Nov 09 2013

An interesting 3D Morrigan YouTube…

There aren’t that many 3D works of Morrigan Aensland… Usually those that appear recreate her normal appearance, but sometimes, just sometimes, someone creates something that is a little bit different and that makes me pause and think…

If you can’t see the video on the Tale, click here:


Here’s a still of the 3D image of Morrigan, which is quite a bit different as I have said…

Morrigan Model

It is different for Morrigan, though her bat pattern stockings are there, and her purple and black colours are present too… I’m not quite sure about the tattoos on her however. I like them and they are interesting, but I’m not really sure that they are something that would fit her personality…

She does look like Morrigan and has some of her presence as well. I just think that I’m so used to her normal look that something like this that moves a good deal away from her usual looks makes me pause.

That’s not a bad thing, but then the thoughts come about what would be a better, more regal look for her…

And that’s where I just cannot make up my mind…




  1. avatar

    I think those might be freckles of some sort on her skin.

    And she is a bit regal, in a sort of Norse warrior-queen sort of way.

    And maybe she is another Morrigan. There is nowhere where this says “Aensland.”

  2. avatar

    True… Interesting thought that…


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