Jan 07 2014

Desires 110

I don’t think I have the strength within me to be all that the Succubi me is here… Perhaps that is the one thing that I fear the most of all…


Desires – Travelling

By Fzzy and Tera S

Part Five


Hell I thought I packed for everything, this woman has more gear then I do. She has asked me several questions,just like your supposed too. It keeps the patient distracted.I try to answer them in order.

“I was heading for the buffalo drop museum. As well as riding.<gasp> I am living out my dream pretty lady.That is all we can do when we get the chance.<gasp>  My name well I go by Razor,FZY1 and Ray to my friends. My pain is not bad just shock I guess, just need to catch my breath.<gasp> ”

Gods this is no weak assed woman she has some strength to her. She put me in her tent like I was a baby. If I could just get my breath back I could.  Hell I don’t know what I would do.

She looked into his eyes, “Just relax… You aren’t alone…”

Those words mean more than I thought they should. I have finally realized it . The sharp stabbing pain in the left side. The shortness of breath. I am drowning in my own blood.   For the first time in a very long time I know fear,the fear of my own demise. I speak to my own Valkyrie in riding leather.

“May I have your name please? So when I meet St. Peter.<gasp> I can make sure you get the blessing you so deserve. Who did the metal work on your bike?<gasp> How did you happen to be here? Please stay with me.”

Tears begin to flow out of my eyes and down my cheeks.My emotions overwhelming my self-imposed controls.

“Why me is that not what I am supposed to say?<gasp> But I won’t do that. I have willingly faced the possibility of my end for 20 plus years guarding my country. <gasp>  Could you ……maybe wrap your arms around me? I …I want to be held like a child one last time. I don’t think my mother ever held me like that. Perhaps tell me a story. Something to do with that bike of yours?


And at that point, I think I would lose myself…




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