Nov 16 2013

A neat Morrigan Aensland Papercraft YouTube

There is a really amazing part of the world of model making called papercraft. In this kind of modelling, the artist creates a model, or doll, completely out of paper which is to me an amazing talent to have. Someone from Italy posted a YouTube displaying a model they made of Morrigan Aensland which is wonderfully done and I’ll share it on the Tale today…

If you can’t see the video there, try this link:


And a still from the video which I think shows the effort that the modeller has put into this piece of art…

Morrigan Papercraft

It really does look like a resin or plastic model kit though I know for certain that it isn’t. The modeller even went so far as to modify the design so that they could mount her on a base and I think that adds to things immensely…

Wonderful art and I am quite sure the modeller, who is in Italy it seems, is proud of it as well…



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