Speaking French can’t save the Lost Girl from a disaster…

The wasted screen time continued this week on Lost Girl. Now that isn’t totally and completely true as we learned something of Dyson’s past and it did open the door to what I hope is going to be a much more active and focused latter half of the season. The thing is… Why? What was the point of running around in circles for half of the season and now, well into the second half, we are actually going to get to the point of the season? Why do I doubt this so much? Was it really necessary to waste so many hours of television with side stories and plots that just go nowhere and do… nothing? It really shouldn’t. Seriously.

The seventh episode of the fourth season, also episode fifty-five of the Lost Girl TV series was this week. Bo and Lauren go rummaging around in Dyson’s memories before they go looking in what is not his sock drawer. Hale loses his cool while Kenzi learns that when she’s undercover she needs to turn her phone off. The Una Mens find out that underestimating Bo is never a good idea when it comes to footwear….

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This is the seventh review of the fourth season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo learns that even for Dyson and Trick there really wasn’t a…


La Fae Époque


The episode opens with a recap of scenes from several episodes including Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) telling Bo (Anna Silk) that Lauren (Zoie Palmer) had joined the Dark Fae and Bo adding that she had as well, Lauren telling Bo that is was okay for her to be Dark because Bo was as well, Dyson telling Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) that she had a place among her friends and would teach her how that could be, the kiss shared between The Morrigan and Lauren in the previous episode, and finally, the end of the previous episode where Dyson was confronted by the Una Mens and told he had broken the Codex of Laws.

The first scene of the episode shows Bo and Kenzi arriving at the police station looking for Hale (K.C. Collins). Hale asks Bo where Dyson is and Bo explains that the Una Mens have imprisoned him and no one is allowed to see him. After Kenzi mentions that she was attacked by a monk, Bo then pulls a monk (Adam Cassidy) into view and explains that he is their key to getting to see Dyson. As they take the monk into one of the back rooms, Hale comments: “Informant for my sex workers case.” Kenzi yells out as well: “What? You guys have never played capture the monk before? Spice it up 39th Division!” In the interrogation room, Bo attempts to use her powers to make the monk explain why the Una Mens took Dyson and not her, but the monk refuses to speak. When Bo’s powers do not work, Hale comments: “Must be a eunuch. Not even beach volleyball would do it for him.” Hale adds: “We’ll just have to do this the old fashioned way” as he approaches the monk adding: “I’m going to have questions and you are going to have answers.” The first question asked is who is representing Dyson at his trial, but the monk refuses to answer. When Hale sees the monk cringing at the tone and volume of the question, he asks the monk if he had ever met a Siren before using his Siren voice at close range which causes the monk severe pain. The monk then tells Hale that there is no trail for Dyson, it is a simple execution. When Bo asks if this is for sleeping with Dark Fae, the monk continues to explain that Dyson is being executed for treason he was responsible for in 1899. The monk claims that Dyson murdered both humans and Fae. Bo does not believe this and tells the monk he will tell the other monks to “clear the way” so that Bo and the others can rescue Dyson. However, the monk recites the Latin phrase: “Convertimini ad nihilum” before foam pours from his mouth and he dies. Kenzi becomes sick and comments: “Latin is a dead language.” Bo presses on and asks if there are other options, and asks about Trick, but Hale explains that Trick is acting in his role as The New Acting Ash and the Una Mens will not grant an audience to him. Kenzi asks Bo and Hale if the Una Mens are really going to kill Dyson, but as she does ask the question, the monk falls out of his chair to the floor with a loud thud.

Meanwhile at the Una Mens, they are in the process of executing Pietra (Samantha Espie). The leader of the Una Mens (Christine Horne) recites the Latin phrase “Mortis. Invenio. In unitate.” and then proclaims that Pietra has not honoured the “sacred rules of the Fae” before asking if she has any last words. Pietra begs for her life, but moments after doing so she is run through with a sword and is killed as Dyson watches from a short distance away, being chained to a wall and waiting for his own death.

After the opening credits, we return to Bo at her place telling Lauren that she is unsure of how much time they have left before Dyson is killed and thanking her for helping. Lauren begins to attach leads to Bo to monitor her as Bo questions this as Dyson is Light Fae. Lauren tells Bo that Dyson is family, she has saved Dyson’s life before and she would do so again. Lauren asks how Dyson was taken and Bo reveals that she and Dyson where together, but hesitates to explain why. However Lauren replies: “I get the picture” and continues with her work. When Bo comments that Lauren and The Morrigan are “getting close” Lauren replies: “I see that Kenzi reported back” in a cold voice, but Bo tells Lauren that isn’t the reason for what she said, it is all of the equipment that Lauren has from the Dark Fae with her and wonders if The Morrigan knows that it is being used to save Dyson. Lauren replies: “I don’t know. I just take. It’s a think Dark to be Dark sort of thing.” When Lauren places one of the sensors between Bo’s breasts, Bo smiles and says: “Oh. Hello.” Lauren apologizes, but Bo tells her not to. They are then interrupted by a female Fae who is impatiently waiting for Bo, adding: “Heart warming. What’s next? Soy candles? A little Tegan and Sarah? Let’s go! I have places to be, people to channel. An oracle’s time time isn’t cheap you know.” Bo tells Cassie (Vanessa Matsui) that she knows that and that Trick “pulled some serious strings”, Cassie replying that Trick “owes me big.” Cassie adds that if Trick is caught in this, then he would be executed as well. Bo then explains to Cassie that she needs her to get into Dyson’s memories to find out what really happened. Cassie replies: “For a second I thought you were going to ask me to look into that gaping black hole in your memory. Impossible, even for me.” Bo is shocked, asking if Cassie can really see the loss of her memories and Cassie continues: “You know, after our reading a few years back, I thought that you might be the one. The unaligned Succubus fighting to lead the Fae into a new era. Guess not.” Cassie then sees Lauren drawing out a long piece of twine and she panics, telling them: “Are you schizering me? The red string of fate? You might as well lobotomize Bo right now.” Lauren asks if Cassie has a better idea, but she does not and relents, Lauren explains that according to legend, the Gods wrapped the string around those that were destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance. Lauren claimed it will secure their connection to Dyson while Lauren monitors the two of them while they are in Dyson’s memories. She also explains that while Bo will be in Dyson’s memories, Bo’s subconscious will project familiar people into the memories she sees. Cassie then exclaims: “Spoiler Alert! I will make an appearance and when I do it’s time to get out. Or you risk fusing your memories with Dyson’s and then you’ll go clinically insane.” Cassie adds that Bo is putting herself in “major danger” and Lauren asks if Bo is sure she wants to continue. Bo looks at Lauren as she answers: “I would do the same for you.” Then, after a long pause, Bo asks what happens next, and Lauren replies: “We wait for a connection to Dyson.”

Dyson at that moment is being washed by a pair of monks, he ignoring them both until Kenzi is revealed to be one of them. After telling Dyson to be quiet, she wraps another red string of fate around Dyson’s ankle to make the connection between him and Bo. As Kenzi does so, the string around Dyson’s ankle begins to glow, then the scene switches to Bo and Cassie, who’s strings are also glowing. Casssie warns Bo to take a deep breath and then Bo screams in pain as she is submerged into Dyson’s memories. She wakes up there, laying in a bed. There is a pounding at the door and someone calls out in French which then wakes up two women that share Bo, really Dyson’s bed.A man storms in and asks where Dyson is, but the two women both exclaim: “I love him” and then look at each other in confusion. The man then walks around behind the women and looks out a small hole in the wall, exclaiming that the hole is too small for a man to exit by. A wolf is then seen walking through the streets of 1800s Paris, going in and out of shadow until the wolf transforms into Bo’s form, she looking at some clothing hanging on a clothesline. Bo is then seen walking away, now dressed before stopping in front of a store window where she sees the image of Dyson looking at her. She smiles and comments: “Dyson you handsome devil.” before moving on.

Returning from a commercial break, Bo continues to walk the streets, at one point taking a newspaper from a man on the street as she continues on. As she reaches an intersection, a pair of men storm around the corner and Bo quickly raises the paper to cover her face, hiding herself from them. She notices an ad in the paper for a Cabaret and lowers the paper, which then allows the two men that had passed her by to realize that she is Dyson the man they are looking for. One of them calls out to her and then Bo starts to run away from them until she is cornered by them in an alleyway. The father of the tow women that Bo had been with (Jerome Bourgault) speaks of his “precious daughters” and prepares to kill Dyson for being with them both. However, before he can act, both he and his accomplice are attacked from behind by someone which is then revealed to be a Trick (Richard Howland) of the past, using a Bo staff to do so. Trick then tells Bo to follow him if she wants sanctuary. As Bo does so, she comments to herself: “Does this sanctuary serve ale?”

The next scene is Trick talking to Dyson in the past, speaking of his reputation as a “thief, con” Bo continues “philanderer” Trick questions this, concerned that Dyson seems to be proud of himself. Bo continues that “The French like to talk” but Trick notes that Dyson is “famous throughout Europe” for what he has done. Trick tells Dyson: “You are powerful Dyson, capable of more. Of good.” Dyson brushes this off with: “Alternatively, your robe smells like turnips and i am late for a rendezvous with a farmer’s wife.” As Dyson moves to leave, Trick calls out: “You will listen. The Helskór. The ancient hell shoes sought after by the most powerful Fae. Including the one that wanders. Dyson speaks of wars being waged, blood being shed and that “they can only be worn by the worthy hero.” Trick tells Dyson that a prince has found them and wishes to sell them, but Dyson must stop him from doing so. Trick also notes that they “can lead to the end of days” as well. Dyson asks what his rewards is, and Trick’s answer is: “What do you want?” Dyson’s blunt answer is money and wealth, but Trick does not believe this and asks what Dyson really wants. Dyson then asks who Trick is, and he replies: “Fitzpatrick McCorrigan” There is a pause before Dyson replies: “Thanks for the tip on the shoes… Trick” before leaving.

Lauren in the meantime is fretting as Bo continues to explore Dyson’s memories. Bo calls out a series of words that seem not to make any sense: “Shoes… Milkmaids… Boobs.” Lauren rolls her eyes and comments: “Well it’s good to know that Dyson was an intellectual.” Bo continues: “Hell shoes… Bo Staff… Trick… He who wanders…” Lauren tries to have Bo go back to The Wanderer, but Bo’s next words are: “Boobs.” Lauren shakes her head as she sighs: “Okay… Boobs.”

Back in Dyson’s memories, Bo arrives at the Cabaret, and is met by a performer there dressed as an Angel who welcomes Bo to the party. She spends some time with Bo before she asks for her drink and Angel pouts that he is taking all of the fun out of her show as she leaves. Looking around the Cabaret Dyson soys the prince (Ron Kennell) but also, oddly, what appears to be a boxing coach (Bill Yak), who disappears moments later. Angel comments that “everyone wants a piece of Flora tonight. Especially the Prince.” Angel is upset that everyone wants to have a piece of the “main attraction” and Bo comments “They don’t know what they are missing.” Angel then goes off to announce the beginning of Flora’s performance and as she is revealed, Bo sees Lauren there, singing, in the role of Flora within Dyson’s memories. As Bo watches in Dyson’s memories she comments “Subtle” as Flora works the room, then looks down and adds: “Looks like Dyson is enjoying it too.” Then Dyson begins to leave, against Bo’s wishes, as Dyson’s memories continue, she complaining that “Lauren isn’t finished singing! In French!”

Hale has been given an audience with the Una Mens and attempts to defend Dyson, calling him a protector of the Light, but the leader of the Una Mens dismisses this, calling Dyson a murderer and that he risked revealing the Fae to humans, so Dyson must “pay for his crimes.” Hale then lists some of Dyson’s good works for the Fae, including being part of the defeat of The Garuda, asking them to consider those facts. After a moment of thought, the leader of the Una Mens announces: “We refute. You are dismissed.” Hale responds in anger: “Is this what you call justice? Peace? I’ve had enough with this fascism. The Fey have had enough! Soon they will rise above and they will rule themselves.” As Hale finishes his speech, a cell phone rings which reveals that Kenzi is there as well. She looks at Hale and bemoans: “I swear I had it on vibrate!” The leader of the Una Mens is insulted most of all by Hale bringing Kenzi to the meeting and is dragged away. As this occurs, Kenzi asks for Hale’s life to be spared and she will take his place. The leader of the Una Mens orders that Dyson’s execution continue and that Kenzi will die with him.

Returning from yet another commercial, Lauren begs Bo to get out of Dyson’s memories as soon as possible. We are then taken back into Dyson’s memories as he meets with Flora in her dressing room. At first Flora approaches Dyson with a knife in her head, but drops it and the two embrace and kiss, that being followed by Flora slapping Dyson across the face in the next moment, shouting at him: “It has been weeks! Where have you been!” Bo asks “You care?” and Flora answers: “No, of course I don’t.” before the two fall into another embrace and kiss again. Flora then tells Dyson to leave, but Bo tells her that the Prince carries more than coins with him and reveals that the Prince has the Helskór. Flora cares very little for Dyson’s advances then, wondering how much money they could get for the Helskór. Flora bemoans how times are changing and how her popularity is waining. Dyson claims that Flora will be missed, but she is unimpressed saying that the Cabaret will find another wood Fae to seduce the rich in her place. After adding that she “might miss the perks” and Dyson asking if that is all he is to her, the two of them fall into bed together. As they have their moment together, Bo sees herself on top of Flora at one point and looks into a mirror to see Dyson’s form in the same position as they enjoy their moment together, Bo being slightly confused, but going with the flow, commenting: “So… This is happening…”

Back with Lauren, she is concerned that Bo’s breathing is irregular and her heartbeat is going wild. As she eats something, Lauren comments: “Ugh. Chocolate spread? You couldn’t have peanut butter like everyone else?” Bo then moans and randomly says: “Lauren” and as Lauren comes close, Bo moans out her name and seems to be having sex at that moment. Lauren smiles as she says: “Wow. Even in Dyson’s subconscious you are thinking of me. Score one for the doctor.” Then she considers a moment and adds: “Unless that’s Dyson talking.” Cassie then begins to count backwards from ninety-eight and Lauren sighs: “That can’t be good.”

Back in Dyson’s memories, there is a knock at Flora’s door and she finds the Prince wishes to enter. Flora bundles Dyson up and tells him to hide as she prepares to entertain the Prince. Flora does so, attempting to confuse and enthral the Prince, and as well blindfolding him. As she does so, Flora finds the Helskór in a case that the Prince carries with him. However, Flora becomes distracted by the shoes and does not see the blindfold coming off the Prince who see what she is doing. Before the enraged Prince can harm Flora, Dyson knocks him out to Flora’s complaints about doing so, saying that she had things under control. Flora panics over what they have done, but Dyson claims they need only claim the Prince is resting after his long journey. As there is a knock at the door, Dyson takes the Helskór and puts them on Flora. As they are placed onto her, Flora’s eyes change colour for an instant and she freezes before crying out that the shoes are burning her, and then adds “I have been denied. The Helskór are not intended for me.” In a panic they attempt to remove the shoes from Flora, but they refuse to do so. Then, expectedly, Flora kicks Dyson away, a wild look in her eyes and then rushes away from him. Dyson follows, leaving the Prince behind as his assistant arrives to look for him.

Kenzi has been placed with Dyson to await her execution with him. Kenzi comments: “Those are some efficient monks. Didn’t miss an inch.” Dyson replies: “I wasn’t going to say anything.” Kenzi interrupts him adding: “Hey! I crawled through a sewer to rescue your sweet heinie so don’t even.” Dyson replies: “Clever. Masking your scent.” Kenzi rolls her eyes and just replies: “Yeah.” Dyson tells Kenzi that he’s glad she is there, adding: “At least now I won’t be bored.” Kenzi shoots back: “Imminent death, hair frizzing humidity. Ah what a snooze fest!” Dyson’s answer is: “It’s kind of like a day off. It’s nice to sit around and wait to be saved for once.” Kenzi asks Dyson if he is even a little bit scared and Dyson tells Kenzi that he is impressed with her. That Kenzi managed to get into the Una Mens lair, and he adds that when they are freed, he thinks it is time to begin to start training Kenzi. Kenzi asks “For what?” and Dyson replies: “A Shadow Thief.” Kenzi is confused, but Dyson asks if she is interested in the offer, Kenzi replying that it “sounds like a frigging X-box game.” With a smile, Dyson replies: “First task. Lose the ring tone. Kenzi rolls her eyes and replies: “Oh no. I’m out, I can’t do that.” Dyson tells Kenzi that he can feel Bo in his memories. Kenzi asks if he is worried and Dyson replies: “I have lots of regrets.” Kenzi asks Dyson if he actually did murder someone and Dyson’s answer is: “It’s a long story. And believe it or not it starts with a pair of shoes.” Kenzi smiles: “Sounds like my kind of story.”

Back in Dyson’s memories, Bo is walking the street and finds body after body laying in the streets. Bo is confused, knowing that Flora is responsible for the murders and cannot understand why Dyson is being blamed for the crime. Cassie then appears out of thin air and tells Bo that she must leave Dyson’s memories or be trapped within them forever by removing her string and that she is the only one that can do so. For an instant, Bo again sees the boxing coach and is confused by this, Cassie explaining it away as Bo’s memories and Dyson’s merging. Bo refuses to leave, saying she doesn’t have enough information. Cassie tells Bo she’s “Being dumb but I’m impressed. You’ve lasted in someone’s memories longer than anyone I’ve ever seen.” There is a scream and Bo pleads for Cassie to help her, but Cassie tells Bo: “You’re brave. But something else. Something new. You’re sure you want to sacrifice it all for a wolf?” Bo’s answer is: “I have to try.” Cassie then steps back and continues her countdown as she removes her own string and then vanishes, leaving Bo alone in Dyson’s memories.

After still another commercial, Cassie is completing the countdown in the real world and then wakes up with a shriek, exclaiming: “They’re real!” as she pulls the sensors from her body. Lauren asks what she is talking about, but Cassie’s answer is: “You know what kind of danger this puts me in? I never wanted so see any of this shit!” Lauren asks about Bo and is told that she stayed in Dyson’s memories and “When she wakes up one, get the straight jacket ready and two, you’re all dead because of those shoes.” Lauren does not understand what Cassie is talking about and demands that Cassie go back to save Bo. Cassie tells Lauren that her string is cut and she is finished. When Lauren reminds Cassie of Trick, Cassie answers: “He can suck my left tit.” Then, calming slightly, Cassie tells Lauren not to cut the string herself before she leaves. Lauren looks at Bo as she cries out: “Blood. So much blood.” and then goes over to her.

Within Dyson’s memories, Bo approaches Flora, who is kneeling over a body in the street. Flora tells Bo that she cannot stop killing and it is revealed that her fingernails have turned black and a second set of long dagger-like nails have extended from her knuckles. After a moment’s pause she adds: “I won’t stop.” and then attacks. The two battle for a time until, finally, Dyson is forced to thrust Flora’s dagger nails into her chest. Flora then returns to normal and cries: “What have I done?” As Dyson lays Flora on the street he tells her that it isn’t her fault, it is the shoes. Flora exclaims that the darkest parts of herself were in control and they attempt to take the shoes off, but they cannot be removed. Flora begs not to have to hurt anyone anymore and Dyson promises that he will fix things, telling Flora that he loves her. Flora replies: “No you don’t. My love is the forest. And yours I have a feeling that yours is yet to come. And when she does she will be…” In the next moment there is the sound of a gunshot and Flora is killed.

Lauren is fretting over Bo not saying anything for some time and in desperation she shakes Bo and yells at her in an attempt to wake Bo, but it has no effect. For a moment Lauren takes hold of the string of fate, intending to remove it from Bo, but thinks better of doing so. Lauren then finds the string that Cassie had been using and after writing a message to Bo on a nearby mirror makes the decision to enter Dyson’s memories as well.

Back in Dyson’s memories, Flora has died and the shoes have been removed from her feet, laying close to Flora’s body. The man that shot Flora drops the gun he used to kill Flora beside them and comments: “A man with your reputation? Everyone will think it was you.” He then demands the shoes, but Dyson refuses to give them to him. Bo asks what he did and the man replies: “I was provided with explicit instructions. Get shoes. Whatever the cost.” The man then tells Dyson to run, as he always has done but to leave the shoes where they are. When Dyson puts Flora’s death on this man, he answers: “Mortis. Invenio. In unit ate.” and adds that Dyson never really cared about Flora and that he never cared about anyone but himself. The man then lists some of what Dyson is responsible for doing at that time in Europe: “Rotterdam 1864, the fire at Boijmans. London 1817, your implication in the Poyais scheme. The countless men you conned. The women you shamed. You are a waste of flesh. All you’ve ever done is steal and and screw. And now your selfishness has killed Flora. In fact we were counting on this.” Dyson looks at Flora and admits that everything that happened was his fault. The man taunts Dyson again and then tells Dyson, again, to run.

The scene switches to Dyson who continues the story, telling Kenzi that he did, in the first moment, consider running. Kenzi questions this, telling Dyson that he was not responsible for what happened. Dyson insists that he killed Flora by putting the shoes on her: “Because of me she killed those people. Because of me she was killed.” Kenzi refuses to accept this, telling Dyson that he couldn’t have known what would happen, Dyson’s answer being: “I thought I did. My arrogance, my ignorance, that was my crime. And now the past has caught up with me Kenzi.” She then asks what happened next and the scene returns to the moment it had just been in, this time with Dyson facing Crater. Crater tells Dyson again to leave the shoes and “be free” but Dyson refuses to allow Crater to give the shoes to his masters, whomever they are. Dyson then tells Crater that he will have to kill him to possess the shoes. But before the two can come to blows, Trick appears and knocks Crater out with his Bo staff. Dyson asks if Trick is there to claim the shoes, but Trick answers: “I never wanted them. I seek a second for the New World.” Dyson questions this, asking “A second to whom?” Trick smiles and as he turns away replies: “If you are interested, see me in my prayer room before dawn.”

Returning to Kenzi and Dyson in the here and now, Kenzi tells Dyson that she expected: “To go motel poolside. “Twizzler in one hand and Liam Nelson in the other.” Dyson touches Kenzi’s arm as he says: “You’re shaking.” Kenzi replies: “Bo’s greatest skill has never been her punctuality. You know the number of times she’s left me alone with the crazy client? But when it matters she always makes it, she always saves the day. Right?” Dyson answers: “It’s not over yet Kenz.” At this point the leader of the Una Mens arrives and calls out: “Mortis. Invenio. In unit ate.” before asking if they have any last words. Kenzi begins to hyperventilate and says: “Oh Gos” several times which the leader of the Una Mens takes to be both of their last words. Kenzi looks at Dyson and cries: “I stole your last words? Oh God I suck!” Dyson tells the Una Mens to release Kenzi and he will give them the Helskór in exchange for her freedom. Kenzi tells Dyson he cannot do so, but Dyson insists that he could not save Flora, but he can save Kenzi. The leader of the Una Mens questions Dyson’s motives saying that she wants to know why they should truss him. Dyson replies that he possesses one shoe and if they release Kenzi then Dyson will reveal where the second shoes is. Kenzi sighs as she looks at Dyson, telling him: “What did you just do?”

After still another commercial, Bo is still within Dyson’s memories and is placing flowers at Flora’s grave, promising that no one will suffer as she did, promising to hide the shoes where no one will find them. Lauren then appears out of thin air and she calls out to Bo. Bo cannot accept that Lauren is there, seeing her as Flora instead of as Lauren as her memories and that of Dyson continue to mix. Lauren tells Bo this and then Bo sees the boxing coach walk nearby again. Bo calls out to him and he stops before raising what appears to be Dyson’s championship boxing belt above his head. Then Kenzi appears for an instant asking Bo to try some ice cream before she vanishes. Bo is confused and asks Lauren what is happening, Lauren pleading with Bo to cut her red string. Bo exclaims there is nothing to come back for, but Lauren tells Bo: “There’s Dyson. He needs you.” Bo then looks down to see that she is now holding the championship belt and then she exclaims that she knows what Dyson is trying to tell her and removes the string from her leg before waking up in the real world once more. Bo comes to see that Lauren is asleep and is in Dyson’s memories and she panics, knowing that a human cannot exist for long within those memories. Bo moves to remove the string from Lauren, but then sees the message Lauren left telling her not to do so. Lauren then mumbles: “Don’t cut the string.” Out of desperation, Bo kisses Lauren and she awakes, telling Bo that she cut her own string to escape. Bo asks Lauren: “Are you still… you?” Lauren asks Bo to say something, Bo’s answer is: “I know how to save Dyson.”

The scene then returns to the Una Mens, a monk telling the leader that the shoe is not where Dyson claimed it to be. Bo then enters and comments: “Get a map dweebs. I just got there first.” Bo tells Dyson that she found the shoe encased inside of his championship belt, which was wrapped in his jock strap.” Dyson smiles: “It was clean.” Kenzi prods Dyson telling him it was “Stephen Hawking clever.” Bo tells the Una Mens to release both Dyson and Kenzi and she will give the shoe to them. One of the guards speaks to the leader of the Una Mens saying in Latin: “Death. I find. The unity.” Bo recognizes the voice and moves to confront the man. Removing his mask, she finds it is the same man who set up Dyson in the past. Bo then confronts the leader of the Una Mens, telling her that she ordered Crater to get the shoes at any cost.” The leader of the Una Mens comments: “She is more than we expected.” Bo replies: “Well, I’m glad you finally got the memo.” Bo closes the space between them as she says: “Dyson is not guilty of murder. You are. Now. Do you want the shoe or not?”

After the final commercial, Bo, Kenzi, Dyson, Lauren and Hale arriving at the Dal Riata together. Hale comments: “That was too close and I like close. Close shave. Glenn Close. Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” Kenzi answers: “Amen.” Lauren comments: “Neurosurgery I can do. Walking and eating I have problems with.” Kenzi happily exclaims: “The gang is all back together!” Bo answers” “Someone, somewhere, tied a red string of fate around all of us.” Lauren tells Bo that according to legend, the string is meant for only two people, but Bo tells Lauren that it “Makes me feel all fuzzy inside. Like we belong together. Destiny only takes you so far. Staying together takes work.” Hale tells Kenzi that she “looked cute” in the monk’s robe she was forced to west when she was imprisoned. Bo turns to Dyson and comments that he seems quiet. Dyson replies: “That was intimate. You. In me for once.” Bo answers: “You have such a way with words.” Dyson tells Bo that he could feel her in his memories and he could “send you a message without even knowing it.” Bo comments: “Our minds work well together.” Dyson replies: “Yes they do.” Kenzi then interrupts and asks what happened after Flora was buried.

The scene moves to the past, with Dyson and Trick meeting. Trick comments: “I didn’t think you would come.” Dyson tells Trick that he couldn’t save Flora, but Trick tells Dyson that he tried whig means something. Dyson replies that “Trying is not enough. Trying doesn’t bring her back.” Dyson calls himself worthless but Trick tells Dyson that he has been lost, and he himself has been as well. Trick tells Dyson that he does not wish to fight any longer. He tells Dyson of his plan to start a Fae colony in the New World which will be a better life for all of them. Dyson asks Trick: “Why me?” Trick tells Dyson that he is “oure of heart. A Soldier. A Shifter.” Trick reveals that he knows about Dyson’s past, of his walking away from the king that betrayed him. Trick also tells Dyson that they cannot do what they must alone and rolls up his sleeves adding: “No matter how powerful we may seem.” Dyson watches as Trick’s veins in his arms shift and bubble with power before whispering: “The Blood King.” Dyson is confused, telling Trick that he disappeared many years ago and many think him dead. Trick replies that he would like to “keep it that way.” Trick tells Dyson that he is a hero, that it is written and it is Dyson’s destiny. Dyson nods slightly before answering: “Destiny is nothing without action.” Kneeling to put himself at Trick’s level, Dyson bares one of his arms and touches it to one of Trick’s swearing fealty to the Blood King.

Returning to the present, Kenzi comments: “Well look how you turned out.” Dyson tells Kenzi: “Trick is the true saviour.” Bo disagrees and Dyson tells Bo that Trick does not know about the mark on her chest. Lauren questions this but Bo brushes the questions aside calling them “beside the point.” Bo then explains that she is: “Done tiptoeing around around this. He is the Blood King, he’s my grandfather. Why hasn’t he helped me to figure out why I was taken?” Hale tells Bo that Trick is always trying to protect her, but Kenzi calls that “Bullshit” and that Trick is scared of something. Bo then lists: “The shoes. The one who wanders. Why didn’t you or Trick tell me about this connection before?” Dyson replies: “Because I couldn’t remember until now. Something… Blacked it out.” Bo sighs as she answers: “Well… Seems to be a lot of that going around.” Bo declares: “We need to find The Wanderer. Find out why he took me. Why I’m Dark.” Lauren asks how thet can get to him and Bo’s answer is: “Something he wants. Something that he has always wanted.” Bo turns to Dyson and asks where the second hellshoe is, and he tells her that Angel has it, who is a “fellow shifter” and that he told her to flee and keep the shoe hidden and to wait for the true hero.

The final image of the episode is of Bo looking at Dyson and saying: “I think we’re all done waiting. Cause here I come.”


Fade to black…


Well… It wasn’t the worst episode by far, but in my mind it was about equal to the previous week’s. Oh there were moments that were funny and oddly interesting, especially between Bo in Dyson’s body and Lauren… err… Flora. I think the one thing that was the most telling was just how far back the Una Mens have been around and what they do in order to serve their goals. They claim to uphold the Blood Laws, but what they did in the past? It doesn’t ring true and really it was a way for Dyson, Kenzi and Hale to be rescued.

I did find that the “new” Cassie was interesting. She wasn’t the airhead that she seemed to be in the first season and that, I think, made her really the most interesting character after the main cast. The things she said were important and they pose some questions that need to be answered. There was real fear in her, and that told a lot about the current situation that the series has.

The idea of the “hell shoes” is interesting. It does leave the door open to the question if Bo is, in fact, the one they are meant for and if she isn’t then what happens? I can sort of see the final episode of the season ending on the cliff hanger of her putting on the shoes and beginning to speak as the episode fades to black. It would be something that I would expect considering how, so far, several episodes have been ended on cliffhangers. Which don’t go really anywhere, but that’s another story isn’t it?

There was a certain oddity in Bo living through Dyson’s past in that she really shouldn’t have been able to turn the path of Dyson’s memories as much as she did. It was Dyson, but there was a lot of Bo-isms in that which seemed wrong. Mind you the expression on Bo when she was with Flora? The confusion was really priceless I think. The thing is… This idea has been used before in the series and repeating ideas like this isn’t a good sign. No, it wasn’t repeated exactly, but the whole “let’s go back in your memories to solve a crime” thing has been done. There has to be something better than that story to be told.

Possibly the most riveting moment was Kenzi being imprisoned with Dyson. Their conversation, the moments shared, the secrets told… That was really gripping and I can hope for so much more in the future between them. I still wonder about the entire “Shadow Thief” thing and I have this image in my mind of Kenzi looking like a Ninja. That would be something wouldn’t it?

It also was good to see Trick meeting Dyson for the first time and what they went through. It was quite powerful to see a warrior like Dyson brought to the edge of despair and then turned from it with a purpose. We haven’t got a lot of deep background on many of the main characters really and there’s a lot to be told I feel. Hopefully it will be as time goes on.

But the thing is that the main story felt flat. There was no passion in it, and I’m sorry but watching Bo and/or Dyson having sex with Lauren does not put passion into the story, it puts titillation into the story but that alone cannot make me enjoy it. Yes Dyson’s past was interesting, but it was so draw out over the episode that the current world things going on weren’t really touched on. Seeing what the Una Mens were planning, or going to see Trick as The New Acting Ash. That could have been interesting. But having to deal with a lot of atmosphere before anything happens is troubling.

I don’t like wasting time, especially when the season is only thirteen episodes. Stop wasting it, and focus on the story please? It will make for better television. Oh and will you also get rid of that “last time on Lost Girll” thing at the beginning? The viewers of the series know what’s going on so how about rewarding them instead of belittling them?

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo… Not much in the way of being a Succubus. And I have real problems with the eunuch being immune to her powers/ Beyond that, the uncomfortableness of being in Dyson’s body was too funny and I feather enjoyed that.

Dyson…The past Dyson was… really not that interesting as a character. It was much more interesting in the here and now to see him with Kenzi and protecting her and thinking about her first. The old Dyson would just make me cringe honestly.

Kenzi… She really does need to turn off her cellphone when she’s undercover. But the moments with Dyson were she dropped the brave face to the world were really telling. I do want to know what a Shadow Thief is and I think she’s be great at it. Kenzi line of the week: “Imminent death, hair frizzing humidity. Ah what a snooze fest!”

Trick. Not much of him this week, but what little there was told a very important story. Really liked this part of the episode.

Hale. Not much for Hale to do this time. Though seeing him be angry was a shock honestly. I wish that he was Ash.

Lauren. Putting the sensors on Bo was cute, and her strength in protecting Bo and Dyson was quite good.

Tamsin: Somewhere out there…

The Una Mens: Lie, lie, bigger lie, still bigger lie, but we don’t do that so ignore that. Ugh.

Cassie: I remember her from the First Season episode she appeared in and, honestly, I like the older Cassie a bunch more than the younger one. I’d like to know what she’s been through, something really changed and I’d like to know what that is.

The rest of the characters were… flavouring really. They just didn’t stick in my memories…

Just not really all that interesting to be as a whole and it just dragged on and on…


My Review of La Fae Époque

Keeping my interest – 1 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 1 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 4 Pitchforks

Storyline – 4 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 4 Pitchforks

Mythos – 4 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 3.0 Pitchforks out of 5


Two episodes in a row where I found myself more interested in watching paint dry isn’t a good thing. That’s being a little unfair I admit, but really the long establishing shots, the drawn out scenes of nothing going on are getting to be really in the way of telling the story and they shouldn’t. Overall it was mostly a stand alone episode with a little dash of an important bit of background in it.

While that helped a little, it didn’t make up for long scenes of… nothing. Walking around, running around, watching someone sing. I understand that it adds to the story, but it was far too long and to distracting when the story needed to focus. When it did so, yes, the story was really interesting. But as a whole that only makes up for a quarter of the episode. And it shouldn’t.

Very little Succubus action in the episode save for three seconds at the beginning of it. As I have said, I had problems with the eunuch being immune to Bo’s powers because sexuality is in the mind and the body. Removing one really doesn’t mean that you don’t care about that any more. I am expecting that this fact will come into play later on in the season when Bo confronts the Una Mens.

The setting in the past was really well done, it looked and felt right and you could tell a lot of work was put into that. The Una Mens home is still too dark and there’s a lot of detail there that gets covered up by the darkness in the room and that’s a shame. Perhaps they can turn up the lights a little.

I gave the storyline high marks because it matters to how Dyson became who he is. Taking out the pauses and delays in the episode, the stories themselves were really interesting. It’s a shame that they couldn’t just focus on the stories more than they did.

The background told of Dyson and Trick added a lot to their characters and explained some questions that have been floating around since the first season. That was a good thing by far. It also was good to see that the Kenzi/Dyson plot seems to be moving as well. Hale’s character showed backbone, Lauren proved where her loyalties lie, all of that was important to see. It saved the episode from being much less that it could have been.

The shoes are a nice touch to the series mythos and they will I am sure be around in the season finale. For good or bad we’ll have to see. Another new Fae, a woodland one, was a nice touch, and seeing how the Una Mens have been around for so long and their schemes and plans told a lot too. Again, without this the episode is a lot less as a whole.

I didn’t snooze through most of the episode, but it was really close…


Next Week: Groundhog Fae

Bo’s friends are too busy celebrating Yule to notice she’s missing. But when the night starts repeating itself, Bo makes it her mission to stop it. Meanwhile, Lauren and Dyson disagree over a mysterious package addressed to Bo.

I hate to say this. Really I do. But… seriously a Christmas themed episode? Really? Seriously? Is this the sign that the series has jumped the shark? If Trick appears dressed up like an elf I will scream. In pain mind you, but I will scream. The one thing about the series is that really the majority of the episodes can be put at any point in the year and they’ll work. But it just is so wrong to have a Christmas themed episode.

Considering the balance of the episode tease, is it really necessary to have the episode at Christmas? This could happen anytime and anywhere and it would not need to be at Christmas. Save for, I know, some awkward moments between the characters and of course the end of episode toast where they celebrate them being friends. Really this series isn’t Friends, so why are we going there?

This feels like another wasted episode for the most part and it shouldn’t be. The end of the season is coming, there isn’t a lot of time to tell stories, and we have to spend an episode with… well.. Stupid time tricks? Where is the progress in the overall season? Where is The Wanderer? Why isn’t Bo going after those darned shoes?

All of those are clear and interesting plots but we’re not going that way. No, where we are going is for a cheesy episode that will amount to nothing, do nothing and be nothing. What about the Una Mens? They have Bo that knows they aren’t exactly being what and who they are, they have Hale who openly defied them. Then there is Kenzi and Lauren who they can’t seem to figure out what they want to do with. I still cannot see, from my point of view, why the Una Mens really had to be there this year. The Wanderer still remains to over aching plot and the Una Mens are a sideshow with nothing going for it.

Then there is The Morrigan plot, again which isn’t going anywhere either. What about the favour that Kenzi owes her? What about Lauren’s seeming plotting against The Morrigan? Those plots could fill an entire episode by themselves and be a lot more interesting than this “Deck the Halls” episode that seems to be coming.

If they manage to move The Wanderer plot forward after this, I will be impressed. Because the episode tease doesn’t give me any confidence at all…




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    • James on December 27, 2013 at 2:52 pm

    Americans use/make/consume enough popcorn each year to fill the Empire State Building 18 times . . . and I think Your Majesty may be using more just throwing it at the TV thirteen weeks a year.

    You hinted twice that you think the series may be running out of ideas. Maybe it is only meant to run as long as the world popcorn supply holds out . . . *winking*

    • avatar
    • Pocong on December 28, 2013 at 12:21 am

    In that case, Lost Girl will live forever. It’ll live on past nations, past The Simpsons, past the heat death of the whole universe because corn is limitless. Corn can grow everywhere and do anything, and it often does. It can replace sugar, gasoline, and even people! Hell, I’m actually eight stalks of corn wrapped in a funeral sheet.

    I’m really reaching for something to talk about because this season has been kind of a slog.

    • avatar
    • TeraS on January 8, 2014 at 8:34 pm

    That really might be an issue you know my heart…



    • avatar
    • TeraS on January 8, 2014 at 8:35 pm

    You know Pocong, that’s the worst thing of all about the season… When in the others it hasn’t been so and now it is… That’s the biggest shame of all…


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