Dec 19 2013

Succubi Image of the Week 310

The Queen of Pain is a well known Succubi in the World of Warcraft… But she has hooves and really I don’t care for them nor for that matter the look that Warcraft Succubi have. For this week’s image I found a piece of art that takes away so much of what I do not like about her and really makes her special…

Ms Pain by Artgerm

Ms Pain by Artgerm

This beautiful piece of art is called Ms Pain and is by an artist on DeviantArt called Artgerm. You can find the original page I found this work on here and the artist’s page is here as well…

I do realize that she isn’t part of the original Warcraft world and that she is part of what can be called and expansion to the Warcraft 3 game. As such she isn’t quite the same as all of the other Succubi in the game and that’s important to me at least…

The thing about this art is that it really gives so much about her even if you know nothing about her character in the game. She’s strong, she isn’t simply a fighter, she thinks, she plans and she is so much more than she seems to be. There is power in her eyes alone in this art and it was what really attracted me to this work from the moment I saw it.

How the artist uses light and shadow, the colours that she has, and just the way there is both a hard edge and a softness just reflects on who she is… She is one of the Succubi and that is something that one should never forget about…

Please visit this artist’s site to see more of their work… It is wonderful by far…




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    It is a truly lovely piece of art, but, somehow, the idea of pain being a major feature in a succubus’ arsenal (as opposed to a minor one) makes me feel she is missing domething. Of course, I assume that seduction is not a key feature to Warcraft, so I kind of wonder what succubi are doing there in the first place . . .

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    Well, it kinda is. Most RPG’s have a charm status effect and if anyone should be able to do that it’s a succubus. Besides, when has the lack of seduction ever stopped Succubi from making an appearance? Hell, Morrigan’s from a fighting game!

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    Oh it has very little to do with it my heart…


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