Jan 11 2014

A Morrigan Aensland Speed Painting YouTube…

There are a lot, quite a lot, of artists that share their works as they are being made on YouTube. I found one that really shows Morrigan in a way that I hadn’t seen before this… and I think it’s a really inspired way of portraying her…

And if you can’t watch the video here on the Tale:


The artist also placed the finished work on their DeviantArt site which you can find here, but here is a small version of this art of Morrigan by the artist who calls themselves Psichodelic.

Morrigan By Psichodelic

I like the glow from Morrigan’s eyes and the kind of latex shiny look really works well in this art. The background sets a dramatic mood which goes so well with Morrigan’s pose and the slight smile she has…

For some it could be a nightmare, but I am quite sure for many others it’s a dream…



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    Where the midnight of the storm meets the high sun of the lightning,
    there you will find me.
    Where the air is charged, cool and hot all of a piece,
    there I am stretching.
    Where your eyes struggle to see what is solid, what is vapor, what is a dream,
    there I become your vision.
    Where the crispness of the night air mingles with my luscious, heady musk,
    there I draw you closer.
    Where I have awakened from my napping dream to become your eternal dream,
    there I make you mine.

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    Lovely prose my heart… Thank you for sharing!


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