Nov 28 2013

Succubi Image of the Week 307

Sometimes I receive images of Succubi in my email. I try, very much, to figure out who the original artist is with every image because I want the artist to be recognized for what they have created… The week’s image, which is of Lilith Aensland, is one where I couldn’t figure out who the artist is…

Lilith Aensland by Unknown Artist

Lilith Aensland by Unknown Artist

I really like this work for two main reasons. One is that there’s kind of a pastel like quality to this art and that I find wonderful. The other is that Lilith looks… more mature I think like this. She’s a bit top heavy like her sister Morrigan usually is, but there is still that lovely personality that Lilith has which I do love very much… This art really has sort of a portrait feel to it, there’s a lovely look in her eyes, her pose, the little details in her hair, really almost like a picture was taken of Lilith and then a painting created from it.

Should someone know who the artist is, please leave a comment?




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    No help with what Your Majesty really wants here . . . as usual . . .

    So many see me as over the top . . . especially on top . . .
    most of the world thinks me a horny child.
    But the reality is I have years . . . so many, many years . . .
    when I have been seductive, even wild,
    and there are a lucky, persistent few
    who know where to look, who learn what to do,
    and recognize my maturity, depth . . . unfathomable depth . . .
    whose ecstasy . . . if they survive . . . is unquestionable . . . and true.

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    Mature Lilith actually seems pretty cool! She still has a bit of that bubbly personality to her that helps her stand out from her sister. Lilith always struck me as a bit more approachable than Morrigan and this picture manages to capture that perfectly. Mo

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    More help than you know…



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    I think so too Pocong…


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