Does everyone on Lost Girl have Mommy issues or something?

Two things this week bothered me about Lost Girl. The smaller of the two is why is it that so many of the characters on the series have “mommy issues”? Honestly it is starting to become a meme in the series considering how many of them have emotional issues over what their mothers have done. The bigger problem I have this week is the “your blood says your are Dark Fae” reveal that happened. No. Sorry but… no. Being Light or Dark is a choice and it is one that Bo has not made. Just because your family’s past is one thing does not mean you must be like them. I think that someone isn’t quite understanding the idea of the series or is putting in a red herring so that we all rant over it… Well… It seems to have worked hasn’t it?

The fourth episode of the fourth season, also episode fifty-two of the Lost Girl TV series was this week. Kenzi gets caught in a lie while Bo is told by beings that don’t know her that she’s Dark. Tamsin almost gets a haircut, but instead needs her wings clipped and Massimo has mother issues that place him in a hot spot.

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This is the fourth review of the fourth season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

Bo finds out that for family, one’s heart can never…

Turn to Stone

The episode opens with Bo (Anna Silk) in the middle of a boxing workout with Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried). As this continues, Bo talks about being restless, that the last thing she remembers is being taken from the Dal Riata and then waking up in the woods. Bo tells Dyson that she needs to look for answers, but he insists that Bo “lay low until the Una Mens settle down.” Bo is unimpressed by this, even joking when Dyson tells her that the power of the Una Mens is “ancient”. When Bo tells Dyson that the Una Mens is the last thing on her mind, he asks what the first thing is and Bo’s answer is: “Any word?” Dyson replies that he has not heard from Lauren as of late but adds that it is better that Lauren is not nearby with all that is going on around them. Bo then tells Dyson that since she “has to protect herself from all of these unknowns” and “get a hit below the belt” as she embraces Dyson and the two become intimate in the middle of the boxing ring. Dyson comments that Bo seems to have changed and “something is different about you.” Bo’s answer is that Dyson seems to like it and “in a huge way” and the two continue with their actions becoming slightly violent and animalistic as they do so. As this occurs, from the shadows, a stone statue of what appears to be a Gargoyle watches them. There is a loud screeching noise which interrupts Bo and Dyson and as they look around, the Gargoyle is gone, the two returning to their moment together as the scene ends.

Following the opening credits, Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) is seen with Teen Tamsin (Eliana Jones), Kenzi trying to brush out Teen Tamsin’s hair and occasionally having her hair brush get caught in Teen Tamsin’s hair, but not pulling any hair out when this happens. Moments later Bo arrives and attempts to enter, but is stopped by a wall of magical red coloured fire which stops her from doing so. When Bo complains about this, Kenzi brushes it off saying that she made a mistake and it was only supposed to block malicious Fae. After using a dust pan to make a path for Bo, she enters with Kenzi following close before hugging Bo tightly, in the background as this happens Teen Tamsin is scratching at her back as something is bothering her. Bo asks Kenzi “how long this incessant hugging is going to last” and Kenzi answers: “As long as it takes to forget you were ever gone.” Teen Tamsin asks Bo if she would like a Cheesy snake, but Bo answers: “No thanks, I already ate” as she untangles herself from Kenzi. When Bo beings to tell Kenzi about her sexual encounter with Dyson, Kenzi stops Bo telling her not to talk about such things in front of the baby, meaning Teen Tamsin, who breaks in and tells them both that she is not a baby, and she is two weeks old. Bo then confronts Teen Tamsin and asks if she remembers who she worked for in the past. Teen Tamsin explains that she does not, that what Bo is asking about is a previous life, and all she is sure about is that she is Dark Fae. Bo considers this before telling Teen Tamsin that knowing she is Dark Fae means that she is not telling them everything. Kenzi has a look at her phone and then suggests to Bo that they go out for the evening. When Bo asks about Teen Tamsin, Kenzi asks her if she would like to go out with two boring people like them or watch X-files on television. Teen Tamsin picks the X-files immediately.

Bo and Kenzi are then seen at the Dal Riata being served drinks at the bar, but not by Trick and the atmosphere in the Dal Riata is very somber and nothing like it normally is. Bo asks why things are so down and Kenzi explains that when the Una Mens came to town “everything shut down.” When Bo comments that she was expecting to go somewhere fun, Kenzi tells Bo that she promised Dyson that she would take Bo somewhere safe. Bo then points out that a “black cloud of smoke kidnapped me right?” and Kenzi pauses before answering: “Right.” Kenzi then asks Bo if they know anything about The Wanderer but Bo stops her and tells Kenzi that she “doesn’t feel like talking about it” before telling Kenzi that she wants to dance. Bo then leaves the bar, plugs her phone into the bar stereo and changes the music to something more upbeat. She then begins to move around the room, drawing other Fae in the Dal Riata to join her in having a party by using her powers to persuade them to do so. Kenzi watches this unfold and comments to herself: “BoBo returns” as Bo dances with a nearby couple that are under her power, then adds as she takes a drink: “Now with bonus features.” As Kenzi looks across the bar Massimo (Tim Rozon) is seen before he walks past Kenzi. Kenzi stops Massimo and asks if he “brought it” but he tells Kenzi that he was in a hurry and only brought a small amount with him. Kenzi then tells Massimo that she is “done with samples” but he tells her that she cannot possibly afford permanent Fae powers as she cannot pay him for what he gives her. Kenzi tells Massimo that he will be paid when her powers stop fading to which Massimo only smiles and gives Kenzi some of the potion he makes for her before leaving.

At this occurs, back at Bo and Kenzi’s place, Teen Tamsin calls out for Kenzi and Bo then as a joke also calls out for Mulder and Scully before she hears a noise and turns around to see several masked men breaking into the house. She calls out asking what they are doing there before falling silent and her hair seeming to be blow around by an unseen wind. The intruders rush off as Tamsin cries out in pain and clutches at her back, a sickening noise coming from her body at the same time. Back at the Dal Riata, the party that Bo started continues, Kenzi joining in and partying with Bo. As they do so, the stone Gargoyle is seen again in the room watching them, but not doing anything to stop Bo or Kenzi from what they are doing. As Kenzi and Bo continue their dance, Kenzi shows off her powers to Bo which stops Bo in disbelief. Kenzi calls out “surprise!” and then asks if Bo is mad, but Bo’s answer is: “That’s freaking incredible!” before the two embrace. Returning home, Bo and Kenzi discover that they have been robbed, their home being stripped to the bare walls. Kenzi then rushes off to find Tamsin and they find her upstairs in Bo’s bedroom once more an adult. Tamsin turns to Bo and Kenzi and sheepishly tells them: “I think I grew again.”

After a commercial break, Bo and Tamsin are at the police station with Dyson. Bo is very upset with what has happened, at one point telling Dyson: “We had strangers in our home. Strangers with great taste in thrift shop furniture.” Dyson answers jokingly: “Would you like me to get you a coffee or a chair to break?” and Bo tells Dyson that she plans to break whoever did the deed noting that they had a child there when it happened: “Sort of.” Bo then asks if the Una Mens might be responsible, but Dyson rejects this theory noting that the Uns Mens do not care about material possessions. Dyson then considers that the entire event might not be Fae related but instead a “simple break and enter” noting that if the protection that Bo and Kenzi had was still active, then Fae could not enter. As Bo continues to simmer in her anger, Dyson begins to suggest that they could do something together, but Bo interrupts, saying: “Shopping” as Tamsin is in the room with them and still is, at least emotionally, a young child. Dyson agrees to “shopping” and Bo casually mentions that if Dyson is “good, you can go in all of the stores.” Dyson replies that if Bo is good Dyson will “max out all of your credit cards… Twice.” As they share a look, Tamsin interrupts and asks if she “can come” which snaps Bo and Dyson out of their moment. Bo jumps out of her chair exclaiming that she has “a suspicious lead to track.” Dyson asks if he can help and Bo tells Dyson that he already is as she opens the door to the room, claiming that she is going to “use the facilities.” As the door slams shut and Bo rushes off, Dyson calls out that the bathroom is in the other direction and then realizes what Bo has done to him which is leaving Tamsin in his hands, babysitting. Tamsin then notices a mug shot sheet and pokes a finger onto a photograph of Lauren which is circled in red, asking who it is. Dyson replies: “Someone who’s lost. And you and I need to find her.”

Lauren (Zoie Palmer) and Crystal (Ali Liebert) are seen imprisoned, location unknown, both shackled and handcuffed with no means of escape to be seen. Crystal tells Lauren that everything is her fault because she believed “them” when they told Crystal they would not hurt Lauren. Lauren asks who “they” are, but before Crystal can answer, a voice sounds in the room addressing Lauren by both of her names.

Kenzi is seen walking part a van in a parking lot and using her phone in an attempt to contact Massimo. She is attacked from behind, bound and masked so she cannot see anything by two men and thrown into a van. When Kenzi complains about what is happening, she is told: “No VIP treatment for customers that do not pay” and what is about to happen is a message from Massimo to her. As Kenzi cries out inside of the van she is trapped in, there is a scuffle outside and moments later Bo opens the doors of the van and frees Kenzi, commenting as she does so: “Three nothing Bo” and “You can take our things but you will not take my Kenzi.” As Bo frees Kenzi she asks her why she is “flying solo” as she is back. Kenzi explains that she knows the people that robbed them and it is her problem, not Bo’s. Bo tells Kenzi, very firmly, that “it is our problem. Let’s get our shit back.” When Bo asks who is responsible, Kenzi tells Bo that it is Massimo and Bo recognizes the name in disbelief. Kenzi is confused and asks if Bo knows him and Bo answers that she does and: “He sucks.”

After yet another commercial break, Massimo is seen in his lair working on something as Bo and Kenzi arrive there. As Bo walks through the assorted items she comments: “Ah. Creepy Druid.” Massimo greets her with: “Bo. Tough times in parts unknown? Not that you would remember.” Bo then tells Massimo that his potion which he gave to Tamsin did not work, but Massimo is unfazed at what Bo has said, claiming that Kenzi’s kiss sealed the power of his potion. Bo looks at Kenzi, but Kenzi is confused and not aware of what Massimo is talking about. Bo then explains: “He gave Tamsin a potion to kill me.” but Massimo corrects Bo and explains that the potion was to mark Bo and allow her to transcend dimensional planes of existence. He also describes it as an insurance policy of sorts in the event that Tamsin did not complete her mission, adding that it was a “shame” that Tamsin died. Bo calls it “tragic” before demanding to know who took her. Massimo claims not to know the answer to that question, adding that he was simply the middleman in a transaction. Bo then tells Massimo that he will give back what he took from them and then he will leave Kenzi alone, adding: “She will not be requiring your services any longer.” Massimo is less than interested in Bo’s words, seemingly more interested in the pot he has simmering and tasting the brew there. Massimo tells Bo: “That does not settle her debt.” Bo then walks up to Massimo and threatened him but before she can do anything, Kenzi intervenes and stops Bo telling them both: “Fae, Druid, Human… Coming together, peace on Earth, we are the world kind of stuff?” Massimo then offers as a solution that Bo and Kenzi retrieve a certain plant that he requires from Lauren’s green wall, meaning her herb and plant garden which hangs on a wall in Lauren’s home. Kenzi then sees her samurai sword named Geraldine and takes it back from Massimo as Bo confirms with Massimo that he will return their things to them. Massimo tells Bo: “You’ll get what I haven’t burned. I’m doing you a favour trust me. Those accent tables?” as then shudders as he turns away from Bo. Bo then warns Massimo that they will get the herb he wants but: “If you don’t hold up your end of the bargain… I’ll kill you.” before leaving with Kenzi, who tells Massimo that he can keep her hair brush because: “That’s not creepy at all.” As they do so, Massimo watches them leave and just smiles.

Lauren is seen examining the cell that she and Crystal are in and finds a small camera that appears to be watching them. Lauren addresses the camera, telling Crystal that they are being watched and then speaking to whomever has imprisoned them asks: “You found me. Now what?” Crystal then asks Lauren what might be hiding beneath a nearby tarp, but Lauren is less than interested in looking noting that whomever is watching them wants them both to play their game. Crystal attempts to apologize to Lauren over the two of them sleeping together, explaining “they made me keep you close” but also revealing that Crystal found herself attracted to Lauren. Lauren smiles and says “Spy-banged.” When Crystal asks what she means, Lauren answers: “I’ve been here before. In your shoes actually.” Lauren then tells Crystal that she has a brother, her “only sibling” are refers to him in the past tense. She goes on to explain that they became eco-terrorists and went on actions to blow up pipelines using explosives that Lauren made and her brother planted. Lauren tells Crystal that she and her brother are responsible for the deaths of eleven people when they planted bombs at one such pipeline. Lauren continues to explain that “no one was supposed to be there” and she “hates myself for what happened.” Crystal tries to comfort Lauren, but she will have none of it. When Crystal asks where Lauren’s brother is, Lauren avoids answering the question. instead saying: “I ran and I have been running ever since.” Lauren wonders why she is telling Crystal about her past when she couldn’t bring herself to tell Bo about it. She is then interrupted by a voice which tells her her story was “moving” and to “look under the tarp.” Lauren does so and discovers some medical equipment, files, and biological samples. The voice then tells Lauren: “An Elder needs your diagnosis within the hour or Crystal dies.” Lauren looks at the samples as she comments: “This isn’t about eco-terrorism. This is Light Fae bullshit.”

Kenzi and Bo have arrived at Lauren’s home in search of the herb that Massimo wants. Bo asks Kenzi why she went and made a deal with Massimo and Kenzi answers: “Everyone was telling me to go. I don’t want to go anywhere, I want to fight with you.” Bo is confused, telling Kenzi that she always has, but Kenzi explains that she thought that it would be simple to go to Massimo and gain some Fae powers, but her plan didn’t work out and he took advantage of her. When Bo asks how much it cost Kenzi, she is evasive and only says: “One marker baby.” Bo is silent and looking off into space before Kenzi asks if Bo is thinking about Lauren. However, Bo tells Kenzi that the entire event will Doctor Taft still “baffles” her, that Lauren is “smart” and perhaps Lauren wanted to work for Doctor Taft in order to get something from him. She also muses that her relationship with Lauren was based on “not knowing.” Kenzi tells Bo that she believes that Lauren is “one of the good ones” which surprises Bo, who tells Kenzi that she thought she was “on Dyson”. Kenzi asks what Bo means by that, Bo replying “You know. Team Wolf” as she notices a file laying in the apartment. Picking up the file, Bo discovers that it is Lauren’s rap sheet as “Karen” and learns something about Lauren she didn’t before which leads Bo to the conclusion that she never knew Lauren, she has likely changed her name again and Lauren has started another life somewhere else away from her. Kenzi asks if Bo is okay which Bo replies: “I’m hanging out in my ex’s apartment finding weird shit. I’m fine.” Bo then asks: “What is it that makes everyone in my life lie to me? Except for you. That’s why I love you.” Kenzi is silent for a moment, but then exclaims that she has found what they are looking for. The pair move towards the door to leave but are then stopped by a wall of blue coloured magic fire. Bo cannot pass because of her being Fae and when Kenzi tries, she cannot leave either because of the potion that Massimo gave her.

At the police station, Tamsin is looking through a stack of records and highlighting various parts of them as Dyson arrives. She then tells him that she found Lauren calling Bo’s place eight times and the last call was eight days ago. As he considers the information, Tamsin slips Dyson’s gun from it’s holster and comments that it is “heavy” and also asks him if she was a good cop. Dyson takes the weapon back and then tells her: “You were tough. And on a bad day you could be a real… monster.” This upsets Tamsin who tells Dyson that he must think she is hideous and “even the robbers ran away when they saw my face.” Dyson tries to explain that he meant “monster in a good way” but it doesn’t calm Tamsin down at all. She then asks Dyson is Bo is his girlfriend, and he tells her that Bo isn’t but Tamsin presses on, asking if he wants to be. Dyson then tells Tamsin: “I did. But then a lady in a tree took my love away. By the time I got it back, she had a girlfriend.” Tamsin leans against Dyson and says: “You forgot to start with ‘Once upon a time.'” Dyson replies: “Once upon a time we never found the right time the end.” Then Tamsin asks: “What does love feel like?” Dyson winces a bit, asking: “Are we really doing this?” but Tamsin pouts and Dyson manages: “When you feel it you’ll know it. When it’s gone you’ll never want to lose it again.” Dyson then turns away from the conversation telling Tamsin that she should talk to Bo and Kenzi about it instead. Tamsin tells Dyson she cannot talk to Bo because: “She hates me because I’m Dark.” Dyson tells her: Everyone makes a choice” but Tamsin answers: “Not me. There was a me before me.” After Dyson suggests that she might someday make a better choice, or not Tamsin asks “Why are you so mean?” Dyson answers: “Why do you have so many questions?”

Back at Lauren’s Bo and Kenzi cannot find a way out of the trap, Kenzi bemoaning that it is “Kenzi-proofed” Bo asks how they can make Kenzi “stop sparking” and Kenzi explains: “It runs out like sunscreen. Reapply after swimming.” Kenzi suggests that she could take a shower but she doesn’t want to get her hair wet. Bo goes off to Lauren’s kitchen and begins to fill a bucket with water as Kenzi talks about Lauren’s hair conditioner until Bo walks up to Kenzi and pours water over her. Kenzi cries out and then calmly says: “Refreshing”, Bo taking hold of her as she replies: “That’s my girl” and taking her to the door to leave. Bo asks how they can get rid of the protection and Kenzi explains that she needs to gather some things to do so, wondering if she is now the new Trick. When Bo questions if she can manage things, Kenzi looks irritated and replies: “Have you met me? I’m going to save your ass. Forget Trick, I’m the new Bo.” as she leaves. After Kenzi leaves, Bo continues to search Lauren’s apartment for clues, eventually finding a small box with a note attached to it. Bo reads the note which says: “For giving me the freedom to love. And I do.” Opening the box, Bo discovers that it contains a necklace which she holds to her chest. A moment later the lights in the apartment flicker and a stone Gargoyle is seen nearby, looking at Bo. When she turns to look in the direction of where it is, the Gargoyle vanishes. Bo stands in the middle of the apartment, asking who is there and after not hearing an answer asks if it is The Wanderer, but there is no answer. Bo then calls out: “If you think you are taking me again, you are messing with the wrong Succubus.” The lights go out again, the stone Gargoyle is seen once more before lights flicker again and in the next moment, Bo sees the stone Gargoyle smiling and having it’s mouth covered in blood. Bo looks at her arm and sees that she has been cut or bitten, blood dripping from her wound. Before anything more can continue, Kenzi appears and removes the trap that held Bo. When Kenzi sees that Bo is hurt, she asks what happened, but when Bo asks if Kenzi “saw it” she has no idea what Bo is talking about.

Elsewhere, Tamsin is walking and removing her jacket which reveals that there are two marks in the back of her shirt which appear to be blood or something beginning to push through her back and through the fabric. Tamsin is confused and does not understand what is happening to her.

Kenzi is bandaging Bo’s arm in the meantime, blaming herself for Bo being hurt. When Bo tells Kenzi that she will deal with this, Kenzi begs Bo to listen to her and she tells Bo that she owes Massimo “a lot” and that she has been stealing to pay him for his help. Kenzi reveals that she has been stealing from both Trick and Hale, giving Massimo the Twig of Zamorra which Hale entrusted to Kenzi to protect her. Kenzi tells Bo that Massimo keeps taking from her and it is never enough for a permanent Fae power. Kenzi tells Bo as well that she had no choice as claimed humans were being taken. Bo tells Kenzi that she would never let anyone take her, but Kenzi tells Bo that she left and she is tired of feeling helpless and not being able to do anything. Bo asks who told Kenzi this and she tells Bo that the Fae did, everyone did. That she was always reminded that she was “weak and vulnerable and and a liability and a thief and….I kissed Dyson.” Bo is shocked by all of this asking: “What?” Kenzi turns to Bo telling her: “The worst part is I really think I only want to kiss Hale.” Kenzi is confused over this admission before she adds: “I’m just alone.” Bo tells Kenzi that she is not alone, that she has her, but Kenzi tells Bo that she doesn’t really “have any of you do I?” Kenzi continues: “You left me Bo. What if you go again? I was alone. I belonged nowhere. As hard as I try I am not one of you.” Bo is quiet for a moment before telling Kenzi: “Zamora twigs, stealing from Trick, kissing Dyson? I don’t know what is happening anymore. And of all of the things that I am in the dark about I never thought it would be you.” The two look at each other and then Bo’s phone rings, but before she answers it, Bo tells Kenzi they aren’t finished with things. Answering the phone Bo finds it is Dyson who asks if Tamsin is with them, but Bo tells him that she isn’t and they have been at Lauren’s home. Dyson tells them that he thinks that Tamsin left after he “snapped” at her. Kenzi yells at Dyson: “She’s just a baby! She doesn’t even know how to twerk yet!” Dyson’s answer is that she looks like “my old partner who used to bang Hydras over lunch” before he hangs up, on his way to join them. Bo asks Kenzi what else she saw Massimo have of theirs and Kenzi tells Bo he had her sword, hairbrush and throw pillows. Bo realizes that Kenzi used her hairbrush on Tamsin, but Kenzi tells her that not one hair from Tamsin was in the brush. Bo tells Kenzi that Massimo is a Druis and he could have gotten something from it and that his robbers saw Tamsin and he must know she is alive. Most of all, Bo tells Kenzi that Valkyrie hair is very valuable. They come to the conclusion that Massimo wanted them both out of the way so he could get a hold of Tamsin. Bo tells Kezni that she is going to Massimo’s alone, adding that Kenzi should wait for Dyson as they are “close” before walking out.

Massimo arrives at Bo and Kenzi’s place and knocks on the door which Tamsin opens. Massimo then enters and manages to convince Tamsin that they were “super close” in her past life by showing her a picture on his phone of the two of them together and that Kenzi and Bo asked him to come by and pick her up. Tamsin asks if he knows them and he claims to be best friends with them both. Tamsin asks if he is there to help her because she is “hideous” but Massimo touches her hair and tells Tamsin that she is perfect.

After a commercial break, Tamsin has been brought to Massimo’s lair and he is binding her to a chair. She asks him why he is doing this and he tells Tamsin it is to “protect everyone when you turn into your true self” which he calls a monster. Massimo tells Tamsin that she has been with Bo who is unaligned and Kenzi, who is only temporarily Fae, but she is “the real deal.” He goes on to explain that because Tamsin is Dark, that it is in her blood and “it is only a matter of time before you become a killer.” When Tamsin asks about this, Massimo tells her that she tried to kill Bo, and that he helped her, calling them “a team.” Tamsin seems ashamed, saying: “That’s why Bo hates me.” Massimo tells Tamsin to: “Get used to it. Because people like us die alone.” Massimo then comes close to Tamsin and takes hold of several locks of her hair, almost mesmerized by them, telling Tamsin that he has waited a long time to be able to take the hair of a young Valkyrie. Then he adds that the only way to take the hair is if the Valkyrie gives it up voluntarily before placing a knife to her neck which makes Tamsin cry out. As this happens, Bo enters and tells Massimo that he: Should never give a woman a haircut she doesn’t want.” He tells Bo that she “needs to go” and then attacks Bo, placing the knife to her throat. As they struggle, Tamsin’s voice is heard telling him to stop and to release Bo. There are some strange sounds coming from Tamsin’s direction and Massimo manages to say: “Oh shit” as a pair of large white angel-like wings appear on Tamsin, she calling herself “Reborn.”

Lauren has finished the diagnosis she was forced to do and reveals that the Elder Fae is suffering from spongiform encephalopathy which was caused by the Fae feeding off their own kind. She tells them that the Elder is going “Mad Fae.” She then goes on a rant telling her captors that they could have figured all of this out on their own. She then tells them that she will treat the Elder but they will release Crystal before she goes into shock from the nickel allergy she has from the old handcuffs they are using. Lauren then removes her own handcuffs and shackles telling them: “Your not-quite girlfriend Kenzi taught me how to pick a lock.” She then asks if she passed their “ridiculous test” and demands that Hale appear to her. A door then opens and Lauren is bathed in a bright light as she whispers: “You’re not… Hale.”

Tamsin has come into her full rebirth and faces off against Massimo who still holds a knife to Bo’s throat. She begins to use her powers on Massimo as she says: “I am the Harbinger of Death. I arrive on winds of blessed air… Air you no longer deserve.” Massimo begins to choke and falls to the floor as Bo tries to calm Tamsin, telling her that she knows that Tamsin wants to kill him, Bo does as well, but he “isn’t worth it.” Tamsin tells Bo that she is Dark and she kills, but Bo tells Tamsin that she can be whatever she wants to be. Tamsin screams at Bo she is lying, and she despises her. Bo tells Tamsin that she is right, that they fought in Tamsin’s past life but that she never hated Tamsin. Bo then touches Tamsin and tells her that she thought Tamsin was “incredible.” Bo embraces Tamsin, her wings folding and vanishing as Bo’s powers seep into Tamsin. After a moment, Bo breaks the embrace and Tamsin looks at Bo saying: “That’s what love feels like” as Massimo watches. Bo tells Tamsin: “No one fights with my roommates but me.” She then hands Tamsin an MP3 player and tells her to go to the elevator, close her eyes and turn up the music. Tamsin leaves and Massimo darts over to where she was, looking to gather some of Tamsin’s hair. He tells Bo that if she thought Tamsin was powerful before, she hasn’t seen anything yet. When Bo does not understand what it means that Tamsin has her wings, Massimo explains that it is a sign that Tamsin is in her final rebirth. Massimo then tells Bo that he supposes that she saved his life, but Bo tells him: “I don’t let children do my dirty work, especially when someone sends Gargoyles after me to do theirs.” Massimo is shocked and explains to Bo that Gargoyles serve a “higher authority” and they attack whomever threatens their masters who are Elder Fae. When Massimo suggests they are even, Bo tells him: “Not even close” as she steps towards him and begins to draw his Chi from his body. Bo then suddenly stops and exclaims: “That’s how you got into our house! You’re human!” Massimo pushes Bo’s hand away and tells her: I am the Druid! You desperate pathetic people, you seek me! You need me! You will respect me!” Bo then warns Massimo: “Go near Kenzi or Tamsin one more time. I dare you.” He is confused telling Bo that she is Fae and Kenzi is just human. Bo tells Massimo that Kenzi is family to which Massimo does not answer, but instead reaches for a lock of Tamsin’s hair which Bo takes first. Massimo begins to act like a petulant child telling Bo that she must give him back the hair. Bo does not quite believe that he is acting this way, crying over hair as Massimo tells Bo: “My mommy. She needs it. And I need her to need me.” Bo tells Massimo he is “one hot mess” as she tosses the lock of hair into a nearby furnace and tells him: “Debt settled. Nice knowing you.” Massimo screams “No!” and then tells Bo that he has to go and get the hair before walking into the furnace and perishing. Bo rushes to the furnace, a look of shock on her face before it turns into a look close to satisfaction.

After the final commercial break, Bo is back in the gym punching a bag as Kenzi walks to her. Bo tells Kenzi that she is not mad about Kenzi kissing Dyson. Kenzi tells Bo that it meant nothing and she tells Kenzi that she knows it did not because the Druid potion needed a kiss from someone that would never betray her. Kenzi tells Bo that she did, but Bo tells Kenzi that she didn’t explaining: “You and me were on our own. For a very long time. But we found each other. And there will be time when we fight. Because we are family.” Kenzi walks to Bo and replies: “But family sticks together.” Bo agrees and adds: “Even when we screw up.” The two embrace, Kenzi telling Bo that she’s glad she is back and Bo telling Kenzi: “I am done being helpless. I’m done being scared. We all are.” before she leaves.

Elsewhere, Dyson is with Tamsin at Bo and Kenzi’s place, telling her a bedtime story about a princess who “faced a breast that wanted to cut her hair which made her angry and she grew a magical pair of wings, swooped down, picked up the monster by his ears and flew him to a far away land where he would never hurt anyone ever again.” Kenzi then rushes into the room, Dyson motioning her to be quiet as Tamsin is sleeping. Dyson jokingly says: “The inner sanctum and all this time I thought you slept in the bathtub.” Kenzi replies: “No. Only after all you can eat rib Tuesdays.” As Kenzi cleans up to occupy herself, Dyson approaches her and tells her: “You know you can do anything right?” Kenzi replies: “Inaccurate” and Dyson tells her “Not really.” Dyson explains that Kenzi does not need to be Fae to have a place among them and “there is a way for you to be more.” Kenzi turns to look at him as he continues: “I can teach you. It’s about time don’t you think?” Kenzi agrees that it is and Dyson promises Kenzi “when the time is right” the two sharing a smile before Kenzi leans on Dyson. He then says: “Kenzi? I’ve lost Lauren. And I think she’s in danger. I have to find her.”

The final scene of the episode begins in what was once The Ash’s throne room, now transformed by the Una Mens into part of their lair. Bo enters and sees one of the stone Gargoyles there as she looks around the room, calling it a “nice touch. Nothing like a little home decor with bite.” She walks around the room, commenting to herself that the Una Mens that are there are a “tough crowd” and the atmosphere is “moist” before asking if they have even considered a dehumidifier. The Una Mens woman (Christine Horne) who interrogated Vex in an earlier episode appears and tells Bo that she has “not been summoned to appear before us.” Bo answers: “Here’s a little something you should know. No one summons me. I go where I want, when I want. And if something tries to hurt me? I deal with it.” Bo approaches the woman and continues: “I don’t live by your rules. I will never live by your rules. And if you want to kill me for that? Try.” Then woman replies: “We are not interested in your proposal. Our intention was to eliminate the unaligned Succubus.” Bo smiles as she replies: “Uh, yeah. Right here.” The woman continues: “Your blood has spoken. You have chosen a side.” Bo laughs this off but the woman does not react to this. Bo then asks, calmly, “What side?” The answer is: “You are Dark.” The final image is of Bo staring at the woman in disbelief as the episode ends.


Fade to black…

I was glad to see that the series improved a bit with this episode in a lot of ways but at the same time there were things that happened which just make me look on in disbelief. Perhaps the most important one is forgetting were the series started from. The basic rules of the universe.

According to the very first episode, each Fae must choose a side. In that comes the point that they are able to choose their path, Light or Dark, in spite of their family or anything else. Yet, in this episode that it tossed aside by the Una Mens insisting that Bo is Dark. Blood means nothing in the face of free will and choice and that is being forgotten here. There are examples in the series of someone coming from a Light family choosing Dark and vice versa. Therefore I call baloney on this plot right now. It makes no sense and I have the feeling that it will be tossed aside at some point with a “oh, they didn’t understand Bo” comment.

The brings up the question of the Una Mens and Bo. They made a deal with Vex to get Bo to them it seems, and when Bo got there, of her own free will, they just said “We didn’t call you. Take a number.” When that didn’t work, then they moved to “Here’s a shock for you, deal with it.” But why? If they intended, as they said, to kill Bo, when why do nothing now? It makes no sense to have the Vex plot, the Una Mens plot and… just ignore it for a cheap cliffhanger that likely leads to nothing in the end.

And speaking of nothing, then there is the Kenzi and Massimo plot which began with what looked to be a real problem for Kenzi and Bo and at the end it turned into a petulant child wanting to please their mother and then having a fit when they didn’t get their way. A lot of build up which amounted to nothing. Save this. Who is Massimo’s mother? Is it The Morrigan? How is that possible? Really the aftermath might be more than the plot itself.

Then comes Tamsin, which overall I like a lot better in her rebirth than who she was last season. Does knowing Bo, Kenzi and Dyson make a real difference or is she going to be the same again? I hope that she’s more, that there is more to her. I think there can be.

And why is it that everyone has mother issues of some kind? What is it about the Fae when almost every character as an issue that can be traced back to their mother? There’s something really off about that. I mean, should the fathers get some blame too sometimes? Or the person themselves?

Still, there are a lot of plots ongoing and as such new ones are not really needed. But they are there and they have to have their time in the sun. It’s a shame that the older, more interesting plots seem to be forgotten in the shade…

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo… Some Succubus action, a bit more violent than the Bo we know as well. There was real hurt between her and Kenzi which was telling for the characters. But more so was Bo’s admission that Kenzi is her family. I hope, very much, that Bo sees her humanity in Kenzi as she seems to be needing it.

Dyson…Best played moment was between him and Bo when Tamsin was there and they were talking about… shopping. That was just a moment I’ll never forget. The admission that he loves Bo and what happened to that love was perfect. The ending with Dyson telling Tamsin a story and then telling Kenzi she can be more was important to both and showed that the wolf has a heart. Now all he needs to do is find Lauren and the triangle returns.

Kenzi… Possibly the most heartbreaking moment in the episode was telling Bo the truth. That was real true emotion and showed Kenzi being vulnerable. But as well, it showed that she will be with Bo no matter what and that faith, that connection, that belief was returned by Bo. Kenzi line of the episode: “BoBo returns. Now with bonus features.”

Trick. Missing in action. Back next episode

Hale. Missing in action. Really needs to get back to Kenzi… now.

Lauren. And we make a fool of ourselves. Mind you we learn more about her, but really no name for her brother? They could have done more with the scenes really.

Vex. Missing in action. Plot still hanging by a thread.

Tamsin: I love the innocence. I think this reborn Tamsin is much more interesting than last season’s was. A well done plot arc to here and I hope for more.

Crystal: Being chained to a water pipe really doesn’t do much for her.

The Una Mens: Mystery! Confusion! Misdirection! And moistness. A good red herring or it seems like it this time.

Massimo: Honestly can’t say I am going to miss him considering how he went out. Acting like a child did not do the character any good and honestly I thought he was more than he was. There might be aftermath, but overall? I’ll forget about him quickly.

The rest of the cast were for flavour, though the couple in the bar were cute. Otherwise nothing really stood out for me all that much.


My Review of Lovers. Apart.

Keeping my interest – 3 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 3 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 3 Pitchforks

Storyline – 4 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 4 Pitchforks

Mythos – 5 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 3.7 Pitchforks out of 5

There were some ups and downs in the episode, but really overall the most riveting moment was Kenzi telling Bo everything. I just couldn’t look away from the train wreck as it came to be. The most difficult thing was the Massimo break down as honestly that was just so wrong on so many levels that it made me cringe. As well the last scene, short as it was, also held a lot of interest, but then when it was done my questions started and it lost some of its luster.

While ending the Massimo Kenzi plot did have to happen, it felt like it cheapened everything that happened to Kenzi prior to that point and it shouldn’t have. It was a major plot of the series, they kept going back to it, and… it ends with a cry for his mother? Really? There could have been better. but it feels like there is another shoe to drop and I shudder to see where and what that will be.

With all that happened, there was some moments of Bo being a Succubus or using her powers more correctly to control others. I think there will be consequences of her doing so with Tamsin, but what is the question. As well, knowing that this is the end of the road for Tamsin might mean some Succubus/Valkyrie action at some point. Still, a bit too much BuffyBo again and there needs to be a lot less of that.

While the setting for Lauren and Crystal was interesting, I thought the lair of the Una Mens was a lot more so. It had an alien like feel to it which played off the characters well. Better than the dungeon scene with Vex really. Massimo’s place was interesting as well, though he tended to eat the set when he was talking and we didn’t see a lot of it. Might have been nice to use it more than once.

Three very good stories in this episode and one mess. The mess was Massimo’s end, that just didn’t work for me. The Kenzi reveal was the best, Tamsin’s transformation second and Lauren a distant third. But in spite of that there are far too many dangling plots that need resolution still. I worry that there will be twenty plots at the end of the season and not one solved. I hope not.

Of all of the main characters, Kenzi stole the episode. By far. It was heartbreaking to see her pain that has accumulated over the series come out. Bo’s initial reaction was… well wrong. The resolution however was right as she told Kenzi they were family. That will make a difference. Bo was quite good as was Dyson and Tamsin. Lauren felt like she was underused and perhaps a bit too much grandstanding. There was a lot of character growth as a whole which I enjoyed however and that is never a bad thing.

The mythos of the series was really pushed to the fore this time. There was a lot learned about Tamsin that explained a lot about her kind, her future, and herself. Little trivia bits about the Fae also came out which was well done too. The only thing that still isn’t being told was the Una Mens, but that seems to be slowly coming to the fore as other plots begin to fade out.


Next Week: Let the Dark Times Roll

Bo’s quest for answers leads the gang to a Dark Fae party, with a dangerous guest list. Meanwhile, Trick is summoned to appear before the Una Mens.


And so the quest to figure out just what the Una Mens meant begins. I’m expecting The Morrigan or Vex to appear, and I would be happier by far with Vex honestly. But honestly, and this I think will be the point of the series this season, is that while blood might say who you are, it does not define what you are. I have the oddest sense that perhaps in the end, Bo will be the core of a new faction of Fae… Grey Fae? It is an interesting thought and one that would deal with a lot of things really.

As for Trick, I do wonder what will happen when, or if, the Una Mens finds out he is the Blood King. As the rules are his, he would know them very well and in that comes some interesting moments that the series can make use of.

There is still an open ended plot with Lauren, Tamsin, Kenzi, Hale, Dyson, and really just about every character in the series. While getting rid of Massimo was a start, the way that happened was a let down and I hope anything like that in the future is done a lot better.

And of course there is still the question of The Wanderer which still hasn’t gone anywhere and really needs to. Mind you I have said that a lot haven’t I? But it is really a huge problem and just having Bo forget about it just seems like a cheap plot device and it need not be.

Oh, and I really wish that whomever is writing these summaries would get Scooby Doo out of their minds and stop using “the gang” like it is a catch phrase or something. They can do better and have, so why not do so now?

One final thought. If Bo is turning Dark, and there are some signs of that, what’s the point of her doing so? There has to be one, a reason for it and if it turns out to be a cheap “her father said so” resolution that is not going to go over well with me.

Overall series plot. Remember that? We’re getting away from it and onto a series which deals with the crisis of the week and not a lot more. That has to stop and I hope it does…




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    • James on December 6, 2013 at 8:42 pm

    Well, according to your summary, the Una Mens believe Bo has chosen, and they know that because of her blood. To me, that doesn’t mean that her blood has influenced her choice, but reflects it in some way.

    Theory #1: Kenzi is the unaligned sccubus, and she has never known she was one.

    Theory #2: Bo’s mom has played some blood trick, making Bo appear to be dark.

    Theory #3: Trick has done this (he is the Blood King, yes?).

    Theory #4: There will be a Very Special Episode with guest star Sarah Michelle Gellar as the vampire-slaying unaligned succubus from the distant land of Sunnydale . . .

    • avatar
    • Pocong on December 8, 2013 at 11:28 am

    I’m seriously bugged by the mommy issues thing too. I wouldn’t mind mommy issues in a story if they weren’t always the EXACT SAME ONE across characters. The problem always seems to be that mommy didn’t devote every waking second to catering to them when they were kids and that makes her bad. In my opinion it sends a really nasty message, that women need to completely abandon their careers and personalities in order to be good parents. It grosses me out way more than any back-alley fight could.

    At least make the mommy issues cooler, like “mommy was a cannibal space barbarian” or “mommy was a mad scientist who gave me a Bionic Arm powered by my husband’s soul”.

    • avatar
    • TeraS on January 8, 2014 at 3:24 pm

    *twitches at #4 a bunch*


    • avatar
    • TeraS on January 8, 2014 at 3:25 pm

    And, again, the other possible mommy issue themes are a lot more interesting Pocong…


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