Oct 26 2013

Some music really doesn’t suit Morrigan I think…

Another YouTube of Morrigan Aesland to share this week… The video itself is of the anime series that Morrigan appears in with a music track taking the place of the original dialogue and so on…

The thing is… I just can’t see how the music really fits Morrigan herself…

And a link in case you cannot see the video here on the Tale:


I just really think that classical music would fit her better in her attitude and how she carries herself. If not that, then something a bit less… frantic?

It would he something sensual to reflect her nature, but also something that holds in it an underlying power that is also part of who she is…

I really do need to find that piece of music sometime…




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    Alas, the video is missing . . .

    . . . But, pondering Morrigan music: I think something from the Romantic era, such as Berlioz, might be just the thing.

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    I dunno, Morrigan always struck me as a “hard rock” kinda gal. She needs a radical guitar solo in the background while a strong wind blows back her hair.

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    I would hope so…


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