Oct 15 2013

Desires 99

What is known, isn’t always what is the truth… not always…


Desires – Beginnings

By BStyles and Tera S

Part Thirty-Five


“Mmm…” Martin murmured softly, his halo pulsing with soft golden light as her lips touched his forehead. He snuggled in closer, body trembling a little as he came down slowly from that sexual high. “I’ve heard less than you might think…” He said, absently. The soft curve of her breast before his eyes, he stretched out and kissed it.

“I’ve heard your name bandied around, here and there….I’ve heard tell of the first Union of our kind with the Infernal…but never were the two used together…”

His own white wing folded over her black one, making a strange Angelic sort of handshake. His eyes fluttered closed for a moment, as he enjoyed the phyisical and spiritual connection between himself and her. “You are something precious to everyone…”


The love of an angel is special.. The love shared is more so…





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    More correctly, the love of Martin and Tera is special . . . absolutely unique in all Creation, and precious beyond estimation.

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    The love between these two is adorable! Hopefully this will help mend the rather… iffy diplomatic situation that seems to exist between Succubi and Angels.

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    Like all love should be…


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