Does the Lost Girl need singing lessons?

It’s starting to become a real problem on Lost Girl that there is a lot of wasted screen time. By that I mean, for example, two to five minutes of watching someone lip-synch an aria when there could be some movement on the plots of the episode, or series for that matter. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel that this season the series is losing its way and isn’t focusing on things. I still have the worst feeling that at the end of the season, or the beginning of the next that this entire season will be one dream sequence for Bo. I really hope not if for only having Kenzi and Hale together… And if Hale dies… Well, then there will be a lot of writers having themselves pitchforked… a lot.

The sixth episode of the fourth season, also episode fifty-four of the Lost Girl TV series was this week. Lauren and The Morrigan share a pizza… and a kiss. Dyson finds out that Bo being Dark might make their sex life a little more challenging while Kenzi and Hale finally have “the talk” and Kenzi gets Hale’s hat….

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This is the sixth review of the fourth season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo finds that the Dal Riata is really the best…


Of All the Gin Joints


The episode opens with what appears to be an opera singer performing her art to an empty concert hall with the exception of a single individual who is watching her perform. Upon completing her performance, the single person in the audience, a man, gives her a round of applause before the singer bows and then turns away to be met by an assistant who helps her leave the stage. On her way out of the concert hall, she stumbles and then uses her voice to stun the person helping her who falls to the floor. She then flees down a flight of stairs before running away from the concert hall. The assistant who had been incapacitated by the singer, revives himself long enough to use a whistle that produces a high pitched squeal. The sound causes the singer to fall to her knees in pain for a moment, but the assistant loses consciousness again, the sound ends, and the singer continues her escape a moment later.

The scene then moves to the Dal Riata where Bo (Anna Silk) and Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) are at the bar. Kenzi reads a note from Tamsin which cryptically says that Tamsin has had to leave to do something she finds important. Kenzi comments: “Kids… They are as cryptic as…” and Bo finishes the sentence with: “a signature on a Dark Fae contract?” Kenzi tells Bo that Tamsin is following her heart as Bo bemoans: “Can you really know yourself without memory? How can you know what you want?” Kenzi and Bo then hold hands, each telling the other that they have no idea what they would do without the other. At that moment the singer from earlier in the episode stumbles into the Dal Riata in what seems to be obvious pain, falling to the floor a moment later. Bo and Kenzi rush over to help her, Bo helping the singer to a place to sit down and Kenzi rushing over to a nearby table to grab a glass of water, and take a sip of one of the male Fae’s drinks there telling them: “Toll for being non helping douche-balls!” and taking the water to the singer. The singer then looks at Bo and exclaims: “You!” before speaking in rapid-fire Russian for a short time. Kenzi tells Bo that the singer is saying “I can’t believe I found you!” Bo is confused as she claims not to know the singer. The singer continues to speak, Kenzi translating her words as: “I came! Just like she told me to!” Bo asks who the singer is talking about and the singer tells Bo, in English, “You did.”

After the opening credits, we find the singer in Trick’s lair with Trick (Richard Howland) looking after her as she rests. After doing so for a short time he moves to the lock box which contains the seed from the sacred papyrus plant which the Uns Mens are in search of, as well as Trick, and hides it away as Bo enters. Trick then names the singer as being Ianka, and that she needs to rest. Bo tells Trick that she needs to find out why a woman she has never met believes that Bo told her to come and see her. When Trick blocks her way Bo pleads: “Pretty please?” but Trick tells Bo that Ianka is an Alchemist Fae who are a very delicate descendant of what Trick calls Bird People. Trick explains that running in the cold may have strained Ianka’s vocal cords and that is a problem because it is the way that Alchemist Fae feed as their singing evokes powerful memories which they draw in and feed upon. Bo asks what memories and Trick replies that Ianka can bring good and bad memories to the fore with her singing and certain songs can also kill and as well they can kill themselves with their singing if they are not careful. Bo relents but asks Trick to tell her when “Liza Faenelli” wakes up so she can talk to her.

Elsewhere Lauren (Zoie Palmer) is packing up her things in her Light Fae apartment as she prepares to leave them as she now has joined the Dark Fae. As she dances to some music, The Morrigan (Emmanuelle Vaugier) enters, dressed very casually, and turns the music down, telling Lauren that she “would have killed at Studio 54. Just like I killed the busboy that served me tonic instead of soda.” Lauren asks The Morrigan what she wants and is told that The Morrigan came over to help Lauren move, but: “Clearly we have something more pressing to work on.” A long moment passes and then The Morrigan continues: “Your hostessing skills. They suck ass Disco Queen.” Lauren replies that she didn’t expect The Morrigan to “just show up with… pizza… and beer.” The Morrigan replies: “What’s a moving day party without some ‘za and something from my own personal micro brewery.” She hands Lauren a bottle of beer and Lauren reads the label, commenting: “Oh wow. Dark Belch.” The Morrigan answers: “I was going through a red neck phase. They were delicious so, no regrets.” then she adds: “And please, if we are going to be working together, call me Evony.” When The Morrigan pushes a stack of boxes to the side with her hip, Lauren panics slightly and asks her to be careful. When asked what is in the box, Lauren claims, sheepishly, that it is her entire Star Trek DVD collection and her con collectible action figures. This brings a smile to The Morrigan who comments: “Oh honey, I obviously came just in time.” before turning away and opening the bag she had been carrying and then handing to Lauren a small stack of what appears to be old books.

Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) is sitting at the bar in the Dal Riata as Bo approaches him and comments: “The prodigal wolf returns.” Dyson replies: “Rode for two days straight” and Bo answers: “Yeah, that’s what I said.” After a moment, Dyson tells Bo that he believes that Lauren has joined the Dark Fae, this news obviously troubling him greatly. Bo replies: “You’re going to giggle. Really. You are. But, as it turns out. So did I.” Dyson is shocked by Bo’s admission and demands to know why Bo has done so and she tries to explain to him: “I was forced okay? By The Wanderer or whoever the bastard is.” Dyson promises Bo that they can “fix this” and tells Bo that he thinks that he knows where they can start doing so, but Bo interrupts him by drawing Dyson into a kiss and replying: “So do I.” The kiss breaks and Dyson tells Bo that now that she is Dark and he is Light they cannot be together and asks if she understands that. However Bo takes Dyson into one of the back rooms of the Dal Riata and the two begin to have some “rough” sex, Bo being in control of Dyson as this continues until Trick walks in on them, crying out: “Balls of Minotaur!” and slamming the door he entered through closed. As they dress, Trick looks the other way and asks: “What wrong with you two? Light and Dark cannot fraternize!” Dyson tells Trick that he is aware of this as Bo kisses him, and Trick tells them both they need to be smarter than what they are doing as “the Una Mens are everywhere.” Bo looks at Trick and says in a harsh voice: “So close the door on your way out.” Trick is shocked but replies: “No, you get your brain out of each other’s pants and my barrel room.” Trick then tells Bo that Ianka is awake and that she should not aggravate her before Bo storms out of the room to see Ianka.

Bo returns to Trick’s lair where she sees Ianka who is awake and tending to herself as Bo enters. Ianka tells Bo that she is her hero and that she is “so happy I found you.” Bo tells Ianka that she is glad that she is alright, but adds that she has no idea what Ianka is talking about as she has never met her. Ianka claims that Bo came to see her after she sang for Bo, telling Ianka that her singing “touched her so deeply.” Bo asks where this happened and Ianka tries to tell Bo where that was, but can only tell Bo that she made her promise to escape, to come to the Dal Riata even though Ianka told Bo that doing so was impossible. When Bo replies that she does not understand what Ianka is talking about, Ianka then begins to sing an aria which triggers hidden memories within Bo. The first is Bo running through a field, backwards, the second is of Bo waking up in bed on the Death Train and asking “What the hell?” before the aria ends and Bo comes out of her memories. Ianka asks if it was a good memory, but Bo tells her that it was “vague and weird, but it was a clue, a real clue.” Bo asks Ianka to sing more, but she refuses telling Bo that they agreed that if Ianka would sing for Bo then Bo would get what Ianka wants most of all: “Freedom.”

After the first commercial break, we return to find Bo confronting Ianka, telling her that she cannot hold Bo’s memories hostage. Ianka tells Bo that she has her memories and that Ianka only has the key to unlock them. Bo stalks towards Ianka and demands that she gives up the key, her eyes glowing, but Ianka brings Bo up short saying: “People talk about the Succubus. That you are different. But you are just like the others.” This snaps Bo out of her moment and she apologizes to Ianka saying: “Lately I’ve been feeling so lost.” Bo then asks what Ianka means by others and is told that she is being held by what she calls a wealthy and powerful Bourak and that she is allowed to sing only for him which means that she is starving and cannot feed, begging Bo to allow her to sing for an audience and have a true feeding that would revive her by singing what Ianka calls her “famous aria.” Bo comments: “I guess I’m more of a Black Eyed Peas kind of girl.” Ianka replies: “Neither regret the past nor fear the future.” Bo tells Ianka that the words are “beautiful” but they mean nothing to her. Ianka tells Bo that she told her that she would not remember anything, but then insists that Bo look in the hilt of her knife for proof. Bo does so which reveals a hidden compartment. Within it Bo finds a note in her own handwriting to herself. The note reads: “Ianka. You will sing for me and I will bring you freedom.” There is the shoot of Ianka’s name from the Dal Riata above and she panics, telling Bo that “he” is there.

Bo returns upstairs to find Damber (Alex Karzis) crying out for “my Ianka” to be returned to him immediately. Bo confronts him and warns that Ianka is not a thing and he does not own her. He tells Bo that Ianka has been part of his family for centuries, but Bo answers: “Lincoln threw down slavery and it went the way of the dodo.” Damber refuses and demands that Bo bring her to him immediately instead, but Bo then claims that Ianka left. He tells Bo that she has not and shows Bo what appears to be a tracking device of some kind that is apparently linked to the necklace that Ianka wears. When Bo threatens to remove it, she is also told that trying to do so will make the necklace choke Ianka to death. Bo asks him for permission for Ianka to sing her “famous aria” for an audience, but he says that it would be wasted on the “masses” and that Bo is insulting him. Bo then tries a different tack and tells him: “People speak of your generosity. Your benevolence.” and he claims to be both. Bo then tells him: “When the public finds out that you deprived them of a performance by Ianka, they will see who you truly are.” Damber’s ego then gets the better of him and he answers that he had not made up his mind to do so or not, but will allow Ianka to sing but he requires: “A private room, a bottle of Scapa 25 single malt, and a place to sit that isn’t so… sticky.” Bo’s answer is: “I can do less sticky.”

Returning to Lauren and The Morrigan, Lauren is examining the books she has been given and comments: “The personal and professional journals of Charles Mayo, Albert Einstein and Marie Curie. How?” The Morrigan replies: “Marie turned out to be a real axe wound so I stole her diaries as a joke. Mayo’s I dug up from under Jimmy Hoffa and Einstein’s? Picked that up at a garage sale.” Lauren is shocked that The Morrigan goes to garage sales, but The Morrigan explains with a laugh: “You would not believe the shit humans will sell for a few sawbucks. My Van Gogh, my Stradivarius, two Faberge eggs. Stuff that Faberge would lose his shit if he knew.” Lauren asks if all of the people that The Morrigan spoke of were Fae and asks if all of the journals are from the Fae. Instead of answering, The Morrigan returns to her bag and removes more books and gives them to Lauren as well before adding: “There are hundreds more in the archives.” Lauren opens one of the new books she has been given and after reading a passage dated in 1830 which talks about experiments on humans comments that doing so is typical Dark Fae callousness, but The Morrigan replies: “The hubris of your kind. That doctor was not Fae.” Lauren is slightly chastised by this and answers: “Well. Although I am very proud of my profession I have not always agreed with the methods of my forefathers.” The Morrigan questions this and then lists many of the advances that had been made through human experiments in the past and the greater good that doing so gave to humanity as a whole and that: “Medicine on humans is best researched on humans” as she takes a slice of pizza. Lauren calls The Morrigan’s thoughts “outdated” and that computers are used to drive knowledge forwards as well as mentioning that organs and other samples can be grown in laboratories. The Morrigan interrupts and offers a compromise of cloning someone and then experimenting on the clone instead. Lauren is less than impressed by this idea and tells The Morrigan that she cannot make her do so. The Morrigan tells Lauren to “calm down and have a drink” before opening one of the bottles of beer she brought with her and offering it to Lauren. She then explains: “Look. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. But I want you to feel free.” Lauren scoffs at this wondering about morals and ethics which The Morrigan claims are “overrated” but she also claims that if they are important to Lauren then she can respect that. Lauren then tells her, very clearly: “If I agree to work with the Dark Fae it will have to be on my own terms.” The Morrigan answers: “Fine. Right. Scout’s honour.”

At the Dal Riata, Trick approaches Kenzi and asks her to leave as Ianka’s signing can hurt humans. Kenzi refuses, telling Trick that she has managed to survive Trick’s music so she should be able to survive Ianka’s as well. Hale (K.C. Collins) appears nearby and seems to be looking for someone. Kenzi sees Hale walking towards her and prepares herself to talk to him, but Hale passes Kenzi by and instead goes to see Ianka who is nearby. Ianka greets Hale very happily as Trick and Kenzi watch. Kenzi is then seen talking to Bo about Hale and Ianka knowing each other, Kenzi bemoaning that Ianka is “Famous and beautiful and Russian and she is also obnoxious and vain and stuck up and you know that singer in Russian actually means whore? Except it doesn’t.” As Kenzi and Bo take their seats with the assembled audience to listen to Ianka’s singing, Bo tells Kenzi that Ianka is the key to her memories. A curtain opens on the Dal Riata’s stage and Ianka begins her performance moments later. As Ianka performs, Bo has a flashback to one of her missing memories. The memory is of Bo on the Death Train lifting a cover from a serving tray and finding that it had covered what appears to be some kind of crown with Bo’s true name, Isabeau, written upon it. Bo stares at this for a moment and then throws the tray and crown to the floor in anger. Back in the Dal Riata, Bo comments to herself: “I’m on a train… I can almost see his face…” But then the music suddenly ends and a man is standing beside Ianka and holding one of her arms. The man announces that Ianka has a bomb around her neck and that he holds the trigger.

After another commercial, Bo asks the man who he is, but the answer is given by Damber who announces that the man is named Marcus (Colin Lawrence) and that Marcus is a Camazotz Mayan Bat Warrior who has come for Ianka before, but Damber had stole her back and this has been going on for some time apparently. Damber explains that in Camazotz, Ianka’s singing brings memories of battles won which “bolsters their army.” Damber then warns Marcus that his provocation will lead to another war if Damber so orders his people to do so. Trick then interrupts warning: “Any unrest will bring attention from the Una Mens.” Ianka then seemingly begins to faint, but Marcus catches her before she can do so. Bo warns Marcus that Ianka has been weakened by her singing and she needs to rest otherwise she will die.

Ianka is then seen back in Trick’s lair resting while Marcus hovers nearby watching her and the others in the room with them. As Trick diverts the attention of those in the room, Bo wonders how they might be able to remove the necklace from Ianka. Trick tells Bo that the crystals in the necklace are not crystal but Atlantean Quartz, which was once thought to ignite volcanic eruptions. Bo asks how they might be able to defuse the situation and Trick explains that they need to freeze the quartz to do so, but only liquid volcanic argon can do so. Bo then tells Trick that she will send Kenzi to get what they need at “The liquid volcanic argon store.”

Meanwhile back at Lauren’s apartment, she and The Morrigan appear to be slightly drunk. The Morrigan urging Lauren to do some Star Trek. Lauren does a “Doctor’s Log” in which she talks about talking to The Morrigan and that she seems suspiciously human. The Morrigan questions this, asking if it is because she has feelings. Lauren tells her that “empathy and compassion are two things I would not normally associate with you.” Lauren wonders if she is drunk and looks at the bottle in surprise as she realizes that it is 25% alcohol. Kenzi then appears and greets Lauren: “Hello alternate reality Lauren? I’d like to talk to the real Lauren. Please go get her thank you.” When Kenzi finishes, The Morrigan offers her a beer, asking if she would: “Like a Belch?”

Back at the Dal Riata, Hale visits with Ianka, commenting that she seems to be looking better. Ianka tells Hale: “It’s good to see a face from the past” and talks about her past with Hale, mentioning the pranks they used to play together, and remembering one that involved something called a sonic meteorite which they used to call someone and ask if their refrigerator was running, then completing the joke incorrectly before hanging up on them, the memory making them both laugh. Ianka then apologizes, saying that she is still very weak, but thanking Hale for his visit before he turns to leave.

Lauren has found a container of liquid volcanic argon and hands it to Kenzi while asking: “Okay, explain this to me again. You and Bo need liquid argon to add to the barrels of your homemade merlot in order to avoid oxidation?” Kenzi’s answer is: “Yup! Nothing to worry about. A good old home hooch. Looks like you got something new too. You guys like moving in together?” Lauren tells Kenzi that they are just talking and since Lauren’s old apartment belongs to the light, “Evony helped to find Lauren a new loft in the city.” Kenzi is surprised that Lauren is calling The Morrigan by her real name, calling it “weird” before taking a sniff of the beer that Lauren has been drinking and commenting: “This doesn’t smell like Kool Aid.” Lauren asks about Bo and Kenzi replies: “Good. You know, black smoke and gargoyles and clear Atlantean quartz. The usual. But… But she misses you. We all do.” Kenzi then turns to leave, but Lauren stops her, asking: “Did you say clear Atlantean quartz?”

Back in Trick’s lair, Bo approaches Ianka and Marcus, but he tells Bo to stay where she is. Bo questions if Marcus really wants to hurt Ianka, but his answer is “I want what I want.” and then demands that Bo leave the room as he activates the device which will detonate the Atlantean quartz, Bo doing so a moment later after promising Ianka that she will not let anything happen to her. After Bo leaves, Marcus is seen sitting next to Ianka while Hale watches from a hidden spot nearby. Bo meets with Dyson who is working on Damber’s transmitter, changing it to a receiver so they can hear what Marcus is saying to Ianka. After getting it to work, they hear some bits of conversation which are not clear or really understandable save for the very end when Marcus realizes that someone is listening to them and the sound of the device he holds to kill Ianka is heard to activate throughout the Dal Riata. Bo and Dyson rush out into the main bar and Bo yells out for everyone to take cover.

After another commercial break, Bo is seen laying on the floor as Kenzi crawls up to her and asks what she has missed. Bo is confused and wonders why there was no explosion. Kenzi answers that question by telling Bo that “there is no fire in it” and “It’s dead, done, a fake, just like the Mayan apocalypse. God what a rip that was.” As the rest of the Fae in the Dal Riata run away, Kenzi explains: “The transparency of the necklace proves its in volatility.” Bo asks Kenzi: “Now you’re telling me?” Kenzi shrugs and replies: “I’m channeling Doctor Lauren.” Bo smiles as she says: “Oh yeah right, how is she?” Kenzi pauses for a moment before walking away from Bo and commenting: “Good. In a general alone sense” before asking if Bo has seen Hale. Bo tells Kenzi that Hale is “around… probably.” Kenzi tells Bo that she is going to find him, Bo just answering “Okay.” as Kenzi leaves. Dyson enters and tells Bo that Ianka and Marcus have both disappeared. Bo wonders where they have gone and Dhyson wonders what they were doing behind the curtain which Ianka had appeared from behind for her performance. Bo confronts Damber and demands to know what is going on but Damber claims to have no idea what the answer is. Bo is not satisfied with that answer and feeds on Damber, taking some of his Chi and placing him under her control. Damber tells Bo that when his family stole Ianka back from Marcus, Ianka was not the same as she had been. There was a distance between them and something had changed in her. Bo realizes that Ianka was never afraid of Marcus and poses the question if he and Ianka are partners. The only thing that Damber can tell Bo is that Marcus is a radical and cares only about hate. Bo forces Damber to his knees before telling him to leave. Dyson calls out to Bo and shows her where Trick hid what Dyson calls an Omni transmitter with which Markus could transmit anything from anywhere. Bo asks if Dyson can fix cars as well and he tells Bo: “Who do you think has been changing your spark plugs?” Bo smiles and tells Dyson that she “loves this side of you.” Bo then realizes that Ianka and Marcus are in love and that was the thing that was driving their plans. When Dyson asks what the transmitter is for, Bo realizes that they would never be allowed to be together and Markus must be planning with Ianka to use her “death note” to kill them all and thus free Ianka from their hold on her. When Dyson asks where they could do so, Bo remembers a place on Damber’s estate with what she calls sonic rocks. Bo leaves to stop the plans and Dyson leaves to warn the Bambers. Before Bo can leave, Kenzi arrives and tells Bo that Hale has vanished as well. Bo stares at Kenzi in shock and when Kenzi asks: “What?” Bo tells her that Ianka can hurt Fae with their voices. Kenzi asks if Bo means “dead hurt” and when Bo does not reply, Kenzi insists on going with Bo to stop Ianka telling Bo: “This is not a discussion. Hale is gone and I haven’t even told him that I…” Bo stops Kenzi, telling her: “I know.”

Returning from yet another commercial, Bo and Kenzi rush to stop Ianka and Marcus before they can complete their plans. Bo tells them that they have warned everyone about Ianka going to sing her death note, but Ianka is confused by this. Ianka claims that she and Marcus only wish to be together, but Bo asks about the transmitter, which Ianka claims is to be used to tell Marcus’ family about the love they share. When Ianka offers Marcus her hand, she is told by him: “Some things are bigger than love.” Ianka refuses to do has he asks and tries to leave, but Marcus uses a whistle like the one which incapacitated Ianka in the beginning of the episode to stop her from leaving. However, in the next moment Hale arrives and uses his Siren voice to cause Marcus to stop doing so. Dropping the whistle, Marcus then points a weapon at Ianka which forces Hale to stop his attack. Kenzi asks Bo to help, and she steps in front of Hale which Kenzi tells Bo was not what she had in mind. Marcus warns that if he hears anything other than Ianka singing the death note he will use the weapon to kill everyone there. Bo tells everyone to leave, Hale tells Kenzi to leave, but Kenzi refuses to do so without Hale. Ianka then steps in front of Bo which makes Bo comment: “What is this? Soul Train?” Ianka tries to reason with Marcus, but he refuses to listen to her, at one point telling her to: “Sing already you bitch.” In doing so Marcus seals his own fate and Ianka begins to sing a death note, but it is for Marcus. As she does so, Marcus falls to his knees in pain and Kenzi screams out as she begins to suffer as well. Bo orders Hale to get Kenzi away and he does so as Ianka’s song continues, Bo seemingly unaffected by it. Moments after Marcus dies, Ianka herself falls to the ground close to death for all of the songs she has been singing and not being able to recover from doing so. Ianka tells Bo that it is for the best as someone would always try to own her and at least she knows that she dies free. Ianka also tells Bo that while she was in captivity she heard stories about Bo and they were what made her believe that she could be free. Bo tells ianka that she is no longer unaligned, but Ianka tells Bo: “your heart is what you want it to be. Right now my heart is free.” Ianka then places something into Bo’s hand and then dies in Bo’s arms.

The scene moves to a nearby park bench were Kenzi is laying on it, unconscious, and Hale is stroking her hair gently. Kenzi awakes and complains about her hangover, Hale telling her to slow down. Kenzi asks what happened and where Bo is, Hale promising Kenzi that Bo “will be fine.” He tells Kenzi that Ianka sung a death note, Marcus is dead and Ianka is as well. Kenzi tells Kenzi she is sorry for him but Hale answers: “She’s finally free. And you. You’re finally here.” Kenzi looks at Hale for a long moment and then tells him: “I’ve always been here.” Hale nods, but does not speak before Kenzi kisses Hale and he embraces Kenzi. When the kiss ends, Kenzi asks Hale: “Truth. Did Ianka’s death note hurt you?” Hale seems unsure, but tells Kenzi that it did not. Kenzi warns Hale that if he lies to her “Bad thins will happen to your junk. Which now would be a particular bummer for me.” Hale comments: “This Russian stink eye… Pretty intense.” Kenzi tells Hale he will get used to it and then plucks Hale’s hat away, puts it on and leans up against him. As Kenzi does so, Hale touches a finger to his right ear and it comes away covered in blood, but he does not let Kenzi see this.

Bo is alone and holding what Ianka gave her which is some kind of a gold container. Bo opens it to find a glowing crystal which then begins to play Ianka’s voice and Bo slips into trance. The memory is of Bo looking into a mirror while she is on the Death Train in almost a dream-like state before she gasps and stands up, still looking into the mirror and whispering: “Oh no. Please no. I can’t do this.” in horror before the memory ends. Bo closes the container as she sits on her bed, thinking about what she has seen as Dyson enters her room and asks what’s wrong. Bo does not answer and only breathes, gasping for air as the scene ends.

After the final commercial break, Lauren is seen still talking to The Morrigan who asks if Lauren wears a mask to protect herself. Lauren tells The Morrigan that hers is “especially chilling.” The Morrigan replies: “The higher you climb the more you realize you are surrounded by psychopants and assassins. Lauren laughs at this, commenting that The Morrigan is being dramatic. The Morrigan claims to be realistic “in a dramatic world” and also tells Lauren that she will see her own share of psychopants and assassins. Lauren asks which The Morrigan is and The Morrigan tells Lauren: “For now? You can call me a friend.” The Morrigan then offers Lauren a key to the Dark Fae science and medical testing laboratories, telling Lauren that it is hers and she has full access there. Lauren tells The Morrigan she will not sign anything and The Morrigan claims that she is not asking Lauren to do so and adding: “You are a brilliant woman. Own it girlfriend.” Lauren considers a moment before taking the key from The Morrigan. Lauren then tells The Morrigan that she will never trust her and The Morrigan replies: “I wouldn’t respect you if you did. But do remember that I let you see me eat pizza. You think I let just any schmo do that?” The Morrigan then also gives Lauren the keys to her new condo before adding that Lauren should call her if she needs anything else. As The Morrigan puts her shoes on she comments: “This was… What do they call it… fun. Right?” Lauren smiles and nods slightly in response as The Morrigan puts her other shoe on, facing away from Lauren as she does so. Lauren approaches her and calls out “Evony?” When The Morrigan turns around, Lauren kisses her which seems to surprise The Morrigan. Lauren then tells her: “The pizza is our secret.” The Morrigan smiles as she replies: “I think this may be the beginning of a beautiful… something.” Lauren answers with a smile: “I still don’t trust you.” The Morrigan’s answer is: “You don’t have to Doctor Lewis. You are Team Dark now.” The Morrigan licks her lips and adds: “I can taste it” as she picks up her purse, says goodbye to Lauren with “Ta darling.” and leaves the apartment. After The Morrigan leaves, Lauren moves to her desk and removes a box from one of the drawers. After placing a mirror on her desk and picking up a pair of tweezers, Lauren then removes what appears to be a film that had been covering her lips and places that into a sample container which she carefully closes. Lauren then reaches for a bottle of beer and makes a toast to “To… the beginning.”

The final scene of the episode begins with Bo and Dyson together in Bo’s bedroom having what seems to be a wild sexual encounter. Dyson asks Bo to look at him, but she seems not to want to have eye contact with him. Bo pushes Dyson to the bed and then takes the dominant position over him. When Dyson again asks Bo to look at him, she places a hand over his mouth forcefully and tells Dyson: “Don’t tell me what to do.” There is real fear in Dyson’s eyes but Bo snaps out of whatever has hold over her, removes her hand from Dyson’s mouth and tells him that she is sorry. Dyson comments: “Angry. It’s okay. No one owns you. You’re not going to be like Ianka.” Bo shakes her head and replies: “No. I’m going to become like Marcus. Bitter. Choking on my bottomless rage. Thinking of nothing but revenge. Ianka died to be free Dyson. For just a few moments.” Dyson tells Bo that she inspired her to do that, but Bo refuses to believe that it was her, claiming: “Not me. Another Bo. One that I don’t even know.” Bo then moves away from Dyson and dresses in a robe before continuing: “Whoever that Bo was, she didn’t spend a month asleep in limbo. She was on a train hatching a plan, sending herself clues in the future. She… I… joined the Dark. Willingly.” Dyson tells Bo that she must have had a good reason to do so but then adds: “Light. Dark. These are just labels. They do not define us.” Bo tells Dyson: “Looks like I’m not the only one that has changed.” Bo then clutches her chest and falls to her knees, looking into a nearby mirror as she does so. Dyson tells Bo that she is hurt as a series of marks appear on Bo’s collarbone and shoulder. Bo tells Dyson: “He marked me.” Dyson asks who Bo is talking about and she answers: “The Wanderer. Rainer. He might be my father.” As they look into the mirror, suddenly they see standing behind them three of the Una Mens, the leader (Christine Horne) in the forefront. She proclaims: “The Codex of Laws has been infringed upon.” Bo answers: “Your rules do not apply to me.” The Una Mens answer: “Not you. Him.” Dyson pushes Bo out of the way as she protests, starting to growl and transform into his shifter form. As he does so, the Una Mens seem to mirror Dyson’s change. The final image of the episode is Dyson growling and roaring as the episode ends.


Fade to black…


I honestly have to say that this was, for me, the worst episode of the entire series to this point. I wasn’t interested in the main plot, really it didn’t amount to anything anyway. In fact they could have dropped the entire main plot, focused on The Morrigan and Lauren having pizza and a beer with a side order of Hale and Kenzi getting together finally and it would have made for some really good television. Add a dash of Bo and Dyson having their moment together and it would have made everything work. But they didn’t and it didn’t either.

I could not deal with the lip synching of the arias either. Honestly that was the worst part of the episode as I just could not take that character seriously after it happened. Then the over the top “I own her” and “I love her but not really but I can fake it well” acting was just too much for me. It just ruined what otherwise was an interesting episode and I found it really hard to stay focused on it as a whole. When Lauren and The Morrigan appeared, yes, I was really interested because it gave The Morrigan a real, honest personality that made her finally interesting. For the longest time I have said that she wasn’t much of a character to me because I could not take her seriously. After this episode there is background to her, there is reason for what she does and most of all she’s become more than a vapid foil to Bo which is what she was in the past.

The ending bothered me and with the tease already out for the next episode what seemed to be going on, that being Bo and Dyson together when Light and Dark are not supposed to be… isn’t. It was good to see the Una Mens actually baring their fangs as it were, but that bothers me as well. We just saw them worried about who signed Bo up to Team Dark and then all of a sudden she’s not important anymore? Really? I would have thought they would have attacked Bo rather than Dyson, but then doing so would be too soon in the way this season is going…

Tamsin vanishes, and that explanation was a mess. How about letting her grow up as a character a little bit before the season is half over? That’s next episode by the way. As well, why is it that the Wanderer plot gets so little action? I have the worst feeling, and I hope I am wrong that Bo is pregnant. I’m hoping not because the implications of that are really… unsettling if the Wanderer is responsible for that happening.

There is a lot of confusion with regards to Bo’s lost memories plot and this episode really only served to make that more so. Lots of teases, lots of maybes, but really it was scattered and didn’t make a difference to the overall arc. So many questions that aren’t even touched on and that needs to happen really soon as they are running out of time.

Point is that throwaway episodes should not be. And adding throwaway plots into an episode for no good reason does not make the episode stronger. There needs to be more focus on the plots, less staring off into space and then, please, get to the point of the series and move on…

It couldn’t hurt.

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo… Really dark and violent Bo with a slightly evil expression is less than interesting. While this all is a lead up to the Wanderer, honestly I just could have done without Bo entirely this episode. I just didn’t see the point for her really save for the rather abrupt sex scenes with Dyson. The memory flashbacks were less than useful and that, most of all, was disappointing.

Dyson…Shock! Surprise! Well, at least he’s concerned about Bo being Dark and really that should have gone somewhere other than him and Bo having a moment.

Kenzi… The moment with Hale was amazing and at least for me made the entire episode worth watching. It was really nice for that moment to be and what comes from it I really want to be something that for Kenzi and Hale amounts to more than a friendship… Kenzi line of the week: “Toll for being non helping douche-balls!”

Trick. Here’s some info! And a warning because that has to be said again that Light and Dark aren’t supposed to be together even though it’s been said in the series a dozen times. And when is Trick going to actually be the New Acting Ash? Let’s get to that shall we?

Hale. I felt like Hale was, save for the moment with Kenzi, an after thought. He didn’t have a real purpose in the episode and that bothered me. There isn’t enough Hale in the season and this really didn’t add to his character save for him being injured and where that might go really bothers me.

Lauren. So, you eat pizza, have a talk with the Morrigan, then kiss her and then have a sample of her DNA. Really? Somehow that doesn’t quite seem possible and beyond that, what exactly is she planning anyway? Is she working undercover or something? It might explain a lot.

Tamsin: Missing… somewhere.

The Morrigan: To be honest this episode gave a lot of back story on her which for me made her, for the first time, really interesting and more of an actual character than a paper tiger.

The Una Mens: Hear me roar? A lot? For no good reason. And let’s not forget that just the episode before they were all concerned about Bo and who her father is and now? They don’t? Really?

Ianka. I have to say the lip syncing really bothered me at times. Otherwise she was interesting but I just could not accept the singing. Shame really…

Marcus. Stereotypically “evil” and that really was a waste I think for the character. I would have liked to know more of his motivation other than “It just is.”

Damber. I really don’t know what to make of him. Really very much over the top as a character and I just found myself tapping my foot for the scene to get moving on occasion. I do have to say that the “less sticky” line was memorable though…

But in spite of the good, the episode just dragged for me as a whole…


My Review of Of All the Gin Joints

Keeping my interest – 2 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 1 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 2 Pitchforks

Storyline – 4 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 5 Pitchforks

Mythos – 4 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 3.0 Pitchforks out of 5


I found this episode was really hard to keep any interest in. The main plot was, for all intents and purposes really a wasted one. There was nothing that mattered in the end, there was no lasting effects on the characters and that’s a real problem for me. When the secondary plot of Lauren and The Morrigan meeting really should have been the main plot… That’s a real problem. More so, the events in that secondary plot matters a lot. Why does Lauren have that sample? What is she going to do with it? If that goes nowhere over the course of the season I will be quite unhappy about that.

The episode felt like it was lost and without purpose or direction and it didn’t need to be that way. Have Kenzi and Hale for one segment in the middle and book end it with Lauren and The Morrigan with a bit in the beginning of Dyson finding out Bo is Dark and then end with the Una Mens arriving. There, problem solved and there didn’t need to be a full third of the episode lost to something that just didn’t keep my interest at all.

Bo wasn’t a Succubus in this episode. She wasn’t Buffy Bo at least, but she was marriage councillor Bo, relationship Bo and wild sex fiend Bo. The one short scene of her feeding to get answers out of Damber was… really not interesting. It feels like while what she is gets mentioned regularly, who she is doesn’t come up as much as it should.

There wasn’t much to see in this episode either save a lot of boxes, a curtain or two, and a well manicured lawn. I have to wonder why it is that the Dal Riata, Lauren’s old apartment and just about every inside scene was so dark? I understand that Bo is going Dark and as well the world around her seems to be as well to an extent, but there’s a lot to see in the background and it would be nice to see that.

I gave the storyline high marks mainly for the Lauren and The Morrigan scenes and the Hale/Kenzi “I’m going to tell you something” scene. But as I have said, the main Bo arc in this episode was completely forgettable and to be honest I caught myself starting to read a book when Bo and Ianka were on. That really shouldn’t happen. I wish that the Lauren/Morrigan scenes would have been expanded on and we learned more. But it didn’t happen.

The one character that gained the most in this episode was The Morrigan by far. A lot was told about her, whether it is real or not is another story, but let’s assume it is. It makes her much less of a paper tiger and a vain careless being in this universe and that is something I have been stressing for years about her. She can be a lot more than the series has made of her and in that comes a lot of story lines that would be amazing. Beyond that, having Hale and Kenzi together at last is important, but do we have to have their happiness shattered with Hale being injured? And more so making it so obvious to the audience that he is? There will be a huge outcry if Hale dies in the series and I hope the writers are not that dumb to consider it. Bo didn’t go anywhere, neither did Trick or Tamsin for that matter. Dyson did a little bit. It’s said that character needs to drive story forwards. In the case of Dyson, three minutes at the beginning and three minutes at the end of an episode does not do that well.

I liked the mythos of the season was expanded for The Morrigan, for Lauren, for Dyson and as well having Ianka, Marcus and Damber appear with their backstories and what they mean to the Fae was something that was interesting. It kept me awake at the points in the episode where it just seemed to lose a lot of its energy.

But the episode as a whole just about put me to sleep and that should never happen.


Next Week: La Fae Époque

Bo and Lauren team up to venture into Dyson’s memory when he’s on trial for a murder.

Wasn’t this the plot of an episode before? Now when was that… Let me think… Oh yes… The first season wasn’t it? Dyson is accused of murder and Bo has to prove that he’s not guilty and he can’t recall if he is or isn’t? Now, they won’t copy the story, at least I hope not, but honestly is there a really good reason for another stand alone episode to be the one that comes in the middle of the season? This is going to be the mid-seaon cliffhanger? Really?

The main plots of he series seem to be set aside again for no real reason. Well, that might be wrong as Trick might appear as the New Acting Ash at last and that might account for something. Actually having a Trick-centric episode would be nice.

The thing is, and this is where I really am bothered, this last episode put Kenzi and Hale together… and it seems like that won’t go anywhere. The same is true of the Lauren plot, that seems like something that the next episode isn’t going to touch either. I cannot understand why the writers cannot figure out that their audience are smart enough to figure out what’s going on and keep things moving for the season as a whole.

More so, they really should have used the Una Mens figuring out who Bo’s father is as something to drive that plot forward. Or at least have something threaten Bo that is a threat and not something that has no hope of ever being one.

We’re seen one Una Mens examination of a life, Trick’s. though it was vague and scattered really. Perhaps there will be some more background for them as well. Maybe Dyson too. But somehow at the end of this episode I’m expecting that it will be mostly forgettable save for perhaps one Kenzism and one important plot point.

The episodes need to be a lot more than that. And they can be so easily…




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    • Pocong on December 20, 2013 at 12:53 pm

    There’s an old idiom in Asia about a Tiger fighting a Dragon, the western equivalent would be “An unstoppable force meets an immovable object”. It’s the idea of two opposite but equally powerful things coming into conflict. I think that’s what The Morrigan was supposed to be for Bo.

    They wanted a foil for Bo, a rival character that helps define what Bo is by being what she is not. That’s fine, hell that’s freaking great! A Rival adds a sense of danger and purpose to the story and gives the hero a consistently difficult challenge to overcome. The writers on this show forgot one thing about that kind of character and it made the whole thing fall flat, they forgot that that character has to be EQUAL to the hero.

    In order for this character to work they have to be able to match the hero in competence. Batman and the Joker work because the Joker is consistently able to think in a way Batman can’t predict. Himura Kenshin and Hajime Saito are equals in swordsmanship and that makes their difference in morality all the more obvious. Ryu and Sagat are equally powerful fighters which brings the contrast between Ryu’s humble discipline and Sagat’s arrogant ferocity to the foreground. The equivalence in one area is supposed to make their other characteristics even more prominent.

    The Morrigan never shows that equivalence. She’s vapid and shallow to contrast Bo’s depth but she never displays the intelligence necessary to match her. Her leadership of the Dark Fae could have been a cool counterpoint to Bo’s true companions but she’s so laughably petty and cruel that it makes you wonder how she has followers at all. She’s not tough or intelligent enough to register with the audience as the Tiger. Even at her best she comes across as catty, and a cat can’t hope to stand against a Dragon.

    I’m sorry about writing another essay, but this is something that’s close to my heart. Nothing hypes me up more than a good rivalry and that means that nothing makes me more flaccid than a bad one.

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    • James on December 20, 2013 at 1:51 pm

    It’s called bad writing . . . and it turns out that, no matter how bad it gets, they always find a way to get worse. An odd outlet for creativity . . .

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    • TeraS on January 8, 2014 at 8:29 pm

    Really The Morrigan is somewhat of a lost opportunity and that, really, is the biggest shame of all…


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