A Review of Serving the Succubus by Haleigh Cookson Clark

Serving the Succubus by Haleigh Cookson Clark

Serving the Succubus by Haleigh Cookson Clark

Possibly one of the most difficult things to create is not the story about a Succubus, but rather a story about a Succubus in which she is true to herself being a Domme.

Many stories are written about Succubi being submissive, for that is how many see them, or wish them to be. The thing is, when you think about it, the power is not that which the summoner has, the power is in the Succubus herself. To create a Succubus who’s character knows her own power, how to use it, to control others around her can be a difficult thing to manage. It can be not sone well or too far over the top and a caricature. Sometimes an author finds the right balance and then the story becomes very… interesting.

The work tells the story of:

Ethan Banks is a jaded graduate student desperately looking for a big break in his ongoing research of Colonial American history. He gets more than he bargains for, however, when he accidentally summons a succubus during a late-night examination of a curious old tome. No stranger to indulgence, will Ethan be able to keep up with her insatiable appetites and balance his schoolwork? More to the point, will she allow him to live to see the end of the week, much less the semester? Only time will tell.

Ethan’s life consists of overworked days and sleepless nights in his attempt to impress his family as much as his brother has. The problem is that as the days go by and the nights get longer he feels worse and begins to lose himself. That is until be finds something from the past which he opens and releases a Succubus into his life… and she demands… everything from him.

Ethan is an interesting and complex character in his needs, wants and desires. But there is a secret about himself which the Succubus of this story understands very well and is more than capable of using to her advantage. Succumbing to that need, that desire within himself is very much a two-edged complication for him, but in truth, considering the aimlessness of his path at the moment of the story makes complete sense and opens what I think are some very interesting future paths for Ethan’s story to take in the future, but I’ll return to that.

We really do not know the true name of the Succubus of this work, though Ethan does give her a name, the source of which made me laugh really, but it does fit her quite well. Missy is not quite a stereotypical Succubus, which for me is precisely what I look for in a story about Succubi. She is a mix of sensuality, eroticism, dominance, power and a touch of danger which gives her personality a level of dominance in a Succubus that isn’t seen very often. That dominance over Ethan, her control of him, how she… not so much breaks him but draws him into what he desires most of all I found quite delicious and erotic.

While she does show him some of the dangers of being with a Succubus, there also is the pleasures as well which make up the core of this work. It is Ethan’s acceptance of her as Mistress, of her own need for pleasure, of finding that pleasure in having Ethan serve her submissively which is fascinating to watch. It is not all sweetness, nor really should it be considering her personality, but it is not cruel or what I would consider so far over the top  and a misunderstanding of the relationship between a Domme and her submissive that the work becomes caricature. There is a line they both walk though the dance of submission which is very erotic and passionate. Few writers can manage that well and in this case that dance, the acceptance of the needs of each of them, makes the erotica that much more hot and delicious.

Missy is, just slightly, a bit more “demonic” than “succubus” in nature, but really that is more of her personality, how she uses her own body to ensnare Ethan and keep control over him. The few, and they are very few in number, moments when she punishes him are not written to be long winded explanations of what she did, but rather a short, to Ethan blunt, hint that obeying her is much more pleasurable than resisting her. It makes for better storytelling too.

The heat simmers from the moment Missy appears and continues to the climax of the work. It remains in each moment and is not discarded nor is it forgotten from moment to moment by them both. It does, in fact, matter to Missy and as well to Ethan and that again adds to the story. The author writes well, the characters have background and story, a past and a future and the work is not a quick piece of erotica, but I believe sets up the future of this series very well.

I would have liked to know more about Missy, her real name for one thing. We see her in her Succubus form, tail and all, but I’d loved to have seen her in the “real world” being human and seeing the world she has arrived in. She does not know everything, though she knows Ethen well and I found myself wondering how that would continue forward. What she would do in this new time for her, a time where sexuality is very open and what that would mean to her own power.

There is a cute little hint of where this story could go in the future and it makes me ponder some paths for the characters to take in the future. On thing that I thought was a nice touch was that Missy was not going to make Ethen’s life easier, but considering that Ethan now has a Mistress I think she will drive him forwards… for her own reasons yes, but for others too.

I’m giving this work four and a half pitchforks out of five.

An amazing start to the story of Missy and Ethan, very much promise for the future which I hope to see very soon as well. Lovely hot domination and submission that I enjoyed as a whole. I just, as always it seems when I find a story that speaks to me, wish it was much longer than it is.

Recommended and I will be following this series in the future.




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    • James on November 17, 2013 at 5:55 pm

    A story of this quality deserves to become a series of stories that might be shaped into an entire book. I hope th author has such stamina.

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    • TeraS on November 23, 2013 at 11:52 pm

    Oh I think she does from the little conversations I have had with her…


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