Dec 25 2013

I’ll Be Charmed for Christmas – Tera’s 2013 Succubi Christmas Manip

A little bit late, but this is my 2013 Succubi Christmas manip for you all… The song is based on “I’ll be home for Christmas”, but its been changed to: “I’ll Be Charmed for Christmas”…


I'll Be Charmed for Christmas by TeraS

I’ll Be Charmed for Christmas by TeraS


And you can also find this image here: https://www.succubus.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/IllBeCharmedForChristmas.jpg


And, the song, for those that wish to read it here…


Dreaming of serving my succubi

even more then I usually do

and although I long to cum at her touch,

I promise you . . .

I’ll be charmed for Christmas.

She’ll ensorcell me [or “She will spellbind me”]

with a sweet slow and sexy show

and take me by the tree.

Christmas Eve will find her

drawing out my screams.

I’ll be had for Christmas,

fulfilling all my dreams.

I’ll be charmed for Christmas;

sexy succubi

gyrates to grind my muddled mind

into her Yuletide pie.

Christmas Eve, she’ll take me

‘til with sweat we shine.

I’ll be charmed for Christmas

and hear her growl, “your mine!”

and hear her growl, “your mine!”

Happy Christmas to one and all!


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