So why can’t Bo wear that dress all the time?

Bo in a Blue DressI’m going to go on a little rant here that I honestly haven’t in quite some time about Lost Girl and the image of Bo that you can see here is the reason for it.

Why haven’t they put Bo into this dress long before this episode? Honestly it is the first dress she’s worn that I can look at and say, in all honesty, “That’s the right look for Bo.” And it has been four seasons. Four. Really… Four.

It’s not tacky, it fits her like a glove, it has all kinds of smexy going for it too. I will admit that I’ve love to have that dress, but the blue would have to be red of course. Regardless of my own little kink, it just screams “I’m one of the Succubi” and isn’t that the point of it? What’s more interesting, at least for me, is that she isn’t wearing something that is designed to show off the maximum amount of cleavage that it possibly can. It is one of the things about Lost Girl that bothers me the most. We know she’s sexy. We know she’s more than that. So why not allow her, as a character, to stand on her own personality and strengths? I really would have loved to see Bo having this as her normal attire from the beginning of the show. I think would have really taken things from being, and really it is a lot of the time, a boob watch towards something a little bit more than it is…

The other thing that I found interesting was that in spite of my reservations last week about this week’s episode, I honestly feel that it was if not the best of the series, it has to be in the top five episodes overall. Funny, witty, lots of truths about the characters… Really everything I want from an episode of Lost Girl and this one had it in spades…

The eighth episode of the fourth season, also episode fifty-six of the Lost Girl TV series was this week. Lauren and Dyson get into a drinking game over Bo’s box and double entendres fly like the wind while Vex tries out corsets. Kenzi gets to listen to Hale find the perfect line, then he discovers there isn’t such a thing when you are in love. Trick finds a bathtub isn’t a bed, and tells Tamsin she’s cute. Bo and Tamsin make out in the middle of a room but only they remember it and Bo tries some candy and learns that not all candy is sweet…

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This is the eighth review of the fourth season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo finds that she has to face her worst fears… over and over again on…


Groundhog Fae


The episode opens with several flashbacks from previous episodes including Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) and Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) imprisoned by the Una Mens where Dyson promised Kenzi that when they were freed he would begin to train her to be a Shadow Thief followed by Bo (Anna Silk) revealing that the Una Mens were guilty of murder in the previous episode and not Dyson. Dyson’s meeting with Trick (Richard Howland) and finding that Trick was the Blood Kind was shown and then Bo questioning why Trick has not been helping her to discover the reason why Bo had been taken by The Wanderer in the previous episode as well. The scene two episodes prior where Dyson and Bo discovered that Bo had been marked by The Wander is shown and finally, from the previous episode, the Una Mens noting that Bo was more than they had expected her to be.

The first scene of the episode shows Bo washing her car at a gas station in the heat of summer in slow motion with Lauren (Zoie Palmer) watching from a short distance away holding an ice cream cone in one hand, mesmerized by Bo, the ice cream melting in her hand forgotten as she does so. Dyson then walks up to Lauren and begins to ask her a question, but Lauren raises her free hand which stops Dyson and he also starts to watch Bo washing her car, also mesmerized by the scene, his comment being: “Oh.” After a moment he takes a sip of the beer he is holding and asks Lauren if they should help Bo and Lauren replies: “No. No, it’s good for us. I mean her. I mean I think it’s therapeutic.” Hale (K.C. Collins) then approaches the pair and asks how many failed missions this one makes and Dyons answers: “Girl really wants that hell shoe.” Hale then snaps his fingers which snaps Dyson and Lauren out of their daze, Dyson blinking his eyes and Lauren looking at her now half-melted ice cream. Bo finishes washing her car and comments: “Goodbye UnderFae guts, hello brew skies.” before walking over to the gas station and calling out to the mechanic inside about where they pay for gas. One mechanic calls back that Bo should: “Leave the money on the counter. We trust ya.” Bo enters the office where Christmas time music is playing and another customer a moment before had taken a candy from a tray there and walked away. Outside, Hale tells Dyson and Lauren that he has “A good feeling about tonight” as he texts. Both Lauren and Dyson answer: “Me too.” and then look at each other. Inside the office, Bo drops the money to pay for the gas on the counter and looks around before picking up one of the candies and walking out again. Hale in the meantime explains excitedly to Lauren and Dyson: “Yule was a major event in our house, we used to stay up all night hiding from Krampus!” Dyson tells Hale that he remembers the rhyme they used as children to ward Krampus away, which they both recite and cross their finger as they do so: “Beast of Burden, Fools Delight, Spare me on this Yuletide Night!” Dyson also adds: “Of course back then Krampus would beat you with a stick before throwing you into the sack.” Bo appears at the end of this and asks: “If I may Kenzi in her absence, Who’s got cramped-ass?” Hale explains: “Kram-pus. It’s like your Santa Klaus only the complete opposite.” Lauren adds that Krampus: “Slides down your chimney on the hottest night of the year.” Bo comments that he “sounds like my kind of Elf before revealing the candy she took from inside the gas station. Dyson asks Bo if what she is holding are Yule candies from Krampus and if they are she will be “on his naughty list.” Bo is unimpressed and replies: “Oh bitch, I am the naughty list.” before eating the candy and walking towards the car. Lauren turns to Dyson and comments: “Can’t argue with that.” and Dyson replies: “Nope.” At the car, Bo tells Hale that she is tired and hands him the keys to the car adding that he should drive before opening the car door and commenting that she needs “to get out of these wet clothes” as she gets into the back seat. Dyson and Lauren both try to join Bo in the back seat with Lauren pushing Dyson aside and getting into the car with Bo, Dyson saying with a wry smile: “After you.” After Lauren is seated, Dyson pushes the front seat back which makes Lauren say, with a smile: “Ow.” After everyone is in the car, the scene returns to inside of the garage where the two mechanics have taken hold of the customer that was in the office before and are forcing him underneath the hood of the car they were working on, slamming the hood closed and then watching Bo and the others drive away.

After the opening credits, Trick is seen reading from a book, telling of the legend of Krampus, one line being: “The Lord of Yule, the Prince of Hell, to him our secrets we must tell.” Kenzi is less than thrilled by this and tells Trick, as she decorates Bo’s place: “Help out, get off your Kringle and help me to put up some tinsel since Summer Christmas was your idea.” Trick’s answer is: “Yule is a sacred celebration of contrition. Not some Frankenholiday concocted to sell melon ballers.” In frustration, Kenzi replies that Trick has Rudolph on his sweater, but Trick claims that it is the image of “Eikþyrnir the stag” but Kenzi refuses to accept this as the image has a red nose, therefore it is Rudolph. Dyson, Lauren and Hale then arrive and Kenzi goes to greet them, welcoming them to “Santa’s Workshop.” Kenzi asks Lauren and Dyson how her “favourite little nut-crackers” are, Dyson answering: “Tired. Hit another dead end. Actually it was an ogre.” Lauren replies: “Who knew finding a magical hell shoe would be so difficult?” Dyson tells Kenzi “the place looks great K-star” and Kenzi thanks him, then asks where Hale is. Hale then appears wearing a pair of fake horns and carrying a sack, playing the role of Krampus and telling Kenzi to “get in my sack.” Kenzi laughs and tells Hale to “buy a girl a drink first horney” before the two kiss. Afterwards, Hale tells Kenzi that she must have had her hands full in getting ready for Yule, she replies: “Not as full as they are going to be.” Lauren interrupts before things go any further which brings Kenzi and Hale over to where Lauren and Dyson. As she pours drinks for everyone, Kenzi asks them to be sure that Bo has a good time because she has been stressed of late and Kenzi doesn’t “want to see any lame ass fa-la-la-la-la partying tonight.” Dyson agrees with “full out partying, Got it.” and Lauren agreeing to “show Bo that we still love her.” Kenzi adds: “Even though she’s Dark”, Hale puts in: “And suffering from Wanderer PTSD”, and Dyson continues “We are here for her” Kenzi adds “She is not alone.” and then they drink a toast.

The scene then switches to Bo’s car as the radio sparks into life with “Don’t forget about me this Christmas” and then Bo wakes up in the back seat of the car alone, wondering how long she was asleep and then concerned about why Lauren, Dyson and Hale would have left her in the car alone before adding: “And I’m talking to myself… Perfect.”

Bo enters the party, and walks down the hallway of her place. She is stopped in the middle of the hallway by a couple kissing and bouncing back and forth in front of her until she pushes them aside and walks in. She watches the party going on: A beach ball being thrown, people drinking, one of them being Bruce (Rob Archer) before an odd Fae walks up and asks: “Yo, what’s up? If you got the disease, Choga (Darryl Hinds) got the cure.” He adds that it is “cash only, but for you Choga will work something out.” Bo asks what a Choga is and he answers in a way that Bo cannot make heads or tails of, asking him “was any of that English” as he licks his arm and tells Bo “You ain’t never had a high so fly girl.” Bruce then interrupts, telling Choga not to “bother the nice lady.” Bruce then wishes Bo a Happy Yule and Bo smiles and thanks him for doing so. Choga then peeks out from behind Bruce and tells Bo that “armpits are half-price.” Bo’s answer is: “And now I’m tasting vomit and I just got here” before she walks away. Choga tells Bo that he can “work around that” before Vex’s voice is heard saying: “Hey Choga come on, give us a lick!”

Dyson and Lauren are in Bo’s bedroom having a drink and looking at a case. Lauren explains that she was looking through the Dark archives and she came across the box which was addressed to Bo in her own handwriting and she did not tell Bo about it, but she did open it. As both Lauren and Dyson look at the contents of the case, which are not shown, Dyson tells Lauren that they cannot give the box to Bo, but Lauren disagrees as the door to Bo’s bedroom opens and Bo storms in. Bo gasps in surprise which makes Lauren and Dyson turn around to look at her and at the same time hide the case they were both looking at a moment before. Bo exclaims: “You guys scared the Chi out of me!” Dyson apologizes and Lauren tells Bo that it is Dyson’s fault. Bo is confused about the party, asking if everyone had “licked Choga” but Dyson has no answer for that question and that Bo should ask Vex as they came to the party together. As Bo thanks them for adding to her abandonment issues by leaving her in the car, Vex (Paul Amos) stumbles into the room, bouncing off the door and then yelling: “At least you have two hands! I mean, I’ve only got one and forty more of these to drink!” referring to a bottle he holds with his only hand. Bo grabs him, asking: “Is that my corset?” Vex answers: “You can’t own possessions.” Bo storms out of the room looking for Kenzi as Dyson attempts to call out after Bo, but Lauren puts her hand over Dyson’s mouth stopping him. Lauren then tells Dyson: “We’re going to need more booze” to which Vex agrees and then both Lauren and Dyson raise their bottles in a toast to Vex before drinking.

Kenzi and Hale are in Kenzi’s room making out. When they stop kissing a moment, Kenzi exclaims: “My Kenzi sense is tingling!” and Hale comments: “Damn girl let me catch up.” Kenzi shrugs and grabs Hale again, passing the feeling off as being “gas.” Hale calls it “sexy gas” and then adds: “Daddy’s going to fill your tank.” Kenzi looks at Hale asking “Excuse me?” but Hale tells Kenzi: “Ignore that, I’ll get it better next time.”

Downstairs, Bo grabs a dinner plate and starts to take some food as she says to an older Fae is also at the table: “Kenzi’s door is locked. Fine. But she’s never been with a Fae before. And Hale better behave himself. But still she hasn’t even come down to check on me. Oh, and speaking of inconsiderate, hello Lauren, Dyson, the new wonder twins am I right?” The older Fae comments: “If you can’t beat them..” Bo answers: “Join them? I can’t even get them to notice I was missing… again.” The older Fae tells Bo: “Yule is the perfect occasion to confront one’s fears.” Bo looks at him, then says: “Fears? Me? Please? So, okay maybe I am running out of excuses to get back on that train but… Why am I telling you all of this? Who are you?” The older Fae has put on a pair of false glasses with a moustache and replies: “Sometimes the answers are staring us in the face.” Bo is somewhat confused and stunned as she comments: “Hilarious.” The old Fae shrugs: “Always kills at the orphanage” and then laughs as he walks away.

Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) then enters the room and walks towards Bo, ducking a split second before a beach ball would have struck her in the head and approaches her. Bo attempts to reply, but Tamsin puts a finger over Bo’s lips and tells her that she is sorry before kissing Bo deeply. When the kiss is over, Bo asks what the kiss was for, but Tamsin tells Bo that it doesn’t matter as she won’t remember anything in two seconds. The lights in the room then flicker, the beach ball crashes into a pile of glasses and two male Fae cry out “Opa!” before everything goes dark and Bo finds herself waking up in the back seat of her car and the radio playing “Don’t forget about me this Christmas” exactly like she had done before. Bo looks around, exclaiming: “What the F?” and then bolts from the car.

After a commercial break, Bo again walks down the hallway of her place, being stopped by the couple kissing again, and then finding herself confronted by Choga once more. Bo asks Choga what he did to her, but he claims not to know what Bo is talking about. Bruce intervenes as he did before which only confuses Bo further as she walks away. Bo then finds Tamsin, calling out to her: “Hey Valkyrie-liips what was that?” Tamsin is shocked that Bo remembers and she runs over to Bo, again ducking the beach ball as he did before. Bo demands to know what is going on and Tamsin takes Bo by the shoulder and point to a nearby couple saying: “In about three seconds fugly over there calls brunette by the wrong name.” which happens exactly as Tamsin has said. She then points in another direction predicting: “Lady Roids takes about two more sips before…” and the woman does so before burping loudly, then Tamsin continues: “Fire in the hole.” Bo gasps: “Oh good God I can smell that from over here.” Tamsin explains: “She’s a Sasquatch, she probably has eaten a hundred kittens… and duck.” Bo is then struck by the beach ball which then bounces away. Tamsin tells Bo: “I said duck.” Bo asks: “How long have you been doing Groundhog Day and haven’t you tried telling anyone?” Tamsin angrily answers: “Like, oh my gosh! I didn’t even think about that a hundred times!” She then grabs one male Fae by the shirt and tells him: “I know this is going to sound crazy but we’re stuck in some kind of quantum paradox and the same night keeps repeating itself over and over again!” After he laughs at Tamsin she then adds: “Thanks ass-hat. Good luck with that rash. You’ll find out.” Tamsin then turns back to Bo and explains that no matter who she has told, the result is the same, nothing, until she and Bo kissed. They look at each other for a long moment, shrug, and then kiss again. When they stop, Bo looks around and says: “Nada” and Tamsin replies: “Speak for yourself” shakes her head, then continues: “Anyway. Maybe you need to do it with someone you have a connection with. Have you talked to Lauren or Dyson?” Bo answers: “You mean the same people that left me in the car alone? They’re upstairs being weird with Vex and Kenzi hasn’t even checked on me!” Tamsin laughs: “Please. That girl’s stuck from Hale to eternity. Besides for them it’s party as usual. They are not stuck in the loop.” Tamsin than asks Bo to say “Opa” which confuses Bo as Tamsin counts down from three and then same effect of the lights flickering, the glasses being hit by the beach ball, the cry of “Opa” happens again and Bo finds herself waking up in the back seat of her car and the radio playing “Don’t forget about me this Christmas” exactly like she had done before. Bo looks around, exclaims: “This song just gets better and better” before she bolts from the car again.

Once more Bo again walks down the hallway of her place, being stopped by the couple kissing again. Bo breaks up the couple and tells the female Fae: “He’s getting a rash” before walking away from the stunned pair and then finding herself confronted by Choga once more, but Bruce is no longer there. Bo calls out Bruce’s name but when Choga tells Bo: “What are you calling meat mountain for? He can’t fill your prescription.” Bo knocks him out cold and storms off to find Tamsin. When she does so, Bo tells Tamsin: “You know what? Screw it. I’m calling time out on hell shoes, on being Dark, all of it. Everyone here is having fun and it’s my turn starting with him.” Tamsin looks at the Fae Bo is talking about and answers: “Oh yeah. I got to him about fifteen repeats ago.” Bo smiles: “Well that settles it. Time to get our Yule on.” After the beach ball zips by the pair, both of them leaning out of the way at the last moment to allow it by, there are a series of scenes which include Bo arm wrestling with the Sasquatch, Tamsin chugging a bottle of liquor, and finally Bo and Tamsin making out in the middle of the room with everyone watching them.

The scene shifts to Dyson, Lauren and Vex who are still in Bo’s bedroom where Dyson declares the annual Yule drinking game is about to begin. Dyson announces that they will drink to decide whether or not to tell Bo about the box that Lauren had found. After Lauren agrees, Dyson states: “Pros” and Lauren replies: “Bo is always very big on the truth.” Dyson agrees and they both have a drink. Lauren then asks: “Cons?” and Dyson replies: “We may lose Bo to the big locomotive in the sky forever.” Lauren answers: “Well as someone that knows Bo beyond her rack size and underwear line I think the best course of action is some caution. Although I love her, sometimes she’s a very sexy bull in a china shop.” Dyson comes back with: “Well as someone that sacrificed his love to save Bo’s life…” Lauren declares this boring and then Vex interrupts the pair, rolling his eyes, but Dyson continues, “Bo can handle herself and it’s never a good idea to get in the way of Bo’s destiny. Vex then jumps onto Bo’s bed and in a dramatic fashion tells the pair: “Oh should I tell Bo? Bo doesn’t love me! Come on let’s figure out what to do with this mystery package and settle the enigma of the most boring threesome ever once and for all. Present your cases to me and I shall deliberate.” Dyson asks Lauren what she thinks and her answer is: “I think probably the opposite of whatever you think.” Dyson agrees, but then asks if Lauren realizes that they are about to listen to Vex and Lauren does, adding that Vex is: “Kinda sorta Bo’s pet now.” Vex declares that they should “come to Team Vex where ye shall be judged worthy of Bo’s box.”

The scene then switches to Bo waking up in the back seat of her car and the radio playing “Don’t forget about me this Christmas” exactly like she had done before. Bo looks around, exclaims: “Round and round she goes, where she stops nobody knows” before she bolts from the car again. Bo and Tamsin are then seen by the fireplace talking. Bo mentions that Kenzi was upset when Tamsin left, Tamsin explaining that she needed to find her kind, other Valkyries and to “find myself if you will.” Bo asks if she did and Tamsin answers “I have a lot to amend for.” Bo tells her “Who doesn’t?” before wishing Tamsin a Happy Yule. As they share a drink, Bo sees a hand come out of the wall and grab one of the partygoers and pull them into the wall. Tamsin sees this as well and comments: “Well, that’s new. And definitely bad.” Bo is shocked and can only say: “Opa?”

After still another commercial break, Bo wakes up in the back seat of her car and the radio playing “Don’t forget about me this Christmas” exactly like she had done before. Bo looks around, exclaims: “Holy Shit!” and she bolts from the car again. Entering the hallway, Bo stops the couple, looks at them and tells them to stay together before moving on. When Choga approaches Bo this time, she tells him that his mother didn’t want him to leave the swamp and become a sweat peddler, adding that he is better than this.” After warning him to stay away from the walls, Bo then meets Tamsin who tells her that the Fae they saw pulled into the wall cannot be found. Bo tells Tamsin that whomever took the Fae must be responsible for the time loop, but Tamsin asks if it might have something to do with her as usually “everything terrible around here has something to do with me.” Bo then asks if Tamsin can think of anyone else that has gone missing, but Tamsin cannot say one way or the other. Bo then realizes that Bruce has gone missing, but Tamsin cannot believe that someone could take him. Bo then asks Tamsin if she can remember what happened to her before she arrived at the party and she explains that she didn’t do anything other than taking the bus, stopping at the gas station and buying a pack of gum she came straight to the party. Bo then tells Tamsin they have to stop what is happening before anyone else is taken, but neither of them have any idea how to do so. But then Bo realizes that when they are in such situations they go find Trick and they rush off to do so.

Back in Bo’s bedroom, Dyson is talking about the first time that he saw Bo, knowing at that time that Bo was special and trouble. Lauren replies: “No argument here.” Dyson then continues that if he had not been there, to “give her the old Wolf Chi power up she would not have survived those trials.” Lauren laughs and tells Dyson that when she first met Bo: “She didn’t know her hole from an ass in the ground. She was all like ‘I’m a killer! Get in my way and I’m going to kill you! That’s what killers do!’ But I curbed her hunger and she was ‘well, I’m okay, maybe I’m not so bad.’ I love her also, I think we should just throw the box into the fire, voila the Doctor rests.” Dyson tells Lauren: “Bo gets kidnapped by mysterious black smoke, then sends herself an ominous package. Why are we fighting about this?” Lauren shrugs and doesn’t know the reason why. Lauren then asks: “How can you love someone so much…” Dyson finishes the sentence: “… and keep letting them down?” Lauren is quiet and then just says: “Exactly.” Dyson smiles as he replies: “Still working on that one too.” There is a pause then Dyson tells Lauren they need to hug it out and eventually they do so. Vex then throws some peanuts at Lauren and Dyson, asking what he gets out of “organizing this little come-by-ya” and Lauren answers: “You get your hand reattached by me right now.” Vex is somewhat shocked as Dyson smirks: “Drunken surgery. I’ll be the nurse!” Both Lauren and Vex ooh over this, Vex adding: “This is getting kinky!”

The scene moves to Trick in Bo’s bathtub sleeping where Bo and Tamsin find him. Bo shakes him awake and Trick mumbles: “You can’t prove I did that.” After Bo and Tamsin get Trick to his feet, he asks how long he has been out, but Bo asks Trick what he remembers. Trick tells Bo that he remembers helping Kenzi with the decorations, the doorbell kept ringing and then “Oprah!” After Trick tells Tamsin she’s pretty, Bo insists that Dyson listen to her and believe what she will tell him. Trick mumbles that he will as Bo is his: “Grandubus… my SuccuDaughter.” Bo explains about the time loop, but Trick interrupts saying that he needs water and Tamsin hands him a can of beer which Bo intercepts before he can drink it. Bo continues, explaining that people are disappearing, but then there is the sound of glass breaking and the lights flicker once more. Bo wakes up in the back seat of her car and the radio playing “Don’t forget about me this Christmas” exactly like she had done before. Bo looks around, exclaims: “Oh I hope Kenzi is having better luck than I am.” and she bolts from the car again.

Kenzi and Hale are seen together in Kenzi’s room kissing as they had been when they were last seen. Kenzi again says her “Kenzi sense” is tingling and Hale replies: “I’m going to mingle with your tingle girl.” Kenzi looks shocked and then the lights flicker, the scene goes dark and switches to Bo waking up in the back seat of her car and the radio playing “Don’t forget about me this Christmas” exactly like she had done before. Bo looks around, exclaims: “Does not smell amazing in here.” and she bolts from the car again. Back to Kenzi and Hale again who are kissing, Kenzi talks about her Kenzi sense again and this time Hale says: “I feel it too… it’s like a burning itch.” Kenzi looks shocked and then the lights flicker, the scene goes dark and switches to Bo waking up in the back seat of her car and the radio playing “Don’t forget about me this Christmas” exactly like she had done before. Bo looks around, holds up a pair of panties and exclaims: “These aren’t mine.” and she bolts from the car again. Back to Kenzi and Hale again who are kissing, Kenzi talks about her Kenzi sense again and this time Hale says: “That’s just my love train pulling into your tunnel of… love.” Kenzi slaps Hale, rhe scene goes dark and switches to Bo waking up in the back seat of her car and the radio playing “Don’t forget about me this Christmas” exactly like she had done before. Bo looks around, exclaims: “Dammit!” and she bolts from the car again. This time, Hale reads from a book of poetry to Kenzi who loves the words, but when Hale says: “That’s the one.” Kenzi is confused a moment, but then grabs a nearby box and places it on Hale’s lap, calling it a “little first time with a Fae box from Bo.” She opens it and removes a string of condoms which she lists as being: “Edible, Non-Edible, Fat-Free, Firm, Fire-Proof, Fig Flavoured…” Hale looks at his watch, which Kenzi sees and she then asks Hale if he wants to be with her. Hale tells Kenzi that he does and then closes his eyes, puckers his lips and says: “Kenzi and Hale take sixty-seven.” which confuses Kenzi.

Bo and Tamsin rush to see Trick, Bo commenting “Okay. Ninth time’s the charm” as they arrive. After Trick mumbles about they not being able to prove anything Bo blurts out: “Stuck in a time loop, people being eaten by the walls. Help!” Trick comes to somewhat and tells Bo “This is bad.” Bo asks: “Una Mens bad? Smoke-nappers bad? Six more weeks of winter bad? What?” Trick laughs and then calls out: “Yule Fools!” Tamsin thinks that Trick is useless, and Bo tells her that Trick has been, but then she turns Trick to look at her and tells him: “Look, I’ve been wanting to say this for a while. I know you haven’t helped me to find The Wanderer. Why?” Trick then admits: “Because I’m terrified.” Bo asks Trick what he isn’t telling her, but before Trick can answer the lights flicker, the scene goes dark and switches to Bo waking up in the back seat of her car and the radio playing “Don’t forget about me this Christmas” exactly like she had done before. Bo looks around, exclaims: “Oh dammit Trick. Who else knows about Yule?” and she bolts from the car again.

Bo and Tamsin arrive in Kenzi’s room and rushes to Hale, Kenzi being no where to be seen. Bo tells Hale that they are in danger and it could be the Una Mens that are responsible. Hale tells Bo: “The Una Mens aren’t dumb enough to cause trouble on Yule. Hell, they’re probably playing kiss-face under the mistletoe. Please don’t tell them I said that.” When Bo asks where Kenzi is, Hale tells her that Kenzi is: “Off freshening up… again. Opa.” Both Bo and Tamsin look at Hale in shock at what he has said and Bo slaps Hale enraged that he knows about it. Hale laughs: “Krampus has you too?” Tamsin cannot believe that everything that they have experienced is a stupid holiday prank?” Bo is confused, describing Krampus as “That anti-holiday Fae you guys where talking about.” Hale explains that every year Krampus picks a few people to be ‘Yule Fools’ and repeat the night calling it totally harmless. When Bo tells Hale that they saw someone get sucked into a wall, Hale doesn’t understand this as “Krampus feeds on regret, that’s why he puts people in the loop. Sooner or later they get into all kinds of trouble.

Elsewhere, Kenzi confronts a short Fae man who is tearing down some of Kenzi’s decorations. He complains that it isn’t much of a Yule party saying that it is missing: “No fruit, No offerings to Eikþyrnir, no wassailing and this?” Showing Kenzi a cutout of a reindeer, he says it should not be there. Kenzi exclaims that she has to find Trick and tell him about this as Bo enters the room as Kenzi leaves, asking where Bo has been. Bo confronts the short Fae man and is told by him that “Krampusnacht is a night that people should revere. You’ll rue the day you desecrated the Yule Lord!” He then disappears into a wall, reaching out for Bo has he does so, but Tamsin gets in the way and is taken instead which causes a stampede for the doors by the partygoers, and Hale whispering: “Sweet Christmas.”

After another commercial, Bo asks Hale where Kenzi is, she is apparently upstairs with Trick and is safe. Bo asks if what just happened to Tamsin is Krampus, but Hale tells Bo that Krampus is “supposed to be a kindly old prankster who wisks naughty children off in his sack to Candy Land.” Bo’s answer is: “Well he really seems to have stepped up his game this year.” Bo asks Hale how to find Krampus and is told that they need to go back to wherever it was they first came to his attention. Hale and Bo go over the path that Tamsin took to get to the party and come to the conclusion that the gas station is where everything started. Bo is worried about Tamsin, but Hale reminds her that they have time. Bo then asks why Hale would put himself through the loop voluntarily and then realizes that he did so to be with Kenzi. As Kenzi walks into the room behind Hale, he explains to Bo that he did so because he wanted to “perfect my game” and he swears he was going to tell Kenzi about it. Bo then points out Kenzi is there, and that she heard everything, storming away. Hale moves to go after her, but Bo stops Hale reminding him that in a few moments she won’t remember what happened. Hale’s answer is: “Maybe.” Then the glasses are broken again, the lights flicker and time continues on its way forward again with the other partygoers leaving after thanking Bo for the party. Bo, in a panic, asks Hale what it means that she didn’t return to her car and asks if the loop is over. Hale tells Bo the Krampus has found someone with enough regard tp “tide him over” for another year and they are back to normal time. Bo then tells Hale to protect everyone there as she is going to the gas station to rescue Tamsin. Before she leaves, Hale hands Bo a knife and says: “Blade of steel, hilt of bone. For Yuletime Eve you must atone.” Hale hands the knife to Bo and warns her that Krampus “may be a joke, but it doesn’t make him harmless.”

Vex, Lauren and Dyson are still in Bo’s bedroom drinking as Lauren enters carrying Vex’s severed hand. Vex asks Lauren if she really knows what she is doing and Dyson answers, drunkenly: “Are you kidding? She could do a brainopsy with both hands tied behind her back.” Lauren smiles and tells Dyson: “That is not a thing, but thank you.” Lauren then asks Vex to: “Please confirm this is your hand” but Vex’s answer is “I need more sedatives.” Dyson then asks what they are going to do with the box addressed to Bo and Lauren insists they cannot give it to Bo. Dyson asks why not and Lauren’s answer is: “Because Dyson if I said green you would say purple just to get my goat.” Dyson insists that he doesn’t want Lauren’s goat as he can get any goat he wants. Vex, in frustration, tells the two that they both “want the same goat. What you two don’t get is that you don’t hate each other anymore.” There is a long drawn out silence in the room and then Dyson asks what is in the beer, Vex telling him: “A whole lot of truth and a little bit of Choga sweat!” Dyson tells Lauren that Vex is right, that he hasn’t hated Lauren for a long time. Lauren tells Dyson that he is the only one that “gets my predicament Wolfie. And you make me laugh.” Dyson offers a toast to them both and to Bo and Vex adds “to drunken surgery!”

Bo has arrived at the gas station and finds it abandoned. She walks around the garage area until she comes to the car that the mechanics had been working on previously, the hood open, and a long tunnel leading far below the floor. Hale in the meantime has found Kenzi and she asks if Hale is there to “stuff my stocking with your Yule Log again stud?” Hale tries to apologize, telling Kenzi that he was stupid. Kenzi asks how many times they had sex and Hale promises they they never did. Hale tries to explain that all he wanted was to make the night perfect, to be everything that Kenzi wanted him to be. Kenzi tells Hale that she “digs him” but he is Fae and she is human and “it’s never going to be perfect.” She then hugs Hale adding: “And I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Hale tells Kenzi that he didn’t want to disappoint her and she tells Hale: “Are you kidding me? The Casanova of Clan Zamora?” Hale then reveals that he has never been with someone that he loves before in an intimate way. Kenzi share a long look with Hale and the two then kiss each other. Kenzi then gets up and starts to walk away and when Hale asks where she is going, she answers: “Going to freshen up. Everyone deserves a second chance.” Hale tells Kenzi: “There’s no rush. We have time.”

We return to Bo who has jumped down the tunnel and has arrived in what appears to be some kind of factory. As she begins to look around, a male Fae is shown being carried on a conveyor belt towards some kind of machine. After a scream from the Fae, the opposite end of the machine is shown which is producing candies. Bo arrives at the machine, confused and asking what the place is before she walks around the machine to see Tamsin on the conveyor belt being taken towards the machine. Tamsin greets Bo, asking how she is and when Bo tries to release her, Tamsin tells Bo: “No, it’s okay. I’m naughty but… I’m going to be candy.” Bruce then walks by and tells Bo: “I already broke the machine once. Now I have to wait to be candy.” Bo then tells Tamsin that she has been naughty but Tamsin is a better person and, more importantly, Tamsin is Bo’s friend. Tamsin asks Bo that: “If they make me into a lollipop… I want you to have the first lick!” Bo decides that she has had enough and tries again to release Tamsin but cannot do so. Bo then tries to find something to stop the conveyor with and then takes the knife that Hale gave her and jams the mechanism of the conveyor which stops it. After then releasing Tamsin, Bo is confronted by the small Fae gentleman who tells her that she will not be leaving. He then explains: You are in the belly of Yule. Where sour becomes sweet and naughty becomes nice.” Bo answers: “Ah no. This is where the Succubus goes Bad Santa on your badly camouflaged ass because all of this is just bad Christmas!” He calls Bo a “Blasphemer” and then tells Bo to try to take Tamsin away, but she cannot as she finds Tamsin’s feet are stuck to the floor and she cannot move. Bo tells Tamsin that she “cannot do this without you.” Tamsin pleads that if they make candy from her, then she cannot hurt anyone ever again and everyone will like her. Bo tells Tamsin that she does like her, but Tamsin tells Bo she won’t when she confesses the truth to her. Tamsin then tells Bo that she is the reason why The Wanderer found Bo.

What follows is a flashback to the past where Tamsin explains she was hunting Fae fugitives for a price. Tamsin claims she was the best, but that she was also greedy. She then tells Bo: “One look into his eyes and I knew that I’d never really met true evil not until then. I told myself I was powerless to refuse this beast so I accepted his bounty to find a woman. I took comfort that the girl he described could not possibly exist. Eyes both brown and blue. Virtuous yet lustful. Neither Dark nor Light yet both.” Tamsin tells Bo that she isn’t supposed to be real, that she should not exist, and it is her fault that he found Bo. Bo tells Tamsin, clearly that none of what she did matters anymore and that Bo forgives her. As the two embrace, the small Fae gentleman returns and curses the pair of the lack of respect for “the old ways.” He then demands that Bo admit that she ate one of the candies and he goes on to explain “People used to cower at the mention of Krampus. They just need a reminder.” When Bo calls the Fae Krampus, another voice calls out that the Fae is not Krampus and then the old man from the party appears, with a pair of horns on his head, and declares himself to be Krampus. (R.D. Reid)

After still another commercial break, we return to see Krampus dancing on the conveyor belt and laughing as he does so, which makes Tamsin exclaim: “Holy. Shit.” and then Krampus tells Tamsin to hold that thought. When the small Fae gentleman protests, saying that Krampus promised it was to be his year, Krampus explains “children become more zealous as they become older.” He then asks what the problem is and Bo explains that Jeffrey (Ken Hall), being the small Fae gentleman, its trying to turn her friends into candy. When asked if this is true, Jeffery says that both Tamsin and Bo are worthy sacrifices, but he chooses Tamsin. Bruce then appears and tells Tamsin that she’s “lucky.” When Bo begins to protest, Krampus asks her to stop which then allows Jeffery to remind Krampus that a sacrifice is needed. Krampus apologizes for Jeffery and then Krampus dismisses Tamsin who vanishes in a puff of green smoke, followed by Bruce who vanishes in a puff of purple smoke. Finally Krampus makes Jeffery vanish as well, but not before Jeffery says: “I’m telling mom.” Bo asks what he did and Krampus tells Bo that he set her friends “free of course.” When Bo asks why she is still there, he tells Bo that there is a darkness inside of her that is “enough to make candy for centuries. Maybe even longer. And the guilt. The denial. Complex emotions make the best candy. You. My little succubus. I have never made blue candy before.” Krampus then transports Bo with his magic to the conveyor belt which then starts up and draws Bo towards the candy machine. Bo warns Krampus to let her go and she might allow him to life, but he simply laughs and tells Bo: “It’s better like this. You won’t be breaking any more hearts. No more hurting anyone. You’ll just bring sweetness to everyone you meet.” Bo asks if she is supposed to be scared and Krampus replies: “Only the truth shall set you free.” He then continues: “How can you be pure and not confront your fears?” Bo then admits to several things, one after the next: “Okay. Yes I am scared. I’m scared of making the wrong choice. Of losing my friends and family again. I’m terrified of what I will become. I’m terrified of what I am capable of. I’m terrified of The Wanderer and what he will make me!” Krampus laughs and then Bo is transported away from his lair in a puff of blue smoke, finding herself back in the garage once more with Tamsin where she continues to cry out: “I’m scared… I’m really really scared.” Tamsin tells Bo that she doesn’t have to be, that “I have you. Let’s go home.”

After still another commercial break, Bo wakes up in the back seat of her car to find Tamsin there with her. Bo asks Tamsin if they are in another loop, but Tamsin tells Bo: “Everything is back to normal. At least what you call normal in this place.” When Bo asks about Bruce, Tamsin tells Bo that he is passed out in Bo’s bedroom. Bo then asks about The Wanderer and if he could be Bo’s father. Tamsin’s answer is: “That thing would have done anything to claim his ideal mate. Even if it meant creating her himself.” Kenzi then arrives and asks if Bo is alright, and Bo says she is, Kenzi then turning to Tamsin and telling her how worried she was about her. Tamsin answers: “I’m sorry Moms.” and Kenzi tells her that they will talk about it later. Bo asks if Kenzi and Hale have “worked things out” and Kenzi replies: “Oh sister I never kiss and tell… within earshot. Or do everything and tell and trust me we did everything Wow!” Tamsin gets a little sick at this and mumbles about looking for something to drink as she walks away. Kenzi then stops Tamsin, explaining that at Yule Dark Fae are not allowed to enter a house where Light Fae are celebrating Yule. Not after midnight. It’s not the Fae way.” Tamsin then walks away with Kenzi calling after her. Kenzi then goes on to tell Bo that Lauren left with Vex, Kauren saying that she needed to sober up and then sew his hand back on again. Kenzi then offers to stay with Bo, who being Dark cannot enter the Yule party after midnight as well, but Bo insists that she return to Hale, saying that she needs some time to think. As Kenzi leaves, she tells Bo about the box she found addressed to Bo on her bed next to Dyson.

The final scene of the episode is Bo walking to the rear of her car and then opening the box and looking inside. The final image of the episode is a sealed glass container packed inside of the box with straw and within the container seems to be the black smoke which took Bo to The Wanderer once before.


Fade to black…


I have to admit right from the beginning that I expected this to be a train wreck of an episode. Based on the previews, the setting and just the entire concept of the episode I wasn’t honestly going to give it much of a chance to be a good one… but it was.

While a lot of that has to be from just how much I love that dress that Bo wears this episode, there was a lot of the humor and fun that really hasn’t been seen for a while in the series and I’ve missed that. It was good to see Dyson and Lauren getting to terms with each other, but adding Vex to that mix was inspired and really made it so much more than it otherwise could have been. Drunken Lauren and Dyson was just too funny and that was in spite of the serious subjects that were part of those scenes.

Finally getting Hale and Kenzi together, even if it was off screen was something I’ve been wanting to see for a long time now and I hope, a lot, that they both grow as characters through this. It was telling to see Hale admit that he had never been with someone he cares about and that told me a lot about Hale and his past. Kenzi telling Hale that things can never be perfect and not worry about it was, again, an important moment in their relationship as well. Character growth is always a good thing.

For Tamsin to tell Bo why she is responsible for the The Wanderer was a hard moment for her. But I think that in doing so that leads to something else in their relationship later on that will be important. Somehow I can see Tamsin having to make a choice quite soon that is going to shatter her and when that time comes I think Bo to an extent, but more so Kenzi will be the one that changes her.

Odd to see drunk Trick. Sadder to see frightened drunk Trick. Worried that this will lead to something really bad before the end of the season for him. But perhaps within that arc comes something more for him as well? It’s a possibility though it won’t be an easy one.

Overall the episode had its scattered moments and that was a bit off putting from time to time. But within the silliness of beach-balls and drinking there were a lot of truths that everyone had to face. The one thing that I couldn’t quite work out was if Krampus was so needing of regret to feed on.. Why wasn’t Lauren or Dyson involved in things? The amount of regret those two have is at least as much as Bo’s and… it seems odd that they weren’t part of things.

Still, for the season, this was the best episode overall and to be honest I’m not sure what that says about the season as a whole. It is, in a way, disappointing that a holiday episode takes the best episode position when there were so many other plots and opportunities that well could have. And really should have.

The other thing is that there are only five episodes left and really we haven’t gone anywhere this season with any of the main plots and we should have. So, all I can hope for is that happens…. And I really really do.

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo… Love the dress. Want the dress. Beyond that, having Bo admit her fears was really a stroke of genius and it sets her on a path going forwards that will be something to watch. It was good to see “fun” Bo again too… She doesn’t appear enough really.

Dyson…Drunk Wolfie Dyson was… Cute. Yes I know that’s being a little silly but really the synchronized drinking moves with Lauren were too funny by far. His admitting that he doesn’t hate Lauren was well done and I hope that it brings the strife to an end.

Kenzi… Our little Kenzi has grown up… And that was really a beautiful moment when it came. Kenzi line of the week: “My Kenzi sense is tingling!”

Trick. Drunk, sadm frightened Trick was… so sad to see.

Hale. Learned that nothing is perfect… Save for Kenzi and really that’s all that matters isn’t it?

Lauren. Drunk doctor was cute, and really there was more personality in her when she was drunk than there has been in some time in the series.

Tamsin: Honestly she was too cute, loved the “Sorry Moms” line at the end, but I have the feeling like she is playing at her personality at the moment and the real Tamsin is lurking somewhere…

Vex. Really can work a corset can’t he? And he needs to have a office somewhere to work out relationship issues really…

Bruce. More Bruce please? As in lots more? What’s going on with him? What’s happening? Fans want to know!

Krampus. Really very interesting as a character and the actor was very good in the role. I would actually like him to appear again to get Bo through her fears… That would be something to see.

Jeffery, Odd but interesting. I wonder who his mom is…

Choga. Enough. More than enough. Need not see him ever again enough.

Oddly, the background characters were as much, if not more, interesting than the ones in the foreground at times…


My Review of La Fae Époque

Keeping my interest – 4 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 2 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 4 Pitchforks

Storyline – 4 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 4 Pitchforks

Mythos – 4 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 3.7 Pitchforks out of 5


Finally an episode I wanted to stay with and to the end of it leaving me wanting more. While it didn’t more the overall plots much, it was entertaining, told a lot about the characters and as a whole just was much more than I expected it to be.

While there wasn’t a lot of Bo being a Succubus, at least that dress made of for a lot of that. The thing that I really found fascinating was that in that dress, it was more about Bo as a person and less about her cleavage which for the majority of the series has been the focus of every scene she is in. Getting past that, getting to her figuring out the world around her and more… That was special.

Great atmosphere at the party, the decor was wonderful and everything just clicked together exactly right. As a setting Bo’s home just became another character and in that there was a lot to be seen.

As a whole, the storyline was one of the best of the season by far. The concept of facing one’s own fears and truths is something that many of the characters have avoided in the series so far and being forced to do so was satisfying.

All of the characters had to grow in this episode whether they wanted to or not. Some of the secrets were hard to take, but most truths are. that aren’t they? Really that was the point of the episode, to make them see even if they didn’t want to. Now with that out of the way, perhaps we can move onto the climax of the season sooner rather than later?

The mythos around Krampus is one of the more unique ones that the series has had and that was good to see. It looked like it could have gone very badly, but in the end it became more than I expected it to be. Whoever came up with this idea was on their game by far when they did so…

I’ll hope the rest of the season is as well done…


In Two Weeks: Destiny’s Child

Bo resolves to go to hell and back to get the answers she’s been searching for, with or without her friends’ support. Meanwhile, Kenzi’s determined to uncover what Trick’s hiding.

And Bo goes on her own… again. When is she going to figure out that going it alone never works? This seems to be an ongoing theme for Bo and there has to be a point where she figures out that it isn’t going to work, swallows her pride and says: “I can’t deal. Can you help?” Maybe that’s the real point of this season after all?

Then comes Trick, his secrets and past. I do wonder how Kenzi is going to make him talk and if, at the end of the episode, Trick somehow makes her forget all of it. Considering the series as a whole, we won’t get all of the answers and to be clear, in the case of Trick I don’t think we will. There’s questions but The Wanderer needs to show up and then we can get somewhere I expect.

At least, that’s the plan… Isn’t it?




    • avatar
    • James on January 3, 2014 at 5:10 pm

    Who knows if that is the plan? It seems to me that, if the Wanderer shows up in the season finale, it means that everything is back to where it was at the end of the previous season, and this was just a whole bunch of dancing around.

    After so many episodes of “Bo-ffy the Vamp-fae-re Slayer,” we now get a rip off of a Bill Murray movie, barely dressed up, as if somebody realized at the last minute that it would be shown at Christmas. I hate to say so, Your Majesty, but I wonder if this will ever be a show about a succubus.

    • avatar
    • Pocong on January 4, 2014 at 2:25 pm

    After the rather rough season the show has been having so far I’ll gladly accept a good episode like this! I’ll take a good Bill Murray ripoff over a terrible Buffy one any day. I’m holding out hope that this will all tie together in a cool way by the end of the season. Maybe. I think I’m just riding high on the reappearance of my favorite Christmas dude, The Krampus! Be good this season kids, or the Krampus will kick your teeth in.

    • avatar
    • TeraS on January 8, 2014 at 8:43 pm

    Still hoping my heart, and I do hope that is eternal…


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