Does the Lost Girl know any train jokes?

The question of rebirth is an interesting one… at least for Tamsin it is. I have to admit that I hadn’t put a lot of thought into what it would be like for her and what she would go through. What I didn’t expect was a munchkin with attitude and that, more than anything else sticks with me about this episode. To be honest I think it shouldn’t and that bothers me.

The second episode of the fourth season, also episode fifty (YAY!) of the Lost Girl TV series was this week. Tamsin returns and Kenzi gets her hooked on internet memes. Dyson gets run over by a train as Bo jumps out of it. Trick looks for things that have gone missing and they aren’t all misplaced. Hale introduces Kenzi to the kitchen table in a way she hasn’t been before and Vex gets an optional extra added to him by the Una Mens that he really doesn’t need…

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This is the second review of the fourth season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

When Bo wakes up, finally, she discovers that she isn’t at…

Sleeping Beauty School

The episode opens with Trick (Richard Howland) performing a ceremony of some kind in order to attempt to divine the location of Bo by sprinkling some red powder on a photograph of Bo and asking her to reveal to him where she is. Elsewhere, Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) arrives at the location where Tamsin was last seen and begins another search for her. He has another flashback to the moment when he and Tamsin encountered The Wanderer and then the scene is shown of the two of them going over the cliff in Tamsin’s truck. After the flashback ends, Dyson hears something moving in the brush nearby and goes to investigate. Pausing by some dense foliage, he calls out that he knows someone is there and they should come out into the open. When they do not, he reaches his hand into the brush and then has his hand scratched by whomever is hiding. After telling whoever it is that he will: “not hurt you. Much.” Dyson pulls a young girl (Ava Preston) from her cover who has long blonde hair and has a slightly wild look in her eyes.

After the opening credits, Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) is seen in Bo’s bedroom making sure that everything is exactly the way Bo normally has things, but also a collection of things that Bo likes such as champagne, chocolate, “both lube and actual chocolate” and she also talks about having “a lead on some Victoria’s Secret models. And I’m not talking catalog hun. I’m talking runway. Angel quality.” Dyson then appears behind her and asks Kenzi what she is doing. Kenzi explains that she has collected all of Bo’s favourite things. Dyson reminds Kenzi that they haven’t found Bo yet, but Kenzi answers: “It’s only a matter of time.” Kenzi asks about the last place Bo was seen, which was Taft’s observatory where she and Dyson where held, but Dyson tells her that there are no leads there. When asked if Hale or Trick have found anything, Dyson again tells Kenzi there are no leads, but they are all looking for Bo. Kenzi makes an off-hand joke that Bo didn’t “disappear into nothing” as she places Bo’s kimono on her bed and wonders if Bo is: “Super pumped from super sucking to death whatever assfart took her.” Dyson tells Kenzi she is probably right and Kenzi’s answer is: “Of course I am.” She then leans against Bo’s bed and sighs “Course I am” as Dyson looks at her in concern. Kenzi, in a halting voice asks Dyson to tell her that they have a lead and he replies: “Why don’t you come downstairs.”

Upon entering the main floor of Bo’s home and seeing the young girl, Kenzi comments: “Oh my God it’s MiniMe.” Dyson explains that he found her at the site of the car crash and Kenzi wonders if the girl saw the crash, but Dyson comments: “I think she was in the crash.” Kenzi replies: “You have to be shitting me.” as the young girl waves at her and eats some crackers. Dyson explains: “Valkyries have many lives” Kenzi adds: “I figured she’d be more like… cloney.” Dyson goes on to explain that Tamsin was the last person to see Bo and that when she was driving the truck before the accident she mentioned Bo’s father and it is possible that Tamsin might know something about Bo’s father. Kenzi suggests that they “go all interrogation on her and find out if she is for real.” As the young girl picks up a large kitchen knife and begins to draw a finger along the sharp edge, Dyson warns Kenzi that might be a bad idea as she might lash out at them, and Kenzi reminds Dyson that Tamsin did try to kill him as well. When Dyson suggests that the child might not be Tamsin, the child tells them: “Peace out losers. I’m going to go play” before throwing the knife across the room and burying it into a wall. She then walks past Kenzi and Dyson saying to them with attitude in her voice: “Later.” Dyson and Kenzi watch her walk over to the couch and settle in before turning to each other and saying: “It’s Tamsin.” As Baby Tamsin does so, Dyson’s cell phone vibrates as someone is trying to call him.

The scene then switches to a diner called ‘Ronny’s’ where Lauren (Zoie Palmer) is seen using a pay phone in an attempt to call Dyson. She is still working as a waitress there and after the phone rings twice she hangs up in frustration. A waitress walks up behind Lauren which frightens Lauren, the name tag the waitress is wearing telling her name is Crystal (Ali Liebert). Crystal asks Lauren, who she knows as Amber, if she is okay and adds that if she needs something to ask, but Lauren refuses and walks away.

Returning to Dyson and Kenzi, they have been joined by Trick who tells them that when Valkyries are reborn their memories return very slowly and are scattered. Kenzi comments: “Apparently their hair full and lustrous.” Trick adds that young Valkyries are very vulnerable and valuable. Dyson presses on asking if Tamsin’s memories will return in full, but Trick explains: “Valkyries deal in the souls of the dead. They see so much carnage in one lifetime that sometimes they repress those memories in the next.” As Trick walks away, Dyson swears and Kenzi warns him about his language before replying a video on her cellphone that Baby Tamsin wants to see. Trick comments: This place is a deathtrap” which makes Kenzi snap her fingers and say: “Remind me to embroider that on a pillow” before starting the video once more. Trick rants on: “I’ve seen duck ponds with better security. How are you still alive?” As Trick continues to search, Dyson asking if Tamsin is their only chance to find Bo. Trick begins to reply that there is another way but Dyson interrupts and asks about the injury that Trick has suffered to one of his arms. Trick pauses in his searching and explains that he needs the compass that Kenzi obtained in the previous episode. Kenzi then reveals that she has it with her and as Trick takes it, Dyson comments: “Kenzi you little thief” and Kenzi again has to restart the video for Baby Tamsin. Trick then asks if either Dyson or Kenzi has seen his Armillary Sphere but neither replies to the question. Kenzi then attempts to leave but Dyson stops her from doing so. Kenzi tells Dyson that she does not babysit, as again Baby Tamsin demands the video be restarted as Dyson comments: “You could have fooled me.” Trick describes the object he is looking for as being: “About this high and encrusted in rubies. Hard to miss.” As Kenzi resets the video she explains to Dyson that she is: “Merely educating the child in the ways of internet hilarity. Watching an animated bear dance to Gangnam Style is just a necessity” as she tries to leave once more. Dyson refuses to let her leave and tells Kenzi that he and Hale will find Bo. Kenzi’s answer is: “Hells no.” Dyson warns Kenzi about her language as Baby Tamsin asks for the video to be restarted yet again. Kenzi and Dyson then begin to have an argument, Kenzi demanding to leave and look for Bo, and Dyson refusing until Trick yells at them to be quiet and then explains: “I know where she’s not. Because according to this compass, she’s no longer on this physical plane.” No one says anything for a moment and then Baby Tamsin thrusts the phone in Kenzi’s direction as she says: “Again.”

Elsewhere, Bo (Anna Silk) is seen resting in what appears to be a bed and beginning to wake up. She calls out “Hello” as she looks around the room she is in. She comments that her head is spinning as the sounds of a train travelling become louder in the room and the entire space begins to rock back and forth and it becomes clear that she is travelling onboard some kind of train. Bo then looks out a broken window and discovers an endless darkness surrounding the train she is travelling on. The last image before the commercial break is of that train travelling through utter darkness, the camera panning down the side of the train before pausing on Bo looking out the window and then the train vanishing off into the distance.

Returning from commercial, Trick and Dyson are in Trick’s lair. Dyson demands that Trick tell him how he was injured, noting that he can smell Aife’s blood on him and after a moment, Trick relents and explains that Aife was: “wounded at my hand.” Trick then goes on to explain that when the spell was broken and the memories of Bo returned, there was “joy. but for Aife there was only the memory of losing her child and she was driven back to insanity.” Dyson tells Trick he is sorry, but Trick tells Dyson that Bo must never find out and after a pause, Dyson sighs: “There is a lot of things that Bo must never find out.” Dyson then presses on and asks Trick if he knows of a tracker that Dyson could use to find Bo. After naming several, Trick tells him that there is only one Fae who could “transverse the connecting planes of existence.” Dyson seems surprised as he calls out the name “Endymion” and calls him legendary. Trick agrees, but also notes that for the last 800 hundred years has also been elusive. Trick then gives Dyson the name of a Fay that might know where he is, a Fay named Selene who is his ex-wife and can be found at a Salon she owns. As Dyson begins to leave there is a strange haunting noise and Trick sighs: “The Una Mens.” Dyson comments that they have, apparently, set up their base of operations in what was The Ash’s compound. Trick adds that they have been “pulling in people for interviews” using finger quotes as he speaks the word “interviews”, then adds: “Restoring order is a messy business. Torture. Death. Manhunts. Pain. The usual.”

The next scene is of Vex (Paul Amos) who is strapped down to a steel table, various items of torture surrounding him. Vex is obviously frightened and has been injured, there being blood on his face and body. A strange woman approaches the table and asks: “Is this what pain looks like?” Vex attempts to be sarcastic as he replies: “This is a spa weekend in St. Lucia.” When a strange man approaches, Vex breaks down and cries out for them to not so anything more to him. The woman asks where The Morrigan’s body is and Vex answers: “She was behind the portrait behind my desk. But she escaped. That wicked witch is toying with me! She’s not dead, she’s missing.” The woman states: “She is dead. She is missing. One of those things is a lie or both.” Vex tells her: That evil little tart is very much irritatingly alive.” When Vex swears on the graves of his family, the woman replies: “It was our mistake not to count you among those graves. This life goes too much power to the last Mesmer. You are but waste.” The woman looks at the man who then turns away and moves towards a series of masks, one of which is marked ‘Last Mesmer’ and brings it towards Vex, a knife in his other hand. As he moves to place the mask on Vex, Vex screams out for them to stop. pleading that he can give them what they want. The woman’s answer is that she is interested. At first Vex offers Evony, the previous Morrigan, but the woman it not interested in that from him. Vex then says; “Something infinitely more valuable. Why would I give you a crazy bitch when I could give you her.” The camera pans over the masks nearby which have signs on them which read ‘claimed human’, ‘human terrorist’, one mask who’s sign is not seen, another that reads ‘unaligned Succubus’ before it settles on one marked ‘Human Doctor.’ The woman agrees to Vex’s offer but before she does so, she adds: “You are released, but with one minor adjustment.” The man moves to the woman and removes a creature from behind her ear which is then forced down Vex’s throat as he screams in terror.

The scene switches to beauty school called Selene’s. A woman greets Dyson and Hale (K.C. Collins) and asks how they can help them, she being Selene (Cynthia Preston), rattling off various beauty treatments before adding: “Polish your badges?” Dyson replies that they are looking for someone and the woman answers: “Aren’t we all darling.” When Hale gives Endymion’s name, Selene laughs saying that she hasn’t seen him in ages. Dyson presses her for information, telling her that they need to talk to him, but Selene is less than interested, comments: “Pleasure before business. Something tells me those unruly curls will not manage themselves” and then draws Dyson away from Hale. As he leaves, Hale begins to look around the school in the meantime, starting by looking at a nearby computer. As he does so, a woman, Cleo (Mia Kirshner) grabs Hale’s hat and tells him: “We usually don’t allow customers to make their own appointments.” When Hale starts to lie, she interrupts him with: You are looking for Eddy” and asks what he wants with him. Hale claims it is police business, and Cleo tells Hale that Selene will just string them along and they will get nothing. She then tells Hale to see someone named Astrid and then writes a message on Hale’s hand, telling him to give her a message as well. Hale looks at it a moment, comments that it is written in Hindi, and when he looks back to Cleo, to ask her name, she is no longer there. Dyson makes his way to Hale moments later and asks if he found anything, Hale tells him he has a lead and Dyson tells Hale: “All I got was a head massage.”

Kenzi is still looking after Baby Tamsin who asks her if Dyson is her boyfriend. Kenzi looks a little shocked as she answers: “Nyet.” Baby Tamsin then grabs a large lollypop and asks Kenzi if she has a boyfriend or ever did have a boyfriend. Kenzi tells her that men are “stupid” to the first question, and to the second she answers: “With this bod? Hellllll…. Heck yeah.” Kenzi is then asked why she broke up and this gives Kenzi pause before she manages: “It’s complicated.” When asked if she didn’t love him anymore, Kenzi answers, slowly becoming more frustrated as she does: “You think that love is going to be the ultimate but then you realize you are giving up more than you knew in the decision and it kicks you in the box and it leaves you wondering if it is worth ever loving again. Or whatever.” When asks who Hale is, Kenzi replies: “He’s aaaaaa…. friend. A cop. A cop friend.” When Baby Tamsin asks what a condom is, Kenzi then chases her around the room before catching her and telling Baby Tamsin: “Sharp objects are not for you.” Kenzi then begins to tell her to remain out of Bo’s room and not to touch Bo’s things. As Kenzi does so, Baby Tamsin begins to bounce up and down on her toes rapidly which Kenzi finally asks about. Baby Tamsin tells Kenzi: “I have to pee.” Kenzi asks if she really has to be there, and is told that she doesn’t with a curt “No!” Kenzi yells back: “Well, okay then, go then.” Baby Tamsin replies in an irritated voice: “Thank. You.” and then runs off before they each call out “Ugh” in unison. Kenzi continues to straighten out Bo’s room until she hears a noise from the bathroom. The scene then switches to Baby Tamsin opening a small jar and scooping out with her fingers some kind of paste which she then drops into the toilet, the paste sizzling as it strikes the water. Kenzi rushes in screaming for her to stop but it is too late, the paste is all in the toilet and ruined. Kenzi looks into the toilet and cries that it was her only means of being Fae, meaning that the paste that Baby Tamsin had destroyed was what Massimo had given Kenzi to hide the fact she was human. After Baby Tamsin begins to cry and becomes more and more upset, Kenzi does the only thing she can think of to calm her down, which is to use the power given to her by the paste to make a light show with her powers, ending with a smiley face make of sparkles which hovers in the air between Kenzi and Baby Tamsin a moment before it vanishes. When Baby Tamsin asks for her to do it again, Kenzi tells her that she cannot anymore as that was all of the power she had, but then offers to make cookies with her.

Dyson and Hale have found Astrid (Farah Merani), who examines the message on Hale’s hand and tells them that she cannot do what the message asks her to do, which is to erase their memories. Astrid then says: “The blond one is frustrated. The other one too.” Looking at Dyson she adds: “You seek a hunter.” And to Hale she says: “And you seek the courage to hunt.” Dyson looks at Hale and Hale scoffs saying that he has no idea what Astrid is talking about. Astrid then says: “I don’t talk. I cannot talk” as she removes her veil which reveals that she has no mouth at all. Hale bows his head as he says: “An Astomi.” Hale calls this a pleasure and Astrid agrees saying that for her, their scents are “a tasty treat.” When asked why she did not take their memories, Astrid explains that the Fae at Selene’s are “evil incarnate” and “twelve years later and the perm they gave me still hasn’t grown out.” Hale asks if she will help them and Astrid replies: “It would be my pleasure.” She hands a spray bottle to Dyson with the explanation: “This is one kiss. Only one moment will be it’s match. You will get what you need.” Turning to Hale, she touches him on his forehead between his eyes and explains: “As for your frustrations, go to the one you love.”

The scene then switches back to the salon where the students are dancing as Dyson and Hale enter. Hale comments: “I have several fantasies that started just like this.” Cleo then appears in the middle of the room and tells them they should not have come back. When Hale and Dyson move to confront Cleo, she tells the students: “Girls… it’s feeding time and guess who’s coming to dinner?” Dyson and Hale are surrounded by the woman, some of which are holding various knifes and scissors threateningly, others having their fingernails grow long into daggers. Dyson asks Hale: “So, these fantasies, they include women carrying pokie things?” Hale replies: “Nope. There was one pokie thing and it was mine.”

Returning from commercial, the attitude of the Fae suddenly changes and they seem to be infatuated with Hale for some reason and push their way past Dyson to be with Hale. Dyson figures out that Astrid must have done something to cause this and tells Hale that he needs to go, adding that he owes Hale “one”. Hale replies: “More like fifty!” as the Fae drag him to the floor.

Meanwhile, Kenzi is making cookies and Baby Tamsin asks if Kenzi and Bo live together, does that mean they love each other? Kenzi answers: “Totally. But strictly BFFs.” Kenzi then gives Baby Tamsin a spoon with cookie batter to lick off. After trying the batter, Baby Tamsin rushes off to hide the spoon under a table as Kenzi explains that a BFF is: “When two people would do anything for each other and they always have got each other’s backs. If one’s in trouble the other gets them out. When one gets sad, the other puts on sparkly makeup and takes them out dancing.” After a pause, Kenzi adds in a sad voice: “If ones missing, the other has a tiniest inkling of where they are.” When Baby Tamsin questions this, noting that Kenzi has no idea where Bo is, Kenzi answers: “Yeah. I know. I suck.” Baby Tamsin then finds the Wanderer card, picks it up and looks at it. A moment later it bursts into flame and she cries out in surprise. When Kenzi rushes over and looks at the card she exclaims: “Holy dildos! Is that Bo?” Kenzi tries to touch the card, but cannot, she blows on it, but cannot put the flames out and then finally she places a bowl over top of the card which extinguishes the flames. The card is damaged severely, but the silhouette of Bo is just visible while that of the Wanderer is mostly clear and undamaged. Baby Tamsin reads off the Roman numerals on the card as ‘MMXV’ and asks what that means. Kenzi has no idea but she takes a picture of the card, sending it to Dyson as Baby Tamsin asks if Kenzi thinks that Bo is “stuck in the card”.

Dyson has been searching for Eddie and discovers a painting of Selene which he calls “subtle.” Tearing the painting down, he discovers a large vault door behind it and comments in amazement that he “hasn’t seen one of these since my time in France.” After commenting to himself that it “tales a great deal of finesse” to unlock it, Dyson then takes hold of the door and tears it from its hinges. Stepping inside, he discovers Eddy (Benjamin Ayres) asleep in what appears to be a bedroom. Dyson attempts to wake him, but Eddy is not responsive. Selene then appears in the bed next to Eddy and tells Dyson that Eddy is “fast, fast asleep.”

Elsewhere. Lauren is waitressing in the diner when she notices a newspaper. For a moment she thinks that Bo is on the front page, but it turns out not to be which then causing her to drop the dishes she was cleaning up to the floor. Crystal rushes over to help Lauren clean up the mess and when Lauren tries to make an excuse for what happened, Crystal tells Lauren that it is clear she’s never been a waitress before “in spite of what your resume says.” When Lauren comments that she seems to have lost her name tag, Crystal tells her: “We’re all running from something.” When Lauren apologizes for making a mess, Crystal replies: “You are a klutz, but also cute, and funny, and… sexy.” There is an uncomfortable pause before Lauren asks: “You think I’m funny?” Crystal nods her head slightly and offers Lauren a drink after work but Lauren refuses the offer and walks away as Crystal watches her leave.

Dyson attempts to wake Eddy again, but cannot because Selene cast a spell upon him which is keeping him asleep, and she is not inclined to remove it. Dyson grasps her by the throat and threatens to “tear you to pieces with my teeth” if she does not. Selene seems not to be afraid asking: “Promise to spank me first?” When Dyson threatens her again, she adds: “Forget Eddy, he’s out and the wolf is in” promising that it will take only one kiss. Dyson recalls what Astrid said about “one kiss” and questions Selene asking: “One kiss and I end up your prisoner?” She reveals: “Only when you are asleep. And then one kiss more and I’ll all yours to punish.” Dyson smiles and says: “That’s all I needed to hear” as he retrieves the spray bottle that Astrid gave him and sprays Selene in the face with it. Selene seems to go into a trance, then Dyson turns her to look at Eddy and orders her to kiss Eddy. Eddy convulses a moment before waking, sitting up, and asking what is going on. When Selene speaks his name, Eddy then strikes her unconscious and calls her a harlot. Dyson then asks Eddy for his help to which he agrees. Eddy speaks of mead and Turkish baths before Dyson interrupts him, saying that he needs Eddy’s help to find the woman he loves. Eddy then asks: “What is the name of this magnificent creature?” to which Dyson answers simply: “Bo.”

Bo in the meantime is using her lock picking skills in an attempt to escape the room she is locked in, commenting as she does so, “You’re right Kenz, lock picking is a skill that everyone should know.” Bo pauses a moment and says that she knows that name, but whether she does, or not, is not clear. After banging on the door and calling out if anyone is there, she then begins to try and break the door down. The door then suddenly opens and a chambermaid (Linzee Barclay) rushes in, telling Bo to be quiet or she will “awaken him.” When Bo asks who that is, the chambermaid tells Bo that she thinks she is not allowed to say. Bo then uses her powers in an attempt to control her. The chambermaid looks at Bo and says: “You have such beautiful eyes, both brown and blue. You are the one.” Bo asks where she is and who “he” is, but there is a loud noise which breaks the hold Bo has on the chambermaid and she cries out that Bo has “made him angry” and “this is all your fault” before the scene ends.

Back from yet another commercial, Dyson, Hale and Eddy are walking along a country road, Dyson describing what Bo looks like to Eddy. This seems to be useless to Eddy and he explains that what Dyson is telling him is a description when what he needs is for Dyson to tell him about Bo, where his heart lies and hers as well. Dyson claims: “Her heart is her own.” But Eddy replies: “Not entirely yours?” Dyson explains that Bo has a girlfriend as well, to which Eddy calls Bo a strumpet. Dyson stops him and warns that if he should call Bo that again he will “rip out your tongue.” Eddy apologizes, then asks if Dyson has “renderings of these transgressions”. Dyson then shows Eddy the picture of the Wanderer card that Kenzi sent and when Dyson tells Eddy is was Kenzi that sent it to him, Eddy asks if Kenzi is another lover of Dyson’s. Hale breaks in saying that Kenzi is “No, she’s mine. Mine friend. My friend. A friend.” Eddy tells Dyson that if Bo is on that card he has shown him, then she is in “a heap of trouble.” Eddy refuses to do so and then wonders if there is somewhere they can get a meal. As he walks away, Dyson gathers himself and expresses feelings about Bo: “She has the most beautiful heart. And it breaks every time someone she loves is hurting. She’s brave. Stubborn. Passionate and true. She loves with all of her being, and I cannot do any of this without her.” Eddy then confronts Dyson asking: “Now was that so difficult?” Dyson pauses a moment and then admits: “No.” Hale congratulates Dyson for saying what he did, knowing that it was so very hard for him to do. Dyson then tells Hale: “You have to tell her man.” When Hale questions who Dyson means, Dyson tells Hale that he must go to Kenzi and tell her how he feels about her. Hale tells Dyson: “It’s not that easy” and notes that at least Dyson is sure. Dyson explains that he knows that Bo is in love with Lauren, but he still fights for her because: “I know how I feel.” Hale attempts to brush off going to Kenzi again, saying that they have to find Bo, but Dyson says: “No. The Garuda’s coming, your family won’t approve, your pants are too tight, it has been three years Hale. You’ve been longing for her and she’s right in front of you.” Hale seems to be uncertain, but then embraces Dyson and leaves to see Kenzi. Eddy is overcomes with emotion over what just happened and suggests they go and drink, but Dyson takes him by the arm, telling him they have work to do.

Lauren in the meantime is waitressing and serves a truck driver (Danya Nearon) who makes a pass at her, more than once. Lauren then takes a seat beside Crystal and asks how she puts up with it, Crystal answering: “The same way I put up with some of the staff.” Lauren starts to apologize, but is stopped when Crystal tells her: “No good apology ever included the words ‘if’ and ‘but’.” Properly chastised, Lauren tries again and Crystal starts to warm up to her again, but in the background the truck driver begins to choke on something and falls to the floor. Lauren and Crystal rush over to help, Lauren first trying the heimlich manoeuvre, which does not help. Forcing the truck driver to the floor, Lauren then takes a knife and cuts into his throat lengthwise in what appears to be the start of a tracheotomy, but makes a much larger cut. A moment later and a strange creature appears from the opening, revealing the truck driver to be a Ghanian Diversity Fae. Lauren removes what had been choking the Fae, saving their life and they thank her for doing so. Lauren then looks behind her to see Crystal with a cell phone taking pictures of what happened, Crystal commenting: “You have any idea how much money we can make with this? I recorded the whole alien thing!”

Dyson and Eddy have arrived on a set of railway lines, Eddy telling stories about his past. Dyson interrupts him and asks how they can shift between dimensions, pleading for him to do so. Eddie shows Dyson a set of three small tiger heads. Dyson then looks around and tells Eddy they are being followed and Cleo is seen elsewhere watching them. Eddy seems to ignore this, telling Dyson they are looking for a particular piece of evidence of a tear, or opening in the dimensions. Dyson then points out what appears to be a pair of hot dog cart vendors dressed in olden clothing, their forms mixing and crossing over the railway tracks further down from where Dyson and Eddy stand. When Dyson asks what they do now, Eddy begin to walk towards the man, telling Dyson they should say hello.

Hale in the meantime, has arrived at Bo and Kenzi’s place carrying flowers. As he waits for Kenzi to appear he paces the room, gathering his thoughts and what he wants to say to her, making some mistakes in his nervousness as he does so. Kenzi then appears and tells Hale to be quiet as it: “Took five Avril Lavigne songs go get Baby TamTam to get to sleepy time land. You wake her skater boy, you are dealing with her.” Hale says he is surprised that Kenzi knows the words to five Avril Lavigne songs, but then shows Kenzi the flowers he brought for her. Kenzi is overcome, telling Hale: “That is so sweet!” but instead of meaning it for herself, she adds that they will bring that little extra touch that Bo’s room needs. Kenzi rushes off and asks: “So, what’s up Siren?” Hale answers: “I need to tell you something.” Kenzi asks if they found Eddy and if he is a “total tracking genius” but Hale shrugs and replies: “Kind of.” Then Hale asks Kenzi to stop and listen to him which makes Kenzi ask: “Why are you so twitchy?” Kenzi then asks if the new is about Bo, asking if she is blonde, but then chastising herself for joking about things. Finally Kenzi tells Hale to talk to her and he tells her “I like you. Every time I walk into a room you are all I can look at. You have so much style and strength that no human should have. I want to be a part of that.” Kenzi seems overcome and tells Hale: “I want to be a part of that too.” Kenzi then draws Hale in for a kiss, but then stops saying: “This is weird.” When Hale asks “Good weird?” the next scene is Kenzi shoving everything off of a table before she and Hale start to become intimate together on top of it. Kenzi seems to be more and more into making out with Hale, but he realizes that something is wrong and that is the perfume that Astrid dabbed on him. The spell is then broken by Tamsin screaming in another room.

Baby Tamsin is gone and in her place is Teen Tamsin (Eliana Jones) who is looking into a mirror in shock and surprise, having aged into her teens in a matter of moments from the last time Kenzi saw her, and screaming: “I woke up and this happened! I’m hideous!” Hale tries to tell her that she isn’t and Kenzi asks if what happened is: “Some kind of growth spurt?” Hale replies that he isn’t: “Dr. Spock’s guide to Valkyries” and Kenzi panics saying: “She’ll be Betty White by Tuesday!” Kenzi then wraps Teen Tamsin in Bo’s kimono telling her that it will be okay, and Hale half-heartedly agrees. Kenzi is amazed at how much hair Teen Tamsin has as Hale tries to come up with an explanation. Teen Tamsin is shocked that what’s happened is normal, poking at her bust and crying: “These things are so big! Are they stupid? Can I still jump rope?” Hale’s answer is: “No.” When Teen Tamsin begins to jump up and down, Hale starts to leave, Kenzi agreeing that it would be a good thing to do. Before he leaves however, Hale tells Kenzi that they are not done talking. Teen Tamsin returns to look into the mirror and whines: “I feel super bizarro.” Kenzi replies “I’m sorry to tell you kid, but it’s never going away. Just part of growing up.”

The scene switches to Dyson and Eddy looking through what appears to be a scrap yard. Dyson moves some of the scarp around and discovers what appears to be a old jukebox with strange symbols upon it. Dyson asks Eddy what it could be, and Eddy’s reply, while eating a hot dog is: “Some kind of condiment dispenser.” Dyson is confused, but tells Eddy that the writing is Fae, but he cannot read it. Dyson then asks Eddy how long he was asleep and Eddy answers: “A few hundred years, but I am right as rain!” Dyson is incensed, telling Eddy he is “obsolete” and cannot track. This angers Eddy who claims he can and that it is: “A simple sequence of buttons.” Eddy turns to the jukebox and is about to press one of the buttons on it when Cleo runs at him and shoves him away before he can do so. She forces him to the ground and tells Eddy: “If you open a gate to another dimension without a ticket we all go kaboom!” Dyson pulls her off of Eddy and for a moment Cleo fights with Dyson, but he strikes her in the nose with her own umbrella, making her cry out in pain. She then moves to attack Dyson once more, but he counter attacks and demands to now why she is following them and trying to stop him from working with Eddy. Cleo answers: “He is not Eddy. I’m Eddie.”

Once more back from commercial and Eddy is outraged at Cleo, claiming that she is a thief of identities. Cleo replies that she had no other choice when requests for Eddy were coming in and he couldn’t answer them. Dyson comments: “So you took his gigs. The last one I recall put you into a hell of a dress.” Cleo claims that all Eddy was doing was “making babies” to which Dyson asks if Cleo is related to Eddy. She says no, that his “spawn are giggling dimwitted Elementals” and when Dyson points out that Cleo is an Elemental as well, she says her difference is that most Elementals have power over one element while she has power over all of them. When Eddy claims this is a lie, Cleo places her umbrella against Eddy’s chest and forces him to walk backwards. As she does so, she recites various facts about the elements around them until she has pushed Eddy to be standing on the railway tracks nearby. Eddy then rants about Cleo making a huge mistake, but Cleo tells Eddy he is “all washed up.” Eddy then begins to sing a song about himself which ends as a train slams into him and he is stuck by it and vanishes. Cleo then turns to Dyson and tells him that the next train will be arriving soon and they need a ticket. When he is asked if he has a ticket, Dyson answers: “You know I might.”

The scene then moves to Bo and Kenzi’s place where Dyson is examining the ticket, Kenzi standing nearby. Kenzi questions the card being a train ticket and then asks about the Roman numerals and Dyson tells her that the numbers mean 2015, and Dyson guesses that it means a time, 8:15PM. Dyson tells Cleo if they hurray they can make the train, but Kenzi points out that no one can touch the card because it will burst into flames. Cleo then walks over and picks up the card quite unconcerned as she is an Elemental and fire cannot “touch” her. Cleo then tells Dyson they need to talk about her price to which Dyson promises that she will “get whatever you are owed.” Kenzi asks for a moment with Dyson and after Cleo moves off, Kenzi tells Dyson that Cleo seems “A little Ele…mental” and she can take the card and leave them with nothing. Kenzi’s last problem is: “Her skin is suspiciously flawless and I hate her so much.” Dyson tells Kenzi she has to stay with Tamsin, which Kenzi does not want to do. Dyson points out that Tamsin may remember something and they need to know whatever it is. Finally Dyson adds: “Besides, Hale wants to talk to you about something. So when he does. please try to listen to him.” Cleo then interrupts and moments later she and Dyson leave to catch the train, Kenzi left to look at the flowers that Hale brought with him and pondering.

The next scene is of Cleo feeding the Wanderer card into the jukebox and telling Dyson that when they start, they cannot go back and that she cannot promise to protect him. Dyson stops her and demands to know who she is and why she tries to save him from Vex attacking the first time they met. She claims: “I saw a guy at a party and a chance to make a buck.” Dyson does not accept this and when pressed, Cleo adds: “You’re a cop. And your sleuth friend? Kenzi? I saw you as potential competition and muscling in on my territory and I decided to check you out. And it turns out I have absolutely nothing to worry about.” Cleo then feeds the card in with Dyson’s permission and the jukebox makes some sounds before a track signal turns from green to red. Dyson’s phone then rings and Lauren is calling him. Her first question to him is if he has healed from the surgery she performed on him. She begs Dyson to let her come home but he tells her that it is not safe for her to do so. Lauren then asks about Bo but Dyson presses on telling her that she is smart and resourceful and whatever she needs to do she will have to do so because she is on her own. Lauren thanks Dyson but before hanging up asks that he take care of Bo to which Dyson does not answer.

Vex is then seen trying to break into a car and talking on a cell phone. He tells the person on the other end of the call that he will pay them triple whatever the others are. It is then revealed that he is talking to Cleo. Vex also reveals that he can afford to pay anything because being the last of the Mesmers he has inherited “a bloody big bank account.” Vex then makes a point to Cleo which is that Bo must be brought to him alive and in one piece. Vex then asks Cleo if they have a deal and she agrees that they do have one as Dyson approaches. When Dyson asks what Cleo is talking about, she refuses to explain saying that it is “privileged information.” She then offers a blood oath to Dyson that she: “will find your Succubus.” There is a train whistle that sounds in the background and the pair move to the railway tracks to stand in the path of the oncoming train. Cleo then gasps: “Shit’s about to get interesting. That’s a Death Train.” When she attempts to leave, Dyson stops her and holds her fast. The train rushes towards them and just before it reaches them their bodies turn to black smoke similar to that which encompassed Bo when she vanished at the end of the previous season.

After another commercial break, Teen Tamsin is seen sleeping and Kenzi is on the phone to Massimo, asking him to meet with her that evening. When he asks for payment, Kenzi tells him that she has a means to do so and reveals that she possesses the Armillary Sphere that Trick was looking for. She hangs up the phone, gathers her things and then leaves to meet Massimo leaving Teen Tamsin alone and unprotected.

Elsewhere, Crystal and Lauren are having a drink together in the diner after it has closed. Crystal goes off to the bathroom which gives Lauren a chance to try and delete the video Crystal took, but the phone has a password. Lauren tries one she thinks is obvious, but it does not work. Crystal then returns and tells Lauren to try ‘toad’, that being the name of Crystal’s dog when she was young. Lauren tries to lie, saying she was looking for the weather, but Crystal knows that Lauren is lying. Again she reminds Lauren how much they could get for the video, but Lauren explains: “There are some very bad people after me and if they see this they will come for me.” Lauren adds that she cannot explain because it is complicated. Crystal then takes the phone and deletes the video on it. Lauren hugs her and then Lauren reveals her name to Crystal as the scene ends.

The final scene of the episode begins with Bo feeding on the chambermaid before she stops and comments to herself: “Just enough. Just enough to get out.” Bo then turns towards a door which leads directly out of the train car she is in and kicks the door open. After taking one look back, she looks out into the depths and darkness before saying: “It’s time to go.” and jumping from the train as the episode ends.


Fade to black…

This was, to be honest, a slight improvement over the season premiere, and honestly I don’t know why it wasn’t. It actually moves a major plot in the series forward, two of them if you consider things, and in doing so it makes the series a lot more interesting than the first episode did. It makes, at least to me, a lot more sense to have the plots that are in the series moving forward that have what amounts to a throw away episode that basically accomplished… nothing.

This week’s episode did accomplish something. We have the return of Tamsin… sort of. We have the return of Bo… sort of. There is the reveal to Kenzi how Hale feels about her… sort of. Actually come to think about it there was a lot of almosts in this episode but very little in the way of things actually moving on and getting somewhere.

The one thing that bothered me most was the large number of cuts from one piece of action to another. I cannot understand why it was so necessary to do that in this episode and not try to focus on things a bit more. There were five main plots in this episode along with another five minor ones that came along for the ride. I think it is becoming a problem for the series when they cannot focus in on a story and stay with it from beginning to end, which it should and did most of the time in previous seasons.

This episode felt like a teaser really, a hint of where things are going to go, the important beings in the series that will be showing up. Again, this strikes me as something that should have been the premiere episode and not the second one. There is one overriding plot for the series and it seems to have been forgotten in the rush to have a new threat appear. Was it really necessary? I honestly don’t see the point to the Una Mens still and I hope that thread gets wound up as soon as possible. It’s wasting good screen time for better things at the moment.

Focus would be nice and there is a chance we will see that if this episode is a hint to that… and I hope it is honestly…

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo… A bit of Succubus action, though really very little. Not much learned, only questions. Bo is “The One”… Why am I having a Babylon 5 flashback at those words? Oh, and hasn’t she learned to look before she leaps?

Dyson… Finally he admitted how he sees Bo and for me that was telling. It was good to see the emotions, the person that Dyson was in the first season return again. We know he loves Bo and will do anything for her. That is going to lead somewhere…

Kenzi… Well, we learned she cannot bake cookies for one thing. For another she doesn’t protect the paste that Massimo gave her either. However the FanFic girl in me loved the make out scene with Hale… To a point. I want to see a real one between them, not a forced one. Kenzi is in trouble and getting deeper… I hope there is a way out and soon. Kenzi line of the episode: “Holy dildos! Is that Bo?”

Trick. A moment of Trick, a short one, and somehow I felt like it was forced… There was little joy in it and that bothers me…

Hale. At least he listened to Dyson and admitted… sort of… that he loves Kenzi. I’d like to see more of that connection and in a real way… I wonder… Is there a way for Kenzi to be Fae through being with Hale? It is an interesting thought….

Lauren. Of course she had to help, and of course it has to cost her… But I fear for her girlfriends with Lauren’s track record…

Vex. The first time we see Vex actually scared. More that he is the last of the Mesmers… How did that happen anyway? Where the Una Mens responsible for that or was Vex? It is an interesting path for the character to take.

Tamsin: You know… If Tamsin never came back, I could live with Baby Tamsin being a regular in the series. She was just too perfect by far…

Cleo: A little too frantic and a little too odd. I’m expecting that she isn’t really like that and it is a cover for what and who she really is…

Crystal: She’s interesting but why do I not believe her story? Why does she seem like Fae?

Eddy: A few fries short of a Happy Meal. Although drawing out the truth from Dyson and Hale is an accomplishment.

Selene: Bimbo evil… Not really interesting considering that I know better ones…

Astrid: She fascinates me. There is story behind her and it is only teased upon before she is gone from the episode. I would love to see her again and have more about her known. There is a lovely mystery around her and that is a good thing…

The Una Mens: Well… Emotionless for one thing. Odd for another. If all they are is pain and suffering then they aren’t going to be that interesting for an entire season are they? Perhaps there is more… There better be for all of their buildup and storyline…

The rest of the cast were interesting though the scene with the truck driver was a bit too bloody for my personal tastes. As well the chambermaid on the train was interesting, but really not saying much or doing much… The latter I think will return and there may be some answers there…

Overall good characters and lots of questions… But really needed some focus and direction or at least more than there was…


My Review of Sleeping Beauty School

Keeping my interest – 2 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 1 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 4 Pitchforks

Storyline – 3 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 4 Pitchforks

Mythos – 5 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 3.1 Pitchforks out of 5

Like the first episode of the season I found it hard to stay with the episode. There were moments I almost missed because they had so much filler in-between the important parts of the episode. The only part that really held me was Baby Tamsin and that was mainly from the personality of the actress in that role. She had everything perfect as Tamsin and it was hilarious by far.

The next part that also caught me was Kenzi and Hale almost admitting their relationship, as well the moments with Bo were interesting but didn’t say much. In fact that seemed to be the real problem with this episode. There are hints and teases just about everywhere and none of it really paid off at the end of the episode. I know that it really doesn’t have to, but it would be nice if it did on occasion.

Bo was, for a moment, a Succubus. One very short moment and it was gone… Well two really, but they are joined together really and as such it wasn’t much. Mind you I know it couldn’t be and I shouldn’t expect it to be. But being that the series is about a Succubus… That might want to be a little more in the episodes than it has been?

The train, the rail yard scene, especially the effects were very well done. I liked that we had time in Bo and Kenzi’s place as well. Seeing Trick’s lair was nice too though I miss the Dal Riata very much to be honest. I did laugh at Selene’s painting, that was just too cute and funny how Dyson reacted to it. The salon was… okay otherwise, though again Astrid’s place was full of character in such a small space that is was amazing…

Better story lines this episode, especially with Tamsin coming back and Dyson going in search of Bo. The Una Mens part was weak in that threats do not a storyline make, though it did makes for an interesting Vex moment or two. But we are missing larger threads and questions that need to be answered.

The main cast grew a lot this time, especially Dyson, Hale and Kenzi. That was thrilling to see and I wish that some of the moments had continued to their end, but as this is but the second episode of the season that, of course, cannot happen. But it gives hope to seeing something better at the end of the season. Perhaps the same will be true of Trick, Bo and Lauren as well…

The mythos grew well, though one kind of Fae was mentioned but wasn’t really explained. Vague kinds of Fae always bother me and they can do better than that. There are myths to use, and they did so this episode… They need to do more of that. Still, there are new parts of the Fae world revealed and that was good to see…

I hope that trends gets better over the course of the seasons…


Next Week: Lovers. Apart.

Bo risks her life to save a haunted family; Dyson rushes to be by Bo’s side.


I suppose this is the beginning of Bo’s return to her normal world. Somehow I don’t expect it will be all that easy to do. The question arises of what the Una Mens did to Vex, and if Cleo will keep her deal with him. But considering that the next episode’s plot summary is out, and it seems to point at Bo being free, that arc isn’t going to be over.

I wonder if Bo will be a ghost through most of the episode. More I wonder how Dyson and Cleo will be able to track her since they aren’t exactly in the same place she is now. They’re running about two steps behind with Bo really quite lost. It would be a shame to just end that arc after one episode, but it really looks like it will be.

The Aife arc is going to not go anywhere it seems, and to be honest I don’t expect the Kenzi and Massimo arc to go anywhere either. I really don’t enjoy the dangling plot arcs which seem to be piling up on each other and it really needs to get settled a little bit.

As for Lauren… She had one relationship that ended in tragedy and I have the feeling that this new one she has will come to a bitter end sooner rather than later. Then of course the question of what the Una Mens wants with her, Kenzi, Bo and everyone else on their masks list comes into play. I expect it to be the mid-season cliffhanger honestly.

So far the Una Mens are becoming a real threat, something that the series hasn’t had to be honest. If might be a good thing to see what they do to Fae society over time, who they do things to and why. Lots of questions about them which would be nice to have answers about, but there is a bigger plot that needs to move.

Bo’s father.

Remember him? Remember all of the build up over the previous season? Bo can’t just jump off a train and be free of him. Nor I think will he just let her go. But the problem is we have all kinds of lovely scenes with little substance so far about him, about Bo and about Aife. Hopefully by the end of the season that will change… for good or bad we’ll have to see won’t we?

So far we are two episodes in and I find myself losing touch with the series as a whole. If it wasn’t for Kenzi, Bo and Trick, I honestly think I couldn’t keep focused on what’s going on. I hope that the coming episode will get the series more towards the chemistry that has worked well for it before. Change is supposed to be good.

Sometimes change for change’s sake really isn’t.




    • avatar
    • James on November 22, 2013 at 2:34 pm

    Change isn’t always good; it is just a necessary part of life. It is also necessary for those who are dying or have no idea how to stay alive to try to fake life. Any chance that is going on here? That maybe the writers never imagined they would have four seasons, most of them twenty-two episodes long, to do, and they just have no idea what to do with themselves?

    Just a thought.

    • avatar
    • Pocong on November 23, 2013 at 8:41 am

    I’m hearing a lot of “sort of”s in the character interaction segment and those have me worried. I really don’t like it when writers dance around two characters doing something like admitting that they’re in love because it reeks of a cheap attempt at extending the sexual tension between the two. If the writers can’t think of an interesting story to write with the two as a couple, then they shouldn’t suggest the possibility at all.

    • avatar
    • TeraS on November 23, 2013 at 11:56 pm

    A needed one my heart…


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