Jan 04 2014

A Succubus Tribute YouTube…

It’s nice that every once in a while someone on YouTube creates a video with all sorts of Succubus images in it. Sometimes they pick really good ones and sometimes they aren’t quite so… But I usually manage to find at least one piece of art that I like nonetheless…

And if you cannot see the video here on the Tale:


As I said, I normally find one image that I like and the one I did find is of a Succubus that doesn’t look like they usually do… And I think that’s really interesting…

Succubus Tribute

She really kind of reminds me of Lily from my story Speak Into The Air for a lot of reasons… If you’ve read that story, you’ll understand why that is…




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    Yes, I can see Lily in her.

    There was another image that struck me, one of a succubus holding her own tail. Given the sensitivity of succubi’s tails, could that be a form of self-gratification? Do succubi even require such things? Or, given the duality at the heart of Collective Succubi, is it another sort of gratification altogether?

    Just things to ponder on a Saturday . . .

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    I have to admit, the first thought that occurred to me when seeing that piece of artwork was that the artist must have been influenced to some extent by the works of Alphonse Mucha… which, while might be thought of by some as an unusual inspiration for Succubi art, is really quite apt in this case.

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    I was curious about what Elliot said and decided to look up Alphonse Mucha. I’m kinda speechless right now, one because Mucha’s work is really awesome and I’m sad I didn’t catch it until now and two because Elliot was right, it really does seem to have inspired the work in question! I wish Succubi would get drawn alongside flowers more often instead of among skulls or in mid-battle. I know I’m usually president of fight club but even I can admit that a soft bed of flowers is more appropriate for seduction then an ocean of corpses and it weirds me out that Succubi are usually drawn on the latter.

    By the way, thanks Elliot! I’m really enjoying this artist’s work and I wouldn’t have found it if you hadn’t brought it up here.

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    A lovely pondering my heart…


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    And for that thought dearest Elliot… Thank you… They are truly wonderful works!


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