Nov 19 2013

Desires 104

There is a moment that comes, then passes, and reveals something… more.


Desires – Beginnings

By BStyles and Tera S

Part Forty


She bit her lip when he would not take from her as she wished. She was confused for a moment. It wasn’t right was it? Martin with missing feathers? What would become of him because of this. The worry was plain upon her lips as she listened to his words. The tears that he kissed away from her cheeks were salty and warm, the worry for him and the need within her to protect him was so easy to sense that no words were needed to be said between them.

When the feathers glowed and then vanished, Tera let out a small gasp of surprise at it. She did not understand what was happening and then…. Then she felt a warmth in her wings. She closed her eyes and let a small moan escape her lips as the feathers took their place within the sea of black that was her wings. Her wings flutter slightly before moving in front of her, she looked at the two glowing white marks with her wings and smiled.

Then she looked into Martin’s eyes again and whispered, “I will have you with me always Martin… I promise never to forget all that you have done for me…. I will remember your lessons to me…. Always…”

She slipped her arms around him and then rested her head on his chest. A contented smile, the first one in so so long came to her lips and she let out a long sigh before asking, “Martin…. Will I see you again someday? Please? I don’t want to lose you now that I have found you…”


The Queen is, always, wanting to know that others love her and she loves them too…





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    The Queen should know that there are always many, many people who love her and who knows she loves them . . . so many who are worthy or her love . . .

    . . . and one who is improbably, impossibly, undeservedly her heart *huggles*

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    The latter part of that statement need not have the ‘ly’ in it…



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