Oct 08 2013

Desires 98

A truth… A small one…


Desires – Beginnings

By BStyles and Tera S

Part Thirty-Four


Tera’s body vibrated as the passions and pleasures swirling around them both finally crested and exploded in a moment of pure light. Their bodies were light for an instant, and mixed together, before reforming back again. A long sensual growl of pleasure escaped her followed by a scream of joy before she was overcome in the orgasm that passed from her toes to the ends of each of her locks of hair.

Tera smiled as Martin nestled against her on the bed, the last shivers of the pleasures they had shared sending waves of bliss through her. Her soft black wings twitched against him as his body and wings rubbed against them. Then she explained in a soft voice, “I’m not exactly a fallen… I have part of me in the light and part in the dark. I am both sides and neither. I want each and none. I bridge the gap and make it wider. I am….. Complicated… ”

She smiled and kissed him lovingly on the forehead. Then with a soft smile added, “But then you’ve known that all along about me…” She turned slightly on the bed to allow one of her wings to drape over him and then said, “I’m not what most beings expect of me…. That makes it all worthwhile for these moments alone..”


As I said… A truth… A small one…




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