Sep 21 2013

A Morrigan Aensland YouTube that’s quite nice

I found a very, very long YouTube that shares a lot of images of Morrigan Aensland to share on the Tale this week. It’s well over 16 minutes long, and there are quite a lot of art of her that is very tasteful too…

And if you cannot see it on the Tale, click this link:


And, of course, a still of one of the images that I like the best in the video…

Morrigan Aensland

The music is interesting though I still think that something really classical would fit Morrigan better  for her statue and how she presents herself… but that’s my opinion of course…

There are, of course, some images that I don’t like, but one of them, having her posing in a studio with lights and cameras around her did poke an idea for a story into my mind…

I’ll see if I can manage something from that soon…



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