 3:27 pm

    One hopes my heart and Legion always…


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