Oct 12 2013

Twin Succubi Art in Progress YouTube

I discovered a lovely piece of art on DeviantArt of a pair of Succubi and that led me towards YouTube where I found a work in progress YouTube that the artist had uploaded…

And if you cannot see it here on the Tale:


And, in case the video vanishes, the art itself…

In Our Opinion of Life by Bloodymizz

In Our Opinion of Life by Bloodymizz

This is called In Our Opinion of Life by Bloodymizz and you can see the completed art here on the DeviantArt page I discovered it on, and the artist’s page is here on DeviantArt as well…

I just think the two of them are very cute, the tail is a sneaky looking one, but It is the expressions they have that make me smile…

And it’s always good to smile isn’t it?




  1. avatar

    Looking at them looking at one the way they are, one cannot help but feel a wee bit . . . judged.

  2. avatar

    I think the one with the tatoos is mad at something. Maybe the person they’re trying to seduce isn’t putting out?

  3. avatar

    Lil bit so?


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