Jan 09 2014

Succubi Image of the Week 313

I found a very striking image of a Succubus for this week to share… There is a hint of something about her… Not quite evil, but she has something in mind… Her expression and eyes speak to that…

Demonio Retratosmall by Nikkyfreaky

Demonio Retratosmall by Nikkyfreaky

This work is called Demonio Retratosmall and is by an artist on DeviantArt called Nikkyfreaky. The original page I found this art is here and the artist’s home page on DeviantArt is here as well…

There is kind of a 1960s throwback art kind of feel to this art. By that I mean that there is a softness, a dreaminess, a seductively gentle touch to the artist’s hand that brings out such an interesting personality in this work. While there is a hint of danger here, her fingernails, her forked tongue, the colour of her eyes, there is also balance in her look, her sensuality, the almost casual pose she has that is tempting and seductive…

She does have wings, there is the hint of them behind her which is subtlety done and I really like that. I also like the background of fire that seems to have something like stars in it… It’s a lovely counterpoint to her image and does not take away from her, but enhance her. I wish we could see more of her, if she has a tail, but what is shown makes her stunning and wonderful….

As all Succubi should be…




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    Stunning and beautiful, and with something on her mind, an agenda, if you will: sounds like a pretty typical succubi. How are you all not running the world?

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    I’m really digging her eyes! Red sclera with black pupils gives her a very commanding presence despite the gentle look on her face. That hint of danger is what makes succubi so much fun!

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    I think it’s the paperwork my heart…


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