Oct 23 2013

Where is the Tail Cozy in this costume?

It bothers me sometimes how little effort some costume designers make when it comes to Devil Girl, never mind Succubus costumes. I think I’ve found one of the most… well, uninspiring I think is the way I’ll put it, but I am sure there are other more…. crass ways to do so…

This is called the Cozy Devil Costume and it comes with the romper, a really lousy tail and a pitchfork that I continue to want to burn in a fire. Amazingly, there are no horns included, nor are there shoes…

It sells for $50 Us on some sites, but it can be found for a lot less easily enough…

This is a prime example of a costume that took no thought whatsoever, is probably the cheapest thing to produce, and most of all, looks… well meh isn’t that far from how I feel about it.

It’s really disappointing to me when the costume looks like it was tossed together with some accessories in order to make it look like something, but this fails in that miserably.

I can’t explain just how revolted I am with the tail on this costume, the words just escape me completely which really is saying something I think.

There is no way to save this, there is nothing in it that I would even consider to wear even if my horns depended on it…

A zero, obviously…

Next week won’t be I promise.



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