Oct 22 2013

Desires 100

Some truths come out in the oddest places… even for the Queen of the Succubi…


Desires – Beginnings

By BStyles and Tera S

Part Thirty-Six


Tera smiled at that as she nuzzled against his form, her thoughts still somewhat scattered from that moment they had shared in that way so few others could ever truly share. She softly answered, “It’s….. hard…. So so hard to be what I am and do what I want to do… I walk a line between the worlds and yet cannot be a true part of either of them… I could fall into one or raise into the other, but in the end others would suffer for me and that would never do…”

She was quiet for a time… How long was difficult to say in this other place… A second… A hour…. A day… Longer? Shorter? In truth it really didn’t matter to either of them…

Then she untangled herself from him and sat up. She drew her wings around her and then trailed her fingers along her black wings looking at them curiously. She sighed, “It’s a shame that nothing that I have to reveal of myself is good enough to be good…”

Tera’s tail wrapped around her waist and she looked off into the white clouds around them with a sweet-sad smile on her lips as she fell quiet again…


Some truths are telling aren’t they…





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    That is not a truth!

    That is NOT a truth!!






    I’m sorry, but I simply will not accept even Your Majesty’s notion of an absence of true goodness in you, and I hope Martin does not.

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    Some truths my heart are not understood until one important thing happens… And we both know what that is…


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