Dec 28 2013

A cute Morrigan Dance YouTube…

This week, I have another of those dance music videos that has a CGI model of Morrigan Aensland as the dancer… And I do feel like this is one of the cuter looks for Morrigan that I have seen…

And if you cannot see it on the Tale:


Here’s a still of Morrigan… She’s really so very cute I think like this…
Morrigan Dance

I know that some people won’t like that she isn’t… shaped… exactly right, but, really for the cuteness I think that can be overlooked really… I also think that I like the extra long pigtails that appear from behind her wings… It just looks right somehow…

And really isn’t that the most important thing?




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    Well, I think the pigtails and the more realistic shape–as well as the anime eyes–make her look a bit younger, I think, and definitely quite cute, but I am especially glad the animator got rid of her bat-stockings! She looks more succubish and less camp.

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    I’m pretty sure that’s supposed to be Hatsune Miku doing a cosplay of Morrigan rather than Morrigan herself. Still a very cute video though! Now I kind of want to see Morrigan with pigtails too…

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    Cute is important my heart of course….


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    And yes, that idea of pigtails really is something isn’t it Pocong?


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