Sep 17 2013

Desires 95

When an Angel and a Succubi are together, what happens and what can be?


Desires – Beginnings

By BStyles and Tera S

Part Thirty-One


He favored the actions of her sensuous lips with another healthy moan. So many new feelings, and so much pleasure was taking its toll, and he knew it was still only the beginning. Her actions did not make his spirit wane, and he knew her heart to be honest.

“I appreciate your concern for me…” He murmured with flushed cheeks, needing little invitation to slide forward with her onto the coverlet. His hands sought her left, fingertips soft as they caressed over her hand and wrist, bringing it up that he could leave another soft kiss upon her palm. “Hmm…” He enjoyed the feeling of her skin against his, her nails tickling his cheek, for another moment, golden eyes slowly rising to meet her own emerald gaze.

His wings quivered a little, belying his true hesitation and anticipation as he lay there between her legs, pondering their union. Her smile served to tease him a little, a fault of her face not design, and with another pleasured moan, he slowly pressed himself into her. He was by no means skilled – understandably so – but his thrusting was far from an animalistic attempt by an amateur.

“So hot….mmm….” He gasped out, feeling the strange new pleasures of her sexual lips wrapping around him, yet he felt no loss of himself, only a warmth buoyed by her sincere vow. Such a pure heart in such a being…he would do what he could to preserve it. Flushed-faced to an incredible degree, he lowered his lips to her breast, to a soft section that sat just above her heart. His halo glowed golden and pure as he kissed, outspread wings shining bright as the charm he wove settled in. A blessing to protect that which protected him, radiating outward from her heart, and stimulating her elsewhere their bodies were joined.






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