Given A Moment By TeraS

It is the tradition here on the Tale for there to be a moment to reflect and remember on the 11th of November. If you have the time, if you could, please remember?





Given A Moment

By TeraS


It takes but a moment

It always does

A moment to think

A moment to pause

A moment considered

What their moment was

What it was then

What came to pass

A moment of pain

A moment of sorrow

The future lost in that

The possibilities no more

Another moment

Another different fate

To take the next step

To continue on forward

One moment leads here

To the fields of poppies

To the white stones

To voices stilled

One moment leads there

To the ones suffering

To the pain of carrying on

To voices cracked

One moment awaits

To the future to be

To the ones that remember

To voices promised

A moment asked of

A moment in payment

Not always done

It takes but a moment



Please, on this day, take a moment to thank those that gave you the gift you have today.




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    • James on November 11, 2013 at 12:46 pm

    When a thankful nation, looking back, gives time to celebrate
    those who win our admiration through their service to the state;
    when self-giving is the measure of the greatness of the great,
    may the living God be praised!

    Fred Pratt Green, 1976

    so many to remember and honor . . .

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    • TeraS on November 23, 2013 at 10:57 pm



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