How much more lost can the Lost Girl get anyway?

I think the hardest thing for a series to deal with is the loss of their lead actress. When that happens you need, somehow, to keep the series going until they can return. Now in most cases you fall back on your second lead actress and you hope they can pull the show along. The real problem is… What if they have the talent but the story pulls the rug out from under them? Is that fair? Personally I don’t think it is…

The first episode of the fourth season, also episode forty-nine of the Lost Girl TV series was this week. Kenzi, Hale and Dyson show off their dance moves, Aife says hello sailor a lot and Trick plays with time and space. Bo is somewhere out there and Lauren tries out being a redhead and taking dinner orders. Oh, and we hear “Oh, my”… a lot.

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This is the first review of the fourth season of of Lost Girl. A summary of this episode has been added to the SuccuWiki, but won’t be adding my commentary to the articles there as that is what the Tale is for….

When Bo disappears and memories get messed with then everyone is…

In Memoriam

The episode begins with an old 1940’s pickup truck driving into some kind of warehouse. After the truck comes to a stop and the driver gets out, Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) drops out from underneath the truck and then runs off to hide behind a forklift in the warehouse where she pauses and says: “Now let’s see what all of the fuss is about.” Kenzi then watches a pair of men lug a heavy wicker basket through the warehouse before placing it on top of the pickup truck’s bed. As Kenzi watches she comments to herself: “Oh this is so Raiders! Here’s hoping this ark contains less Nazi face melting goodness.” After the two men leave, Kenzi makes her way to the truck and then approaches the wicker basket. As she hovers over it, she whispers to herself: “Oh… The Una Mens.” She is then grabbed from behind by one of the two men who places a hand over Kenzi’s mouth and says in an almost monotone voice: “Indeed. They are coming and they will be hungry.” He then begins to drag Kenzi away from the truck. Kenzi calls him “Zombie Boy” and demands he let her go, but before he can reply, out of the darkness comes Hale’s (K.C. Collins) voice. He calls the man Whicher (Sean Dell), and tells him to stop. Whicher replies that Kenzi is claimed and tells Hale that Kenzi has: “dared to defile the Blood Laws She will be delivered by the Una Mens.” Kenzi quips that he: “Needs to be delivered to a dentist, you breath smells like the anus of a Yeti.” His reply is: “Bold talk from the human who has attacked the place of sanctuary.”

The scene then shows Hale with Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried), and Dyson tells Whicher that he is making a mistake and that he should let Kenzi go. Kenzi then says in an angry voice that she is not human and then breaks free of Whicher. After taking a few steps away, she turns back to face Whicher and then thrusts her hands to her side. In the next moment sparks begin to erupt from Kenzi’s hands which give her the appearance of having Fae powers. As this happens, neither Hale or Dyson seem to be shocked by this, possibly meaning that they have seen Kenzi do this before. The sparks fly from Kenzi’s hands for a time and then she seems to be having some problems controlling what is happening, shaking her hand and looking at Hale and Dyson for a moment before turning towards them both, shaking one hand and blowing on it. Dyson looks at Kenzi a moment, comments that what she did is “cute” and then tells Whicher that Kenzi cannot be the one he is looking for as Kenzi says in a firm voice that she is: “All Fae Baby. Feel the heat.” and gives out one more spark of her power. Whicher is confused and unsure asking how it is possible and how he could be mistaken. Before Kenzi can quip too much, Hale stops her and tells Whicher that they will take care of Kenzi. Whicher warns Hale that if he sees Kenzi again: “Her skin will line the Una Mens’ holy chamber.” Hale then escorts Kenzi from the warehouse with Dyson following a moment behind them, but first pausing to look at the wicker basket and then moving on. Dyson arrives where Hale and Kenzi are, Kenzi telling Hale that she “had him”, then telling them both they need to leave. Kenzi protests asking why Dyson couldn’t: “Whomp his ass with your massive wolf paws?” Dyson’s reply is that he didn’t want to: “Miss the show Sparky.” Hale tells Kenzi that her temporary powers are not a good idea, but Kenzi reminds Hale that they are necessary as she is a terrorist in the eyes of the Fae at the moment. Hale replies: “What? All you terrorists smell like sunflowers and Chardonnay?” The tree pause uncomfortably for a moment before Dyson tells Hale that he will: “Take Tinkerbelle home.” and Hale replies that he will take care of the paperwork as Kenzi walks away. Before he leaves, Dyson tells Hale: “Sunflowers? Nice.” and then he leaves as well to follow Kenzi out of the warehouse.

Kenzi and Dyson are next seen at Kenzi’s home where Dyson is checking the area for anyone that might be there. Kenzi tells Dyson that no one else is there and his comment is: “Just you, me and the thongs?” Kenzi chuckles as Dyson comments there are a lot of thongs there. Kenzi’s answer is: “They are all business thongs” as she appears wearing a kimono. Dyson pauses a moment and then replies: “I don’t even want to know what that means.” He considers a moment and then adds: “I can see why you need them though, they do fill up the place a bit.” Kenzi replies that she isn’t lonely if that was what Dyson was asking about, but he insists that he wasn’t as Kenzi smiles at him. Dyson then comments: “Why would you be lonely with me here?” Kenzi replies in a soft voice: “That is a very… good… question.” Dyson then kisses Kenzi in a way that seems to suggest that they are at least romantically involved with one another which slowly starts to become something more before Dyson breaks the kiss and then swears. When Kenzi asks why he stopped, Dyson explains that he is thinking about Hale and Kenzi replies: “Well, that’s very open minded.” Dyson replies that he knows that Hale is crazy about Kenzi and he wonders since when he and Kenzi have been so enamoured with each other. Before any answers can be made there is a knock at the door and Kenzi curses thinking that it is “more council douchehats” but Dyson comments that whoever it is smells “a little too pleasant.” Kenzi opens the door to reveal Aife (Inga Cadranel) who is dressed formally in black. Kenzi attempts to close the door on her, but Aife puts her foot against the door stopping it from closing completely and asks to: “speak with the talented private investigator. My name is Aife.” Kenzi is not impressed and then answers: “I remember you lady. You made Ash who talks like Batman go boom.” Aife then touches Kenzi’s hand and begins to use her powers on her. As Kenzi begins to swoon she comments: “Ugn. Suede in this weather? You beautiful badass.” Dyson then approaches the pair and warns Aife to let Kenzi go. After she does so, Aife claims that she is not there to fight and that she needs help to find her daughter who is named Bo. Bo’s name has no effect on either Dyson or Kenzi, Kenzi commenting that: “Kind of dude’s name am I right?”

Following the opening credits, Kenzi, Dyson and Aife are seen in a diner talking. Kenzi seems to be surprised that Aife is a Succubus, but Dyson corrects Kenzi saying that Aife “The Succubus who tried to assassinate the Light Fae Elders.” Aife rolls her eyes and claims that she was “agitated.” When Dyson asks what she is now, her reply is “less agitated” and she claims to have a higher purpose to find the daughter she has lost. When Aife begins to reach across the table towards Kenzi, Dyson intervenes and takes hold of Aife’s hand. She comments that she had met Dyson before, but he comments that she “didn’t leave much of an impression.” Aife brushes Dyson’s comment off saying that “no matter what men save around their lady friends they are always impressed.” Aife then explains that she was speaking of them both being in Doctor Taft’s laboratory together. Dyson look at Aife a moment and then remembers that she was there, but neither of them say anything more about what happened. Kenzi then asks: “So you have a thirty-year old daughter, a grown daughter that no one has ever heard of or seen.” Aife admits there are no records or physical proof that she ever gave birth which she notes is one of the things that Succubi can heal the damage from explaining that “A Succubus’ body is her weapon so there would be no damage so to speak.” Aife then asks Dyson if he would like to see for himself, but he declines and Kenzi also refuses. Aife claims that in her heart she knows she gave birth to a baby girl and that she would have named her after her mother. Aife then shows both Kenzi and Dyson a photograph of Bo and claims that when she found the photo she knew that it was of her daughter. Dyson stares at the photo and comments that Bo is beautiful before Kenzi snatches the photograph from his hands and looks at it commenting: “Yeah if you are into faces and bodies and whatever.” Kenzi says she is not interested in taking on the case, and Aife says that she knows that Kenzi is skeptical. She then leans in closer to Dyson and pulls down her lower eyelid to reveal a dark spot in the white part of her eye. Dyson explains to Kenzi that what she has is something called a Requardo Coil which is proof that a Fae’s memories have been altered. Aife continues to explain that she wants to know why and that she will pay for the information. When Kenzi hears this, she agrees to take on the case. Dyson’s cellphone then rings and he begins to leave. Kenzi asks Dyson why he is going when he has been doing the same thing for a month and found nothing. Dyson explains: “She rescued me.” Kenzi attempts to dissuade him, saying that she must be dead. Dyson answers that he survived because he shifted into his wolf and he needs to find her to understand why she drove them both off the cliff. Kenzi tries to have Dyson remain, whispering that he does not want to be left alone with Aife, but in the end Dyson turns to Aife saying: “You’re lucky she’s taking your case. Kenzi’s the best.” Moments later Dyson leaves the diner leaving Kenzi alone with Aife. Aife then tells Kenzi she wants to leave as well, noting that it is “Fleet Week” in the city meaning that the Navy has arrived and she wants to go and feed on the sailors. At this point a waitress (Virna Kim) arrives with the bill for lunch looking to be paid. Aife uses her powers to not have to pay the bill. As Kenzi watches this happen, for an instant she sees Bo in Aife’s place before the vision returns to normal and the waitress leaves. Kenzi comments that Aife needs: “Some kind of manager” as the scene ends.

Dyson is then seen standing at the top of the cliff that he and Tamsin drove over. He has a flashback of the event, which shows him growling and baring his teeth before the scene of the truck going over the cliff for a moment is shown. Dyson is then shown looking around for a moment, then walking off to begin his search for Tamsin.

The next scene is of Kenzi and Trick (Richard Howland) in Trick’s lair beneath the Dal Riata looking at a complex devices that is moving in front of them. Kenzi asks if the device is a new hobby or if it has anything to do with Trick and Stella. Trick claims that nothing happened, but Kenzi asks if he means nothing as in a break up or that Trick got Stella pregnant. Trick yells at Kenzi not to touch the device and then explains that something is “out of step. Someone has been messing with the balance of space and time.” Kenzi wonders if it is the new council, and Trick explains that: “The Una Mens are a nearly omniscient council of Fae authority who’s sole purpose is to ensure the old laws are followed.” As Trick speaks of them, he opens a small box and uses a pair of tongs to lift out what appears to be a large seed and looks at it. When Kenzi asks what the seed is, Trick explains that it is a symbol of the Una Mens and also explains that: “They are descending on our little colony because things have gotten really messy in the last few years.” Kenzi comments: “I blame Beaver Fever.” Trick then puts the seed away as Kenzi asks if the Una Mens would do something like memory alteration, but Trick tells Kenzi that they would never do something so subtle in nature. Trick then asks Kenzi why she is asking that question and she tells Trick about a new client and that she needs: “a line on a Fae that can cause amnesia.” Trick considers a moment and then looks through a card catalog a moment before pulling out a card and handing it to Kenzi, telling her to see Doctor Snook, a Ortenax, a kind of Fish Fae that feeds off memories who moonlights as an “eye doc” and Kenzi calls a : “troutometrist.” Kenzi then asks if Trick has heard anything about Lauren. Trick replies: “She tricked Taft after surgery and disobeying the Ash, she abandoned the Light Fae.” Kenzi notes that Lauren did save Dyson’s life but Trick comments that: “It’s always been difficult to figure out what makes Doctor Lewis tick.” Kenzi chokes up as she answersL “It’s because she’s awkward, and formal and shy. The love of her life is dead. Lauren lost Nadia and then had to keep working for the people that killed her. Anyway, she’s the only human ally that I’ve got. Even though I am barely human these days.” Trick assures Kenzi that he has people looking for Lauren, but Kenzi scoffs at this calling Trick “Gramps.” When she sees the look that Trick is giving her, Kenzi quickly adds: “Trickster… Trick… ” and then she makes a half-hearted curtsey and calls Trick “Sir.” before she leaves in a hurry, Trick calling after Kenzi to be”careful out there. Evil comes in many faces.” Trick then picks up a basket and then sets it upon another one which holds The Wanderer card which Trick is not aware of.

Following a commercial break, Dyson and Kenzi enter the office of Doctor Snook and Dyson asks Janet (Tamsen McDonough), his receptionist if they could see him. She refuses to do so and tells Dyson to leave with Kenzi “before I call the real cops.” Kenzi looks at her as does Dyson and they both say “Or?” The next scene is of Janet being pulled into a back room by her ear which Kenzi is tugging on. Dyson and Kenzi then watch Doctor Snook (Gord Rand) speaking to a woman sitting in front of him, her husband nearby. He explains in a calm voice that what she thought she saw her husband doing, cheating on her, really didn’t happen. Kenzi scoffs at what he is doing and then Dyson interrupts the Doctor telling him that he messed with the wrong people’s memories and they need to talk. After Janet takes the couple away, Snook attempts to leave but both Dyson and Kenzi block his path. Snook then tells them that he: “only does memory extractions, he does not restore them.” Then he looks oddly at Kenzi as he says: “Oh but that is some beautiful work.” When he is asked what he means, Snook says nothing but Dyson pulls down Kenzi’s eyelid to reveal that she too has a Requardo Coil in her eye. After examining Dyson’s Requardo Coil, Snook explains that it is not his doing. Kenzi paces around the room as Snook confirms that someone took memories from both Kenzi and Dyson. Dyson comments: “This is disturbing” and Kenzi comments: “Yeah, you’re telling me. I could be famous! I could be a Kardashian!” Dyson looks at Kenzi and replies: “You could be shy.” Then Dyson asks Snook who would have the power to cause memory loss in both humans and Fae, the answer being “Someone very talented and someone infinitely more powerful than Snook.”

The next scene is back at the Dal Riata where Trick explains to Kenzi that: “A memory spell of this magnitude you would need to find and shatter the Requardo Compass.” After Kenzi wonders if they can find it on: “eBay? Faeijiji?” Trick explains that the compass was lost off the shores of Madagascar when the Esme Fierce went aground. Trick then continues to explain that he heard of a rumour that someone paid a significant cost to have the ship salvaged. Trick then goes on to explain that a Fae named Engelram, known as The Collector is in possession of the compass. Kenzi comments: “Engelram? Last bash before the Una Mens permanently party poops all over this town Engelram?” When Trick confirms this, Kenzi is devastated noting that Engelram keeps all of his treasures under lock and key. When Trick looks at her in surprise, Kenzi explains that she: “keeps tabs on wealthy Fae dealings. For my science.” Kenzi then sends a text to Dyson asking him to try to get a pair of tickets to the party that Engelram is holding, calling it a “shit show.” When Trick asks why she isn’t thrilled with the idea of attending the party, Kenzi explains that: “Fae? Watching them dance and drink knowing that they beat my kind? That their entire Dark/Light system is hypocritical? No thank you.” Kenzi then gathers her things and begins to leave, but Trick asks her if she is forgetting something. Kenzi replies: “We are all forgetting something.” Trick then asks Kenzi about his Kingmoor ring. Kenzi then returns to Trick and opens the bag she is carrying, taking out the ring. After Trick asks if she has anything else, Kenzi takes out many items that she was attempting to steal and fence from Trick. After Kenzi finishes, Trick notices the photograph of Bo, picks it up and looks at it. The muscles in his arm begin to clench and then Trick begins to violently shake, seeming to have some kind of seizure. After Trick drops the photograph, he demands that Kenzi tell him everything about her client.

Following another commercial break, Vex (Paul Amos) is seen in his office as the New Morrigan, speaking with a seamstress (Courtney Deelen) and asking how she takes his request for her to make a costume for the new Dark Fae leader and instead seems to be hearing that he wants to look like an “asexual hobo.” Vex explains to her that the upcoming ball is the event of the season and Vex’s last chance “to get my freak on before the council arrives and puts the moratorium on all of the fun.” Vex then uses his powers to demonstrate the kind of fun he is speaking of by forcing the seamstress to place a hot iron against her face. However before he can do so, Dyson barges into the room and yells at Vex to stop what he is doing. Vex regards Dyson, telling him: “You have no authority here Marmaduke.” Dyson replies that he sees Vex taking out his “Mommy issues on the hired help.” Vex then uses his power to stop Dyson from coming closer, but Dyson reminds Vex that he cannot stop him from shifting into his wolf form and: “Once I’m a wolf, I’m going straight for your throat.” Vex replies that he is: “As stubborn as I am well endowed.” Vex then lets Dyson go, Dyson then remarking that the photograph of The Morrigan in his office is very nice. Vex comments that he was as surprised as anyone that she had named Vex heir “to the Dark Throne” and it almost brought him to tears but he: “Had to stay strong for Miss Died on the Toilet.” Dyson then asks Vex what she would say if she knew that Vex gave his tickets to the Collector’s Ball to the Light Fae?” Vex then asks: “Since when have you liked balls?” Dyson tells Vex they need to get something back they lost, but Vex is not at all interested in helping to do so. Dyson then explains that if Vex does not, he might have to tell the Una Mens that Vex “exaggerated the details of young Evony’s demise.” Vex attempts to be confused by what Dyson is suggesting, but Dyson explains to Vex that he can quite clearly smell Evony, the previous Morrigan “back there in her little cell.” Vex insists that Evony died, and Dyson agrees that: “she is rotten alright, but she’s not rotting.” Dyson taunts Vex, asking if he wasn’t man enough to “finish the job.” Vex scoffs, telling Dyson he is insane. Dyson notes that while Evony was a worthy foe, and ten times the leader that Vex could ever be, “the good news is if you cough up three tickets to Engelram little shindig and I won’t rat you out.” Vex then calls his assistant and orders her to give his tickets to Dyson on his way out of the office. Dyson thanks Vex, but tells him that: “I can’t guarantee that when I get my memory back I’ll let you keep this cushy little job. Or your life.” before walking out on Vex. After Dyson leaves, Vex looks at the picture of Evony, telling her to stop being so smug and at the same moment continues to torture the seamstress.

The next scene is of Engelram’s party, filled to capacity with dancers and party-goers as Hale and Dyson arrive. Dyson comments “This used to be spirit night.” Hale’s answer is “I used to be Ash but you don’t see me crying… in public.” Hale explains to Dyson that every year “one girl gets to meet the elusive Collector” and it isn’t because he is rich, it is because Engelram can grant wishes as he is an Amphisbaena and as such he will give that one woman her deepest wish. As Dyson looks around, Hale sighs: “I wish my lady would get here.”

Kenzi in the meantime is rummaging around her place looking for something to wear to the party. When she becomes frustrated in trying to figure out what she should wear, she calls Lauren and leaves a message in which Kenzi tells Lauren that she knows that their relationship hasn’t always been the best, but she could use Lauren’s help at the moment and she hopes wherever Lauren is, she is safe and that Lauren will call her back. After Kenzi hangs up, she turns to find Massimo (Tim Rozon) holding a crossbow directly at her. Kenzi asks him: “You better be here to advise on accessories.”

Following yet another commercial break, Massimo asks Kenzi if she wants a closer look at his “toy” but then comments to himself that “girls like you always want a closer look.” Kenzi is unimpressed and berates Massimo for being late as she called him over an hour before. Massimo comments: “This stuff doesn’t whip itself. Come to think of it, neither do I.” Kenzi demands that Massimo give her what she asked for and he produces a small container which Kenzi tries to grab for, but Massimo holds onto. As he waves the container around he comments: “Spark extract. Mined straight from the genitals of a Sprite.” Kenzi comments the he “shouldn’t oversell it.” Massimo then walks behind Kenzi, forces her to stand in front of him looking away and adds: “Better let a professional handle this.” He then bares one of Kenzi’s shoulders before opening the container and rubbing the contents onto Kenzi’s shoulder. As he does so, Kenzi’s eyes flutter and she seems to be on the edge of falling asleep or something similar before she suddenly snaps out of it and confronts Massimo as she looks into the container. After asking him why there was so little in the container, Massimo tells Kenzi that she owes him for two previous visits that she has not paid for. Kenzi’s comment is: “Noted.” Then Massimo tells her: “Of course if cash flow is a problem, there are always other ways to pay” as he strokes one of his hands near Kenzi’s waist. She then pushes away from him yelling that he had tricked her and not actually made her Fae calling herself a: “Hot human sheep in twinkly fairy clothing.” Massimo wonders what will happen to Kenzi if she no longer has his protection over her when the Council arrives. Kenzi tells Massimo that she will pay him and he gives Kenzi another container of his concoction. After she takes it, he warns her that if she does not: “next time I will show up with something with teeth.”

Meanwhile, back at the party, Hale is still waiting for Kenzi to arrive. Dyson directs his attention to a woman looking away from them and wonders if he should “interrogate” her. Hale scoffs and looks away and then the woman is revealed as Kenzi looking stunning. Dyson smiles and says Kenzi’s name which makes Hale turn around and look at her. As he does so, Kenzi begins to walk towards them and takes a canapé from a waiter which she spits out as she walks up to the men. Kenzi asks what they think about her outfit and Dyson’s answer is that he thinks she is late and that someone else there is likely already the “favourite” of the party. Kenzi tells Dyson that she can still “get his attention.” Hale smiles and tells Kenzi that she has his attention which makes her smile. Dyson then goes on to explain that he thinks that in spite of Kenzi’s many talents what she needs to do might be too much for her to manage. Kenzi tells Dyson that she has “seduced many a rich dork before. I think.” before asking if he wants his memories back or not. Hale comments: “And forget this magic moment?” Kenzi looks off to the side a moment and then says: “You want to see my skill set? Fine.” She then grabs Hale’s hand and drags him off, asking as she does: “I hope you stretched.” Dyson watches them leave and in the next moment a woman says hello to him and asks if he can buy her a free drink. As she moves towards him, for an instant, Bo appears to be standing a short distance away looking at Dyson before she disappears. He shakes his head and comments: “Deja vu.” The woman introduces herself as Cleo (Mia Kirshner) and tells Dyson that “Deja vu came down with a case of the crabs.” After Dyson comments: “Charming.” Cleo suddenly realizes that she recognizes Dyson and knows that he is a police officer. Dyson tells her that he is not interested, but Cleo explains that she is a Nymph and Dyson’s answer is: “Now I am really not interested.” explaining that the reason is bad memories of: “Tequila soaked nakedness” which makes Cleo laugh and exclaim: “We’re not all bad, we’re just kind of… spawned that way.”

Dyson looks away and the scene changes to the dance floor where a spotlight suddenly snaps on revealing Hale and Kenzi in the middle of the dance floor. What follows begins as a slightly uncomfortable dance, Cleo commenting that the dance is: “More awkward than your attempt at small talk” to Dyson. Dyson agrees and then walk away towards the dance floor. Hale tells Dyson that he “has it” but Dyson tells Hale: “You don’t.” and pulls Kenzi away from him. They begin to Tango, but in the middle of a move, Kenzi asks: “Who’s the brunette?” which gets the reply from Dyson of: “Will you just shut up and let me lead for once?” They then continue to dance, their moves becoming more intimate as the dance continues. Hale watches from just outside of the spotlight and after a moment Dyson passes Kenzi off to him. What once was awkward between them becomes much more smooth and intimate as their dance continues. Dyson claps his hands twice and Kenzi leaves Hale to return to Dyson, their dance moving up a notch further. Hale then joins the pair, facing Kenzi with Dyson behind Kenzi as they move towards the crescendo of their Tango. Dyson backs away for one dance move and then takes Kenzi away from Hale again which makes Hale comment: “Seriously?” as he and Kenzi move away slightly, their moves becoming more complicated and advanced. In the middle of one part of their dance, Dyson asks: “Have we done this before?” Kenzi’s answer is: “This I would have remembered.” After one final move, Dyson sets Kenzi down, kneels before her, and then Kenzi pushes Dyson away with the tip of one shoe before throwing one hand into the air and making sparks rain down around her. The music ends and a man walks to Kenzi carrying a red rose on a pillow which he offers to her, this being the final rose to be given. Kenzi comments: “The final rose.” Dyson’s reply is: “How original” as Kenzi takes it and moves off to meet Engelram.

Kenzi is then seen walking through a darkened space which contains the treasures that Engelram has collected. As she does so, she comments: “Pirate booty? Sure. Stuffed unicorn? Why not.” After Kenzi calls out “Hello?” the door she entered by closes with a loud thud which makes Kenzi call out: “Great door! Really loud!” She continues to walk forward as she says: “And I love all your crates. Very Pottery Barn. Is this situation going Indecent Proposal because I’m going to need to see jewels up front buddy.” When she has no answer, Kenzi uses her powers to create an arc of light in one hand which she uses to pierce the darkness around her. This works for a moment before it sputters out and Engelram (George Takei) appears, greeting Kenzi with: “Welcome pretty girl.” He is then revealed to have a body that is human from the waist upwards and below that is the body of an enormous snake.

Out in the party, Vex suddenly makes an appearance, dressed in an odd fetish outfit and high heels. He calls out to the crowds to “Diddle yourselves while Rome burns. Make merry while ye may. For the Una Mens are on their way. And I’ll be on mine too as soon as you cough up what I, the venerable leader of the Dark want. And what I want, is the wolf.” Cleo then wraps her arm around Dyson and tells him that she can get him away, but there is a price. Dyson tells her that he’d rather stay and “rip his throat out.” Cleo suggests that Dyson is crazy facing Vex and then asks him if he knows how to repel. Dyson’s answer is: “Why? You have some rope in that itty-bitty dress?” Vex then becomes frustrated and forces a woman to snap her own neck and she falls to the dance floor dead which makes the crowds around him rush for the exits. Doctor Snook in then seen for a moment, dropping a glass and saying to himself: “Oh Snook.” before rushing off. Cleo pats Dyson on his chest and tells Dyson he is on his own as she joins the rest of the partygoers as they rush away from Vex.

Kenzi is shocked at what Engelram looks like and asks what he is, his answer is: “I am a humble gatherer of Fae memorabilia. A big fan of your dancing. I am Amphisbaena.” Kenzi tells him not to come closer, but he tells Kenzi that he wants to look inside of her to be able to grant her “unspoken wish.” Kenzi is completely flustered and takes a few attempts before she is able to say: “The compass thingie.” Engelram seems surprised and asks: “That’s it?” Kenzi then adds: “Well I’ll take your unicorn too if you want to downsize.” He tells Kenzi that: “Just when it comes to unlimited wishes you kind of landed on shallow.” Kenzi shoots back: “Well, you’re one to talk, like those toddler-esque pores come au natural.” Engelram chides Kenzi a moment then explains that he sheds his skin every two months. Kenzi whispers to herself: “That’s so unfair.” He then tells Kenzi: “You could try removing all of your makeup before you pass out atop your midnight helping of cheese popcorn and vodka.” Kenzi says, sarcastically, “Me-yow. Back to the task at hand.” Engelram replies: “Right. Sorry. I merely thought the little human would have wished for her return.” Kenzi is confused as she answers: “No. And what?” Engelram snaps his fingers and the Requardo Compass appears in mid-air and Kenzi grabs it. Engelram comments: “Pity. You don’t know what you are missing.” Kenzi tells him that she only knows that she would like to leave before she is eaten by Engelram and then begins to leave but then stops as she realizes that Engelram called her human. Engelram is angry at himself for not realizing that Kenzi was human before because: “There was something so vulnerable about your Tango.” Kenzi turns to look at him again and says: “Oh Cobra Commander.” Engelram then rears up and tells Kenzi that he granted her wish and now he will swallow her whole, calling it a “fair trade” which is frightening Kenzi immensely.

After still another commercial break, Dyson confronts Vex on the dance floor, telling him: “Nice costume Vex, Weren’t you the impotent dick last year?” Vex laughs that: “Well, now it’s time to see who really is the bitch and who’s just dead.” As Vex walks towards Dyson he asks: “You come all the way down here just to show me your pretty new shoes?” Vex explains that he is there because his memory has also been taken away. Vex then claims that he “worked it out ages ago.” Vex does not believe he was actually meant to be the New Morrigan, that he has never had the power he now has. Vex poses the possibility that if everyone remembers what they have lost, then his reign as Morrigan might come to an end. He also tells Dyson that he “did terrible things to get my Mesmer back.” When Dyson is unmoved, Vex reveals that he “still has nightmares about being helpless. Unable to influence, unable to feed” and also tells Dyson that “this is about as good as it gets for me.” Vex, in an angry voice tells Dyson that he will not allow Kenzi and everyone else to remember what it was like when he was not there. Hale then enters the room and stands by Dyson who asks Vex “How is this going to work?” reminding Vex that he cannot control Dyson’s shifting abilities. In response, Vex takes control of Hale and uses his body to place an arm around Dyson’s neck and his other hand over his mouth. Dyson tells Vex to leave Kenzi alone as Vex begins to go after her, but Dyson removes Hale’s hand from his mouth and Hale is able to use his Siren power to incapacitate Vex. This allows Dyson to rush to help Kenzi while Vex and Hale face off against each other. Vex asks Hale: “Since when do you do the dramatic”, Hale’s answer is: “You want drama? I’m going to end you.”

Kenzi in the meantime is running through Engelram’s collection attempting to get away from him. She hides behind a crate and attempts to make her Fae power work but it does not. Desperate, Kenzi opens the container that Massimo gave her that was unused, but discovers a note inside which reads ‘Pay me.” As she reads the note, Engelram appears nearby and just looks at Kenzi, saying nothing, which frightens her and she runs away from him once more.

Vex and Hale continue their fight, Vex using his powers to attempt to make Hale unable to use his power. Hale calls out to Vex that he fought with them before using his power to incapacitate Vex once more. Hale also tells Vex that he did not keep his end of the agreement about Evony, the previous Morrigan. Then Hale’s anger rises as asks Vex: “You loved Kenzi! How could you do this to her!” Vex manages to tell Hale that they all love Kenzi before Hale grabs Vex by the throat. Vex then asks: “Is the former Ash really going to kill the present Morrigan? I don’t think the Una Mens would like that.” Hale has a wild look as his answer is: “There’s only one way to find out” and uses his Siren powers to begin to kill Vex, dropping him to the floor as Hale’s attack continues.

Kenzi finds herself cornered by Engelram who attacks her with his snake head, but Dyson arrives and uses a pike to kill that head, mortally wounding Engelram in the process. As Kenzi rushes off with Dyson, Engelram’s last words are: “Oh. My.”

Elsewhere, Aife is walking the docks, looking for humans to feed on as a sailor passes by. As she is about to attack him, she hears Trick’s voice behind her calling out her name. Aife chokes out: “It’s been a long time.” She turns around to look at Trick and says: “Hi Daddy.”

Kenzi and Dyson recover the Requardo Compass, but it is damaged. Dyson asks if it being damaged fixed their memories, but Kenzi checks his eyes and the evidence of the tampering is still there. Dyson then suggests to Kenzi that they align the needle of the compass to true north. As she begins to do so, Dyson stops her and tells Kenzi that she has always been there for her and Kenzi replies that Dyson has always been there for her as well. Dyson tells her that he would: “Give my life for you. I’ll never desert you. Maybe Vex is right. Maybe this is as good as it gets. Maybe we can make it better.” Kenzi then admits to Dyson that: “I have like… 80 thongs.” Dyson says: “That’s great.” Kenzi smiles and explains: “I mean, I am lonely, And this, all of it, it isn’t right. It hasn’t been for a while. My heart hurts Dyson and I don’t know why. Besides. When you are in love you know. Right?” Dyson tells Kenzi that no matter what happens, they are in it together. Kenzi answers: “Yes. Friends to the end. Bro’s before Ho’s. Pals at the Dal.” Dyson then asks Kenzi for the compass and sets it to true north. As he does so, both Kenzi and Dyson clutch at their temples and moan in pain. When their memories return, they look at each other and say one word: “Bo.”

Elsewhere, Trick and Aife are feeling the effects of their memories returning, Trick remembering Bo once more and Aife as well, but with the return of her memories her insanity returns in full force and Aife growls: “Hi. Daddy.” as she removes a large knife from her purse and moves to attack Trick. Trick attempts to calm Aife, but she tells Trick: “All that I have left, all that has kept me alive is my hate. Knowing that one day we would have our reunion and it would end with you spilling your accursed blood.” Trick tries to reason with Aife, promising that he will “find her for us.” Aife then screams out in rage before telling Trick: “This is for her!” and attacking him.

The final scenes of the episode begin with Kenzi and Dyson arriving where Hale and Vex had been fighting. Kenzi asks if Hale is alright, but Vex answers: “Oh he’s fine, splendid Sirening. I’m glad you didn’t get bit by the snake Kenz. Can I tell you, I love what you are doing with your mascara these days.” Kenzi replies: “I do too.” Hale apologizes to Kenzi, but she tells him to stop, that they have to find Bo. Dyson asks: “How long has she been missing?” Hale asks: “Where do we even start?” Dyson’s answer is: “We start with finding the one that could erase the memory of the one we love the most.” Vex tells Dyson: “Oh you’ll regret it. Those are some old wild magics.” Dyson’s phone alarm goes off and Kenzi pleads with Dyson not to go and search for Tamsin, but Dyson tells Kenzi that the last person alive to see Bo was Tamsin. Kenzi then tells Dyson to go find her while she stays with Hale and Vex. Kenzi asks Hale if he is alright, but Hale tells Kenzi that they need to talk. Kenzi tells Hale that she can’t that she can’t even breathe without Bo there and then she leaves as well.

The next scene shows the wicker basket from the beginning of the episode. The lid begins to be pushed off and a oozing mass then starts to leave the basket. Elsewhere, Lauren is seen working in a diner somewhere. She has changed her hair colour to red and style and is wearing a name tag that reads ‘Amber’. She pauses in her work as her memories return, placing her hands over her lips and whispering “Bo.” She then collapses onto a chair and whispers: “I remember.”

The last image of the episode is a closeup of Bo’s eyes which are closed. She then awakes with a gasp, her eyes a bright blue as the episode ends.


Fade to black…

I was, regretfully, completely and totally disappointed in this episode. I don’t care for the setting, the changes, the situations. Not one part of this entire episode save Kenzi was really of any interest to me at all. That does, I know, sound harsh, but honestly after everything that happened last season, Bo’s father appearing, Bo vanishing, the Lauren and Taft plot lines. All of the ways this season could have begun… We get this?

Why is it that the writers seem to forget all of the dangling plot lines that they have left from the previous season and move into something completely new and different? Yes, I know, Anna Silk was not available at the beginning of the production for this season, but really? The Wanderer arc could have progressed well enough, or the questions about Tamsin, or how about focusing on Vex becoming the New Morrigan? Any of those plots would take a lot of time to get through.

It bothers me that there is no explanation at all of why everyone is dressing up in 1940’s clothing, having old trucks appear and then mixing that with more modern situations and settings. It feels like there was a huge reality change along with the memory loss everyone suffered and it just bothers me. There isn’t a good reason to take what we expect from the series and turn it on its head.

Perhaps there will be a good explanation for all of this sometime this season, but I really doubt it. I honestly expect this Una Mens plot is a gap filler until Anna Silk returns and if that’s true isn’t that a waste of time overall? We have a huge plot in Bo’s father, get back to it, use it, and in the end the series will be better for that happening.

The only thing I will say about this episode that did prove something to me was that Kenzi can support the series on her own. That was good to see, that she could hold her own and just really make things work well. I just wish that it was more in the “reality” than the “fantasy” which was created.

But in the end, this felt like a throwaway episode and for a season premiere… That should not be.

On to the characters in the episode…

Bo… Missing in action. The little teases of her appearing as visions were cute and the last image of her waking up was interesting… We’ll see where this all goes.

Dyson… Well, he survived the car crash but how isn’t really explained which bugs me. I did like the chemistry between him and Kenzi and it was nice to see he be more… wolfish I suppose… But it was awkward and didn’t feel right.

Kenzi…Loved the dancing, she has amazing talent. She does have a lot of problems to deal with, many of her own making to be honest… I am waiting for the day when she and Hale finally admit to each other their feelings. Kenzi line of the episode: “Yes. Friends to the end. Bro’s before Ho’s. Pals at the Dal.”

Trick. Not a lot of Trick this time, I didn’t care for the relationship change between he and Kenzi either. Obviously Aife attacking him should do something, but I have the feeling that it will turn into a nothing plot again. I want to see fun Trick again.

Hale. The first time we have seen Hale be strong and fight for something he believes in. Kenzi. If this was a Kenzi-centric episode, Hale was next in line. It was nice to see him grow as a character, but will that remain?

Lauren. Well, red hair doesn’t suit her. Question is how she got where she is and why. And does it matter?

Vex. He’s better in heels than I am honestly. I don’t care for “evil” Vex. I did like that he did say, quite clearly, that he loves Kenzi and in that moment I think that a real truth of the series comes out.

Tamsin: Missing in action.

Aife: Sane Aife is a much better character than out of her mind Aife. To be honest, to have her connect with Bo’s father and then the two of them go and try to shape Bo to their will would be a very interesting plot. But honestly, looking for sailors was a real stretch and not, from what we have seen at least, what she seems to be like.

Massimo: Get a room. No, actually get a room and jump out the window. Really don’t care for him and I won’t be sad when he’s gone.

Engelram: A waste of George Takei’s talents really. And was it really needed for him to use his tagline? I would have been much happier to have more of the snarking between him and Kenzi than what came instead.

Cleo: Interesting. Shame we’ll never see her again.

Doctor Snook: Tagline of the episode I think: “Oh Snook.”

Overall there were some good moments in the cast, but that cannot help a plot that I didn’t care about.


My Review of In Memoriam

Keeping my interest – 2 Pitchforks

Portrayal of a Succubus – 1 Pitchforks

Overall look and feel – 3 Pitchforks

Storyline – 2 Pitchforks

Main Characters – 3 Pitchforks

Mythos – 2 Pitchforks

Overall Rating – 2.8 Pitchforks out of 5

I couldn’t honestly stay with this episode when it first came on. It just felt wrong, looked wrong and it felt like it didn’t have any direction at all in the plot or characters. I found it hard to watch just about the entire episode save for the dance scene and the fight between Vex and Hale and the last five minutes of the episode.

It was jarring to have everything I expected in the series to be completely changed. The scenery, the clothing, the relationships, everything just was… wrong. What was worse was none of it was explained and the story just went on. As it did, where were just more questions left behind. The thing that bothers me more is, if the memories coming back has made everything in this episode no longer valid, why did they do this? Is this a hint that the coming season is a “Bobby comes out of the shower” sort of thing. That would really turn me off and I hope it doesn’t. I wish they would return to all of the questions left in last season and soon. Seriously.

Aife provided the Succubus for the episode and honestly other than giving one piece of information that we didn’t know before wasn’t much else. There was so little to see Succubus-wise that for all intents and purposes there was no Succubus in this episode.

Overall the settings and scenery were lovely. There was a lot of effort put into everything which really did show. I hope that the effort in that isn’t wasted.

The main storyline didn’t interest me as I said. I felt like it was a throwaway episode and for a season premiere it should not have been. It’s hard to care about something like this when there was so much promise at the end of the previous season and it isn’t used.

I can’t say that what happened to the main characters this episode was not interesting but does it mean anything? Is there a purpose for all that happened? Without that what happened, what might be and what was becomes a dream. In that there is nothing good for the series overall. That should not be.

The mythos of the series was expanded very little overall. There was some interesting myths to discover and some of the new parts of the Fae world were quite interesting. But then we come back to the Una Mens, the big mystery this season. Black goop is not that thrilling. Maybe it will be… We’ll see.

Or not. I’m expecting not for a while yet.


Next Week: Sleeping Beauty School

Dyson needs to track down an Elemental Fae in order to rescue a person he loves; at the same time, Kenzi is less than thrilled with her babysitting assignment – that is, until she discovers her unlikely charge might be a big help.

Someone that Dyson loves? Tamsin? Really? Well it only seems to make sense as there is no possible way that Bo is going to return to the series so soon is there? And Kenzi is babysitting? Really? After all that happened in the first episode we move to… this?

We have the missing Bo arc, the Una Mens arc, the Aife arc, Trick arc, Hale arc… Lauren arc, Wanderer arc, Kenzi arc… Have the writers forgotten already everything that they set up in the first episode never mind the entire last season?

I really hate wasting an episode like this. If there is nothing in it that builds on all of the questions and situations they have already, then why go there? What makes this story work with everything else? Why not have Dyson find Tamsin, Trick deal with Aife, or at least have Lauren return and see where that takes them? Does it really make any sense to go off in tangents which have nothing to do with the primary plot of the season? Personally I don’t feel it does.

One of the biggest problems for the series I feel is that they do not stay on the theme of the series or the main plot until the very end of the season and the rush to get everything done before they run out of time. So please don’t. Not this time?

Speaking of the main plot, was it really necessary to have the Una Mens? Why? You have a huge plot with The Wanderer and Bo to deal with and that should be the point of the season. All I can hope for is that the Una Mens plot gets resolved quickly so that when Bo appears, and of course she will, that the main point of the series returns.

Lets get out of the past, really soon, and get to the future. If, as Anna Silk teased in the pre-show that her son will be a huge part of the season… I want to see that. Now would be nice and stay on that theme please?

You have so many plot threads danging again…. Use them, that’s what they are there for…




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    • James on November 15, 2013 at 7:14 pm

    Oh, why use plot threads when we can just snip them off?

    Fortunately, I optioned the futures on a popcorn crop that took 3/4 of the acreage of Manitoba to fulfill. Convoys of trains are delivering this popcorn to your house right now. Might be just enough to get you through the first half of the season . . .

    • avatar
    • Desekra on November 21, 2013 at 5:20 pm

    Tera! Don’t forget to check out the Lost Girl webisodes. This weird new episode of season 4 will make more sense if you check them out aswell. Lovelove

    • avatar
    • TeraS on November 21, 2013 at 6:13 pm

    Hi Sweetie!

    I’ve seen them, and while they do fill in a lot of the blanks, I really think that they missed out on getting the fourth season off to a good start… But I will hope for the best!

    • avatar
    • TeraS on November 23, 2013 at 11:50 pm

    It might not be enough my heart I fear… But I shall hope…


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