December 22, 2013 archive

Hypnopics-Collective Emergency Notice

This message is for Collective members looking for information about the site:   Updates can be found at the Collective Twitter Feed: We also have a Tumblr page at: Currently, the point at which the Collective will be up again is not known. You can check for updates as well, but at this time there are …

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A Review of The Celibate Succubus by Barton Paul Levenson

The Celibate Succubus by Barton Paul Levenson

One of the things that I think about, quite a lot actually, is the question of what do the “higher powers” think of Succubi. The question of what they see Succubi as, if they have a place in the universe where they are loved for themselves and not what others believe they are. Mixed with …

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