Nov 02 2013

A YouTube of Miki the dancing Succubus

Another dance video this week from YouTube of a Succubus… And I do think she’s really cute…

And if you cannot see the video on the Tale:


A small warning, the music is really, really frantic…

And, a still of Miki the Succubus from the video…


She is really very cute, but the neat thing to me is that she seems to have a halo along with her tail and that just makes me smile a bunch. I know that she’s really styled in an anime theme, but that’s really okay as it seems to fit her overall look really well…

The creator of this video also posted an image of Miki on DeviantArt and you can find that image here if you’d like to have a look…

So much cute and now I really want to write a story about a Succubi named Miki…



  1. avatar

    It seems like a partial halo to me, and attached to her head, almost looking like a sickle . . . or a really weird cowlick . . . or maybe even a question mark.

    All of this just to say that, for some reason, Miki the succubi has an incomplete halo, and part of the story could be in the becoming (as it is with most of us).

  2. avatar

    I rather like the idea of a question mark actually…


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