Oct 17 2013

Succubi Image of the Week 302

A bit of really interesting photo manipulation this time for the Succubi of the Week. There is to me at least, a mix of anticipation and inherent darkness or foreboding here. It’s nothing that screams out evil or something like that… Perhaps more of a unsaid promise of things to come?

Succubus by Imagase

Succubus by Imagase

This work is titled Succubus and is by an artist on DeviantArt called Imagase. You can find the original page on DeviantArt where I found this work here, and the artist’s page is here as well.

I think this is both seductive and thought provoking at the same moment. It is that through the Succubus herself, hovering over and about to taste of the man sleeping beneath her. It’s also a question of whether she is in his dreams already, the look, the moment in time as if she has seen what he desires and is about to offer him that which he seeks…

His rest seems to be slightly troubled, he might sense her or somehow feel her already in how he is twisted in sleep, his legs contorted, at least to me, to protect himself in denying her from what she seeks.

The mood of the work has shades and textures of darkness in obviously, a waiting nightmare in the shadows that she brings with her? Seems like that somewhat…

She does have wings, but no tail it seems… Or that tail is in the shadows, lucking and waiting for what is to come…

Might be an interesting story…




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    Her tail is, of course, in the shadows, or moving in between his legs from behind. Her horns are under the hair. And, in her thoughts, she is wondering whether he already senses her, what sort of form he sees her as, and what . . . oh my, her mind has just touched his darkest fantasies, and she is . . . intrigued . . .

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    It’s a powerful picture indeed. I think my favorite part is the lighting from the candles and the way it frames the pair. It lends this sense of seclusion to the work that I just adore. Like they’re the only two people in the universe right now.

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    And is it not so that the word ‘intrigued’ sometimes is a Succubi’s middle name?


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