Sep 14 2013

This YouTube film doesn’t suck

It is rare, to be honest, when I discover a short film on YouTube about Succubi that I really like. It’s still more rare when I laugh about the film and wish that there was more than the film gives…

I found this film called This Sucks on YouTube some time ago, it’s about a awkward teenage Succubus who is told by her parents that she must become a real Succubus by seducing a man and devouring his soul for the first time.

That sounds a bit dry I admit, but, watch the film please and you’ll see why I adore this…

And of course, you can find it on YouTube here:


Here’s a still of the Succubus herself, her mother and her father…

This Sucks Still

I have to say that the entire film has sort of a “Married With Children” vibe to it, but that just adds I think to just how funny it is. Oh, make sure you have a look at he fridge magnets… Just too funny…

I loved all of the characters, the actors and actresses were perfect as far as I am concerned. The Succubus-to-be was awkwardly cute and when she stumbles and makes some missteps I fell over laughing. The Mom and Dad are wonderfully evil and yet still you can see the parents that want their daughter to succeed too.

I found it amazing that they accomplished all of this in less than 48 hours too. The writer of this story has a wicked sense of humour and it just shines here. There’s a lot of in-jokes in the scenes as well, I found myself pausing over and over again and just smiling as I found them.

I really would have loved to see this as a web series, but we won’t, it is a single film with so much going for it however. And in having the promise in it, and the story in it that just really spoke to my own sense of humour… I truly thank all of those involved for sharing what they created…




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    It was quite amusing; I especially liked the moment when the target male gave the nascent succubus a reason to overcome her moral qualms.

    It was a shame we couldn’t see the moment of the seduction, but that probably would have required special effects that would have put things outside of the 48-hour limit. Still, I am not sure the sounds were quite right . . . but the whole effect was still funny.

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    It did make me smile, which considering all of the lousy Succubi movies there are is something important…


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