Oct 31 2013

Tera’s 2013 Halloween Manip – Forever Hers

It has been, I well know, a very long time since I have managed to create a manip on the Collective or anywhere else for that matter. However sometimes you discover an image and things… happen.

And sometimes those things are Forever Hers…

Forever Hers by TeraS

Forever Hers by TeraS

This is called Forever Hers and you can find the full work at this link elsewhere on the Tale:


And here is the story, for those that would like to read it more clearly…

The voice was seductive … promising …

telling of what pleasures awaited if you only gave in,

losing yourself to the promise being given.

Your need was … overwhelming … consuming … addictive … forever.

You struggled to resist

the one that haunted you in your dreams and waking moments,

the one that made your body shiver in need in the day and quake in the night.

Your body was … taken … owned … possessed … forever.

The nights became long, the days shorter still.

Night was her realm: she controlled it, made it do whatever she wanted … to you,

your dreams, your waking hours, all lost to her power and dominance over you.

Your will was … ebbing … slowly … away … forever.

She caressed your body, sapping your strength, your thoughts, your all.

She teased you … playing with you … but it only made you want her more,

need her more, hunger for her more, wake screaming in the night for her more.

Your being… fading… passing… needing… forever.

On the night of nights the veil between the worlds cracked.

A sea of red pooled around you, wet, shimmering … her gateway open to you.

You heard a moan: your voice … her voice … hot … needful.

Your soul was … changing … twisting … becoming … forever.

You are lost as she forms … the red your all, the black your all.

You crawl to her now, to adore her body as it forms from the darkness,

to do … anything, everything; with a word, your obedience to her is all.

Your submission is … encompassing … enveloping … transmuting … forever.

The red forms her legs; you kneel there to worship,

in your place, as it has always been, on this her night of nights,

at her feet, her pet, her thrall, her toy.

Your all …

… was …

… is …

… will be …

… hers …

… forever.

My thanks always to my heart for his help in making my mess of thoughts and ideas much better than they were when they first appeared to me…

Happy Halloween to all!




  1. avatar

    Trick and Treat all at once!

    Happy Halloween, Your Majesty

  2. avatar
    Derek Lot

    A perfect description of Heaven if I’ve even heard it, Mistress.

    Your Derek

  3. avatar

    *huggles for you all*

    Thank you, as always, for being part of my being…


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