Nov 10 2013

A Review of Thirteenth Seduction by Jeremy Sterling

Thirteenth Seduction by Jeremy Sterling

Thirteenth Seduction by Jeremy Sterling

Belief is an interesting thing. You can believe that what you know is correct. You can believe that you understand something, know what it means and how to use it You can even find yourself believing a reality that you construct for yourself. All of that is belief.

The thing about Succubi is, however, that sometimes what you believe is what they want you to. The knowledge you possess can be that which they find is most useful for them.

And then the problem is when you second guess their intentions with your own. Then you are their in more way than one…

  • Title: Thirteenth Seduction
  • Author: Jeremy Sterling
  • Length: 38 Pages
  • Release Date: March 11, 2013
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The work tells the story of:

A Wall Street bond trader gets possession of the ultimate option – a succubus with an unquenchable thirst for souls, who he plans to use to get back on top. As the body count rises, he discovers the demon’s true target is him, and all his wits and willpower are required just to resist her charms and stay alive. The only way out is a ritual that requires him to assist her in one last seduction — with no guarantee except that only one will be left standing in this complex work of erotic horror.

Michael, the main character of the story, is the stereotypical example of a man who wants revenge or power or both. He cares not for the who or the how, just as long as he gets from where he is to what he believes he deserves. He is a refection of all of the poor parts of humanity all wrapped up in one person that truly you find you cannot like at all. In being so the course of the story and what he does through Eisheth, sets up a story where you expect something to happen and you wait for it to be so.

But the story, while giving rise to his desires and wants, is also the desires and needs of Eisheth, the Succubus of the work. The name should be familiar to those that know of the myths of Lilith and her sisters, and knowing those myths is not needed to follow this work. However knowing their story does provide an insight to what comes within the story. Eisheth is well created and she is fully the Succubus I expected her to be.

There is a lovely bit of background in the story that is revealed about her and her world over time. It’s not an information dump either. It’s a well placed, almost off hand explanation of certain things that need to be known. I thought that it was one of the better means of doing so that I have seen in some time.

There are thirteen erotic scenes in the work, each different, each with its own characters who have their own kinks, wants and needs. To manage that many moments in such a short work really was impressive. They were not simply thrown in without purpose, exposition or meaning. Each and every one of them had a purpose, a means to open Michael’s past and in doing so gave the path he was on meaning which I enjoyed.

It was not simply sex for the sake of it, they were erotic moments which gave life to what Eisheth was capable of, what she became, and what she was to each of them. I felt that the way she slipped from form to purpose, to personality and action were right for her and never felt out of place.

The work had a twist in it that was not telegraphed through the story. There were hints of schemes from all sides in it, but the ending was never cut and dry until the moment of climax. And the ending while unexpected, made sense and closed the story well.

While it did so, I would have liked more to the ending, to the closure than happened. It seemed a bit… pat… for lack of a better word. I felt like there was something unsaid, unrevealed at the end and, as well, i can see the story continuing… I’d like to have seen that.

I’m giving this work four pitchforks out of five.

As much as the story was well constructed and presented, I would have liked it to continue just a bit longer if for no other reason than to have something of an aftermath of the events of the story… I feel like there is more to tell and it would have been nice to have seen it…




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    How on earth, if the story did all of this in the bild-up, would the author have time and space, in 38 pages, to have decent follow-through to the ending?

    This is the sort of thing that can be acceptable when one is writing something for free, for fun, in a blog or forum or some such. But, when one decides to charge for one’s stories, there should be a higher level of effort and discipline involved. This is why, in the non-self-published world, there are editors prodding authors to do more.

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    Really that is the bothersome point my heart…


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