Oct 24 2013

Succubi Image of the Week 303

The Succubi for this week actually is a series of images because she really interests me and since there is some lovely art of her, I thought I should share what I did find… She is the demoness, or Succubus, that graces the cover of the book “la Saga di Amon ” written by Paola Boni.

All of this art is by an artist on DeviantArt called Amon Sara Forlenza. You can find where I found some of this art here and the artist’s page on DeviantArt is here as well. The only thing I wish is that I could understand better about this series and this particular Succubus, I’m going to describe her as such as she looks like one to me. You can also have a peek here for the site that I found which has information on the series available. Perhaps someday the series will be translated into English… I for one would like to be able to read it…

I really love her a lot as a Succubus. She just has the look, the feel, the stature of a powerful being of eroticism and sensuality. Her body shape is lovely, I’m quite pleased that the artist didn’t give her hooves most of all. I am a bit confused by the twin tails, but as I believe she is a very powerful being, two tails would I think reflect her powers… Her wings are the right size and look right for her as well. Interesting setting, though with how relaxed she is, how secure she is in her position, it kind of fades into the background leaving her red form to capture you and hold you… As any good Succubus would do. After all, being the center of attention is important isn’t it?

I am really captivated by this artist’s style and how they breathed so much life into her. I wonder if a model was used to create her or not. Regardless of that question, I have no question that she is one of the best Succubi I have found this year by far…




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    She seems to have three tails to me, Your Majesty: a strange and captivating creature, for sure!

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    She’s just so AWESOME! It’s a very special girl that can look sexy while holding an enemy’s skull or standing atop a mountain of corpses! I also adore her expression, that sultry look that let’s you know that she feels as at home in the bedroom as she does on the battlefield. I admit I’m biased, a girl could be as wide as she is tall and covered in cancerous tumors and she’d still be sex incarnate to me if she could fight well. Nevertheless, I’ll stick to my guns and say she’s my top contender for best succubus image this year!

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    Three tails might be a lil too much trouble my heart…


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    Certainly if each had its own persona, as in the Realm . . . a sort of Succubi Multiple Personality Disorder.

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    That’s just a scary thought my heart…


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