Oct 05 2013

A Cooking Class with Morrigan Aensland YouTube

I found a YouTube that really has a few things that I think are really well done. The series is called Cooking Dogo and it has two chefs competing against each other.. That in itself would be interesting, but in this episode…

One of the chefs has Morrigan Aensland helping him…

And the cosplayer really is a very, very good looking and acting Morrigan I think…

And if you cannot see it here on the Tale:


Here’s a screenshot of the chef and Morrigan too…

Cooking With Morrigan

It’s a little hard to see I admit, but, she really has a wonderful costume, she acts very much like Morrigan and her mannerisms as Morrigan are absolutely perfect I think for Morrigan too…

And when she first appears… It just made me laugh so much, but you’ll have to watch the video to understand why I did…

It strikes me that a cooking show, a real one with Morrigan or any Succubus for that matter would be… interesting.

And, of course, any Succubi would be an expert on dessert don’t you think?




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    I was expecting some hilarity to ensue when he assigned Morrigan to steam the rice, something that would have thrown off his schedule as the water boiled much faster than normal and she said, “Things always get steamy around me.”

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    It would have been the perfect line wouldn’t it?


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