Sep 10 2013

Desires 94

It is wrong for one to give pleasure to another? And in that giving, if that is without cost or other need, then isn’t it perfect?


Desires – Beginnings

By BStyles and Tera S

Part Thirty


Tera giggled softly and then said, “It’s nice to know that an Angel can appreciate a being like me…. And that I appreciate them as much…” Her tail looped around his legs and held him close by for Tera. She returned her lips to the head of his cock and so slowly sucked on the tip bringing him closer and closer to the moment of release. But she was not pushing so far to make going over the line necessary for him. She placed her hands on his thighs and then drew them upwards until her hands rested on his waist. Her fingers were warm against his flesh, but only served to hold him steady with the tail.

She swirled her lips and tongue once more around his cock’s head and then pulled free. She looked up at him in pleasure before dropping her right hand to her wet folds as she spoke, “I know that you are ready Martin…. Your body wants this as much as mine does…” She raised her now wet hand to her lips and licked her fingertips slowly clean.

Tera then smiled and then laid herself back on the bed, her legs open to Martin. She played her right hand over her wet folds again and said, “It’s up to you now Martin…. I welcome you to the next moment of my pleasures if you wish them…”

She laid there awaiting his pleasures without a fear in her heart… Without a evil thought in her mind…. Without a need to be anything but what he desired and wished for in that moment…

She tilted her head to the right and smiled awaiting his decision… As always the choice was his to make…


Choice is…





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    It is almost never wrong for one to give pleasure to another (it all depends upon the specifics of how and where). But, to me, perfect giving comes at great cost to the giver, when that giver is able to trust that, no matter the cost, the recipient is worth it and that the giver will not only survive the cost but grow because of it.

    It is lavish, spendthrift giving–of pleasure and of everything–that is the most perfect, the most wonderful, especially when the givers and recipients, such as Tera and Martin, are so open to one another.

    And, by the way, Martin doesn’t appreciate a being like Tera; he appreciates Tera and she him, making them both blessed, for there are no other beings quite like either of them in all creation.

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    Taking him right to the edge without pushing him over, the way it should be done. True pleasure is only achieved when both people decide to take the plunge. Like James says; it’s something that has to given, not forced.

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    Perhaps that is the one thing that not everyone understands sadly…


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