Oct 29 2013

Desires 101

This is, quite simply, the moment, the turning point, where Tera, the Queen of the Succubi, changed forever…


Desires – Beginnings

By BStyles and Tera S

Part Thirty-Seven


Martin sat up as well, watching with concern as she turned away. It seemed like in spite of all of the evening’s events, she stubbornly sought to shrug away any sort of support or positive emotion. He had encountered such a thing before…the results of such thinking would usually end with the sufferer wasting away under a spiraling flood of bad feelings, until it seemed their very souls were swallowed up.

Gently, he reached out, placing a hand assuringly on Tera’s shoulder. The Blessing he had given her would be enough to protect her heart from the many external dangers, but did nothing to expel the sadness within her already….he sighed, softly…

“What you’ve shown me tonight…and let me experience, was….incredible, to say the least.” He smiled, ruefully. “You are quite a woman, in ANY world, to have had an Angel give you his heart…” He blushed a little at admitting that, but it was true. “I would hope that the possiblity of a friendship between us would cheer you, or the appreciation for all that you’ve shown me would strengthen your resolve…your heart, mind, and soul are shining examples of who you are, but if you feel you absolutely need an external symbol…”

His voice trailed off for a moment, and he sighed with resolve, his hand pulled away from her. Slowly, he crossed his arms over his chest, reaching for either of his wings. It was a thing seldom done, save for those who truly needed the reminder of their own special place in the chaos of existance…

Grabbing at a feather in each hand, Martin took a deep breath, and began to pull. His eyelids snapped closed, tears welling up at the corners. His face turned a dangerous shade of red, as with a grunt and then a yell, the feathers came loose. A single drop of blood fell from the stems of the feathers, tears falling down his cheeks as he panted, trying to recover. Light, but it hurt! A sacrifice of such magnitude, he should have been expecting it.

Panting a little, he opened his eyes, looking fixedly at Tera. Slowly, he held out the feathers to her – white, soft, and pure. “….then have mine…”


The gift, the gift… Oh how to accept it when you cannot see it within yourself?





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    One accepts the gift by trusting those whom one loves in whom one sees similar gifts. If they tell you it is in you, believe them.

    If Martin can do that for Queen Tera, he is the most special person in her universe besides her Eternal.

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    That’s a pretty heavy sacrifice for him to make. It shows a real trust between the two, that he’s willing to give her a physical sign that they’ve had contact. He’s putting himself at serious risk of the other angels finding out and shoving him out of the sky, but he does it anyway because she’s worth it and he wants her to know.

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    You forget, my heart, what you mean to me…


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    The truth does, sometimes, set you free…


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