Sep 07 2013

Cuteness, Succubus, YouTubeness

It’s nice to fine anime cuteness in Succubi… There’s all sorts of ways to create that, and some artists have a style that just lends itself to cuteness. I found a YouTube from one such artist and as well, their site on DeviantArt and so…

If you can see this video here, try this link:


And, of course in case things disappear, the completed art which you can find at the artist’s DeviantArt page here along with their main artist’s page.

Sky High, Alice by Lily-Benet

Sky High, Alice by Lily-Benet

So much cute, especially in her hair covering her eyes, her pose, and the setting which I think is rather unique. I also like that she seems to have a halo over her horns, something that is cute and isn’t seen a lot as well.

Her outfit most of all intrigues me… I think there is a story in that I can write… Perhaps she’s a bit unique in her attitude and such things.

The artist, Lily-Benet, said that she was in a hurray and she wasn’t that thrilled over this art, but, honestly I think it’s wonderful and I hope she will do more someday…




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    It seems to me that she is playfully holding the halo over her head. I am thinking that, somewhere, there is an angel with a silly smile and a dreamy-eyed look, from whom our succubus swiped the halo at the moment of climax, right before giving her partner a playful swat on the bum with that rather large scallop on her tail and bampfing away.

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    Her clothes remind me of a vocaloid, like Hatsune Miku or Megurine Luka. Maybe she’s some kind of singer? I could totally see her setting up a big flashy concert with the express purpose of seducing one of the goers. “Don’t be scared honey, I may look like a demon but if you give me the chance I can be your angel of music!”

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    *has story thoughts*


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